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LG president claims they invented double tap to wake


We have seen many innovative Nokia features being ripped of by other companies recently, including features like Optical Image Stabilization, Oversampling Cameras and the Glance screen, but in very few instances do we see the rip off artists claim to have first invented the technology.

That did not however stop LG President and CEO of LG Electronics’ Mobile Communications Jong-seok Park from claiming to have invented Double Tap to Wake, after releasing a ridiculous Android handset with the power button on the back.

From LG’s official blog,

Knock is distinctively an LG UX and a great example of what happens when you marry the latest in mobile technology with consumer-centric insights. No one ever thought that a power button needed to be improved until our engineers wondered why they couldn’t turn the entire screen into a power button.”

Calling it “KnockOn”, LG intends to roll out the feature to all of their handsets in 2014, and also update some of their existing devices.

Of course, with a significant part of Nokia’s earnings to come from IP licensing it may not be long before the company gets another source of income from Korea.

Source: LG

Thanks Vonroch for the tip.

LG And Samsung To Announce Flexible OLED Display Mobile Devices

LG Dispaly

LG and Samsung are in the verge of announcing their flexible display smartphones. There are multiple reports that Samsung is planning to announce their flexible OLED display smartphone this month. And LG today officially announced their start of mass-production of the world’s first flexible OLED panel for smartphones. We can soon expect a smartphone from LG with their flexible display as well.

Even though the whole smartphone design will not become flexible/bendable at the start, adding these flexible disSamsung display flexible windows phoneplays to smartphones will add more rigidness to the devices. The displays in the smartphones are the most vulnerable parts which often gets damaged due to drop, etc,. These flexible displays will completely avoid those scenarios.

Can Microsoft/Nokia license these display technology for their Windows devices? Nokia has a long tradition of exploring flexible display in smart devices. Their concept video showing a phone wrapped around the wrist became quite famous when it was released. Even Microsoft was at the stage along with Samsung at CES when a flexible display Windows Phone prototype was revealed by Samsung.

What do you guys think?

See the press release after the break.

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LG executive says LG will probably have a Windows Phone in 2014


LG has continued to tease a Windows Phone handset, this time for the 2014 time period.

Dimitar Valev  (above) , LG’s head of mobile communications for Bulgaria, has said that they will probably produce a Windows Phone handset next year, depending on how Microsoft develop the system.

He said:

We plan to focus on Android, but we are ready and will probably run Windows Phone device. At least in Bulgaria, however, it will not appear this year. Depends on how Microsoft will continue to develop the operating system.

Other LG regional managers have already revealed the company is working on a Windows Phone handset, and I expect as the size of the ecosystem continues to grow their interest will continue to increase. LG only sold 12.1 million smartphones in Q2 2013, and to continue growing its shipments in the face of intense competition from Samsung and everyone else adding Windows Phone as a sideline does make sense. 

However, given that LG’s handsets have never been the prettiest or best specified one wonders if there is any benefit competing in Windows Phone if they do not bring their A-game.

Do our readers think an LG Windows Phone 9 handset will be competitive? Let us know below.

Via Dnevnik.bg and Unwiredview.com

LG reportedly working on a Windows Phone 8 handset (again)

LG just cant stay away from Windows Phone, no matter how hard it tries.

The on-again/off-again Windows Phone OEM has revealed the company is once again working on a Windows Phone 8 handset.

The news was confirmed by LG India’s Managing Director Kwon Soon who told Light Reading India:

“At home (South Korea), we are actually working on our Windows Phone 8 OS powered smartphone.”

He confirmed however that this did not represent a sea change in the company, saying:

“Android is the major platform globally, given its acceptance and penetration. Although, we believe that Windows will pick up going ahead, as Microsoft is pumping efforts into it.”

According to the BGR LG has not yet decided whether they will be releasing the handset, and are evaluating market conditions.

We think it just makes sense for every moderately successful phone OEM to release at least one Windows Phone,  as much as a negotiating weapon and also not too have too many eggs in one Android-shaped basket, and we look forward to Sony stepping up to the plate also.

