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WinGPS Info Updated for Windows Phone 8 – Now Without Ads

WinGPS Info

WinGPS InfoWinGPS Info is a free app with no ads that displays your location information and provides a map to view the data updates in real-time and to send a map link to your current location via email or SMS.

WinGPS Info QR CodeIncludes:

  • Location info – latitude, longitude, heading, and speed
  • A Bing map (WP7) or Nokia map (WP8) to view the data updates in real-time
  • Ads have been removed for all users while remaining a free app

For more screenshots and a link to download the free app, please click here or scan the QR code.

Caledos Runner, released V1.2 for windows phone 7.5 MANGO and 7.8

Rome IT, 12/19/2012. It is available since few days, on the Windows Phone marketplace, the release 1.2 of Caledos Runner, the activity tracking application developed by the Caledos Lab team, integrated with the RunKeeper fitness platform and compatible with Windows Phone 7.5 MANGO/7.8.

Since few weeks, it is available a Caledos Runner version compatible with Windows Phone 8, conceived to use at the best all new features Windows Phone 8 makes available but, because the wide availability of 7.5/7.8 devices, Caledos Lab team decided to continue to support this operating systen, up to it will have a user base similar to Windows Phone 8.

Nokia Lumia 920 - Caledos Runner

Inspired by the best Windows Phone UI designed by Microsoft and Nokia for their apps, Caledos Runner provides the user with a unique, fast and fluid experience. It allows to track activities, to measure calories burned and the distance covered over time, on a big, bold and easy to read interface, usable even while you’re running. A “Fitness Dashboard” is integrated in the App and allows the user to analyze and monitor his activities through summary data and graphs.

1Mln kcals - can you burn more? :-) - ND0_3611.CR2

Integration with RunKeeper platform and their HealthGraph gives the user countless opportunities thanks to both the online tools and the ecosystem of apps and devices integrated with their Healthgraph.

NEW in this release (and available on WP8 version too)

  • Integrated Media Player
  • New activity list UI
  • Improved GPS accuracy
  • Other minor bug fixing

Follow us on www.facebook.com/caledosrunner
download: www.windowsphone.com

Weave News Reader Brings Premier Reading Experience to Windows Phone 8

Seles Games is proud to announce the re-release of Weave News Reader, a news aggregation app similar to Flipboard and Pulse, available exclusively for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.

Version 4.0 of Weave brings a complete app redesign; a sleek new UI makes reading articles a beautiful, customizable experience!

Since its initial release in 2010, Weave has been amongst a handful of hallmark Windows Phone apps that have achieved both critical and financial success. With the fastest news-aggregation service available as well as a gorgeous user interface, Weave is often considered one of the best news apps available on any platform.

A partial list of the new features available in Weave 4.0:

  • Complete app redesign! A sleek new UI makes reading articles a beautiful, customizable experience.
  • Full landscape support when browsing or viewing articles.
  • Ability to “favorite” articles to store on your phone.
  • Easy news source management capabilities. A browseable library of sources, grouped amongst many categories, as well as the ability to search for sources and import from a user’s Google Reader account.
  • Pin any website or category to your phone’s home screen.
  • New sharing capabilities – share articles to SMS and social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Windows Live.
  • Live Tiles!
  • New gestures when viewing an article: swipe right to close article, swipe left to bring up share options.
  • Control over how quickly read/unread articles are deleted off your phone.
  • Pseudo screen-rotation lock. Great for reading while lying down.
  • Tonsof customization options available at all times! Change the font, font size, and pick from 4 great “Reading themes” including:
    • “Day” – light background, black text
    • “Night” – dark blue background, light text
    • “Paper” – yellow-tinged background, dark text
    • “Metro” – matches your phone’s current theme
  • Fully compatible with Windows Phone 8!

Download the app directly from your Windows Phone or via the web.

Seles Games is a company dedicated to providing incredible Windows Phone application experiences to users.


[email protected]

@SelesGames on Twitter

Original press release here.

Microsoft reminds Windows Phone users to upgrade to WP7.5 or lose Marketplace access

imageIn a blog post Microsoft has reminded Windows Phone 7 users of the upcoming changes to Marketplace which will mean devices not upgraded to Mango or higher will not be able to download or purchase applications.

The changes are said to be to enable new features, but is widely expected to be mainly about enabling stronger anti-piracy measures.

Of course upgrading to Mango should be a no-brainer for any Windows Phone user, given the numerous new features, but some users are complaining that their carrier have still not pushed out the update to fix the disappearing keyboard issue, meaning for many the upgrade would ad a new bug to their user experience, a less than ideal situation.

Read more at Microsoft here.

AmazingWeather 3.0 an amazing app for amazing everyday!!

