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myMoneyBook – quickly manage your expenses

“myMoneyBook” is an easy way to manage your personal finances.
You can customize catogories according to your needs, and set a monthly budget to keep track of what you spent.

The dashboard summarize the balance with simple indicators and have two big tiles to speed up your operations.

All screens are in perfect Windows Phone style.

It’s possible to set your privacy with a password.

There is a fast option to backup and restore all data via SkyDrive, and to export the records in file .csv.
The landscape mode show customizable and zoomable charts for detailed statistics.

“myMoneyBook” offers also customizable live tile:

  • Change image
  • Enable budget alert
  • Show today balance
  • Show monthly balance
  • Show total balance

At moment myMoneyBook is translated in Italian, English and Czech language.

See more screen shots after the break.

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Bank Account Manager for Mango now available

BAM V5.0 specific for Mango is now available on the MP with of course a quick reactivation mode but with also a great tiles support and a background agent !

This personal financial WP7 application localized in 4 languages (German coming) is one of the most complete of the MP in its category and provides many features in a powerful interface.

Try its trial mode and you will be suprised how it is so easy and quick to enter your expenses/incomes and forecast in the future the balances of all your accounts !

New features of V5.0:

  • recompiled for Mango so immediate reactivation of the App
  • the “New transaction” page can be pined on the start screen to allow you entering in few seconds your expenses or incomes !
  • a tile can be created for each transactions list of BAM
  • created tiles specific to an account can display on their back the account’s balance
  • A tile can be created for the upcoming transactions list and display on its back the first 6 upcoming transactions !
  • background agent to calculate every day the upcoming transactions and the next account balances, and to refresh the tiles

See the BAM blog for all details.

BAM is Price: $2.99

Bank Account Manager v 3.5

BAM v3.5 is now available on the MP with a nice re-designed interface and the new features below and provides now in a nice interface all the features that a bank account manager must have !

- BAM starts faster
- BAM offers now a complete new nice theme to display all list items ! (with the possibility to keep using the old theme).
- Budgets list use now pie charts
- Context menus support
- A new operation can now be geo-located when it is entered (optional)
- New buttons in all operations list to filter each operation on its date and type
- Can now filter the list of reconciled operations on last 12 months

See the BAM blog for all details and try here.

My Money Tracker for Windows Phone 7

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMy money tracker is a powerful and easy app projected and realized with the goal of letting you always have an updated balance of your financial circumstances by tracking all of your financial flows. In just a few seconds, you can add in all of your expenses and incomes, as well as generate detailed reports of your flows and charts. You can also manage your bank account and your cards, schedule recurring expenses and incomes, save all your data into the phone memory, and set up a password to protect your privacy.


FLOWS, BANK ACCOUNT AND CARDS: Manage all of your financial instruments: bank account, debit card, credit card and prepaid card. Set up a bank account starting balance which will be automatically updated.
SCHEDULES: Schedule your recurring incomes and expenses by defining the amount, the type and the recurrence. This will let you to always be sure you have an up-to-date circumstance.
REPORTS AND CHARTS: Create reports of last flows with just a couple of touches. If you, need something more specific you can customize your reports by filtering results. Then you can generate self-explaining charts.
CUSTOMIZATION: You have a wide set of predefined categories for all most common activities but you can customize them depending on your needs.
SAVE YOUR DATA: Save your data, categories and schedules on the phone memory and import them again later.
PRIVACY: Protect your data from being observed by someone else using a password which will be requested at each app start up. You’ll be always sure that your privacy is protected.

i) support the following currency symbols: $, €, £;
ii) themes support;
iii) smooth animations;
iv) homescreen WP7-style;
v) animation/notification for schedules and cards handling tiles.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My Money Tracker is $1.29 and can be found in Marketplace here.