Airyware Tuner 1.5 – now with auto-calibration, scale transposition, and better denoise

Airyware Tuner is a multi-instrument chromatic tuner popular with professional musicians and luthiers. It is recognized as a quickest, most accurate, yet most expensive tuner available in the Windows Phone Store. Version 1.5 brings several handy features such as scale transposition, sharp/flat view modes, chromatic presets, auto-calibration to live sound, and more. With improved denoise module, tuning at the street or at noisy stage has become an easy job. Fast App Switching and Live Tiles are included too.
Airyware Tuner is powered by 64-bit NeatTimbre™ DSP engine optimized for Snapdragon™ processors. Version 1.5 feature list:

Airyware Tuner 1.5• 9 octave tuning range: 15…8000 Hz
• up to 0.1 cent accuracy
• ambient noise reduction
• linear needle meter
• stroboscopic view mode
• waveform inspector
• high-contrast display
• sharp/flat/3b2# notations
• ref. A 440 ± 50 cents: ~ 428…453 Hz
• auto-calibration to live sound
• scale transposition ± 12 semitones
• tone generator, pitch pipe: C2…B4
• internal/headset microphone switch
• 400+ instruments, 900+ tunings
• target note audition: C0…B7
• favorite tunings
• feature request gateway

FREE TRIAL is fully functional, check it out.

Download from Windows Phone Store: Airyware Tuner 1.5
Price: $4.99
Trial: yes, fully functional, ad-free.

Website: http://tuner.airyware.com

LG expected to announce a Windows Phone 8 range at Mobile World Congress 2013

OptimusLG was one of the first OEMs to jump aboard the Windows Phone bandwagon, but their devices were lacklustre, went largely unsupported and the company never released a second generation running Mango.

Now after having some success with Android the company is set to be back with a second try, and this time with handsets running Windows Phone 8.

The rumours of the company’s re-entry dates back to 3 weeks ago, when a senior executive of one of their partners told KoreaTimes:

We will release quite a number of new Optimus devices this year and LG also has some new smartphones in the works, that will run Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.

Now rumours are circling that LG will announce this range at Mobile World Congress.  In their teaser video they teased their coming MWC announcement with superlatives such as "Premium, Ultimate, Innovative, Powerful and Professional." Lets hope the company this time lives up to their promise.

See their MWC video teaser after the break.

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Report: LG To Release Windows Phone 8 Devices This Year

LG, one of the early adopters of Windows Phone platform is planning to come back to the platform with new Windows Phone 8 devices later this year. According to Koreatimes, LG has some new smartphones in the works, that will run Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. First generation LG Windows Phone devices failed to attract consumers due to poor designs and LG has now decided to give it a second try.

Can LG compete with Nokia, Samsung and HTC with better device?

Source: Koreatimes via: unwiredview

Airyware Tuner 1.3 for Windows Phone – now with 900+ instrument tunings

Airyware Tuner is a professional orchestral strobe tuner for string and wind musical instruments. Like many other chromatic tuners it listens to the note you play, and then displays how far out of tune the pitch is. What is so special about Airyware Tuner? It simply does the job better. This tuner is built on 64-bit NeatTimbreâ„¢ DSP engine and optimized for Windows Phone hardware so all saved CPU cycles are effectively used to run complex algorithms of spectrum analysis. As a result, it detects pitches faster and preciser.
Version 1.3 adds a direct support for more than 400 instruments and more than 900 different tunings in total. For example, there are 14 alternative tunings for violin, 19 for hardingfele, 70 for 6-string guitar. You can organize your instruments and tunings into quickly accessible, short list of favorite presets – a helpful feature not commonly found in other tuners. The active preset is displayed on the screen as a several tappable buttons. Tapping or holding the button causes correspondingly single or triple playback of the note – very handy if you are tuning by ear or just want to explore tunings. Airyware NeatTimbreâ„¢ DSP engine also got upgraded to the new version. Claimed precision stands this tuner out as a device suitable for instrument repairs. For example, now you can easily fix the intonation of your guitar without a help of an expert. The app runs on all OS versions including latest Windows Phone 8.0 devices.

Main feature list:Airyware Tuner 1.3 • 9 octave tuning range: 15…8000 Hz
• up to 0.1 cent accuracy
• belt-gauge indicator
• stroboscopic indicator
• high-contrast display
• ref. A4 ± 50 cents: ~ 428…453 Hz
• calibrated pitch audition: C2…B4
• internal microphone support
• headset microphone support
• ambient noise reduction
• 400+ instruments, 900+ tunings
• target note audition: C0…B7
• favorite tunings
• feature request gateway

Check it out yourself: FREE TRIAL has no functional limitations.

