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Custom HTC Titan ROM with Windows Phone 7.8 cooked up

The Windows Phone 7.8 ROM packages has leaked, allowing ROM cooks on XDA-Developers to create custom ROMs for a variety of Windows Phones.

The latest to pop out from the over is a Windows Phone 7.8 custom ROM for the HTC TItan.

The ROM by Azzelio features:

  • Background Colors
  • Google Search
  • Update to 8779
  • Nokia / Lumia App (Counters..)
  • WhatsApp 2.0.0
  • DigitalPower_V0.5
  • RegistryEditor
  • FileBrowser
  • DFT_BTFileTransfer
  • USB 2 Video out

Due to legal concerns Azzelio  is not releasing the 7.8 ROM yet, but intends to do so shortly.

Keep an eye out for it at the XDA-Developers thread here.

Via Plaffo.com

Deal Alert: HTC Titan available for only 295 Euro unlocked


If you were hankering after a HTC Titan last year but the 600 Euro price was putting you off, Finland’s Gigantti has a great deal available for you now.

If you don’t mind that the handset will not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8, you can get the 4.7 inch screened handset for only 295 Euro fully unlocked and SIM-free.

While not offering the 16 megapixel camera of the HTC Titan II, the handset still takes some of the best pictures in Windows Phonedom.

Read more about the deal at Gigantti here.

Via Esphoneblog.com

Tango update also being pushed out for unlocked HTC Titan today

Its not just Nokia handsets which are receiving the Windows Phone Tango update today.

We just had a tip saying the HTC Titan is receiving the 7.10.8773.98 update, which should bring the new Tango features of improved MMS, the disappearing keyboard fix and the fix for the deadly SMS bug, amongst other improvements.

Readers should either wait for the update notification or check for an update via the Zune client to pull down the latest software.

Thanks Endre for the tip.

Hard SPL opens way for Custom ROMs on HTC Titan and HTC Radar


The Dark Forces Team once again failed to disappoint, and have lived up to their promise of bringing custom ROMs to HTC’s second generation Windows Phones.

They have now released a Hard SPL for the HTC Titan and HTC Radar, which should allow custom ROMs to be installed.

Unfortunately the process is pretty convoluted, involving the use of Gold Cards and Y-cables, so it is certainly not for the faint hearted.

If however you have a yearning to fully unlock your handset, and you are not afraid of bricking your device and invalidating your warranty, read more on XDA-Developers here.

HTC Titan gets a bootloader update to fix fatal flaw

imageHow did we miss this one? It seems some HTC Titans who shipped with bootloader 2.2.160015.3(134181) have been completely unable to update via the Zune Desktop client, generating  Error Code: 80070013 / 8007000F.

Fortunately the news of the flaw comes at the same time as the news of a fix, with HTC releasing a SPL which can be flashed to the device from the desktop and which will then allow normal updates. The update will only overwrite the bootloader and not affect the data on the device.

Our tipster reports after flashing the update he was finally able to install the 8107 update successfully, after months of waiting.

The SLP can be found at HTC here.

Thanks Phil for the tip.

Great Deal! HTC Titan for only £274.99


It may not have a 16 megapixel camera, but the HTC Titan with its 4.7 inch screen and excellent 8 megapixel camera is still a great handset, and is being offered for the very low price of only £274.99 at online UK retailer Play.com.

The handset was selling 6 months ago for £499, making the price great value.  I suspect stock will be limited, so if you have always wanted the big screened monster, grab it while you can.

See the deal here.

Thanks Tuan for the tip.

HTC Titan getting a firmware update. Update: HTC Radar updated too


The HTC Titan is in the process of receiving a firmware update. The update brings the bootloader up to 2.5.160015.3(137079), and no other changes is obvious. 

The update to the boatloader will mean custom ROMs will be more difficult to load for the interim, but I suspect this is not a major concern for most readers.

Have any of our readers received the notification, and have you noticed any other changes? Let us know below.

Update: Andrew let us know that HTC is also pushing out a firmware update for the HTC Radar also.

Via XDA-Developers, thanks Jose and Andrew for the tip.

Round 3: HTC Titan II vs the Sony Xperia Ion–Vote for Windows Phone now!


Today we have the third round of LaptopMagazine’s March Madness which includes a Windows Phone handset, and the first which has a non-Nokia device.

Today we have the HTC Titan II with its 4,7 inch screen and 1.5 Ghz processor and LTE squaring off against the Sony Xperia Ion.

Show your love for Windows Phone by voting for our favourite OS here.

Thanks Fahd for the tip.

HTC Titan disappears from UK online stores


It seems HTC’s flagship Windows Phone, the HTC Titan, had made a quiet exit from the UK market.

Large online retailers Phones4U and the Carphone Warehouse both no longer show the device when searching for HTC handsets, and searching Vodafone, O2, Orange and T-Mobile’s websites also do not show the device.

The reasons for the disappearance of the handset is not clear – there is no LTE networks in UK, so there is not much point in releasing the HTC Titan II here.  It may be that HTC has rationalized their range in UK, and withdrew the handset from the market.

Phones4U Customer service said:


If the handset disappears completely from the European market, it really only leaves us with one choice for a high-end Windows Phone – the Nokia Lumia 900.  I guess Nokia at the least would be happy for that, but I lament the Windows Phone market shrinking down to only one OEM, no matter how good the handsets are.

Thanks Sam for the tip.

Get HTC Titan For 1 Cent On Contract From AT&T

The 4.7inch beast from HTC marketed as Titan is now available on a great deal from AT&T. HTC Titan is now available from AT&T for 1 cent under 2 year contract.  The device has got a rating of 4.9/5 and 97% of the customers would recommend this to others.  Its a great deal to take advantage of and pass this message among your friends!

Find the device here at AT&T.

HTC Triumph coming to China March 14th

WPDang reports that the HTC Triump AKA HTC Titan, which went up for pre-order recently, will hit the market as early as next week, on the 14th March 2012.

The handset has been confirmed to be coming with Windows Phone Tango, which replaces services such as Facebook, Twitter and Xbox Live with local equivalents. 

Interestingly this suggests the roll-out of Tango is further advanced than we thought, and that there could potentially be quite a significant number of sales into the Chinese market in Q1 2012, which should boost Windows Phone numbers overall for the quarter significantly.

Of course one barrier is the price of the handset – far from being a mass market device such as the Nokia 610, the Triumph will cost a pretty penny at CNY 4,399 (USD 697.5).  Hopefully there is enough pent up demand to support this pricing level in the world’s biggest phone market.

Via WPSauce.com

HTC to beat Nokia, ZTE to the punch by releasing official Chinese-localized Windows Phone first


It seems HTC is getting ready to beat all the other Windows Phone OEMs to the punch and release an official Chinese localized Windows Phone into the market first.

Chinese site WPDang.com reports that HTC flagship store in Beijing’s Solana mall has started taking pre-order for HTC Titan, to be released in China as the Triumph.

The handset is being promoted as the “The first ever Chinese Windows Phone 7.5 device on this planet” and “the authentic Chinese version” and is being sold for CNY 4,999 (USD 793.7).  This price is significantly more than the grey market imports, which average CNY 3,600 (USD 571.6), but then those are not “authentic Chinese version” handsets with all the appropriate localizations.

These localizations likely includes those we associate with Tango in China, including replacing the hardwired Facebook and Twitter features with local Chinese equivalents such as Weibo.

Providing for the Chinese market is increasingly important as the market there grows explosively, with China recently becoming the first country with over a billion mobile phone subscribers.

Via WPSauce.com