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Nokia Here Maps for Windows Phone updated with extra 3D landmarks and more

updated here maps

The real Nokia (the one with the mapping and networking business) has just announced new updated HERE Maps for Windows Phone.

The latest HERE update are  more detailed, covering everything from more comprehensive mapping in smaller countries, better quality 3D landmarks in some more-established cities, and point address rendering in several new territories.

Mauritius is one of the main locations to benefit from more detailed maps, with the map getting a comprehensive overhaul. Island shapes and rough street coverage has now been upgraded to a detailed coastline and comprehensive street network coverage, making it far easier to plan your holiday and explore the likes of Port Louis using your Windows Phone.

The latest update also brings better quality textures to important 3D landmarks, with more detail on offer for the more famous locations.

It also brings ‘point address rendering’ for a many more countries meaning you can now browse the map and see at-a-glance where addresses and buildings are on along the streets. A visual representation of exact addresses makes it a lot easier to find your destination.

Point address rendering has now been enabled in the following countries:

France, South Africa, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Baltics, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Puerto Rico.

Because the update only contains the streets and other details Nokia has refreshed or improved, the amount of data you have to download is limited to the minimum. To update the maps, grab your Windows Phone and open the Settings app, then tap applications > maps > check for updates.

Map Tools for windows phone.

Do you happen to own some real paper maps? If so, my new app is designed exactly to make using them simpler. Or maybe you are just interested to learn something about geodesy, navigation and cartography? If so – read on.

While most online and other digital maps are now standardized around using decimal degrees latitude/longitude pairs using WGS84 geodesic datum, paper maps are not so simple. They use all kinds of different coordinate system. Many use UTM – Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system that was developed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers in the 1940s. NATO militaries around the world wanted their own thing and developed another grid coordinate system called MGRS. While these two are most popular there are many more other grids, especially once we go to local level. Maps in UK often use something called Ordinance Survey National Grid (OSGB) while Ireland had to use yet another system called Irish Grid.

To make things even more complicated years before recent standardization around WGS84, maps often used other geodesic datum, based on different models of earth ellipsoid and measurements. In fact many historic reference earth ellipsoids are still used in local areas, since they may provide better accuracy of measurements in certain territories. In practice this means that getting coordinates assuming wrong datum can put you hundreds of meters away.

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Meet the improved gMaps 3.0!


No panic! gMaps is in the store and it was there all the time. The only issue we’ve faced with is the Search didn’t want to find our app. But now it is searchable again! So, please find and download if you have no gMaps app in your collection for now.

And this is not the only good news for you today.

We’ve made a really great work for such a little time and now you can find gMaps v3.0 in the Store! And, as you could already guess, this version is not without improvements.

Interesting? So, let me show you…

search-option search-screen

Not only Search in the Store is improved, but gMaps Search feature has also got its update. Now it even looks different. The new Search is performed on a separate screen, where you can see a list of proposed locations by first entering letters and you just have to tap on the suitable place in the list and it would be shown on the map immediately. By the way, the history of all your searches are saved too and shown to you with the next opening the Search screen.

routeOne more interesting and really useful feature for you is Building a Route.

This feature now is also in separate screen, where you can write manual places you wanted to start/finish with. When points will be entered the list of available variants of routes will appear. There you can also choose the travel mode. By the way, some routes by bicycle and on foot will be shown with warning and it will mean that some routes could be missing or changed because it is really difficult to track all changes of small routes. And you just have to tap on the suitable variant from the list and the route will be built on the map. And don’t worry, all of variants that you’ve seen in the list now is available for you in the top of the screen. You just need to swipe there and the route will be changed immediately. But if you don’t want any of routes appear on the map you can just tap the Back button and the screen will be closed without building anything on the map.

directions-optionNow you can not only build a route from A to B, you can put as much as 7 points. You can also set restrictions there and all available roads will be shown on the Directions screen, you just have to tap on the most suitable variant for you and the route will be displayed on the map.

There is also a quick way to access directions dialog from search dialog if you mistakenly pressed wrong button. Just follow blue/white “directions icon” and it will lead you to the directions dialog.


Another helpful feature is activation of third-partyapplications. This feature allows you to open some app you like for its drive mode, or which you’ve always used in the car. To activate drive mode feature you just have to build a route at first and then tap on the Car icon in the right upper corner or tap on the arrow which is show your current position. For this moment this feature is available only on the Pro version of gMaps 3.0, but soon it will be in the free version too.

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Native Windows Phone 8.1 Maps app has a cool 3D effect

WP7Apps have uploaded some videos taken from the Windows Phone 8.1 emulator, and it includes this heretofore unseen look at the native Maps app in Windows Phone.

While it is likely we will all continue to use Nokia Maps +, now free for all Windows Phone users, the app does show one unique feature – an elevation style map which projects the areal photos onto an elevation map, and which looks rather cool.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.

Nokia HERE Transit Coverage Expanded, Now Exceeds 800 Cities In 53 Countries

HERE Transit Update

Nokia today announced that they have expanded coverage of HERE Transit service to various cities around the world. It now exceeds 800 cities In 53 countries. Last year, Nokia revealed that they have coverage of over 700 cities in 50 countries, so over 100 new cities are added since then.

HERE Transit improved its coverage and functionality in Taiwan, Singapore, Mexico City, Israel, Sweden, Rio de Janeiro, Kansas City, and Albuquerque. It also introduced fresh data sources for Beijing and Shanghai.heretansitqr

If you live in or travel to the German cities of Cologne, Bonn, Bergisch Gladbach, Leverkusen, Solingen, Remscheid and Wupperal, you can now use HERE Transit to plan your journeys or check schedules of buses, trains and trams.

