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Google to go even flatter in new UI update


DeveloperTech reports that the next version of Android will start resembling Windows Phone and iOS of course, with the company going even flatter in its UI design.

Called  ‘Quantum Paper’ framework, the new UI will pervade not just Android, but also Google’s web properties.


The inspiration for the  flat UI of course harkens back to Windows Phone and Metro, with Apple being an early adopter. 

With so many Android fans complaining they could never use Windows Phone as its too bland, we wonder what they will say when their next operating system update (if it ever arrives) delivers a bit of Metro to them also.

Interesting: Nokia discouraging Metro-style apps on the Nokia X


According to Nokia, the Nokia X Android handset, which mimics the Windows Phone Start screen, is meant to be a feeder system for Windows Phone.

Nokia’s own style guide for developers suggest this may not exactly be the case.

Their style guide suggests:

  • Do not mimic different platforms. People are not used to the interaction paradigms of the other platform; for example, they might consider the Windows Phone panoramic view as uneffective since it does not work satisfyingly in landscape orientation.
  • Read more about Android style.

Do I detect some distain for Windows phone there from that writer?

While Nokia’s story is that the Nokia X was designed to be good for both Microsoft and Nokia, I suspect the move was ultimately designed to get some of that Android volume Samsung has been enjoying, and more about Nokia and less about Microsoft and Windows Phone.

The Nokia X developer guide can be seen here.

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Windows Phone 8.1 will offer a new Large tile size


Ex-Microsoftie Nawzil has just tweeted that Windows Phone 8.1 will offer a new tile size – Large.

windows phone 8 large tiles

This will mirror the changes in Windows 8.1, which also introduced the new, larger Live Tile recently.

Given the rate of leaks we should soon also see these new tile sizes in action also.

Long-time readers may remember some official Microsoft concept slides (pictured right)  we managed to lay our hands on in October 2011 which then showed both the new small and now also large tiles.  I guess it takes a while for Microsoft designs to go from concept to implementation.

It appears that Windows Phone 8.1 will end up being more than just a very minor tweak of the Windows Phone UI, which I think after 3 years is relatively welcome.

As the Windows Phone 8.1 notification center leaked, we can see a little redesign

wp81 action centre

Yesterday a screenshot of the actual Windows Phone 8.1 notification center leaked and The Verge confirmed its authenticity. Still, the notification center is not the only thing the screenshot is showing. Look a little closer and you will notice some more changes.


It was already said but maybe should be mentioned once more to make it a little clearer. The long awaited battery percentage indicator is finally there, and also well implemented.  While simply adding it to the status bar would disturb the minimalistic Windows Phone design a little bit, it is added directly under the battery icon when you pull down the status bar to get to the notification center. Additionally  now the date is also shown under the clock and the operator is also displayed.

The toggles could show a little redesign inside the OS as well. Continue reading

Come on HTC, get your own user interface!

htc m8 home screen

Android-4.4-KitKat-update-Nexus-7evLeaks has once again leaked a screen shots of a phone with a tile-based user interface, but despite appearances it is not running Windows Phone.

The HTC M8 is HTC’s newest Android 4.4 flagship but the screen shot leaked could easily be mistaken for the Windows Phone start screen.

The updated Sense UI appears to be a further refinement of HTC’s 2013 Blinkfeed UI, which even then drew a lot from Windows Phone.

On the right we can see what a native Android 4.4 home screen looks like, and its pretty clear why HTC prefers a better looking user interface. While the Metro UI has clearly been very influential we suggest HTC looks somewhere else.

More screen shots from the Nokia Normandy leaked, shows Windows Phone-like UI


evLeaks have posted some more pictures of the Nokia Normandy, Nokia’s ASHA-level Android-powered handset which seems to be making its way inexorably to the market.

The images show the Live Tile-type UI and also Nokia’s Fastlane UI as found on their ASHA handsets, which serves as a combination of task switcher, today screen and has a swipe UI.

See more screen shots after the break, and a video showing ASHA handsets with the Fastlane UI.

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Nokia Promotes Lumia 1020 On Metro UK Newspaper

Nokia is going big on advertising its Lumia 1020 flagship device in UK. Nokia Lumia 1020′s advertisement from Nokia was spotted in today’s Metro newspaper in UK. Its 4 full page ads that emphasizes on Nokia Lumia 1020′s 41MP camera and its imaging capabilities. The device is set to hit the largest UK carrier, EE, this Thursday, and will be available on a variety of price plans.

Do you think this kind of marketing works for winning away consumers?

Thanks Stephen for the heads up.

HTC’s China OS leaks. Hey HTC, get your own UI!