AmazingWeather 3.0

The weather app you all love is now here with yet another amazing update!  In the third version, there are three new eye catching themes with more focus on Metro elements such as color accents that change with the phone’s color and start-up transitions. The app has gone through some refinements and improvements for faster quick look and even more clear view making it one of the best weather apps available for WP7! (Faster data loading in V3.1)

The live tiles have also been completely rethought, you can select between three different tiles for each city and customize the tile to your likings, you also can either select current conditions on the front tile with today’s forecast on the back or have today’s forecast on the front and the upcoming three days on the back. (more Live tile enhancements are coming in upcoming updates)

The developers have really listened to your requests and increased the limit of the cities to five plus one city that automatically changes based on your location (GPS), furthermore its live tile also automatically changes and has a little dot inside a circle as an indicator.

Other notable changes in this release are added support for German, French and Spanish -other languages are still being worked on- weather alerts for extreme conditions, a manual update mode for when you are traveling, charts in the hourly and weekly views are a great way to look at temperature and precipitation changes through the day and increased the trial limit to 48 hours.

QR codePlease note that if you upgraded from a previous version and your tiles keep disappearing, simply remove the cities and re-add them the developers promised a fix and more features (!) in subsequent updates.

App Price: 1.29$ USD.
Trial: Yes 2Days, limited to one city at a time.
Marketplace: http://goo.gl/9vPlO

EIZ, Keep an eye on future awesome updates.
Please visit http://www.eizsoft.com or follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/eizsoft for more information and updates.

Torchbear reaches 1 500 000 km adds huge update!

new comment screenTorchbear is a location based social game that brings people from all over the world together in a very unique way.

The easiest way to describe torchbear is to compare it to how the Olympic flame or torch is passed from person to person, nation to nation.
The torch represents a mission or a challenge that players try and preform before passing it on.

Download from here.

  • Total distance travelled by all torches combined is over 1 500 000 km (over 900 000 miles).
  • There are torches in over 80 countries around the world!

What’s New in this release:

  • Redesigned torch updates view, with now the ability for any torchbearer of the torch to comment on any of the torch updates. Another new feature is for anyone (even if they haven’t held the torch before) to Love, Laugh, Like or Dislike a torch update. This is the new torch comment view (right).
  • Mango support
    • Live Tile – tile now flips over to show extra information
    • Sharing – share torch updates with all your favourite social networks
    • Opaque status bar – gives the app extra screen space, and looks better
    • ProgressBar now uses the status bar for improved performance
    • Instant app switching
  • Improved speed of the following screens – What’s New, World News, Local News, My News, and Torches Around Me
  • Location Names are now more friendly in the news feed, only display Suburb, Region & Country names when available, no more postal codes & street addresses.


Download from here.

Bill Reminder Updated with Windows Live SkyDrive Back Up and Restore

Bill Reminder

**Now with Windows Live SkyDrive back up and restore, a double-sided Live Tile, and pop-up reminders**

If you are like me, you already use a full-featured money management program on your computer, and you don’t want to re-enter all of your financial information into a separate application on your phone or rely on email reminders to know when your bills are due.

Bill Reminder was written with those problems in mind. It gives you convenient, color-coded, reminders to quickly see when your bills are due; red for past due, yellow for due today, and green for not due yet.

Bill Reminder QRCodeNo account numbers or amounts are required. Just enter a name, frequency, and next occurrence date, and Bill Reminder color codes and sorts your bills into the correct lists. Mark a bill as paid, and Bill Reminder automatically updates the next occurrence date, color code, and reminder lists.

Thank you to WMPowerUser’s own andrewbares for his excellent SkyDrive back up sample.

For more screenshots and links to download the paid or free, ad-supported version, please click here or scan the QRCode.

Windows Phone Tango Increases App Switching Limit To 8

Windows Phone Tango which was announced back in MWC comes with some new small features such as enhanced MMS support, etc,. Today folks at XDA-Forums have revealed another exciting feature that is part of Windows Phone Tango. The new feature is that now you can switch between 8 different apps using task switching (press  & hold back key). The current limit of 5 apps for task switching is not enough for heavy users and this improvement should further make our Windows Phone experience better.


via: windowsphonedaily Source: XDA-Developers

WeatherBug v2.0 Now In Windows Phone Marketplace

WeatherBug v2.0 is now live Windows Phone Marketplace. Also the new version is released as a separate app and not as an update. This update is definitely better than the previous version with some cool Live Tiles.

App Description:

Extreme weather can strike at anytime, anywhere. Be prepared with WeatherBug for Windows Phone 7.5 from Earth Networks. WeatherBug provides real-time, customized weather information with faster weather alerting and better forecasts from the largest global weather network. And, with the added benefit of our exclusive neighborhood-level network of stations, getting the most relevant and personalized weather has never been easier.

