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Exchange server acting up? Blame those iOS 6.1 users, then ban them

sick-3g-cjrReports are rolling in that Apple has messed up once again, and that their latest iOS 6.1 update is causing iPhones and iPads to overloads 2007 and 2010 Exchange Servers by constantly logging in to the server.

This is of course affecting the other users of the same server, leading to IT admins asking iOS users not to upgrade to the latest OS or face being blocked from the service.

We were forwarded an email from Mark from his IT describing exactly this scenario.

They write:

Over the recent days we’ve been experiencing sporadic occurrences of Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) that stop communicating with our email system Exchange.  Working with Microsoft and Apple, they have identified an issue in IOS 6.1 that if a user updates, deletes, modifies, accepts any calendar entry from their i-device it causes problems with the Exchange server that impacts all or many other users with a multitude of different problems.  There is at this time no resolution from Apple/Microsoft.  This is occurring globally.

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