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Microsoft Releases Where’s my app? To Find Popular Apps For Android And iPhone In Windows Phone Store

 Where's my app Windows Phone

Microsoft has released a new app called “Where’s my app?” in Windows Phone Store which lets you find alternatives and equivalents of apps found in Apple Store and Google Play Store. This app will be helpful for people who jump from other platforms.

App Description:Where's my app Windows Phone QR

This utility makes it easy for you to find the Apps you are looking for. It provides App availability status and highly-rated alternatives if the App you are looking for is not available. You can also send requests to app developers, encouraging them to develop for Windows Phone, if your App is not listed as ‘coming soon’ and even notify you if one of top requested Apps become available in the Windows Phone Platform.

This App does not replace the Store and does not represent the full store catalogue, but instead, it focuses on searching within the most popular Apps for Android and iPhone and looking for availability or alternatives within the Windows Phone platform. Please tell your

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

All three major Russian carriers drop the iPhone

We posted recently on the largest Russian carrier MTS dropping the iPhone in favour of promoting Windows Phone, and now it has emerged that the other two, MegaFon and VimpelCom, have also stopped promoting phones from the Cupertino company.

The decision is blamed on “harsh” marketing requirements by Apple which often meant carriers lost money on selling the handset.

Vimpelcom’s Beeline is rumoured to have made a deal with Samsung to promote their handsets instead, but the carrier does still sell a range of Windows Phones which will likely equally benefit from the absence of the iPhone. 

In Russia Windows Phone is poised to overtake the iPhone in market share, rising from 5.1% last year to 8.2%, according to the IDC, while Apple dropped from 9% to 8.3%. Around 80% of handsets are sold through Russian carrier stores.

Around 4.5% of MTS Ukraine’s smartphone subscribers already use Windows Phones, up 119% from a year ago, and with all phones being sold unsubsidized in the region I expect the good value for money Windows Phones offer will only lead to more growth there.

Via Rethink-wireless.com, thanks Jobo and JamesSB for the tip.

Microsoft: Windows Phone outselling iPhone in 10 "big" countries

turner_wpc3While some find it unbelievable that Windows Phone could pose a threat to the iPhone, Microsoft’s COO Kevin Turner revealed today at WPC 2013 that the OS has continued to advance on the second biggest mobile ecosystem, and that Windows Phone now outsells the iPhone in ‘10 "big" countries’.

Last we heard a similar statement it was in March, when Microsoft said Windows Phone was outselling the iPhone in 7 markets and Blackberry in 26.

He said Microsoft was "finding its rhythm in phones" and repeated recent statements that Windows Phone was the  "number 3 phone OS on the planet" and was growing at a rate 6 times faster than the rest of the smartphone platforms.

He repeated the recent news that large Russian mobile operator MTS abandoning the iPhone for Windows Phone,  noting . "[Apple] was demanding too much, and the Windows Phone’s popularity helped them understand they don’t need the iPhone.”

He said Windows devices and mobile apps were 18-to-24 months behind where he wants it to be but it is "catching up,” and acknowledged Microsoft was a "distant third" in the smartphone race, but said Microsoft will "keep fighting and keep after it and make sure we get the share we need to drive."

He noted that competition is a test of will and that great competitors refuse to lose, saying  "We have high respect but no fear of competitors….we are doubling down and making sure we are fighting and evangelizing our story."

Turner concluded that Microsoft would delivering innovation faster than anyone can embrace it and that the company’s new fiscal year, which began July 1, will be the biggest year of innovation in its 38-year history.

His statements suggests Q2 2013 will turn out to have been pretty good for Windows Phone, and the next year, as already previewed by their “Enterprise Feature Pack” will be even better.

via CNET.com

As Windows Phone is poised to overtake iPhone in Russia operators turn on Apple

Russia’s largest network MTS stopped selling Apple’s iPhones in its stores at the end of 2012 and has strengthened its relationship with other device makers, including Microsoft and Nokia, and agreed to promote Windows Phones and opened Windows Phone zones in its flagship stores.

Now Windows Phone is poised to overtake the iPhone in market share, rising from 5.1% last year to 8.2%, according to the IDC, while Apple dropped from 9% to 8.3%.

“Apple wants operators to pay them huge money, subsidizing iPhones and their promotion in Russia,” OAO Mobile TeleSystems’s Chief Executive Officer Andrei Dubovskov said in an interview in St. Petersburg. “Now it’s not beneficial for us. It’s good we stopped selling the iPhone as these sales would’ve brought us a negative margin.”

“When a handset producer is ready for co-promotion and offering special conditions to our customers, its share in our sales increase,” Dubovskov said. “As a result of such co-operation, sales of Windows Phone and Android devices in our retail chain grow faster than in the Russian market in general.”