Marketplace: Airyware Tuner 1.3.
Price: $4.99
Trial: yes, fully functional, ad-free.

Website: http://tuner.airyware.com

LG confirms they are out of the Windows Phone game


LG only gained a very small part of the small Windows Phone market, estimated to be around 7%, and have already said it “currently has no plans of rolling out another LG-manufactured Windows phone soon.”

Now during a launch event for the  Optimus G, LG Mobile Communications CEO Park Jong Seok re-iterated to reporters that they had "no specific plans for other mobile platforms".

Stressing the company’s strong relationship with Google,  Park said that the company has "strong LTE and UI patents compared with its competitors", and that it is aware of the patent war situation, but had no concerns.

LG last released Windows Phone handsets in 2010, the LG Optimus 7 and LG Quantum, and has recently started replacing warranty repair Windows Phones with Android handsets, so it is fair to day the company will not be tremendously missed.

Via CNET.com

List of Windows Phone 8 launch partners shows LG is out


In today’s Windows Phone 8 presentation Microsoft revealed their launch partners, and there is one prominent partner missing – LG.

LG was involved in the original Windows Phone 7 launch, but achieved only a small share of the already small Windows Phone pie, in the order of 7%.

The company has earlier already been rumoured to be getting out of the Windows Phone game, with the company saying they “currently has no plans of rolling out another LG-manufactured Windows phone soon.”

They did however confirm they would continue with research and development of the OS, so may be back, presumably if it demonstrates traction.

Will any of our readers be missing LG? Let us know below.

Via 1800Pocketpc.com

LG denies stepping out of Windows Phone game, wants to offer consumers “as wide a choice as possible”

An LG spokesman has denied claims the company is abandoning further Windows Phone development.

Speaking to Pocket-Lint, he said:

"None of it is true. Korea Herald is showing its speculative side again. We are still on board with Windows Phone, but right now, we’re focusing on Android because that’s where the demand is."

The last line does give a clue that Windows Phone is certainly not the darling of the Korean company, but then this has never really been the case. It is however difficult to see LG stepping out of a market before Samsung does the same.

The spokesman confirmed LG will continue to develop Windows Phone handsets.

"Regardless of which OS, LG is committed to offering consumers as wide a choice as possible."

Windows Phone 8 should reduce the resources required to develop a Windows Phone significantly, given the ability to use the same chassis of high end Android handsets, and while even the Windows Phone community may have limited excitement for LG’s offerings, this may significantly improve at the end of the year, so we continue to look forward to seeing what LG can contribute towards our ecosystem.

Via Pocket-lint.com

LG Has No Plans To Release New Windows Phone Devices Anytime Soon

LG today revealed that it has no plans to release new Windows Phone devices anytime soon instead its going to focus on Android devices. LG Electronics and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership in 2009 to make a huge volume of Windows Mobile devices and the plans never took off since Microsoft abandoned the platform completely with new Windows Phone 7x platform. LG even supported the new platform with three average looking Windows Phone devices in few countries.

From Korean Herald,

The executive also said LG is taking a step back from Windows phones powered by Microsoft’s platform, adding that it will “continue research and development efforts” on Windows Phones.

“The total unit of Windows Phone sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure,” said the LG spokesman, further elaborating that it currently has no plans of rolling out another LG-manufactured Windows phone soon.

Apart from Windows Phone devices sales, LG’s Android devices are also not selling great when compared to Samsung and HTC devices. I think LG should focus more on design and product experience with whatever platform they chose to be on. The “Me too” devices will never take off against the cutting edge and mass volume products from companies like Nokia, Samsung, etc,. Also Korean Herald believes that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s visit to LG’s home city later this month might change LG’s plans on Windows Phone devices. Let us see what happens!

Source: Korean Herald

New Images Of LG Windows Phone LS831 Emerges

While we are still not sure about LG releasing another Windows Phone 7.5 device, there were numerous leaks on their devices/prototypes. This one is LS831 which we saw in last October when it passed the FCC. The device design looks outdated to me and it has a 5MP camera along with a front cam. Since it features a CDMA band, it should release only on Sprint in US if there is any possibility. Visit the source link for more images.

Source: WPCentral