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SkyDrive will no longer support PC to PC P2P sync

LiveSide.net has noticed that  the new and improved SkyDrive will no longer support the main Live Mesh feature.

Mike Torres from SkyDrive clarified in the comments on the Windows 8 blog post that you won’t be able to set up device to device sync, only “device to SkyDrive”.  He said::

We won’t be offering a way to sync between PCs without using the cloud as we’ve found that it adds complexity. Both technical complexity as well as, more importantly, complexity in the overall user model. The SkyDrive model is really quite simple in that it’s “cloud-first” and not “cloud-optional” which means you no longer have to worry about the timing of various PCs being online to sync, or having files that are only available on PCs but not through SkyDrive.com or mobile devices. Conflicts are far less likely as well since the cloud is always "online". The fetch feature addresses the need to “get back” to stuff that you haven’t put in SkyDrive yet. There are tradeoffs either way, we realize that, but we decided to focus on a simple model and really work to get that right.

P2P synching has advantages, such as not being bound by the size of the available online storage, and having your files remain available off-line.

On the other hand Live Mesh has always been a bit buggy, and having your files available in the cloud from anywhere and any device has increasingly become more important than having it available on a specific set of computers.

It is expected that eventually Live Mesh will be de-emphasized, leaving users with only SkyDrive.

Will our readers be missing Live Mesh features, especially with massive online storage in SkyDrive now available and Windows 8 making SkyDrive just another drive for your PC? Let us know below.

Exchange ActiveSync coming to Hotmail next week, Live Sync soon Live Mesh again

exchangehotmailMicrosoft’s Live services are one of its most active divisions.  The latest rumour from that segment of the company is that Windows Live Mail will finally officially activate Exchange Activesync for everyone who cares to apply.

The change is set to come on August 30th, and will bring email, calendar, tasks, contacts and even SMS synching to Windows Mobile.  The exchange server used however does not support HTML e-mail, which is a pity given the type of email commonly received on Hotmail (or may be a blessing in disguise).

Via Mary Jo Foley we hear Microsoft is renaming Windows Live Sync to Live Mesh, and boosting the cloud storage capacity back up to 2 GB. Unfortunately phones and other devices are still not supported, but maybe Microsoft will eventually relent.

The changes should take effect in Fall 2010 when the next Windows Live Essentials 2011 beta is released.

Microsoft confirms no phone support in Live Sync/Mesh

No more Live Mesh for Windows MobileA recently published Q&A piece by Microsoft on Live Mesh/Live Sync and the changed that comes with it confirmed that the service as rolled out will no longer support Windows Mobile handsets:

Q: Why can’t I sync folders on my mobile device?

A: With this release of Windows Live Sync, we focused on syncing folders between computers. In the future, we’ll explore adding support for other devices including mobile phones.

Fortunately Microsoft has not ruled out future support, but unfortunately “exploring adding support” lacks any clear commitment.

Via the All about Microsoft ZDNet blog.

Live Mesh to become Live Sync, drop Windows Phone support

Live sync vs skydrive

When Skype and Nimbuzz drops you, that’s one thing, but when Microsoft itself withdraws support for their mobile OS it does become rather sad.

Liveside.net reports that Live Sync 2011 will be the new name for Live Mesh, and while the service retains much of the previous features, online storage will be reduced to 2 GB, and support for Windows Phone (6.5 or 7) will be dropped.

Of course, given that Windows Phone 7 lacks a user-accessible file system, this does make some sense, and who knows, maybe the feature will be resurrected when that issue is addressed, but it is still sad to see one of Microsoft’s more innovative services fall by the way side, at least for mobile use.

Read more at LiveSide.net here.

Windows Live Sync to get Windows Phone support?

Windows Live Wave 4

Windows Live Sync is a Microsoft Live service which will allow users to sync files and settings between Windows desktops.

The description below is from the latest version coming in Wave 4 of Microsoft’s Live Essentials release:

  • Sync folders across all your PCs (and Macs) Windows Live Sync keeps your files and folders, such as Documents, Pictures and
    Music, in sync across your computers so you can work or play wherever you want. Update a file on one computer, and it will automatically sync to the rest. Once your folders are synchronized, your files are available even when you don’t have internet access.
  • Program settings sync Star Share settings for your favorite programs across your PCs, so programs work the same way on every PC in your home.
  • Remote Desktop Star Leave your PC online and you can access it from devices.live.com. Find your PC among the list of devices on the website, and click Connect to remotely control your PC.

Of note is that the service features closely match the features available in Microsoft’s Live Mesh service, which raises questions about Windows Phone support.

The above icon set, taken from the leaked Live Sync client, does lend some hope, with a Devices Icon which appears to show a pretty familiar Windows Mobile handset.