More recently, HERE Transit added full country-wide timetable routing in Ireland. And timetable support has been added to the service in Rome, Milan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bordeaux, Paris and it will be gradually rolled out in Buenos Aires too.

Find the app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Source: HERE Blog

Nokia’s Offline Maps updated worldwide


Nokia has updated their Here Maps worldwide with the latest corrections and additions to the road network.

To update your off-line apps go to Settings, Swipe left for the Applications tab, click on Maps and then select Check for Updates.

When Nokia sells its handset division to Microsoft they will retain their Here maps division, but Microsoft will retain a license to continue to use the maps on Windows and Windows Phone.

Have our readers noticed any improvement in quality after the update? Let us know below.

Nokia Updates HERE Maps And HERE Transit Apps For Lumia Devices

HERE Transit updates

Nokia has today released updates for two of its location apps, HERE Maps and HERE Transit. HERE Maps update brings in a new feature which will allow you to organize your favorites into groups and sync them using HERE.com profile. HERE Transit has got LiveSight integration and more.

HERE Maps:

-Organize your favorites into groups, sync them across your phone and here.com and have these collections at your fingertips.

HERE Transit:

-Customize your walking speed, preferred walking distance, number of changes and transport modes for better personalization
-Spot nearby stations with LiveSight for better orientation
-Get built-in, turn-by-turn walk directions in map and list view for door-to-door guidance
-See your favorites with one tap. Add and edit them with other HERE apps and on here.com
-Long-tap on a station on the Nearby screen to start journey directions

Download it here and here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Offline Map Data Update Now Available For Windows Phone Devices

map updates

A new update for offline Maps are now available for Windows Phone 8 devices. We have confirmed that both Nokia and other OEM devices are getting this update. Windows Phone 8 brought in the ability to update the downloaded offline maps whenever available. You can go to Settings->Applications->Maps->Updates to install them. Installing latest Maps will bring you the latest local map tiles, POI data, etc, to your device so that you can be always up to date even when internet is not available.


Nokia To Make Some Car Related Announcement Tomorrow

Nokia Car Announcement

Nokia has posted a teaser blog post on their blog about some car related announcement scheduled for tomorrow.

It has already been a busy news week here on Nokia Conversations and we have more exciting news to share tomorrow.

Check back at 9am GMT tomorrow to find out more…

Until then, drive safely!

Nokia already has HERE Maps deals with lots of car manufacturers, will they announce an another partner or reveal some new car mode/integration for Lumia devices?

Any guesses from you?

Source: Nokia Conversations

Nokia Updates HERE Maps Aerial Imagery For 14 million Of Sq.km Of Land Area

Nokia HERE Maps

Nokia today announced that they are updating their aerial imagery for HERE Maps platform. Recently they updated street maps,and now their aerial imagery too. The update will be rolled out first on here.com with United States, Western Europe and South Africa, which make up 14 million of km2 of land area. They are planning to cover 90% of global landmass and later this year, they will be available on smartphones like Windows Phone devices too.

Nokia took a dig at Google on their recent announcement about cloud free maps,

While other companies are cleaning up their high level views, we’re providing clear, disruption free views on zoomed in levels with better resolution so that you can see more details and fresh maps with more recent images.

Read more about it here.

Nokia HERE Maps Now Features Indoor Maps Of 49,000 Buildings In 45 Countries

HERE Indoor Maps

Nokia today announced some details on the HERE Venue Maps available for Nokia Lumia devices and Bing Maps. Nokia HERE Maps now features 49,000 buildings in 45 countries. This doesn’t only include shopping malls, but also stadiums, theme parks, historic streets, or other outdoor spaces, such as Carnaby Village and golf clubs.

We create precise Venue Maps by not only collecting floor plans, but by also physically visiting venues to ensure that our data is more accurate than those from competitors.

When the HERE team visits a venue they make sure the shapes and dimensions of the buildings and their facilities are correct so that what you see in our Venue Maps reflects what you see in reality. If the building has multiple floors, we also include those. This means that you can find what you’re looking for, no matter what floor it’s on.

We also add the useful attributes, such as ATM locations, escalators, different stores, gate numbers, and restrooms, across all floors.

Nokia has also posted a short guide on how to use this Venue maps on your Nokia Lumia device. You can read it with screenshots from the link below.

via: Nokia

Return Me Here now in the Windows Phone Store


Return Me Here allows you a simple way to remember your favorite places. Share the location of your best memories with your friends and family through Messaging and E-Mail. Record and retrieve locations through HERE Maps and HERE Drive.

  • Set a meeting place for you and your friends
  • Share your location with people close to you
  • Remember your favorite shop or restaurant
  • Find your parking place

Trial mode includes all features and one location. The interface is streamlined and allows you to share your current location with one click. You can share locations with friends that also have Return Me Here and they can import directly into the app on their phone. For your friends that do not have Windows Phone 8 there is a link to HERE Maps that they can access. You can pin locations to start for easy access and back up all of your locations to Sky Drive so your memories are always safe. This app is developed by Return Apps which develop exclusively for Windows Phone.

Download here or scan the QR code below. For more information visit the developer at http://www.returnapps.com

Maps Updates Available For Nokia Lumia Devices (actually all Windows Phones)

map updatesNokia has released an update for Maps for Lumia Windows Phone devices. Windows Phone 8 brought in the ability to update the downloaded offline maps whenever available. You can go to Settings->Applications->Maps->Updates to install them. Installing latest Maps will bring you the latest local map tiles, POI data, etc, to your device so that you can be always up to date even when internet is not available.

Thanks to everyone who sent this info.

 Update:  The maps update appears to be hitting all WP8 handsets, with users with the HTC 8X also reporting receiving the new data.

Thanks Sean for the tip.