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LG will not be releasing Windows Phone 7.8 for the LG E900 Optimus 7


Microsoft promised to deliver Windows Phone 7.8 to all handsets via an Over the Air update which would not need carrier intervention.

It seems however that OEMs will still be involved, or in LG’s case uninvolved. The company did not release any follow-ups to their first generation Windows Phones, and it seems have now washed their hands off them.

A WP7.com.pl reader asked them if they will be releasing the 7.8 update, and received the following response:

—- Reply to Customer Enquiry —-

Dear Sir,
Thank you for contacting our customer support.
We wish to kindly inform you that it is not expected to introduce software update for your version of the E900 to 7.8.
If you have additional questions, please contact us again.
M ********* **
LG Electronics Poland.

——– —- Customer Details

It seems likely the answer will be the same when it comes to the LG Quantum, leaving a (small) percentage of Windows Phone users that will not getting the WP 7.8 update after all.

Via WP7.com.pl

LG confirms coming “small update” will bring WIFI tethering to the LG E900


We learned yesterday that the LG Optimus 7 is perfectly capable of supporting WIFI tethering, given the right drivers.

Now it seems owners will not have to hack their devices to enable this, as the LG’s twitter account has promised that the required update is on its way.

The tweet reads:

@ Cyruss1989 for tethering another small update is required.
This will come in time. ^ SA # WP7

4 hours ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Hopefully this will be a general update which brings all Windows Phone 7 devices (excluding the unlucky Dell Venue Pro of course) up to speed with WIFI tethering.

Via WPCentral.com

Some LG Optimus 7s failing Mango upgrade with Error Code 8018001E


It seems for some Windows Phone 7 users the Mango honeymoon has come to an abrupt end, with many LG E 900 Optimus 7 users complaining that they can not complete the upgrade to Windows Phone 7.5 due to Error Code 8018001E .

imageUsers complain:

When I conect to the laptop.

The phone signs me I can update.

I start updating (Without Sim).

There is a first round 9 step.

The Zune always did every step.

The Next Round there is 2 step.

First step is the phone restarting. (Done)

Second Step: When He finishing  (Finalizing) The Zune write me out that Code:

8018001E – Error Code

A  6 page thread at Microsoft’s support forums unfortunately show that the problem is not isolated to only a few users, and so far no solution has been offered there.

Have any of our readers run into this issue yet? Let us know below.

Thanks Gordan for the tip.

Indian Mobile Retailer Univercell Lists LG Optimus 7(Updated)



Major south Indian retailer Univercell have listed LG Optimus 7  E900 for 25000 INR( Approx. 560 USD). As previously mentioned by us, LG will be one of the key launch partners for Microsoft in India. Still there is no word on time of availability,but I guess it will be sooner than expected. According to some insiders at Microsoft India,I got to know that January-2011 will be the time frame of the launch. Does this indicate that Windows Phone 7 will be launched in other Asian countries soon?

Update: Flipkart.com ,an Indian online retailer is taking orders for HTC HD7 with the price of 29999 INR (approx. 667 USD) and  it states that it will deliver the device within 5-7 days, but according to some sources I found that the device will be shipped only after the official launch of Windows Phone 7 in India.


LG Optimus 7 gets more specs, features

LG Optimus 7 specs released.


The Korea Economic Daily  reports, via Engadget, that the LG Optimus 7 will come with a bit more than stock Windows Phone 7.

They report the handset will feature speech to text, allowing one to write emails and text messages just by speaking, and will also feature an automatic panorama mode which allows one to take panoramas simply by sweeping the camera across an arc.

On the specs side, the screen is now said to be 3.8 inches, the battery 1500 mAh, storage is confirmed at 16 GB and of course the phone is revealed to be only 11.5 mm thick (which makes it slightly thicker than the HTC HD7).

Is the LG Optimus 7 zooming up the charts of desirability for anyone? Let us know below.

Thanks dropqube for the tip.

LG E900 Windows Phone 7 device in action

The last time we saw the LG E900, it consisted of a blurry video of the device. Well, Mobilnania got their hands on with the device and produced a 20 minute video. It is in Czech and demos most of the stuff we already know about the OS. It is not a bad looking device as I had previously thought but, I’m still holding out for a phone with actual buttons (front three) Correction:Looking at the pictures closely, it seems that at least the home button is in deed a physical button, keyboard and a bigger screen. The site has more pictures which can be found here.

