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Nokia Releases Exclusive Behind the Scenes Video Of Jennifer Lopez’s Music Video To Promote Lumia 2520

Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows tablet recently got a product placement in Jennifer Lopez’s latest music video “I Luh Ya PaPi”. Jennifer Lopez was using a Nokia Lumia 2520 in the video to shoot the men around her.

Today, you can go behind the scenes of Jennifer Lopez’ new music video “I Luh Ya PaPi” featuring the Nokia Lumia 2520. Nokia has released Official Nokia Exclusive Behind the Scenes: Jennifer Lopez “I Luh Ya PaPi” ft. French Montana. Watch it about.

You can know more about Lumia 2520 here.

Windows Phone 8.1’s Cortana gets name checked by Jimmy Fallon


In the most recent episode of the Tonight Show amongst a long list of things to be thankful for, one of the first was to thank Microsoft for creating a personal assistant for Windows Phones called Cortana.

Despite being met with quite a bit of fanfare at its introduction, Apple’s Siri is increasingly being seen as annoying and inaccurate. By sticking with a well known character from more than a decade of gaming  already known to be helpful Microsoft won some goodwill from the start, which will hopefully lead to a good reception when the software does actually become available to the general public.

See the video after the break.

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Nokia addresses the App Gap directly in new video

The days the App Gap is the biggest excuse we hear for not switching to Windows Phone, and today Nokia has posted a video indicating they will not be taking the criticism any more.

Nokia Canada posted the above 2 minute video making it very clear Windows Phone has all the apps that are used commonly and matter, and who needs 1000 flashlight apps in any case.

I believe that the fact is now being increasingly acknowledged, which is why we are now hearing a new term, the App Lag, which refers to the months or years Windows Phone users have to wait before an app inevitably end up on our platform. In the end what we are seeing however is the OS rapidly catching up, and the trend to parity is looking pretty clear.

What do our readers think? Let us know below.

Barclays brag about their new Windows Phone app in newspaper ad


As part of Barclays new promotion about listening to their customers the company has taken out a large half-page ad bragging about their new windows Phone app, noting that:

Barclays Mobile Banking app is now available on Windows Phone.

It has a 5 star rating on the Windows Phone Store.

Idea launched January 2014.

The ad is exceptional for not only assuming that readers would know what Windows Phone is, but also that they would care about an app coming to the platform, and is indicative of the increased presence of Windows Phone in UK, where the Nokia Lumia 520 outsold all Android handsets in December 2013 to be the 3rd best selling handset for that month, and the 4th best selling handset of the holiday season.

If Windows Phone continues to grow in UK we should be seeing less of these ads, as making a Windows Phone app should be rather par for the course, and not making one would be noteworthy. Lets hope that time arrives sooner rather than later.

via AAWP

Nokia ribs Samsung for blurry Oscar pictures



imageSamsung sponsored the Oscars, and managed to score a major social network win by having the most retweeted picture  ever, with more than 2 million retweets of Ellen’s group selfie.

Those looking at the picture may have notices however its not the greatest-looking ever, in fact looking rather blurry.

Nokia, never slow to take advantage of gaffes by other smartphone OEMs, tweeted the above tweet, saying:

Let’s do away with blurry photos, Ellen! | @TheEllenShow #Oscars #Blessed #blurry pic.twitter.com/56p0xQO2WV

Maybe Ellen should have hung onto that Nokia Lumia 1520 she was giving away only two weeks ago?

Nokia teasing *something* for valentines day


Nokia has an account on Snapchat, and have posted the above enigmatic picture, with the text a string of numbers:


For those outside USA the last 3 numbers are easy to decipher – it is clearly the 14th February 2014.

The first  4 numbers are less so, with the leading suggestion being that it may represent two new handsets, the 630 and 870.

The Nokia Lumia 630 is of course Nokia’s Dual-SIM handset leaked earlier, but there has so far been no rumoured 870 (but maybe this is what the Nokia Normandy will be designated as, or the high end Nokia Goldfinger).

Either way, it looks like we may be looking at the handsets being announced much sooner than we expect.

Do our readers have another interpretation for the mystery numbers? Let us know below.

Via Reddit.com

Nokia sends a Lumia 1020 to 50 cent


Nokia has taken advantage of a viral marketing opportunity by sending rapper 50 cent a Nokia Lumia 1020.

At CES 50 cent said:

"I had a hard time getting off the BlackBerry." Now he’s a die-hard iPhone user. "I ditched the BlackBerry. It doesn’t do all the other stuff. All the cool stuff is on the iPhone. Now I’d buy a phone based on the camera."

Nokia responded by sending him the best camera phone in the world so far, which he said was “killing my other phone” which is presumably his iPhone.

Having 50 cent endorse your phone to his 1.6 million followers on Instagram is likely worth a lot more than one 1020, so congratulations to Nokia’s social media team on the scoop.

See the Instagram post here.