“The MTS (MTSS) bet on Windows Phone and its decision not to sell iPhones is clearly contributing to this trend,” said Simon Baker, a Moscow-based handset analyst at IDC. The historical strength of Espoo, Finland-based Nokia’s brand in Russia also helped, he said.

The market share of Windows smartphone sales in MTS’s retail network is “probably two times higher than its share in Russia in general,” Dubovskov said, declining to disclose precise numbers.

“Those MTS users who need the iPhone are buying it one way or another — in a grey market or from independent retailers — and are still generating data revenue for us,” Dubovskov said.

Around 315,000 Windows Phones were sold in Russia Q1 2013.

Globally in Q1 2013, Windows Phone had 3.3 percent market share among smartphones in the quarter, compared with 17.3 percent for Apple’s iPhone. In many regions however Windows Phone is now outselling the iPhone, and the trend appears to be for the number of regions to increase, as Windows Phone sales rise and the iPhone is increasingly challenged by the commoditization of the smartphone.

Via Bloomberg.com

Add Estonia to the list of countries where Windows Phone outsells the iPhone

estoniaWindows Phone is already well recognized as the 3rd mobile OS, but after disposing of Blackberry iOS’s market share is next on the radar.

A while back Microsoft announced that they outsold the iPhone in 7 markets around the world. The list was later revealed to include Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine and few other countries in central and eastern Europe.

We can now add the Baltic country of Estonia, population 1.3 million, to the list.

According to EMT, a subsidiary of Swedish company TeliaSonera, while Android makes up the vast majority of the market, Windows Phone held 10% vs Apple’s iPhone with 9%.

More than 70% of phones sold in the country are smartphones, meaning the numbers translate into respectable sales.

With the range of both high end and low-end Windows Phones in the market only growing, Windows Phone will likely continue to erode iOS’s market share lead worldwide, with the biggest challenge to this scenario being Apple’s rumoured low-cost iPhone.  If however things play out as it had with the iPad mini, instead of growing Apple’s market share the cheaper iPhone may simply cannibalize high-end iPhone sales, leaving other operating systems to continue their growth unabated.

Read more about the Estonian market at ZDNet here.

Interesting: iPhone WIFI internet sharing vulnerability may affect Windows Phone also


Some rather smart hackers have managed to figure out the dictionary that the iPhone uses to generate its default password for internet sharing.

In their paper, "Usability vs. Security: The Everlasting Trade-Off in the Context of Apple iOS Mobile Hotspots" by Andreas Kurtz, Felix Freiling, and Daniel Metz, the authors explained that they honed the process so that it took a single AMD Radeon HD 6990 GPU only 52 seconds to crack the password, and custom built box with 4 AMD Radeon HD 7970 only 24 seconds.

Once cracked, the encryption key could be used to piggyback on the phone’s hotspot’s bandwidth, stage a man-in-the-middle attack for eavesdropping, and get access to files stored on the device.

The iPhone uses a combination of a dictionary word and number by default, but interestingly Windows Phone, which only uses an 8 digit number, may be even more vulnerable.

The authors conclude:

"The results of our analysis have shown that the mobile hotspot feature of smart devices increases the attack surface in several ways," the team concludes. "As the default password of an arbitrary iOS hotspot user can be revealed within seconds, attacks on mobile hotspots might have been underestimated in the past and might be an attractive target in the future."

Windows Phone users who want to mitigate against this attack in the future should not use the default 8 digit password but go to Setup on the internet sharing page and change the password there to a strong password which is not a dictionary word.

Read more detail at the Register here.

Office for iPhone video

Microsoft has announced Office for the iPhone. The app, as demoed in the video above, seems about on par with the windows phone version, though it does appear somewhat more cloud integrated, allowing users for example to see documents they recently viewed on the desktop on their phone, ideal for continuing work you started in the office on the move, and also allowing keeping track of the position you last read a document so you can seamlessly switch from one device to another.

The app is only available to those who subscribe to Office365, which costs about $8 per month and has a bit more than 1 million users. It therefore seems a rather good move for Microsoft to serve the diversity of their paying users.

Read more about the app at Microsoft-news.com here.

Are our readers worried the move will hurt Windows Phone adoption? Let us know below.

New York Times Finds A Nokia Lumia Running iOS

While many pundits have been suggesting Nokia switch to Android it appears that the Finnish company is actually switching to iOS! Before you start to panic, of course I’m just kidding and this post is just for fun.  A recent article published by the New York Times on “FEMA Promotes Its Wireless Emergency Alert System” shows a picture of a iPhone lock screen on a Nokia Windows Phone.  This seems like a bad photoshop job from an editor who thought the Nokia phone clearly looked better than the iPhone.

