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More signs of Windows Phone rebound in Europe

kantar logo headerThe latest Kantar results for the 3 months ending July 2014 are out now, and the numbers show some signs of a European recovery, likely led by the Nokia Lumia 630 and to a lesser extent the 930.

At 9.9% market share Windows Phone numbers are once again up in UK,  while Windows Phone sales has once again overtaken iOS in Italy at 13% of the market.  The OS also continues to keep big year on year increases in Spain, though at 4.8% it is down on last months 7.5% numbers.

Sales are however down in France and Germany, I think reflecting lack of traction of the Nokia Lumia 930, particularly in Germany, which always had a preponderance of high end Windows Phones.

In USA market share is marginally up at 3.9%, and in Australia there are also month on month improvements.

Overall in EU  market share is up year on year at 8.5%, while iOS on the other hand is down to 1.6% Year on Year.

We should see the full impact of new handset releases over the next 2 months, but it appears that Windows Phone is finally starting to turn the corner after a very fallow spring.

See the full numbers after the break.

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The IDC awards Windows Phone 2.5% worldwide market share in Q2 2014

idc q2 2014

Q2 2014 was a difficult quarter for Windows Phone, with few product launches of note and a difficult transition from Nokia to Microsoft Mobile.

The results can be seen in the table above, with Windows Phone shipments as estimated by IDC dropping from 8.2 million in Q2 2013 to 7.4 million in Q2 2014, and Windows Phone dropping its market share from 3.4% to 2.5%.

The loss in market share was however even worse for iOS and Blackberry, with iOS losing 1.3% share and Blackberry 2.3%, in the face of intense competition by Android, who’s market share increased to 84.7%.

While some publications are still (strangely) talking about a duopoly, it seems pretty clear Android is heading to a monopoly, with even Apple seemingly unable or unwilling to do anything about it.

The good news however is that Windows Phone has gathered a bevy of new OEMs, and expect quite a number of product launches in Q3 2014, so while things are looking down, it may very well be the dark before the dawn.

Strategy Analytics award Windows Phone 8 million sales in Q2 2014

strategy analytics

While Q2 2014 was not quite as disastrous as we were briefly led to believe it was certainly not a great quarter for Windows Phone.

Analyst company Strategy Analytics have posted their estimate for smartphone sales by OS in Q2 2014, and have awarded 8 million shipments to Windows Phone, down from 8.9 million in Q2 2013.

This drop in sales has dropped Windows Phone from an already marginal 3.8% market share to only 2.7%.

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Latest Kantar numbers shows Windows Phone fading between launches

KANTAR-150Kantar has posted their latest market share numbers for the 3 months ending May 2014.

The numbers are a mixed bag,  but shows an overall decline likely related to the absence of any significant launches in the first half of 2014. In the EU5 countries Windows Phone has dropped to 8.1% of the market,  from highs of over 10% earlier in the year.  In US Windows Phone currently only holds 3.8% market share.

On the positive side however Windows Phone the OS still holds year on year gains in most markets except China and US, and we hope the new launches in June/July will help turn the numbers around.

See the full table after the break, and last month’s numbers here.

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IDC awards Windows Phone 4.6% of the Australian smartphone market in Q1 2014


The IDC reports that Q1 2014 was a quiet period in Australia, with a general reduction in the sales of all mobile phones, including a 20% drop in smartphone sales from the holiday quarter.

"The smartphone market in Q1 was subdued when the initial hype over Apple’s new iPhone 5s and 5c tapered off from last quarter. Consumers were also holding off their purchases in anticipation for the next wave of Galaxy S smartphones from Samsung, then rumoured to be in Q2," says IDC’s Senior Market Analyst, Amy Cheah.

Windows Phone itself was of course also between product waves, with no major new smartphones announced in Q1 (or frankly Q2) 2014 either.

The OS still managed to score 4.6% of the Australian smartphone market however, or 4% of the market including the ever shrinking feature phone market, which is now only 12% of the handset market there.

2014 Q1 Smartphone Operating System Share Australia  
Android 57.5%
BB OS 0.0%
iOS 37.9%
Windows Phone 4.6%

Only a total of 1.8 million smartphones were sold in Australia in Q1 2014, with Windows Phone making up 82,000 units of this small market.

