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Baconit’s April’s Fools Day joke wins the (Windows Phone) Internet


Today was rather heavy with April’s Fools Day jokes, but for the second year in a row Baconit seems to have been the one which has fooled the most Windows Phone users.

Timed to coincide with April’s Fools Day, the app popped up the rather alarming Easter egg, suggesting your Windows Phone has had a fatal disk corruption error, which needed to be fixed with the Narwhal memory recovery algorithm.

Apparently readers reaction ranged from massive alarm to amusement, which I think is the mark of a pretty good joke.

Were any of our readers taken in? Let us know below.

Via Reddit.com

Friday funny: Woman Says She Was Attacked for Using Windows Phone at San Francisco Tech Bar

teachiephone-thumb-312x500A woman was brutally attacked in a San Francisco techie bar when she attempted to make a call on a Windows phone, according to police reports.

Sarah Stiles, a San Francisco housing activist, described the incident to police, saying that she was at Rickhouse in the Financial District.

"I got a text from one of my allies in the domiciled community (an activist term for people with homes) and wanted to call back," Stiles said. "But when I brought out my Nokia Lumia, the crowd turned ugly."

According to the police report, two women and a man confronted her about the lack of a strong app ecosystem for the Windows platform, and made aggressive remarks about overall market penetration.

"It was incredibly hurtful," said Stiles. "It sounded like they either wanted to rape me or sign me up for some kind of start-up messaging service. I couldn’t always tell."

The encounter escalated when another patron ripped the phone out of her hand, saying "App/OS UI integration is the future of mobile!" and then ran outside to get an Uber.

Read the rest at SFWeekly here.

All jokes aside, have our readers ever experienced any hate for using a Windows Phone? Let us know below.

Dom Joly uses a Nokia Lumia 1020 to suggest we try something new

Both Bing and Windows Phone are up against some pretty established incumbents, and are trying to get people to try something new.

Now Microsoft has recruited funny man Dom Joly, famous for his “I’m on the phone’’ sketch, to get the message out.

In a series of 3 cringe-worthy videos featuring a Nokia Lumia 1020 he covers topics ranging from phone etiquette to selfies.

See the other two after the break.

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Nokia Germany suggests Tim Cook is still in search of genuine innovation


While Microsoft has retracted their videos teasing Apple for lack of innovation in their latest iPhone line, Nokia Germany it appears sees no reason to let up on the fruit company.

They have posted the above picture showing Tim Cook admiring a 41 megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 in its camera case.

Of course the picture is totally photoshopped, but we think it does make the point rather succinctly – if you looking for the interesting and new, an iPhone 5C is the wrong place to be.

See the picture (before its inevitable retraction) here.

Via W7Phone.ru

iPhone users can be pretty gullible (video)

Its been a standing joke that iPhone users do not know the difference between the old and new versions of Apple’s new iPhones, but that they will still buy it in any case because its new.

Now Jimmy Kimmel has taken it to the next level, and asked passers-by if they liked the new iPhone 5S, while showing them an iPad Mini.

The comments were universally positive, which makes we wonder if any iPhone buyers will be picking up a Nokia Lumia 620 by accident instead.

Lumia-totting monkey now taking pictures

We posted on the weekend of the lost Nokia Lumia 800 which ended up being claimed by a monkey at a zoo in Helsinki.

Now Iltasanomat.fi reports that the animal and its phone has become some what of an attraction, and that the monkey has even learnt to imitate the crowds taking pictures of it with their phones.

Unfortunately the newspaper also reports the monkey has gotten bored of its new toy and has finally dropped it.

I guess its time for that Nokia Lumia 925 upgrade… :D

Thanks aaaneh for the tip.

Alpha Male gets a Pink Nokia Lumia 800


Finnish newspaper Iltasanomat reports that a Helsinki resident took possession of a pink Nokia Lumia 800 yesterday, but that he may have some difficulty charging it later.

Zookeepers at the Helsinki Zoo noticed one of their primates had taken possession of the pink smartphone, presumably dropped by a visitor earlier.

The head of the tribe it appears immediately took a liking to the device, and was refusing to drop it, frustrating zoo keepers who were trying to retrieve it. Normally the zookeepers do not enter the paddock at the same time as the monkeys, but clean up after they return to their cages.


Zoo visitors immediately noticed the new addition to the show, and at first thought it was a joke or Nokia promotion, but Zoo Marketing Officer Susanna Silvonen denied this.

She notes that the monkey may be smart enough to use the phone, but that the charge has probably run out now, and that it may end up being a chewing toy.

So far the real owner of the handset has not made an appearance yet.

Via Twitter.com

Delusion Blackberry offers the BB 9720 as the perfect upgrade from “entry-level Windows Phones”


Given how Blackberry has run down their company over the last few years we know Blackberry’s management are not in good contact with reality, and more proof has arrived today, with Blackberry not only releasing the Blackberry 9720, a Blackberry 7 smartphone 8 months after Blackberry 10 was released, but also suggesting the handset was actually an upgrade from a Windows Phone.

In  their press release Carlo Chiarello, Executive Vice President for Products at BlackBerry said:

It’s perfect for customers upgrading from a feature phone or entry-level Android or Windows Phone device, as well as existing BlackBerry smartphone customers, that want a richer experience and jump up in style and performance.

The killer feature is presumably the Half-VGA 480×360 screen, 512 MB RAM, 512 MB storage and 806 MHz Tavor MG1 processor, which I am sure will be a huge bump in performance from the Nokia Lumia 520.

Another killer feature is of course that Blackberry 7 actually has more apps than Blackberry 10, but I am not sure that is a selling point for Windows Phone users. BB Z10 users, who just today got the Microsoft Messenger app, may of course appreciate that fact.

Update: Blackberry has now revealed the pricing of their latest phone, and in keeping with their statements, they are pricing it at an ambitious $280.

Will any of our readers be upgrading to the newest old Blackberry? Let us know below.

iOS-running Nokia Lumia spreads to Netflix


It seems that Nokia Lumia we saw running iOS is a bit more widespread than first thought.

Besides being used by the US Government, it seems the special phone has also found its way into prison, according to Netflix’s new drama Orange is the New Black, an original show about a US women’s prison.

It seems Nokia’s Fabula design is for some reason irresistible to video producers, even if they end up pasting another operating system over it.

Thanks Jon for the tip.

US Government manages to get iOS running on a Nokia Lumia

We know the US Government has some amazing powers, and it seems this also includes being able to get a Windows Phone to run iOS when needed.

In the video above we have a Nokia Lumia 920 suddenly reveal itself to be running iOS when it receives a tornado warning from FEMA.

The video has obviously been edited from what the video agency originally produced, and UK readers will know unlabelled Windows Phones show up in ads numerous times running what appears to be Android (e.g. this Betvictor ad) and it probably means Nokia’s hardware is just so photogenic produces are unable to resist using them, despite the unfamiliar OS.

The video can be found at www.ready.gov/alerts.

Via Reddit.com

Roxy Pro Biarritz 2013 Official Teaser video features sexy HTC 8S and Microsoft Surface

Australian women’s surf and swimwear giant Roxy is currently in hot water over a video teaser for their Pro Biarritz 2013 teaser, which shows some Microsoft mobile hardware in a rather private setting.

The video asks #WhoAmIJustGuess, and while many may guess five-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore, I suspect too few would know the real answer – the HTC 8S Windows Phone 8 handset and Microsoft Surface.

While the teaser has been accused of lingering too long on sexy lines and curves, I think all will be forgiven if the viewers knew they could have their very own HTC 8S for only $229.95.

Via Reddit.com