It has been rumoured that HTC was working with the Chinese government on a new OS free from Google, Apple or Microsoft’s influence.

Now a picture has leaked on Weibo of the OS, and it bears a rather close resemblance to Windows Phone.

After a screen shot leaked of Tizen 3 also looking a lot like Windows Phone, and of course iOS 7 adopting some Metro design principles, we wonder if there are any more designers left in the world, and if they could possibly get their inspiration from somewhere else.

Via Tech2.in

Tile Me! Gets Twitter Integration and a Video Tour

The Windows Phone fan favorite app, Tile Me!, gets a new update that adds Twitter integration. This update allows you to show your support for the Windows Phone platform in just few taps. This addition is available on both the Free and paid versions of the app for Windows Phone 8. Twitter integration for Windows Phone 7.x devices is coming soon.

If this is the first time you are hearing about this app, Tile Me!’s goal is to quickly generate a static or animated profile picture in the form of a Me tile which can be used on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or  blogs, personal websites, message boards etc. By doing so, you are showing the world your support for the Windows Phone platform.

The  video tour above shows all the current features of the app.

Tile Me! is available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 and has a Free ad-supported and a Paid version which costs $0.99. If you are a Windows Phone fan and want to show your support for the platform you can download Tile Me! from the store now by scanning the QR codes below.


                 Tile Me! Free                                               Tile Me! (Paid)

Tile Me! – Show your support for Windows Phone

Tile Me!’s main goal is very simple: Quickly generate a profile picture (avatar) in the form of a Me tile that can be used on various social networks, forums, blogs and more, to show support for Windows Phone. This idea first originated from David V. Kimball on the /r/WindowsPhone subreddit who was manually creating Me tiles for Windows Phone fans which was then turned into an app by Ertay Shashko who has been constantly listening to the users’ feedback and adding new features to the app.

Tile Me! has the following features:

  • 500×500 pixels JPEG output (Free version)
  • Custom Text (Free and Paid version)
  • Over 60 tile colors to choose from (Free and Paid version)
  • High Resolution 1000×1000 pixels JPEG and PNG output (Paid version)
  • Animated GIF output (Paid version)
  • SkyDrive integration (Paid version)

The first version of Tile Me! was released on 1st of August 2013 and since then the Free version has over 28.000 downloads. On the US Windows Phone store alone, the app currently has 85 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars.

Tile Me! is available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 and has a Free ad-supported and a Paid version which costs $0.99. The animated GIF support is currently only available on the Windows Phone 8 version.

If you are a Windows Phone fan and want to show your support for the platform you can download Tile Me! from the store now by scanning the QR codes below.


                       Tile Me! Free                                         Tile Me! (Paid)

Windows Phone team shuts down redesign rumour

Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin recently claimed that Microsoft was planning to review the Windows Phone 8 user interface and rebuild it from scratch, possibly ditching Metro completely for the next major version of Windows Phone.

It seems the Windows Phone Design Team on Twitter were not too impressed with this idea, posting:

"Scrapping everything and starting over"? Hahaha.

Of course the tweet does not mean that the Metro design guidelines are not being reviewed, or that the Windows Phone team is aware of all the changes underfoot.  One simply need to look at all the conflicting messages, even from official sources, regarding the ability to upgrade handsets from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8.

However it is clear that, at least overtly, the team are not aware of a complete reboot of Windows Phone’s UI.

iOS 7 said to feature a “very,very flat” UI with glance-able elements


Well, well, that must be embarrassing to iPhone fans who have been hating on the Modern UI in Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

9to5Mac reports, “according to multiple people who have either seen or have been briefed on the upcoming iOS 7” that the new user interface created by Apple design guru Jonny Ives with be “very, very flat” , devoid of “all signs of gloss, shine, and skeuomorphism seen across current and past versions of iOS” with a level of “flatness” approaching recent releases of Microsoft’s Windows Phone “Metro” UI.

In addition Apple has been discussing and testing ways to add more ‘glance-able’ information and system options panels, like Notification Center, to the software.

Apple fans worry that Apple’s new design direction will leave existing iPhone apps out of step with Apple’s new modern UI, ironically creating the same kind of experiential divide as between the Modern Start Screen launcher in Windows 8 and the old Windows applications.

iPhone fans are of course horrified, with one saying:

Oh god…
I really want iOS7 to change. But I don’t want it to be totally flat like Windows Phone 7/8.
A balance between the two would be nice if done properly.
I hate plainness. It’s like going back to Windows NT or something. (And I really really hate WP7/8).

To them we can just say its time to get with the future, and try on something a bit more Modern :)