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Intel hiring Windows Phone engineers, x86 windows phones may be on the way


We know Windows Phone 8 can run on x86 processors, with Greg Sullivan saying just a few weeks ago:

“Our architecture is such that it’s hardware independent. For the same reason that Windows 8 [tablets] could run on ‘Wintel’, right now Windows Phone is on Qualcomm. We have a portable OS architecture.”

Hermann Eul, President of Intel’s Mobile Communications Group also confirmed that Intel is open in supporting Windows Phone platform with its x86 chips saying:

“We would be [interested] when we see that this market has a good chance to return our money that we have invested into this,” Eul said. “Our roadmap has devices that can support Windows also on phones. So we can do that. The hooks for doing that [are] there.”

Greg Sullivan however say “We have nothing to announce at this time,” but that day may be coming closer, with Intel advertising for Windows Phone developers in Engineering and Design, which would help the company expand “beyond PCs and servers to netbooks, handhelds, consumer electronics devices, and more.”

Intel already has Android smartphones running x86 in the market, and their future processors will likely be even more frugal with power, making the devices competitive with ARM-powered handsets. This suggests it will not take much engineering to see a x86 Windows phone show up sooner rather than later.

See the full job posting after the break.

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Intel to stop kicking the Meego horse, develop for Android and Windows Phone 7

imageAccording to Digitimes Intel is finally seeing the light, and is backing off MeeGo development to create hardware instead for Android and Windows Phone 7.

MeeGo was a joint venture between Intel and Nokia which resulted in a few small tablets and the Nokia N9, but has been abandoned by Nokia in favour of Windows Phone 7, with no other OEM stepping in to rescue the OS.

While Intel has responded to the claim by saying the company will remain committed to open source and the MeeGo OS, DIgitimes insists Intel will deliver hardware products for Windows Phone 7 and Android in 2012.

The failure of the venture is likely a salient lesson in a hardware company designing an OS, an experiment which really only paid off so far for Apple.

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