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Music Photographer David Norbut Talks About Recording A Music Video Using Nokia Lumia 1020

When Portrait and music photographer David Norbut was travelling on a train from Wilmington, Delaware to New York, he was discussing with Jon (singer/guitar) on a loose idea of how they wanted to do music video, but he was relying more on the idea of making moving photographs then anything else. He wanted the video to have the same feel as my photography. With the Nokia Lumia 1020 in hand, he created the above stunning music video.

“I looked at every scene as a photograph first, naturally. Whether I was thinking about light and composition, or how I was going to move through a scene. I just shot it how I wanted to see it. I don’t even think it was a constant intention. I remember saying it aloud to the guys in the band right before shooting… And that was it.”

David shot the music video in a matter of hours in order to achieve a raw, organic feel. Though, in hindsight, he thinks he could’ve used a few more takes and shot more b-roll, you can see how the quick work translates into an intense yet dreamy and fluid atmosphere on the video.

Read more on it from Conversations.

Nokia promotes the Nokia Lumia 930 and 530 in new videos

Microsoft/Nokia has posted some new promotional videos for their new Windows Phone 8.1 handsets.

In the above somewhat low content video directed at professional users we have Nokia showing off the similarity in experience between the Nokia Lumia 930 and Windows Phone 8.1.

In the video after the break Microsoft is addressing a very different audience, showing that the Nokia Lumia 530 has all the cool apps which the youth expect on their smartphone.

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Microsoft brings Organic Charging to the Nokia Lumia 930 with 800 potato stunt

Microsoft launched a marketing stunt in London recently, where they teamed up with artist Caleb Charlan and Carphone Warehouse to bring what they call “Organic Charging” to the Nokia Lumia 930.

Calling it the most organic and natural way to charge a phone, they strung together 800 potatoes and apples with nails and copper wires and managed to extract enough energy to charge the Nokia Lumia 930 wirelessly.

Hopefully we will see a lot more marketing activities around what appears to be Microsoft’s only high end handset for the next few months, and the good sales response Microsoft reported at launch continues to ramp up.

Thanks Tom for the tip.

New Nokia Lumia 930 promo video promotes wireless charging

Nokia UK have posted a new promotional video for the Nokia Lumia 930, this time showing the handset charging throughout the day on DC-50 Wireless charging plate which has a built-in battery.

While the ad is visually good, it once again appears to be another ad which will only resonate with those who already know about Lumias and their accessories.

There is clearly a role for the old Apple-like explanatory videos, and when you have great but poorly know products it may be a good time to use those type of ads instead.

Do our readers agree?


Participate In Lumia 635 Challenge To Win A Lumia Device And $635 To Spend At Microsoft Store

Nokia Lumia 635 Challenge

Microsoft is now running this contest in the US where anyone can participate to win a new Lumia device and $635 to use in the Microsoft Store. All you have to do is the below,

So you want the newest smartphone experience, but not the hefty price tag of an off-contract phone? The all-new Lumia 635 brings you high-end innovation you expect from an ideal smartphone, but at a fraction of the cost.

We want to ask: if you saved hundreds of dollars with Lumia 635, how would you spend your moolah? Tell us for a shot to win our newest Lumia device and $635 dollars to the Microsoft store. Enter now, and invite your friends for an extra shot to win!

You can invite your friends for an extra shot to win. Find the contest details here.

Microsoft now promoting non-Nokia Windows Phones on Hollyoaks


In May 2012 Nokia struck a deal with UK Channel 4 and Hollyoaks’s production company Lime Pictures to feature Nokia’s range of Lumia handsets in various product placements on the popular soapie.

Research found that the placement was a great success, with Hollyoaks viewers seeing Nokia Lumia handsets as being best for social networking, photo sharing and apps. Eight in 10 Hollyoaks viewers (78 per cent) agreed that the product placement fitted in well with the show, and seven in 10 viewers (73 per cent) claimed the product placement made the soap more realistic.

It seems with the Nokia/Microsoft deal the mantle has now passed on to Microsoft, and from the above screen shot above it seems they are now using it to promote more than Lumia handsets, with the Huawei Ascend W1  showing in the show this week.

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Microsoft Sent 100 Lumia Phones To 100 People All Around The World Who Had Different Ages To Hear Their Stories

Lumia Stories Marketing
The Lumia marketing team is continuing their experiments to market Lumia devices. The latest one is called “Lumia Stories” because the Lumia 1520 was created with story telling in mind.

“We all have a story, the hardest part is telling it…”

To put it to the test, Lumia team sent 100 phones to 100 people all around the world who had different ages, from 1 right up to 100. You can read the stories each people shared in the timeline from the link below to find out more about the stories they’ve told and the world that helped shape them.