New Features:

• Live Tiles – New standard live tile and Live Cam views. We’ve also added detailed one-day forecast and two-day summary forecast secondary tile options.

• Visual Forecasts – Easy-to-read, at-a-glance displays of essential weather information you need quickly and easily.

• Bad Weather Warnings & Alerts – Receive dangerous weather alerts faster from both the National Weather Service and our exclusive WeatherBug Network

• Live Cams – Scroll through and view live shots from HD cameras in the WeatherBug Network

Download it here from the marketplace.

Nextgen Reader (v2.5) update now available – The Amazing Everyday

Nextgen Reader, the very popular Google Reader client just received a major new update (v2.5) in marketplace with exciting new feature tagged as “The Amazing Everyday” (Yes, same as Nokia’s tagline for Lumia devices). The brand new manage sources hub lets you discover popular content with daily featured sources around the world as well as browse through popular feeds in 14 different categories including Microsoft, Windows Phone & others.

What’s new in v2.5:

  • New: Manage Sources hub with daily featured sources and frequently updated categories.
  • New: Search articles inside all items, read items or starred items.
  • Around 20-30% faster sync.
  • Beautiful reading experience powered by Readability based on app theme.
  • Send multiple articles to read it later service.
  • Share multiple articles via mail.
  • Disabled https by default for downloading articles.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements.

Download free trial from marketplace: bit.ly/ngreader and follow us on twitter @ngreader to get latest updates.

Two-Tap Reminder 1.2 – now you can pin the various reminders to your start screen!

The best quick-and-dirty reminder app out there! Two taps are all you need to set a simple reminder, and 3 taps to set a reminder with text on it. On top of that, with the new version, you have the ability to pin the various reminder types to the start menu so it’s even faster (this was voted on in the in-app poll!).


  • Pin one, two or all three reminder options to the start screen for quicker access.
  • Set a “quick reminder” for really quick, ad-hoc reminders.
  • Choose from the quick-buttons if you want to be reminded 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes etc. into the future.
  • Choose from a list of text options if you want to remember something specific
  • Record a short message to yourself if you can’t type right now
  • View your pending and past-due reminders.
  • Vote on new features you’d want to see in the product.
  • Free to try

What people say about the app:

  • Just works! Using it almost every day since installed
  • Developer is committed and provides updates. This alone makes the app unique and wonderful.
  • Ok, this thing rocks
  • After using it for a few weeks, I now realize how much I needed that kind of app!
  • I’d give it 6 stars if I could!!

Download it now.

Do we need more than 5 multi-tasking cards?

windows-phone-mango-multitasking-270x437Mango brought a version of multi-tasking to Windows Phone 7, and at the time Microsoft decided to provide only 5 cards, but indicated they were willing to review this based on user demand.

After many months of using Mango our readers have likely developed an opinion based on experience.

In my case I would like the number of cards available to be increased tremendously, to around 20.  There is a significant difference between relaunching an app via the multi-tasking interface vs the start screen, with the first taking you back where you left off, while the later restarting the app from scratch. 

I often find that simply checking my email accounts and twitter will be enough to kick the app I am currently using from the multi-tasking list, which can be annoying if it is a wordpress post I am writing for example, losing the changes I made.

Also, even if I left an app in the morning, it still does not mean I would not prefer to return where I left off rather than relaunching the app from scratch again.

Are our readers happy with the current number of cards, or would you like the number to be increased? Let us know below.

Thurrot: Tango and Mango will co-exist- fragmentation coming

brokenwindowsPaul Thurrott has written an article on WinSupersite where he summarizes and also ads a few details on upcoming Windows Phone updates.

I wont repeat everything we have read before, but a few new bits drew my attention.

He notes that Tango, probably to be called Windows Phone 7.5.1, is aimed at low-end devices with low memory, and will have certain resource-intensive background tasks disabled.  They will however be distinct from Mango devices, in that these handsets will not have access to the full range of apps in Marketplace.  Apps will be certified separately from them, and developers can choose to have their apps tested from low memory Tango devices or not. Paul notes for example that Angry Birds will be available on Tango devices but Plants vs Zombies not. He also said developers will get access to Tango soon to test their apps in low memory situations and that the OS is expected to be unveiled at MWC 2012.

In conclusion Tango devices will be similar to Mango devices, they will not be the same, will not have the same range of experiences and will probably get updates separately.

In the article Paul does not address the issue of whether Mango devices will be upgraded to Windows Phone 8, but certainly one can assume Tango devices will not.

While the Microsoft solution of having both a low-end and high end OS is more clear cut and likely to cause less confusion than having a range of devices with varying abilities like on Android, it is certainly safe to say the situation is going to become more confusing in the future, and  consumers will need to be very careful when selecting their devices to enable greatest access to Marketplace at the lowest prices.

Read more at the WinSupersite here.