It seems Microsoft is using Windows Phone 7 as an opportunity to pull together many services, with the cell phone one of the major hubs, hopefully remedying a long-standing failing.

Live Mesh now supports Snow Leopard

For the 5 of our readers using Mac’s, the Live Mesh team has now announced support for the latest service pack of the OS.

A new version of the Live Mesh Mac software is available that provides support for both Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) and Snow Leopard (10.6). Leopard users are not required to install this release.

To upgrade to this new release, you will need to reinstall Live Mesh for Mac. To do so, please go to http://www.mesh.com, sign in with your Live ID, and download the Mac client software from the “Devices” page.

Version number

•         Live Mesh Mac: 0.9.4501.0

Included in this update

•         Mac – Repairs client use for OS X Snow Leopard (10.6)

Read more here.

Windows Live Mesh to be renamed Windows Live Devices


Windows Live Mesh seems to be close to coming out of beta, and with the new status will come a new name – Windows Live Devices.

Microsoft’s ambition for this service appears to be to tie together all your devices, from printers and picture frames to of course your mobile phone and other computers.

There appears also to be a consolidations of Microsoft’s Live services, which can only good news from a remote management point of view.

Read all the details at LiveSide.com.

Via MobileTechWorld.com

Live Mesh Updated

livemesh Live Mesh has seen a minor update, bringing a new Media Viewer for your Live Desktop, as well as numerous fixes and enhancements.

According to the Live Mesh team the following changes have been made:


  • New Media Viewer on the Live Desktop.
  • Live Mesh News will now display the date (as well as time) for all news items, even older ones.


  • Improved the Live Desktop quota calculation.
  • Optimized MOE CPU/memory use.
  • Fixed Mac client startup errors that caused client to shut down shortly after launching.
  • Mac passwords containing extended characters now work properly.
  • Device status (online/offline) now properly displayed on the Live Desktop, in the notifier, and in the Mesh bar.
  • News now correctly displays the year.

Read more at the Live Mesh blog here.

KeepSync – Live Mesh competitor announced

Proxure, a Californian company, has just announced a new syncing service which, much like Live Mesh, allows consumers and business users to synchronize everything from digital photos to office documents. The service can work across multiple devices and operating systems, and, example, can automatically and simultaneously sync photos from your mobile phone to your laptop, your desktop, and to friends and family.

The service depends on clients on the device, and has no cloud-based component, unlike Live Mesh. It is however opportunistic, and will queue up files to sync whenever a connection becomes available. Clients are at present available for Vista and Windows XP, with a special version for HP’s Touch Smart PC’s. A Windows Mobile beta is currently also available, with an Android, iPhone and MacOS version being planned.

KeepSync does have some twists. It will, for example, automatically transcode video to a format more palatable for a recipient (thinks Orb) and resize pictures for easier transmission.

Unlike Live Mesh, Keepsync does have a business model. They plan to charge for the traffic across the internet using pre-paid plan, from 1 credit per megabyte. This is of course the great weakness of the product, and is sure to impede adoption.

They do however have an SDK available which was for the HP TouchSmart implementation of KeepSync and was recently licensed by AMD for use with their Fusion platform.

The service will be demonstrated at CES, but the product is also currently available with a 15 day free trial, including 25 MB of credits from Keepsync.com. There is also the opportunity to apply for their Windows Mobile beta.

Live Mesh Mobile client updated

The Live Mesh team has just announced an update for their Live Mesh Mobile client. Supposedly just a minor update, it did fix a significant problem I had in not being able to log in via the Samsung Omnia, so I do recommend it.

Service update (December 4, 2008)
We’re pleased to announce that our next update will be available later today. This update affects the Live Desktop, Live Mesh for Mac, and Live Mesh for Mobile. We will release an update for the Live Mesh for Windows software next week. See below for details.


Server-side performace and reliability enhancements
Minor usability improvements
For those of you keeping track, the latest version numbers with this update are:

Live Mesh for Mac: 0.9.3602.818
Live Mesh for Mobile: 0.9.3424.9
Live Desktop: 0.9.3424.9

Download the app by loging in to m.mesh.com.

Live Mesh mobile client updated, now works

While the Live Mesh client was released yesterday, I was not the only one who found the software non-functional. Apparently a bug was identified in the software, and a new release is now available which, presumably, works.

Try your luck by downloading the client by visiting http://m.mesh.com/install/wm6/LiveMesh.cab with your Windows Mobile smartphone.

See the Live Mesh blog for more information.

Live Mesh client for Windows Mobile now available

The Live Mesh client for Windows Mobile is now available but only for users in USA and UK (for now at least). I would have more to say about the software, but so far I have not been able to sign in to the service.

Try your luck by downloading the client by visiting http://m.mesh.com/ with your Windows Mobile smartphone. Hopefully it will work a bit better tomorrow.

See the Live Mesh blog for more information.