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5 inch HTC Windows Phone 8 handset cancelled

Bloomberg reports that HTC has scrapped plans for a large-screened Windows Phone 8 handset due to the OS not supporting 1080P screen resolution,

Characterising the move as  blow to Microsoft, as only Android will be supporting the emerging form factor, they note that  HTC concluded that a larger-screen Windows Phone 8 phone wouldn’t be competitive against Android devices from HTC, Samsung and others.

HTC has just released the HTC Butterfly with full HD resolution and a 5 inch screen. The handset was initially released in Japan, then on Verizon, and will not be rolling out widely worldwide.

HTC was said to have a 4.7 inch’ed handset, the HTC Zenith, on its Windows Phone 8 roadmap, and it is not clear if the Zenith is the cancelled device in question.

Cheryl Chang, a Taipei-based spokeswoman for Microsoft and HTC both declined to comment on the rumour.

I am personally of the opinion that such a large screen should have an OS optimised for the form factor, rather than simply scaling up the existing phone UI to a larger size and resolution, suggesting Windows RT would be a much better operating system for such large handsets.

Do our readers agree that this is no big loss, but that Microsoft needs to make sure Windows RT support for sub-7 inch “phablets” with phone support comes rapidly? Let us know below.

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Xbox Live Rewards wants to know how excited you would be about an HTC Titan III

Xbox Survey

In the monthly Xbox Live Rewards Survey Microsoft poses an interesting question asking “How excited would you be to receive one of the following smartphones as a holiday gift.” The list includes the Apple iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920, and also intriguingly an HTC Titan III.

Now as far as we know no such phone exists, but there have been rumours of a new HTC superphone, the HTC Zenith, with a 4.7 inch screen which would fit the bill of a HTC Titan III very well.

There have heard intriguing hints about the handset, with the president of HTC China, Ren Weiguang, saying the HTC 8S and HTC 8X were “HTC’s first wave of attack”  and saying directly that “HTC also has a larger screen size of Windows Phone 8 phones in development” noting that Microsoft supported 3 screen resolutions for Windows Phone 8.

What do our readers think – typo or a hint to a future release?

Let us know below.

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HTC 8S and HTC 8x just the first wave of HTC Windows Phone 8 handsets says HTC China

HTCtitanwp8mockupWPDang has posted an interview with the president of HTC China, Ren Weiguang, where they discussed the past, present and future of Windows Phone in the region.

In the interview he revealed that HTC Titan sales, the first Chinese-customized Windows Phone in China, met expectations, but were still not very high.

He said however it lay the ground work for their entry with Windows Phone 8, and that HTC always saw themselves developing for both Windows Phone and Android.

When asked if devices with larger screens were being developed, he called the HTC 8S and HTC 8X “HTC’s first wave of attack”  and said directly that “HTC also has a larger screen size of Windows Phone 8 phones in development” noting that Microsoft supported 3 screen resolutions for Windows Phone 8.

Weiguang is presumably alluding to the HTC Zenith, which was to be a HTC Titan successor with a quad-core processor and 4.7 inch screen.

He noted that Microsoft did not allow HTC to directly modify the processors used in their handsets, leading HTC to use accessory chips for its Beats Audio, but HTC was still free to differentiate their handsets in terms of screen size, design and colours, and that they may make some colours exclusive to some carriers.

Lastly he said he felt with Windows Phone 8 the Windows Phone ecosystem was moving closer and closer to the tipping point of success, and that it was just a matter of time.

Read the full interview at WPDang here.