Nokia iOS

via Long Zheng

Business Insider: 9 Things Windows Phones Can Do That The iPhone Can’t


While we know there a large number of things iPhones can do that Windows Phones cant, mainly due to the applications not having been written yet for Windows Phone, Windows Phone users are often challenged about what is unique about their operating system, with the implication that there is no reason at all why you would chose a Windows Phone over an iPhone.

Business Insider however have an interesting article up listing 9 things Windows Phones can be that iPhones can now.

The list include:

  1. The operating supports phones with bigger screens. The biggest iPhone only has a 4-inch screen. Windows Phones can be 4.5 inches or larger.

  2. They can run Microsoft Office apps like PowerPoint and Word. Microsoft has refused to make Office apps for the iPhone (so far), so you’re stuck using alternatives like Apple’s own iWork suite of software.

  3. You can customize your home screen’s Live Tiles by resizing them. Apple doesn’t let you customize what apps show up on your iPhone’s home screen.

  4. It can display real-time updates on the home screen using the operating system’s Live Tiles. iPhone apps can only display how many notifications you have with a tiny number.

  5. You can charge Windows Phones with a standard USB plug. Apple has its own "Lightning" plug that isn’t as easy to find.

  6. They have a mobile wallet app that lets you make payments with your phone. It doesn’t work on all carriers yet, but more support is coming soon.

  7. They have near field communication (NFC) chips that let you swap content by tapping two phones together.

  8. Some devices like Nokia’s Lumia phones and HTC’s Windows Phone 8x have wireless charging. That means you just place the phone on a special pad to charge it up.

  9. You can switch them to "Kids Corner" mode which can block certain apps and other features. This is good for people who let their children use their phone to play games. You can also customize what your kids can access and keep them locked out of the rest of your phone with a password.

While the list is a good start, I can think of several other reasons why a Windows Phone is more convenient than an iPhone.

These includes:

  1. Being able to send and receive music via Bluetooth.
  2. Create and install my own ring tones without having to pay anyone.
  3. Being able to pin parts of an app to the home screen e.g. just the Funny Reddit Channel.
  4. Camera Lenses is another convenient and unique Windows Phone feature.
  5. Being able to chose my phone ranging from super-cheap to high end depending on the money in my pocket.
  6. Being able to earn Xbox points on the go.
  7. Drag and Drop file management
  8. Better social integration (LinkedIn, Yahoo, Facebook Messenger)
  9. Expandable storage
  10. FM radio (GDR2 or WP7)
  11. Trial version in paid app.

I am sure our readers can think of even more. Let us know in the comments below and we will update the article with the best features.

Itsdagram coming this Friday, already looks better than Instagram

mzl.jwzeirlx.320x480-75 BKUALIDCYAA_w70.png-large
Ugly iPhone version Pretty Windows Phone version

We sometimes forget how much better a good Windows Phone app looks compared to apps on other platforms.

We may not be getting an official Instagram app very soon, but the Itsdagram app is a very polished effort to get Windows Phone users access to the network, and frankly to my eyes looks a lot better than the official iPhone client, which looks like a bad flickr page and certainly does not showcase  the content very well.

The developer Daniel Gary has just tweeted that the app has been submitted for certification, and will hopefully hit the market Friday as a paid version, and next week as a free, ad-supported app.  The app will initially be WP8 only, but will eventually also come to Windows Phone 7.

With good, free third party apps available, would our readers still be demanding an official app? Let us know below.

(Article updated to add paid/free clarification)

ShareTo: Any Device – share from Windows Phone or Windows 8 to any other device!

Use the share charm in Windows 8 to quickly share to any device.

Share from your phone (or Windows 8 device) to any other device that supports a QR code reader and a browser. This unique tool lets you share files, contacts, URIs and more from your Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8 device to any other device that can read QR codes and open a browser. It’s quick, it’s “ad-hoc” in the sense that there’s no upload taking place (the files are only available while the sharing opration is up).


  • Pick files or contacts to share.
  • Get a QR code on your screen which, when scanned another device, will open up a simple web-page with your content.
  • On Windows 8, you can use the Share charm to share directly to the app
  • Works for free on files of up to 1mb (try before you get premium)
  • Premium users get up to 10mb per file to transfer and thumbnails when sharing.

Download for Windows Phone 8.

Download for Windows 8.

iPhone S FX Free – Sound Effects Keep You Entertained

iPhone S FXiPhone S FXiPhone S FX

iPhone S FX Sound Engine

If sitting back and enjoying a good laugh sounds good to you than this is your new favorite app.  iPhone S FX is a simple easy to use iPhone sound Engine that lets you pump out the common iPhone noises into your surroundings.  The fun comes in when all the iSheep surrounding you check their pockets, over and over.

  • New Email
  • SMS Recieved
  • Shutter
  • Mail Sent
  • Charge
  • and many more


If you have a hard time controlling your laughter in public this may not be good for you!

Download here