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Telstra Support confirms WP7.8 for end of January, but some handsets will have to wait till March


Telstra is relatively open about their update schedule, and have posted this table giving information about the impending Windows Phone 7.8 update.

As expected, the Nokia Lumia 800 update will go into testing soon, and should start rolling out on the 31st January.

The status for the other handsets are however a bit more iffy, with testing and update dates for the HTC Titan, HTC HD7 and Samsung Omnia W still to be confirmed. At least the handsets are on the list however, with expected availability being late February or Early March.

The dates confirm O2 UK’s statement, who said the Nokia Lumia 800 update will be released at the end of January, and O2 Germany, who has confirmed the same date for the Nokia Lumia 710.

O2-WP78 twitter-7.8-o2de

It seems Nokia handsets will likely be the first to benefit from the update before it is seen on other devices, possibly because they have given the customization of the software a higher priority.

Thanks Clyde for the tip.

Australian HTC Titan 4G unboxed.

Techin5.com have posted this unboxing video of the HTC Titan 4G, the Australian LTE version of the HTC Titan II.

The handset retains its great 16 megapixel camera, and Techin5 notes that the device is only the 3rd LTE handset in Australia, which is a great achievement for Windows Phone 7 and presents two major selling points.

They also reveal the handset comes with Windows Phone Tango pre-loaded, also a first for Australia.

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HTC Titan II on Telstra gets priced and dated, will never come to Europe


WPDownUnder has been able to confirm the launch date and price of the LTE HTC Titan II on Telstra.

According to WPDownUnder the handset will become available on the 29th May and will be introduced at $20/month on the $49 plan, $10/month on the $59 plan & $0 on the $79, $99 & $129 plans.

No contract pricing is expected to be in the $750-$850 range.

At the same time WindowsPhoneItaly has confirmed with HTC that the handset will not be coming to Europe at all, which is a real shame for those who appreciate the great quality pictures the 16 megapixel camera produces.

Read much more detail at WPDownUnder here.