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KDDI Contact Transfer app provides a backdoor for homebrewers


KDDI has a pretty neat application in Marketplace which allows users to Migrate their contacts from their non-smartphone to a Windows Phone 7 handset.

To get this level of access to the Windows Phone 7 phone book of course requires system-level access, and Nanapho.jp found the app uses the Microsoft.Phone.InteropServices.dll to achieve this.

By exploiting this, as developers on other Windows Phone 7 handsets have, developers will be able to gain wide access to the root level of Windows Phone 7, although Tezawaly notes that this does not include the registry at present.

Read more about the discovery at Nanapho.jp here.

Fujitsu IS12T opens at position 39 in Japan


Initial sales of the Fujitsu IS12T is rolling in from Japan, and Nanapho.jp reports there is significant interest in the handset there.  On kakaku.com it is ranked ahead of the iPhone 4 in the third position in the chart, but below an android sister unit.

Aggregate sales data for the whole country however by BCN shows the handset opening at position 39 and rising, and Tezawaly notes that this should improve further once the handset is somewhat discounted as expected.

Nanapho notes the handset is having some other issues, some specific to Japan and some which should be familiar to many readers.  First, KDDi’s native C-mail app is not fully compatible with Windows Phone 7.  it can receive, but not send. Secondly the maps are very poor. Lastly however the lack of screen shot capability is bothering bloggers there.

In the end Japan was an unusual bellwether for Windows Phone 7.5,  and we should get a better idea of the OS’s performance in primary markets like USA and Europe when new handsets are released here.

Fujitsu IS12T already available on online auction sites in Japan


Nanapho reports the just released Fujitsu IS12T is already turning up for sale on Yahoo Auctions in Japan, the most popular online auction site there.

The handsets are being offered “SIM-free”, which is unusual for Japan, as the carrier only sells the device on contract. The prices are not too steep either, with the “buy it now” price hovering around $650.

Japanese sellers do not normally ship overseas, but there are services such as yahoojapanauctions.com which are designed to make this easier.

The IS12T is a dual-mode CDMA/GSM handset, which would theoretically allow the device to be imported elsewhere in the world.

Are any of our readers tempted? Let us know below.

Fujitsu IS12T to come with swappable battery covers

The Fujitsu IS12T may not be coming with a huge library of localized apps,  but it does with all thats needed to satisfy that other Japanese obsessions with their phones – accessories.

Nanapho reports that battery covers are swappable and can be combined in any combination, and are sold separately just for this purpose at around $4.50, creating so called “exotic” coloured devices.

The stores are also fully stocked with the more mundane screen protectors, softcases and hard cases and other accessories, showing at least a significant commitment from the retailer launching the handset.

Read more at Nanapho.jp here.

Pictures from the Japanese launch of the Fujitsu IS12T


Microsoft, KDDI, Fujitsu and Yodobashi Camera, with Japanese actress Katase Nana launched the first Windows Phone 7.5 handset in Japan and the world, the Fujitsu IS12T.

Katase had been using the phone for a day before the launch and said she liked how fast the operating system and internet browsing worked, and liked the pink design with large icons, more so than the yellow phone.

President Nobuo Otani of Toshiba Fujitsu Mobile Communications  said the phone was in development even before Fujitsu and Toshiba joined their mobile business, but that developing with Microsoft gave them a sense of security in the reliability of the venture. He noted that while developing Android phones meant an open environment, the Windows Phone 7.5 handset was developed under tight supervision by Microsoft.


Yodobashi Camera did not reveal how many pre-orders they had, but confirmed that they were mostly young men looking to try out the phone.

Read more at PC.watch.impress.co.jp and see more pictures at  Akihabara news.

Via WindowsPhoneUpdate.com

Fujitsu IS12T now officially released in Japan


It is now just after midnight in Tokyo, and that means the official release date of the first new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango handset has come.  The Fujitsu IS12T has now officially hit the market (although I suspect most stores selling the handset are now quite closed).

The smartphone’s stand-out features includes being water-resistant (IPX5/8) and dust-resistant (IP5X) technology, a 13.2 megapixel camera with smooth HD video recording and 32 GB of storage in a slim 10.6 mm thick body.

Nanapho notes the road for the device may not be that smooth in Japan, with many WP7.5 services not working there, including local scout, voice command, Bing Maps and even Marketplace has only 5000 apps there.

Would our readers buy this phone if it was brought over to the west? Let us know below.

Read the full press release here.

Via Thisismynext.com

Japanese WPSDK 7.1 RC not ready yet, but “top priority”

imageDespite the imminent release of the Fujitsu IS12T Japanese Windows phone 7 developers have still not received the RC candidate of WPSDK 7.1, necessary to submit Mango apps to Marketplace.

Shinobu Takahashi, Windows Phone developer evangelist of Microsoft Japan, has however tweeted that its release is a top priority for Microsoft.

