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Now Nokia Poland starts teasing double-height Live Tiles (video)


There seems to be some strange momentum behind the double height live tile rumours, as they are popping up all over Nokia’s marketing, including a new video by Nokia Poland marketing the Nokia Lumia 630.

Not only are they showing pictures of the start screen, but they even show their character customizing the screen by enlarging the tile.

See the interesting video, first noticed by Windows Phone Lovers, after the break.

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Amazing Weather HD Updated With Support For Transparent Live Tiles In WP8.1


Amazing Weather HD is one of the fully featured weather app in Windows Phone Store. This app got updated to v4.3.0.3 in Windows Phone Store. As Windows Phone 8.1 preview was released last week, many users were asking for transparent live tiles in Amazing Weather HD app. The developers have listened, and this update now includes the support for transparent Live Tiles in Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

- 5 Live tiles and with auto location feature using GPS.
- different cities and an optional auto location using GPS.
- Customizable Live tiles themes for each city and two cool themes.
- Weather Alerts.- Astonishing animations based on current conditions, and daily forecast.image
- Detailed current conditions data including UV, wind, visibility, humidity, pressure and more.
- Seven days quick view weather forecast.
- Detailed text and daily forecast.- Radar, infrared and satellite imagery.
- Access to nearby Personal weather stations using GPS location.
- Access to nearest station using GPS location.
- Weather data provided by Weather Underground.

Get the app from the Windows Phone Store here.

Websites Can Now Have Dynamic Live Tiles In Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen

Windows Phone allows you to pin your favorite websites as a Live Tile in the Start screen. It will just use the screenshot of the webpage for the Live Tile and it remains static forever. With Windows Phone 8.1, websites can offer dynamic Live Tiles for Windows Phone users. Internet Explorer 11 allows you to enjoy this feature and it is already available on Windows 8.1 platform. If you’re a developer/web admin and want to know how to make this available for your website visit www.buildmypinnedsite.com to see how to do it. You can watch the demo of this feature at 31:39 of the above video.

If you use Windows 8.1 and IE11 as your default browser you can see a live demo of Dynamic Live Tiles by pinning WMPoweruser.com,  as we implemented this feature some time ago.

It also talks about other Live Tile Enhancements in WP8.1 platform. For example, Windows and Windows Phone have a converged Live Tiles platform and development model. So, developers can design and develop Live Tiles once and use it on both Windows and Windows Phone platforms. There are also new Live Tile templates and other improvements. Watch the video from start to know about it all.

Source: Channel 9 via: Mobility Digest

Forget WP 8.1, hints of Windows Phone 8.5 emerge


The leaked Windows Phone emulator has been the gift that keeps on giving, and the latest revelation is that Microsoft already working on Windows Phone 8.5, and that this may bring radical changes to the UI of the phones.

According to the tooltip message from the emulator to the developer of TimeMe secondary live tiles may no longer be available in Windows Phone 8.5.


That UI innovation has of course been very helpful and is one of the unique elements of Windows Phone. Of course the message may be referring to the specific API rather than the feature, but either way it seems the Windows Phone Start screen is set to change.

The emulator also revealed additional and more immediately impactful new information.

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Style Jukebox is a free Google Music alternative for Windows Phone

Style Jukebox is a cloud-based music service, that wants to help you rediscover your music collection, by making it accessible anywhere, on all your devices.

Style Jukebox is free up to 1,000 (~5 GB, More than Dropbox free) songs and it’s available for Windows, Windows Phone and also Android and iOS devices.

On Windows you have a full, iTunes  like (but faster and lighter) music app, that browses your computer for music and uploads everything to our servers. Your music and playlist are all synced in the Cloud, instantly accessible for download or streaming from all your computers and mobile devices.

The service also crawls services like Dropbox and SkyDrive, and imports all your music to the Style Jukebox account.

You can download Style Jukebox for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Remember to download it for your computer too, to start uploading the music.

Windows Phone 8.1 will offer a new Large tile size


Ex-Microsoftie Nawzil has just tweeted that Windows Phone 8.1 will offer a new tile size – Large.

windows phone 8 large tiles

This will mirror the changes in Windows 8.1, which also introduced the new, larger Live Tile recently.

Given the rate of leaks we should soon also see these new tile sizes in action also.

