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Nokia Monarch revealed to be the Nokia Lumia 635 for T-Mobile


A few weeks ago evleaks teased the Nokia Monarch coming to T-Mobile USA.

He has now followed up with the above tweet, indicating that the handset is indeed, as suspected, the Nokia Lumia 635, which is the LTE-equipped version of the Nokia Lumia 630.

That handset of somewhat uncertain specifications features a 4.5 inch 854×480 screen, Snapdragon 400 Quadcore processor running at 1.2 Ghz, 512 MB RAM and 8 GB onboard storage, with a 5 megapixel camera.

T-Mobile USA has already announced their support for the handset, which they expect to do better than even the Nokia Lumia 521 did on their network.

The exact arrival date for the handset has however not been announced yet.

Qualcomm Announces Next Generation 64-bit Snapdragon 810 And 808 Processors

Qualcomm Snapdragon 810

Qulcomm today announced their next- generation mobile processors for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 family, the Snapdragon 810 and 808 processors. There are 64-bit powerful processors equipped with LTE modem. It supports speeds of up to 300 Mbps. Since it is built on 20nm technology, it offers all these features consuming less power. Some new features,

  • Rich native 4K Ultra HD interface and video
  • Support for Bluetooth 4.1, USB 3.0, NFC and the latest Qualcomm IZat location core for ubiquitous and highly accurate location services.
  • New Qualcomm® VIVE™ 2-stream 802.11ac with multi-user MIMO, which makes Wi-Fi® networks more efficient than ever

If you are planning to wait for Lumia devices with this chips, better drop those plans. As these Snapdragon 810 and 808 processors are anticipated to begin sampling in the second half of 2014 and expected to be available in commercial devices only by the first half of 2015. Find full press release after the break.

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Nokia release firmware update to add LTE support to the Vodafone UK Nokia Lumia 920

lte2 lte1

AAWP reports that Nokia is pushing out firmware to their handsets in UK as LTE slowly becomes available on carriers in the region.

Most Lumias heading for UK with LTE hardware had this deactivated to save battery life, as apart from EE most carriers did not support LTE.  Even unbranded devices heading to UK were similarly configured.

Now as LTE starts rolling out on Vodafone, O2 and eventually 3 UK Nokia needs to push out firmware to reverse the switch, and has started with the Nokia Lumia 920 on Vodafone.

To see if your handset needs the software update check the Mobile Network page in your Settings Menu.  If your highest connection speed is 4G you already have the update, otherwise you need to wait for the update notification.

Handsets which will benefit from the LTE switch include the Nokia 820, 920 and 925, with the Nokia Lumia 625 presumably already appropriately configured.

Nokia Lumia 928 to get AWS LTE update soon


Verizon has announced that 7 devices will be supported on its AWS LTE network, which is expected to double LTE speeds on the carrier.

The first device expected to support the network is the Samsung Galaxy S4, but gforgames.com has found an FCC filling in which Nokia asks for a  “Class II Permissive Change” in order to be allowed to release an update that will make the Nokia Lumia 928 compatible with Verizon’s AWS LTE band 4.

If Nokia’s application is approved before Samsung’s it may still beat the other device to the punch.

Of course even if it does not Nokia Lumia 928 owners can still look forward to much enhanced connectivity soon.

Thanks Vlad for the tip.

T-Mobile USA confirms Nokia Lumia 810 NOT upgradable to LTE


Contrary to rumours, it appears that the T-Mobile USA Nokia Lumia 810 will not in fact receive an upgrade to LTE support on the carrier.

A hint to this may have been when the handset was left out of T-Mobile’s un-carrier announcement, and the news has now been confirmed by was Randy Meyerson, Senior Director, Product Marketing at T-Mobile, who noted:

“I’m following up as per my note last night.  Unfortunately, the Nokia Lumia 810 is not upgradable to LTE.  While it is true that it has a chipset that is LTE-capable in certain circumstances, the variant that was used in this device can’t be enabled for LTE.”

The news will come as a disappointment to NL 810 owners, and demonstrates a lack of forward planning at T-Mobile, who could certainly have specified such support when they ordered the handset, but it serves as a warning to buyers never to purchase a handset for future features, even when supposedly confirmed, but rather for what it already present.

Via WPC.

Nokia Lumia 810 the only Windows Phone on T-Mobile to get LTE

LTE is coming to T-Mobile USA in selected markets, and January T-Mobile told Engadget the Nokia Lumia 810 will be getting an firmware upgrade to support the technology at some point.

While the Nokia Lumia 810 is a nice enough handset, it is not the best specified Windows Phone on T-Mobile USA.  That honour goes to the HTC 8X, but is seems buyers of that device will be left out of the LTE party.

WPDaily enquired from T-Mobile and received the following reply:

The Lumia 810 is the only other LTE-capable device on T-Mobile aside from the Note II, and we will share timing of that LTE MR at a later time. Please stay tuned.

The reason is likely related to Nokia’s radio expertise, which allows them to support a wide variety of frequencies with one chipset.

As WPDaily notes, the news is a nice boost for existing owners of the NL 810, but of course does leave new buyers in a bind -  Buy an HTC 8X for its nice design, thin profile and very good HD screen, or buy a lower specced and frankly less attractively designed Nokia Lumia 810 for the coming high speed network support.

Which one would our readers chose? Let us know below.