Hopefully Microsoft will get it out in time for Japanese customers to have a few quality Mango apps to go along with their Mango phones.


Tezawaly notes:

Japanese SDK RC was already released with English ver. They worked hard to release Japanese RC at top priority.

Via Nanapho.jp

KDDI finally admits the truth–Fujitsu IS12T launching on Thursday

imageI guess Microsoft finishing Windows Phone 7.5 early has caught KDDI a bit flat footed, as they have been insisting their first Windows Phone 7 handset, the Fujitsu IS12T will be launching in September, despite all evidence to the contrary.

They have now finally released a statement noting that the handset will be available in stores starting August 25th.

KDDI, Okinawa Cellular, since August 25, 2011, a new line-up of au smartphones, "Windows Phone IS12T" (Production: Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications Inc.) to begin selling sequentially.

"Windows Phone IS12T" is a smartphone with Windows Phone 7.5 against water and dust for the first time in Japan. In addition to the light action, with a megapixel camera’s highest 13.20 smartphone, and also 32GB internal memory, and finished in a compact size with rich specifications adopted. View and edit Microsoft Office documents and more, of course, can share data stored in the cloud service operated by Microsoft’s Windows Live SkyDrive Free. It is also an attractive smartphone with such expressive power of the Internet browser technology latest version of Internet Explorer ® 9 and PC-rich applications.

Launch date for each region, please visit the au website.

Its official then – Mango season is kicking off in 2 days time!

Read more at Nanapho.jp.

Fujitsu IS12T lined up in store and ready to launch on August 25th

Tezawaly from Nanapho.jp has managed to catch a whole treasure trove of Fujitsu IS12T Windows Phone 7.5 handsets all lined up and ready to be purchased on the 25th August.

The devices were found in the Biccamera Yurakucho store in Tokyo are unfortunately were not charged.

While the phones will be relatively expensive for westerners the are not far off par for the course in Japan, and Tezawaly notes there is some excitement in Japan for these handsets, so hopefully the launch will go well for Fujitsu.

If the Fujitsu IS12T is here next week, can the rest be far off?

Fujitsu IS12T coming as soon as next week?

imageNanapho reports that rumours are building for an August 25 release of the Fujitsu IS12T, making it likely the first Windows Phone 7.5 handset released anywhere in the world.

Apparently stores are already taking reservations for the handsets, and the Nishikasai au shop is claiming  "it will be released August 25" posted, and even Twitter accounts tweets have.

2011/08/17 (Wed.) we will be released ? IS12T ~ Windows fone ~ has finally released the latest model information ?! ! ? This phone will be released in stores August 25, we accepted from today preordered! You may want to come, ? I please buy

The official site is still claiming September 2011 but events may overtake that after all.

Read more at Nanapho.jp here.

Fujitsu IS12T to be a premium product, $460 on 2 year contract, $960 unlocked


If anyone has been labouring under the misconception that Windows Phone 7 mango handsets will be cheap the recently leaked price of the Fujitsu IS12T will came as a rude awakening.

One of KDDIs subsidiary stores posted the price list for the device, and it shows the handset to be $958 off contract, $753 for new subscribers and $458 on a two year contract, with new subscribers getting the handset for $252.

Of course all this does buy one a 13 megapixel camera and 32 GB of storage in a dual CDMA and GSM device, not to mention available in multiple colours and waterproof, but even for the Japanese market the price appears on the expensive side.

Of course ultimately, if we want all the features we have to pay for them also, but certainly the high price of this handset will not help it undercut similar Android offerings.

Via nanapho.jp.

Fujitsu IS12T going on sale on September in Japan


It is now official that we will not have to wait too long for the first Windows Phone 7 handset to show up, with KDDI’s website confirming the handset is coming in September 2011.

Hopefully the handset will be part of a wave of devices released in the same month, finally getting the Mango train on the road.

Via 1800Pocketpc.com

WP7 Mango “Flick Curve” Japanese text entry demoed

The above video shows the Japanese text entry system in Windows Phone 7 Mango, which is apparently one of the unique features of the Fujitsu IS12T and developed by Microsoft after exhaustive research.

The system uses uses a flick of the finger at the end of the curve to add accent sounds essential to cover the full range of Japanese pictographs, and clearly works pretty well.

It is somewhat a pity Microsoft does not bring these text entry innovations, which includes handwriting recognition in some regions, to the western keyboards also.  I would not mind capitalizing with a flick for example myself.

According to itmedia  Microsoft Japan General Manager, Mr Nobuyoshi Yokoi has said the Fujitsu IS12T will be launching later in September, possibly giving us a time frame for the other Windows Phone 7.5 handsets also.

“Since the publication, are getting great response. It was about the same reaction when Japan announced Windows 7″ Yokoi said.

Via itmedia.co.jp.