Via mobiletechworld

New Photos of LG E900 Emerges


A Danish Site TV2 has recently had hands on with LG E900 which boasts 3.7 inch screen with standard 1GHz processor.They have posted some photos of it,check for it below.Here is some of their views on WP7.

The graphics are nice, the animations and transitions are liquid and cheeky, and it seems that there is “contemplating things.” It gave the kinds of butterflies in the stomach, as we saw for the first time since we did play with the iPhone or Windows 7. Wow, it’s delicious it here!


More pictures after the break.

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LG E900 confirmed to have 16 GB storage

LG E900 has 16 GB of storage

With the Samsung GT-i8700 shown only to have 8 GB, it is quite reassuring that the LG E900 appears to be much better endowed.

MobilityDigest notices on the recently leaked video that the handset will in fact sport 16 GB of storage, meaning it should be adequate for those incredibly cramped by 8 GB.

The handset has recently been confirmed to be coming to Europe, but not USA at present.

Our our readers reassured that at least not all Windows phone 7 devices will only have the minimum specs? Let us know below.

LG E900 passes through Global GSM Certification, heading to Europe


The eagle-eyed guys over at the::unwired have spotted the LG E900 passing through the Global Certification Forum, which certify all GSM devices for release.

The site confirms unfortunately that the device will only support European 3G frequencies (900 and 2100 MHz), meaning unless LG makes a US specific version the smartphone should only be available in Europe and Asia.

the::unwired also states that the gap between certification and release is usually very short, meaning the device is likely to hit the market pretty soon.

Read more at the::unwired.com here.

A Quick Preview of LG E900 with WP7 Glory

Above we have another video of the LG E900 carrier test phone being shot on what sounds like a train.  The video from Bulgaria by LittleAllRoad goes through much of the user interface, and passes, unfortunately without opening, the now familiar media sharing and ScanSearch apps which differentiate it from base  Windows Phone 7 builds.

Of note is that the System Information, which disappointingly does not state the RAM and Processor speed, does show VDF-UK, which suggests the device is coming to Vodafone UK.

Nothing much more to say here, except I cant wait to get my hands on this phone myself.

LG E900 passes through FCC with AT&T frequencies

LG E900 passes through FCC, heading for AT&T

lg-c900-7More confirmation that the LG Optimus 7 is coming to AT&T has just popped up, with the device successfully navigating the FCC with full AT&T bands.

The handset, which is rumoured to have a full metal build (rather than the plastic suggested by the pictures), and will of course otherwise have the full Chassis specs required by Windows Phone 7.

See the FCC  documentation here and here .

Via Engadget.com

Microsoft leaks first clear picture of LG E900 Optimus 7, may come to Vodafone

The LG E900 Optimus 7 may come to vodafone.

You know the Windows phone 7 launch is near when even Microsoft starts leaking pictures via twitter.  Microsoft Netherlands recently tweeted this picture of the LG E900, supposedly called to be called the LG Optimus 7 ( a name most of our readers approve of I see).

The picture also reveals some additional tiles, including a Panorma shot, media sharing and most tellingly a Vodafone 360 tile, although Microsoft did indicate in a follow-up tweet that the presence of the tile does not necessarily mean the phone will come to Vodafone, as it may just be a “test environment”.

The picture also confirms the device does not have the same odd button placement of the LG C900, with all the keys more or less on the same level.

Having had a closer and clearer look at the handset, the device does appear pretty impressive, especially if its as thin as shown in the video.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.

Via Allaboutphones.nl.

LG C900 to be the Pacific, LG E900 to be much more aggressive Optimus 7

LGPacific LGOptimus7
LG C900 to be called LG Pacific LG E900 to be called LG Optimus 7

Its nice to see code names transition into real names, and if the leaks can be believed, this is happening with LG’s two latest leaked devices.

According the the BGR the LG C900, coming to AT&T will be branded the LG Pacific.  Much higher on the manly stakes however is the keyboard-less LG E900, which according to MobileCowboys (via allaboutphones.nl) will be called the LG Optimus 7.

MobileCowboys in fact had a hands-on with the device in July, and noted the device was smooth and fast,as we expect, due to Microsoft’s minimum specs, all Windows Phone 7 devices to be.

Which name do our readers prefer?  Vote in the poll below and let us know.

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