AdDeals Network: $10,000 for Windows Phone developers!

AdDeals Advertising Network - Developer Network

AdDeals is a unique Ad Network allowing both Advertisers & Publishers to advertise discounted apps, free apps & games, trial apps or discounts within their apps for a limited time!

Ahead Solutions is happy to announce that AdDeals Windows Phone Advertising Network now allows Windows Phone developers to launch targeted campaigns.

In an effort to support the Windows Phone developer community, we are offering up to $10,000 to Windows Phone developers willing to integrate AdDeals in their Windows Phone apps!

Additionnaly we also announce that AdDeals developers can now monetize their apps by including AdDeals SDK and get extra revenues!

As shown below, AdDeals Network is all about delivering daily free apps or discounted offers to Windows Phone users. Hundreds of Windows Phone developers have already joined AdDeals Network over the past 2 months!

To get a $50 campaign on AdDeals Network:

1 – Register on http://www.addealsnetwork.com for FREE

2 – Add at least 1 Windows Phone app rated at least 3.2/5 worldwide with at least 20 ratings (if you don’t have such app yet, you are also welcome to join and benefit from AdDeals free cross promotion services of course!)

3 – Integrate AdDeals SDK in one of those apps!

4 – Use coupon code : ADDEALSFUNDS50 to add funds.

This offer is limited to the first 200 developers fulfilling those conditions. We believe that’s a great opportunity for developers to test AdDeals and help them get more visibility for their apps worldwide!

Why develop an app and invest time if you cannot promote it easily? AdDeals helps you just do that more efficiently!


Nokia Lumia 1020 shows up in new Teen Wolf episode


It breaks the suspension of disbelief somewhat when we see everyday products show up in TV shows, but I think it is worth it to see the villain in the latest episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf series using the Nokia Camera interface live on air.

See the clip from the latest product placement for the Nokia Lumia 1020 after the break.

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Nokia Is Using Temperature-sensitive Outdoor Ads To Promote Lumia Windows Phone Devices

Nokia Temperature Sensitive Ads

Nokia is not a stranger for innovative marketing techniques. The latest marketing work by Nokia to promote Lumia devices in London is an interesting one. They are using outdoor ads that changes its contents depending on the temperature. Nokia is using it to highlight the sensitive touchscreens that works even with gloves on its Lumia devices.

Read about the campaign below,

The brand is hoping the ads show that the screens are so sensitive you can use them with your gloves on, so there is no need to risk losing them again. Messages such as “Make Love”, “Send Love”, Make Calls with Gloves in” and “Send Texts with Gloves on” are displayed as the temperature drops or rises.

The Cohn & Wolfe-created “Glove Love” campaign stems from Nokia’s CSR tie-up with “Do the Right Thing”, a matchmaking service for single gloves. It aims to reduce the waste created by sending single gloves to landfill sites by repurposing those handed in and pairing them with other single gloves to be used again.

To further create awareness about this campaign, Nokia will be giving a pair of gloves to first 100 fans who arrive at London’s Westfield and Old Truman Brewery ad sites and donate a single glove to Nokia. Nokia is also planning to send another 100 pair of gloves to people at the address of their choice.

Source: Marketingweek


Nokia Lumia 1020 makes a random appearance in Irish butter ad

We are sure Nokia often pays for product placement in music videos and movies, but for some reason we think the Nokia Lumia 1020 showing up in the Irish butter ad was a freebie.

It is likely the Nokia Lumia 1020 was included for its rather visible and iconic camera hump – the exact reason why Nokia went for that design.

We hope the handset continues to gain recognition as the one real camera phone in a sea of also-rans.

Thanks Timmy for the tip.

Scary Nokia ad equates the Nokia Lumia 2520 with a mullet

Nokia has posted the above rather creepy but memorable ad on their YouTube channel attempting to explain how their new Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet is a bit like a mullet – all work in front and all party in the back.

While the actors did a great job creating atmosphere, I think they could have done a better job showing off the “work and party” element of the Windows tablet, to drive the message home.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.


Windows Phones heavily featured in German drama "In the Devils Kitchen"

WP_20131212_21_37_21_Pro (1) WP_20131212_21_41_10_Pro

Microsoft and Nokia’s product placement takes us to a world where Windows Phones are the dominant smartphone platform, and in this case it is the world of German murder mystery "In the Devils Kitchen”, where a father/daughter duo has to solve the crime of the day.

The leads, a forensic WP_20131212_21_40_38_Pro (1)psychiatrist and his daughter, and virtually every other character, are all sporting and even flaunting Windows Phones, with the handsets getting quite a lot of air time, including 5 minutes of going through the phone’s call history.

The intent of product placement such as this is to make viewers more familiar with owning a Windows Phone than they would be from their immediate circle and give them permission to be the first amongst their friends to purchase one.  Looking at recent German smartphone sales data is seems that is one mission accomplished.

Thanks Kristian for the tip and screen shots.