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Samsung fined $340,000 for paying people to slag off HTC in forums

01-2-Samsung-BadSamsung does not have the greatest of reputations when it comes to honesty and acting above board, and the latest scandal will do nothing to improve that.

The company has just been fined $340,000 by the Taiwanese FTC for using a “large number of hired writers and designated employees” to “highlight the shortcomings of competing products,” mainly those made by HTC.

The Taiwanese company has been struggling despite producing well-received and reviewed products, announcing their first ever loss last quarter. They are already well out-marketed by Samsung, and now it appears the Korean company is even attacking their word of mouth recommendations.

Despite admitting to this practice, Samsung has continued to astroturf, most recently playing developers to talk up their developer competition in forums.

I guess you don’t get to announce record profits of $7.6 billion without getting your hands a bit dirty…

Via Gizmodo.com

Nokia’s Treasure Tag Will Look And Work Similar To HTC Fetch

I missed this announcement from HTC in August. HTC has announced a new accessory called HTC Fetch which looks a lot like theNokia Treasure Tag upcoming Nokia Treasure Tag. It is also based on Bluetooth 4.0 LE and it can be used to secure your phone and belongings, last seen tracking and remote camera shutter.

If you’re tired of losing your phone or leaving it behind, the HTC Fetch is your solution. Just press the button and the sleek, compact keychain device activates your phone’s ringtone within 15 meters*. Pair it with your phone and you’ll get a warning beep if you leave it behind. If you lose both, a convenient map location feature lets you know where your HTC Fetch and phone were last together.

Nokia is also going to reveal a range of Bluetooth 4.0 based accessories for its Lumia devices at Nokia World in October. One such Bluetooth 4.0/NFC accessory is called “Treasure Tag” which will pair with Lumia Windows Phones via NFC and will come with a with a loop strap to attach it with other items. This accessory will allow Windows Phone users to track items with a special application. This special app will display the location of the sensor on a map Nokia’s LiveSight augmented reality view.  The sensor can also trigger a notification sound on a phone, if it’s within range.

See a video demo of the HTC Fetch after the beak.
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Dual-SIM Nokia and HTC Windows Phones may be on the way

imageWe have been hearing about Dual-SIM Lumias being on the way for a while now, and now WPDang’s sources inform them that both Nokia and HTC are working on such Windows Phones.

The handsets are expected to be Dual-SIM Dual Standby, and will be targeting the emerging market.

It is not clear when these handsets will be hitting the market, with HTC’s troubles making a release less likely, while Nokia not expected to announce these handsets before the end of the year.

Via WPDang.com

Bloomberg: HTC is not planning any more Windows Phones, the OS may go free in response

Despite assurances that HTC remains committed to Windows Phone, even after the Nokia/Microsoft deal, Bloomberg reports that the distressed company has decided not to pursue the creation of any more handsets running the OS.

The decision is somewhat understandable – the company has just reported a third-quarter net loss of NT$2.97 billion ($101 million) in the three months ended September, their first since 2008, and held only 6% global market share in August, trailing behind Samsung, LG, ZTE and others, falling all the way to the number 8 spot. It is being called the next Blackberry by some.

According to people with knowledge of the situation Microsoft is attempting to do what it can to convince the company to continue delivering Windows Phones, including giving away the OS free without a license fee, and even suggesting HTC release Android handsets running Windows Phone as a second OS.

Microsoft is finding it necessary to make concessions after agreeing to acquire Nokia’s handset unit, and Microsoft’s Terry Myerson is planning to visit Asia this month and meet with senior executives at Taoyuan, Taiwan-based HTC to discuss his proposal, one of the people said.

It is not yet clear what these kind of dual-OS handsets will look like – either with both operating systems available all the time, or shipping with a choice at purchase. It is also not clear that Google would allow such a move.

In the end however Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia’s handset division may result in Windows Phone going free for all other OEMs, a move which has been suggested by many, and which may improve the competitive position of the OS.

Do our readers think having an Android handset ship with a Windows Phone option is a good thing, or a sign of weakness? Let us know below.

Report: Patent Case With Nokia Forces HTC To Rework HTC One’s Chip Design In The US


We all know that Nokia and HTC are fighting it out in the court related to patent infringement. Last week, U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that HTC infringes two nokia patents that are related to method for receiving and transmitting radio signals, and a method for eliminating unwanted signals. Since there is a possibility of HTC devices getting banned in the US, HTC is working with Qualcomm on reworking a radio chip for the HTC One, reports Wall Street Journal.

I saw some comments that once the Microsoft-Nokia deal is completed, HTC and Microsoft can work on these patent issues. The real fact is that, even after the Microsoft-Nokia deal, Nokia will still own most of the patents and the on going patent battle with other companies with continue. I hope HTC soon settles the issue with Nokia and starts focusing on the devices.

Source: CIO

HTC sells back their stake in Beats Electronics

imageHTC has started the process of selling back their 24.84% share of Beats Electronics back to the founders for $265 million.

The deal will ultimately see HTC make $85 million on their original stake, which is welcome news for the beleaguered company who has seen its market share drop to only 2.8% in Q2 2013, and their share price drop 90% from their 2011 high.

It is not yet know what effect this will have on the Beats branding and audio focus in many of HTC’s smartphones, including their HTC 8X range, but it is unfortunately clear their adoption of the branding did not do enough to boost the sales of their smartphones and keep the company profitable.

Will any of our HTC 8X-owning readers miss Beats Audio in future HTC products? Let us know below.

Via Bloomberg.com

As HTC lose patent case to Nokia Blackberry may become patent lose cannon

imageIn a preliminary ruling the ITC has found that HTC infringes two Nokia patents to do with sending and receiving signals.  The move could block 7 older HTC handsets in the US, including the HTC Amaze 4G, Inspire 4G, Flyer, Jetstream, Radar 4G, Rezound and Sensation 4G, most of which are no longer on sale.