Long-time readers may remember some official Microsoft concept slides (pictured right)  we managed to lay our hands on in October 2011 which then showed both the new small and now also large tiles.  I guess it takes a while for Microsoft designs to go from concept to implementation.

It appears that Windows Phone 8.1 will end up being more than just a very minor tweak of the Windows Phone UI, which I think after 3 years is relatively welcome.

After Android Tablets, Samsung Planning To Bring Live Tiles Concept To Android Phones

Samsung Android Live Tiles

At CES, Samsung announced four new Android tablets which will include new UX Samsung has built on top of Android. The Magazine UX is basically a tweaked version of Windows 8 Start experience. You will have large Live Tiles for different apps which you can arrange on your home screen similar to what Windows 8.1 provides to users now. Today @evleaks posted a screenshot of Samsung’s Magazine UX for Galaxy devices. Yes, Samsung is bringing the Live Tiles experience to Android devices. As you can see in the above screenshot, you will have information overlayed on images similar to Live Tiles and you can rearrange them on your home screen.

Do you think Samsung is crossing the line between inspiration and copying with this Magazine UX? Should Microsoft defend their Live Tiles implementation from Samsung?

Skinery Tiles Pro updated with more apps!

As part of our commitment to users, Skinery Tiles Pro has been rolling out updates on a bi-weekly basis to give to users more apps to choose from and we will continue doing so.  In this update, version 3.0.7, we have added WPCentral, WindowsBlogItalia, iMusic, ImageBoard Browser, and Pushalot apps.

Skinery is working on its next major release with exciting new features and we would like to hear your input on how to make Skinery an even better app! You can provide your inputs in this form. For the latest Skinery news, do follow us on twitter at @symwpapps or directly reach us at [email protected].

Skinery store download link

Skinery Tiles Pro updated with more apps and new languages!

Skinery Tiles Pro, the highly popular custom theme app, has been updated to version 3.05. As promised, Skinery Tiles Pro is adding new apps every week and this time we bring to you Facebook Touch, Facebook Touch Pro, FlashLight and MoHoo Reader apps. Also in this release, we added language support for Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional. If you are interested to help translate Skinery to your native language, please drop us an email at [email protected].

Skinery is working very hard to include more apps and we need your help. You can help  by rigorously sending requests to other app developers and telling them how much you want their apps to work with Skinery.

To send an app request within Skinery:

  1. Scroll down the app list
  2. Tap on “Get more apps!”
  3. Tap on the “Send Request” button
  4. Write a review to tell the app developer to work with Skinery

Skinery store link: www.windowsphone.com

Skinery Tiles Pro updated with more features, apps and skins!

Skinery Tiles Pro, the highly popular custom theme app featured by Nokia, has been updated to version 3.04 with brand new features, apps and skins. In this release, you can now create, skin and pin shortcuts to your favourite websites or simply create blank tiles to add some text like a smiley face. Also included is the new and powerful skin editor which lets you choose different colours or images for each of your tiles. Experiment and have fun coming up with unique design for your start screen. Once you are done, tap on the share button to show off your creation to the Windows Phone community!

As with every update, Skinery adds new apps and skins. Can you spot the new apps in the screenshots? If not, check out the store link to find out the new apps!

With your continued support of The Skinery Movement, app developers are starting to integrate their apps with Skinery. High profile apps such as WebApps by Sydience and WPCentral by WPCentral.com have already began their integration and they will available real soon. Please continue to support The Skinery Movement and more apps will come!

Store link: Skinery Tiles Pro

Money Manager Pro now supports to WP8, adds voice commands

new first usage wizard home screen with back side of new tiles

Money Manager Pro, is one of the most powerful and complete apps for personal finance management which lets you manage all your flows, accounts and cards.

Now adds support to WP8 and brings a few new features:


  • WP8 performance improvements
  • new firsst usage wizard
  • voice commands (beta version)

Let’s now spend a minute on new features:

First usage wizard

A weak point of Money Manager Pro has always been the first usage: the insertion of some info is required in this phase: a bank, (almost) an account and then the related cards. This

annoying operations are needed in order to take advantage of all the app capabilities…

Now we added and new simple wizard: an assistant guides the user through the app initialization and explain how to manually insert all the required info or automatically creates

standard user info: “my bank”, “my account”, “my ATM card”, etc in order to let the user immediately start enjoying the app.

Only SkyDrive account data still need to be manually inserted.