New firmware for Nokia Lumia 820 re-enables LTE in Russia

WP7forum.ru reports that the latest Nokia Lumia 820 firmware, build 1232.5957.1308.0001, has re-enabled LTE support in Russia, which was disabled by the Portico update there earlier.

The firmware also of course brings Nokia’s Check Storage utility, which finally gives users control over their temporary files.

WPforum notes that the OS itself is not updated, and remains build number 8.0.10211.204.

The firmware should roll out soon to the Nokia Lumia 620, 820 and 920, and the 520 and 720 should ship with it pre-installed.

Read more at WP7forum.ru here.

LTE Variant of Nokia Lumia 810 approved by FCC


We reported earlier than T-Mobile has said they would enable LTE on the Nokia Lumia 810.

Now the FCC has stepped in and approved the LTE for the RM-878X, presumably the Nokia Lumia 810 (RM-878) with LTE enabled, meaning when T-Mobile does throw the switch it will be all legal and ligit.

Interestingly Nokia asked for confidentiality till the 24th June, suggesting this act may still be long in the coming.

Via NokiaPowerUSer.com

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 810 to get LTE via software update

T-Mobile has told Engadget that the Nokia Lumia 810 is one of three handsets the network will add LTE support to via a software update.

Unfortunately the carrier did not say when this would occur, but it comes as a nice Easter egg to those who already decided to purchase the handset.

Hopefully the support for the technology will also boost sales of the handset which is not currently one of the best sellers on T-Mobile.

Via Windows Phone Daily

Will the Indian Nokia Lumia 920 get TD-LTE support via an OTA update?


We have covered recently how the Nokia Lumia 920 coming to India will not support their local variant of LTE, TD-LTE, making the device de facto a 3G phone.

Now according to Nokia support it seems the issue will not be a permanent black mark on the handset in the Indian subcontinent, with support claiming the device will be updated to 4G compliance via a Firmware Over The Air update.

Now we would definitely not recommend buying the smartphone on the promise of an update, even if Nokia confirms it, but if true it would still be a welcome bonus for buyers in the rather small area covered by LTE in India.

Thanks Himadri for the tip.

Nokia removes LTE frequency references from Indian NL 920 site due to lack of local support

We posted recently on the wide LTE frequency support of the Nokia Lumia 920 in India, but it turns out that supporting 9 LTE bands does not really matter of its not on the right protocol.

The Indian Nokia Lumia 920 supports LTE, but unfortunately India chose to use TD-LTE, similar to China Mobile, which renders the normal LTE on Nokia Lumia 920 moot. It seems due to this Nokia has removed references to the supported frequencies from the device’s specs page.

The issue also affect other western imports such as the iPhone 5, leaving the devices on a level playing field, but of course Nokia already has TD-LTE support on the Nokia Lumia 920T, and I expect if there is real demand they can produce a special model for India.

LTE however remain a nascent technology in India, with only Airtel supporting it in some cities, so I suspect Indians will have to wait for the next generation of Nokia flagships for proper support for the  4G technology.

Thanks Shivansh for the tip.

Bloomberg: Nokia Lumia 920 has an LTE speed advantage in Europe

Bloomberg reports that Apple’s focus on US has left it at a disadvantage in Europe when it came to LTE support.

While the iPhone supports LTE in USA, it does not connect to as many European LTE networks as the penta-band Nokia Lumia 920.

Nokia’s Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 allow users to access the about two dozen LTE mobile networks in western Europe, according to Strategy Analytics. The iPhone 5 only works on the LTE network of two carriers — Deutsche Telekom AG (DTE) in Germany and EE, a U.K. venture of Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom SA. (FTE)

“The Lumia’s LTE connectability is going to help Nokia stand out to holiday shoppers,” said Johan Eidhagen, general manager of Nokia in Scandinavia.

“There’s more skepticism around Apple now since their new phone doesn’t work with LTE,” said Filip Ljuboje, a salesman at a mobile-phone store in Stockholm. “The 3G net is congested from so many users, so moving to LTE is a priority.”

“A fast Internet connection is a must so I knew I wanted a 4G phone,” said Johansson, 41-year-old software developer in Stockholm. Nokia’s top-of-the-line Lumia 920 “was the one.”

“There is clearly strong demand among European consumers for 4G phones,” said Neil Mawston, an analyst at Strategy Analytics in London. He predicts Nokia will sell 5 million Lumias in the fourth quarter, up from 2.9 million in the previous three months.

Unfortunately Nokia does not have the market all to themselves, with Samsung also strongly committed to supporting LTE in Europe.

“There is definitely the possibility of a boost for us,” said Martin Cullberg, director of Samsung’s telecom business for the Nordic region. “The focus right now is to show the benefit you get by using LTE that supports all available frequencies.”

Read more at Bloomberg here.

Telstra to release the HTC 8X on the 4th December

Telstra has officially announced that the HTC 8X  will be available to purchase from the 4th December on their network.

The device will be initially available online, and hit stores by the 11th December. It will be available in Californian Blue and Graphite Black. The handset will also support Telstra’s 4G LTE network.

“It’s compatible with our national 4G service and features built-in ‘Beats Audio’ technology that gives great sound quality listening to music, playing games or watching video,” a Telstra spokesman noted. “It runs Windows Phone 8 with rich features like Live Tiles that let you see at a glance everything that’s going on without even opening an app.”

The handset is also expected to hit Optus in early December for $0 upfront on the $35 Optus Plan (minimum total cost over 24 months is $840) .

Via Softpedia.com