You can read the Lumia Stories here at Facebook.

Infographic: Why Choose The Lumia 630 Over Other Entry Level Smartphones?

Nokia Lumia 630 vs Moto E

Nokia is now positioning Lumia 630 as their next mainstream entry level Windows Phone device. The device is going on sale this month in several countries around the world and it offers great value to customers at its price point. Nokia today released an infographic to highlights its advantages over other devices of its class. Check it out above.

Key Specs:

Primary camera sensor size: 5 MP
Display size: 4.5”
Display resolution: FWVGA (854 x 480)
Processor name: Snapdragon 400 (Quad core)
Maximum talk time (3G): 13.1h
Battery capacity: 1830mAh
Internal Memory: 8GB (Expandable up to 128GB)

Source: Conversations

New Nokia Lumia 630 Ad claims to have “An app for every moment”

Nokia has released another ad which is currently running on UK TV promoting the Nokia Lumia 630.

Unlike the previous two ads which focussed on style, colour and value for money, this ad claims that Windows Phone and the 630 has “an app for every moment” allowing buyers to also participate fully in #appyDays.

Given the absence of a rather important app currently from the Windows Phone store, do our readers agree that this ad is somewhat ironic at present? Let us know below.

Latest Nokia Lumia 630 ad focusses on style and value for money

Nokia has posted another ad for their new Nokia Lumia 630, and on this occasion is continuing to focus on style and colour, but is also emphasising features such as the large screen, quad-core processor and most importantly, the price of the handset,  portraying it as great value for money.

The ad is interesting for using the Windows 8 “Honestly” tagline, underlining of course the merger of Nokia’s handset division with Microsoft.

Do our readers think this ad will hit the mark? Vote in the poll after the break.

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Microsoft giving away 18 sneakers per day in Polish SneakerMania contest

windows sneaker

We can always count on Microsoft Poland to come up with creative marketing campaigns.

The latest is their "Trampkomania” or Sneakermania contest, starting today, in which they are giving away 630 sneakers, or 18 per day, until the end of June 30th 2014.

To take part you need to buy a Lumia phone on the Plus  network and download the Trampkomania with Windows Phone app and submit an entry.

To win, players need to create a creative start screen and submit a screen shot using the app. Winners will ne judged on creativity, originality, aesthetic qualities and the ability to use Windows Phone in their daily lives.

Winners will receive specially printed sneakers. The rules of the contest can be seen here.

Are any of our readers lusting after some special Windows Phone sneakers? Let us know below.

Via WPWorld.pl

Check Out This Awesome “Multi Lumia Arc Of Wonder” From Paul Trillo (Video)

Lumia devices creative lab team at Microsoft has joined hands with celebrated filmmaker Paul Trillo to create an exciting system called “Multi Lumia Arc of Wonder” that controls 50 Lumia 1020 smartphones simultaneously, creating a “bullet effect” photoshoot. You can watch the final experience created by this system in the video below.

It was transported through the bustling streets of New York to capture “Living Moments” using the powerful 41-megapixel camera on the Lumia 1020.
It’s another first for Lumia, connecting 50 smartphones and enabling a “bullet-effect” photoshoot pushes the boundaries of photography and technology.Lumia Arc Of Wonder

Pioneering filmmaker Paul Trillo, said:

“We used a Microsoft Surface tablet to control the shoot and a special app which was designed for the Windows 8 mobile platform.
“We captured a total of 30,000 images across Manhattan, including Union Square, Allen St. and Central Park West.”
“The Multi Lumia Arc of Wonder combines smart technology to demonstrate the power of Lumia imaging, and the results are stunning” said Costas Syrmos, head of the creative lab.

Check out the behind the scenes video after the break.

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Microsoft Stores Already Have Lumia Devices Running Windows Phone 8.1 For Demos

Microsoft Store Windows Phone Display

Marketing Windows Phone devices to the general public is always a uphill task for Microsoft. Either you are a selling a Windows Phone device to a Android user or a first time smartphone user, you need to show them how Windows Phone works to win their purchase.  Nokia tried to speak about the hardware features while Microsoft tried their hands in marketing Windows Phone OS features. We should see more unified marketing approach from Microsoft in the future as Nokia Devices division is now part of Microsoft.

While Windows Phone 8.1 release to the public is more than a month away, Microsoft has already started to market the new features in the WP8.1 to the general consumers. According to Reddit user Xodium, Microsoft Stores now have Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8.1 Developer preview for demos. Thousands of customers visiting Microsoft Retail stores everyday will get exposed to upcoming features such as Cortana digital assistant, new Start screen background, Action Center and more. Hopefully this will excite them about Windows Phone devices and drive more sales in the future.

via: Reddit