Voice commands

This is the strongest new feature. With voice commands user can:

  • load reports page by saying “MoMa show reports
  • load previous months reports by saying “MoMa show report previous months
  • load previous month reports by saying “MoMa show report [month_name] [year]“, i.e: “MoMa show report may 2012
  • load “all flows report” by saying “MoMa show all flows
  • start new backup by saying “MoMa start new backup
  • open backup page by saying “MoMa restore backup
  • add new expense/income by saying “MoMa add expense” or “MoMa add income“. By using this command the app opens the “new flow” pageand wait for a second command to insert flow data, i.e. “restaurant 60 dollars cash

WP8 needs a prefix for voice commands in order to details which app the command is related to. Being the app name a little bit long, we decided to shorten it into MoMa

Let’s now remember the other app main features:app home screen

Wizard to simply insert your flows.
Detailed reports and charts:
current month balance
previous months reports
detailed month report
‘All flows’ report (total amount for both expenses and incomes, most frequent flows and most relevant items + charts) custom reports: you can filter flows by items, period, flow type (card/account/cash), expenses/incomes
By right/left rotating your phone you can visualize 2 different charts for each report. You can also save each report as a PDF file or as a Excel file
‘Cash’ page to manage your available cash money and visualize last cash flows. Possibility to manage your debit, credit and pre-paid cards.
Possibility to simply insert schedules for recursive flows by specifying the description, the amount, the start date, end date (if present), recurrence and flow type (card/account/cash)
You can save all your data on your SkyDrive as encrypted files, within ‘My Documents’ folder and restore them whenever you want. You can also set up a reminder for the backup with a custom recurrence.
Protect your data from being observed by someone else by using a password at app start up
WP8 LIVE TILES (including the wide one)
Use live tiles to keep you up to date about your accounts and cards or access you preferred pages
The app contains 2 main activities (Home and Work) and, for each of them, several categories and items for common needs. Anyway you can customize them by adding new ones, removing useless ones and by changing relationships between them

Money Manager Pro can be found in Windows Phone Store for FREE until the end of April, then it will cost $ 2.99

Join The Skinery Movement (support custom themes for your phone)

Skinery is reaching out to all users and app developers who want to apply custom themes on your phone to join The Skinery Movement.

What is Skinery?
Skinery is an app that lets you apply custom themes on your phone and it is the only custom theme app that works with third-party apps and even apps with Live Tiles. You check out the Live Tiles demo in the video below.

Why should I join the movement?
By joining the movement, you will help make custom themes on Windows Phone become a reality. Imagine the limitless possibility of personalizing your phone beyond simple theme colours.

What do I need to do?
Simple. You just need to feedback to the developers of your favourite apps to work with Skinery. We have come up with a movement page where you can contact the app developers for most of the better known apps.

QRCodeAnything else?
Share the movement page with your friends and tweet using the #skinery tag. The more users who support this movement, the more effective it becomes! Also don’t forget to follow us on twitter @symwpapps for the latest updates on the movement.

Skinery download link.

Note: the app has just passed certification and should be available in store soon.

Note: for those who have downloaded Skinery before, please download this new release. The old version does not support Live Tiles.

Note: Skinery can support Live Tiles, but it takes time for apps to enable Live Tiles with Skinery. As of now, the only live tile app is Games Gone Free. This is why Skinery started the movement to get as many apps as possible to enable Live Tiles with Skinery and we need your help.

See a video demo of the app after the break.

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Microsoft acknowledges WP 7.8 Live Tile issues, may release a fix

Live tile not updating after the 7.8 update (for some of my users).htm_20130228163346

On MSDN Microsoft Engineer Mark Chamberlain has confirmed that Windows Phone 7.8 Live tiles can have issues, saying the problems have been recorded and are understood.

He noted the Live Tile bug can cause two problems:

1. Live tile causing continuous web requests (and side effects such as battery drain)

2. Live tile failing to update.

It is of note that the first one can cause data overages and therefore be very costly to users.

Fortunately Microsoft is considering releasing a fix as an OS update with Mark saying “fixes will be considered for inclusion in an update to the phone operating system.”

I would say the issue has some urgency due to the data usage bug. Of course we have heard the roll-out of WP 7.8 has been halted in Germany, though we do not know if this is the case elsewhere also, but I think at the very least Microsoft needs to put out a blog post informing and warning Windows Phone 7.8 users of the issues and risks.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.

Via WPArea.de