While an increase from 3% to 4.6% is a bigger than 50% growth in market share, we hope an invasion of new, cheaper handsets in Q3 2014 will result in more significant growth.

See the IDC’s report here.


Windows Phone grows US share by 400K new users


The latest Comscore numbers for the 3 months ending April 2014 has come out, and it shows relatively good news for Windows Phone.

The OS has not just maintained its market share of the 167.9 million smartphone market in USA, but grew slightly over the last few months, adding 427,000 new Windows Phone users to bring its total to 5.54 million Americans.

Sequentially the OS was also able to maintain its numbers, which was also 3.3% of the installed smartphone base in March 2014, and due to the growth of the market has clearly continued to grow in users also, adding around 100,000.

There is now a very clear separation between Windows Phone and Blackberry, and while growth has remained slow it has also been relatively consistent. Hopefully the very wide release of the super-cheap Nokia Lumia 630, which is coming to both T-Mobile and AT&T, will help boost these numbers even more.

Read the full report at Comscore here.

Windows Phone market share makes a surprising uptick in NetApplication stats


Respected data analytics company NetApplications have posted their updated stats for May 2014, and it holds an interesting surprise for Windows Phone.

According to NetApplication’s numbers  Windows Phone has made a dramatic jump from 0.83% of web traffic to in April to 2.1% in May.

Now of course it seems unlikely that the Windows Phone installed base has doubled in one month.

I suspect what is going on is that NetApplications may have updated their country-level weighting, which I think has so far disadvantages the OS, which is stronger in some parts of the world than others.

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Windows Phone holds 6% market share on Vodacom in South Africa, growing strongly


Carrier Vodacom in South Africa is unusual in regularly releasing statistics regarding market share of smartphones on their network.

In today’s release they revealed that they have 377,000 Windows Phones on their network, making up 6% of the 6.4 million smartphones on the carrier.

South Africa is still unusual in being dominated by Blackberry, but this is rapidly changing as sales drop and the number of devices in circulation decrease.

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Windows Phone improves slightly in Europe, but loses silver in Italy to iOS


Kantar has released their latest market share numbers for the 3 months ending in April 2014.

The numbers are generally positive for Windows Phone, showing a slight recovery from March’s set.

Overall Windows Phone held 8.4% of the European market, up from 6.9% last year, and also up slightly from March’s 8.1%.  These numbers may represent a baseline for the OS in absence of any major launches, and should improve with the release of the Nokia Lumia 630.

Windows Phone was also up sequentially in Germany, to 6.9%, UK to 9.5%, France to 10.1%, Spain to 4.6% and Japan to 1%.

In US Windows Phone held 4.7% of the market, down from 5.6% last year and 5.3% in March 2014.

I suspect the loss most felt however would be in Italy, where Windows Phone went down to 11.8% market share, down from 13.9% in March 2014, and which has allowed iOS to retake the second spot in Italy for the first time since August 2013.

See the full numbers after the break.

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Canalys awards Windows Phone 8.4 million shipments in Q1 2014


We have seen some wildly divergent numbers for Windows Phone sales in Q1 2014, including ABI Research, which estimated more than 13 million handsets.

UK market research company Canalys have now weighed in with their Q1 numbers, and for Windows Phone they are not half as rosy.

The company estimates 279.4 million smart phones were shipped in Q1 2014, representing growth of 29% on Q1 2013, but a decline of 5% on the seasonally strong Q4 2013.

81% (226.3 million) were Android devices, with iOS and Windows Phone accounting for 16% (44.7 million) and 3% (8.4 million) respectively.

China, the world’s largest smart phone market, accounted for 35% of shipments, substantially ahead of the US, which managed just 12%.

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Windows Phone on track to overtake iOS in Belgium says Microsoft


 Le Soir reports that, according to Microsoft Belgium, Windows Phone is about to overtake iOS in the Belgian smartphone market.

Speaking to the newspaper, Ervan Pouliquen, head of marketing and operations at Microsoft Belgium said Windows Phone held 12% market share in Belgium, close to the 19% iOS commanded.

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