Despite Nokia choosing the ITC as a rapid venue for action, the full ITC is scheduled to make a final decision on the matter only January 23, 2014, by which time I doubt any of the handsets will have any market relevance.

Once divested of its handset division next year, Nokia may become more aggressive in pursuing patent litigation, as as a non-practicing entity they will no longer be vulnerable to countersuits from the companies it is suing.

In the mean time however there is a bigger threat looming for smartphone makers from the rapidly fading Blackberry, which may itself soon exit the handset market.  The company owns around 5,135 patents, most related to now obsolete features like keyboards, but others still fundamental given the company was around at the start of the smartphone market.

Wikibon analyst Scott Lowe notes there is a risk some-one could buy Blackberry’s patent portfolio and “start suing everyone.”   Even Fairfax holdings may be looking to leverage the asset for a return on their investment.

Ultimately Blackberry’s death throes may present a bigger risk to its competitors than when it was alive.

Via Reuters.com

HTC’s China OS leaks. Hey HTC, get your own UI!



It has been rumoured that HTC was working with the Chinese government on a new OS free from Google, Apple or Microsoft’s influence.

Now a picture has leaked on Weibo of the OS, and it bears a rather close resemblance to Windows Phone.

After a screen shot leaked of Tizen 3 also looking a lot like Windows Phone, and of course iOS 7 adopting some Metro design principles, we wonder if there are any more designers left in the world, and if they could possibly get their inspiration from somewhere else.

Via Tech2.in

Claim: HTC is working on a 4.7 inch 1080P Windows Phone

We have heard that a Windows Phone by HTC called the HTC Harmony was on its way this fall.

Now website WindowsPhoneBlogging claims to have the inside track on this handset, reporting it will have a 4.7 inch Super LCD3 1080p dis­play, 2 GB of mem­ory, 32 GB of stor­age and Win­dows Phone 8 GDR3. It will also come with HTC’s usual Beats Audio tuning.

The handsets is expected in the October-November time­frame, which is more usual than the rumoured September launch of the Nokia Lumia 1520.

The handset will have one compelling feature over Nokia’s handset, being an actual pocketable size, and I wonder if this will make any of out readers opt for HTC’s Windows Superphone vs Nokia’s version.

via Neowin.net

Vodafone Australia: HTC 8X Users Will Be Jumping Stragiht To GDR3 Skipping GDR2 Update


Last week, we reported that Vodafone Australia announced that HTC have told them that they won’t be releasing the WP8 GDR2 update for 8X users. After so many customers got in touch with HTC and Vodafone regarding this update cancellation, HTC has announced that 8X users will be getting GDR3 update in the future.

Good news for owners of the Windows Phone 8X by HTC. After some concerns were raised by some customers regarding ongoing support for your phone, they got in touch to reassure us.

While the bad news is that you won’t be receiving GDR2, the good news is that you’ll be jumping straight to GDR3.

We’ve now updated the table below to reflect that.

We don’t have any timelines just yet, but you’re already looking in the right place to find out once we do. Keep an eye here each Thursday and as soon as we have more info on GDR3 for your Windows Phone 8X it’ll be here for all to read.

While the good news is that HTC 8X users will be getting GDR3 update in the future, but the bad news is that they have to wait for another few months while other OEMs like Nokia have already delivered their GDR2 stuff for their devices.

What do you think of this move from HTC?

Source: Vodafone

Thanks to Brent for the heads up.

Huawei not scared off by MS/Nokia deal, but still sceptical

While both HTC and Samsung had little to say about the Microsoft/Nokia deal, one of the most promising new Windows Phone OEMs, Huawei, was a little bit more forthcoming.

Speaking to the Financial Times  Chen Lifang, a board member of Huawei, said their investment in Windows Phone will not be affected by the recent purchase of Nokia’s handset division by Microsoft.

Having said that, the company continues to simply dip their toe into the Windows Phone pool, and said they remain sceptical about   the ability of Windows Phone to challenge the market position of Android.

For those who think Huawei is no big deal, in the same interview Chen clarified the company has no intention to purchase HTC, which I think quite firmly demonstrates how the tables have turned in the smartphone world recently.

Chen added Huawei may introduce a new brand to boost consumer awareness in a further bid to boost sales.

After Nokia deal HTC still “assessing the situation”

Yesterday’s dramatic news has left both HTC and Samsung without much to say, with both giving noncommittal responses to AllthingsD when approached for comment.

Microsoft’s Terry Myerson is quoted as saying:

"Acquiring Nokia’s Devices group will help make the market for all Windows Phones, from Microsoft or our OEM partners. We collaborate with our Microsoft hardware teams in the same way we partner with our external hardware partners… We look forward to building new products together that will provide valuable business opportunity for the ecosystem and enable OEMs."

Samsung however had no comment, while HTC said “We are assessing the situation and have no comment at this time.”

HTC is widely believed to be working on a Windows Phone version of the HTC One, and one wonders if those plans will still go ahead.

In an interview Joe Belfiore however insisted that there was room for more than Nokia.

“There’s certainly a wide, wide range of innovative things other companies [can do],” he said.

Do our readers think the other OEMs will abandon Windows Phone over the coming months? Let us know below.

Nokia Pro Camera demoed on the HTC 8X

The recent Fiddler-based hacks which lets Nokia users get Samsung’s exclusive apps also work pretty well for HTC users to get Nokia’s apps, including surprisingly enough Nokia Pro Camera software, which I would have expected to rely significantly on Nokia-specific changes to their phones.

WindowsBlogItalia have uploaded this video showing the app working pretty well on the platform.

Read their site here for the full instructions.