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Telcel Nokia Lumia 625 now getting the WP8.1/Cyan update


According to Nokia’s Global update tracker the Nokia Lumia 625 on Telcel in Mexico is currently getting the Windows Phone 8.1/Lumia Cyan update.

The update will of course deliver all Microsoft and Nokia’s Windows Phone 8.1 goodies, including the notification centre, wordflow keyboard and much more.

Read details regarding the WP8.1 update here and details of the Cyan features here.

Comscore confirms Windows Phone the second largest OS in Mexico by sales and installed base


The Mobile Summit Mexico has released an infographic about the mobile market in Mexico.

The data reveals 37% or about 38 million Mexican phone users had smartphones, though most did not have data plans, only using WIFI.

Phones were also heavily used for video, but what would be of most interest to Windows Phone users is that Windows Phone was confirmed by Comscore to be the second largest OS in terms of both sales and ownership, behind Android, but ahead of Blackberry and iOS.

The data comes from Comscore’s June survey and confirms similar data from Kantar.

See the full infographic in Spanish after the break.

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Nokia Lumia 1020 now hitting Telcel Stores

Mexican site WinPhollowers.com reports that the Nokia Lumia 1020 is now hitting Telcel stores in that country.

The handsets 11,999 Mexican Pesos ($925) in store, and is expected to be available in  yellow, black and white.

The handset is also expected to show up in its 64 GB version of Telfonica Movistar, where it is expected to be significantly more pricy.

Mexico has been one of Windows Phone’s strongest growth markets recently, with more than 20% market share according to Microsoft.

Read more at WinPhollowers.com

Nokia Lumia 925 coming to Telcel soon


Mexico is one of Nokia’s better markets, so its pretty good news that one of Nokia’s best handsets is hitting Mexico’s largest carrier.

Winphollowers reports the handset will be hitting the network on the 30th September for between 8999 and 9500 pesos ( $700– $740) which is a relatively reasonable price.

The handset is one of Nokia’s slimmest, and next to the Nokia Lumia 1020 has the best camera, so it represents great value.

Read more about the offer at Winphollowers here.

Nokia Lumia 925 and 625 coming soon to Latin America


According to the IDC Windows Phone is a big deal in Latin America, being the second most used OS there and having double digit market share in places like Mexico.

Such loyalty should be rewarded then by the rapid availability of new handsets, and it is good news that the countries such as Mexico , Colombia and Peru will not have to wait too long now for Nokia’s Lumia 925 and 625, with Nokia’s own regional websites having the handsets listed as coming soon.

Hopefully both handsets will have as warm a reception as earlier models such as the Nokia 505 had earlier in the year.

Via WindowsPhoneApps.es

IDC: Windows Phone now the second most used mobile operating system in Latin America

imageIDC has today released its Mobile Phone Tracker report for the second quarter of 2013, in which it shows that Windows Phone is now the second most widely used operating system in the region.

The report shows that Windows Phone has been ranked second in Mexico for the second consecutive quarter. Furthermore, in the previous quarter, Windows Phone was also ranked second in both Colombia and Peru. It is important to highlight the fact that Colombia is one of the countries with the highest user preference ratings, with 25.6 percent of the market share. In other countries, such as Argentina, Chile and Brazil, Microsoft’s mobile platform has also grown in popularity, ranking in third place during the previous quarter.

There was 12 percent growth compared to the previous quarter, during which the platform was ranked fourth on the Latin American market.

“Reports show an important increase in the positioning of this operating system in Latin America. The market availability of new devices will be a factor in ensuring this trend endures over the next three months,” said Oliver Flores, regional manager for Mobile Phones at IDC Latin America.

Liliana González, director of the Windows Phone Division for Latin America, stated that “during this year’s Mobile World Congress, we set ourselves the goal of being the second most widely used mobile platform in Latin America by the end of 2013, and we are overjoyed to be able to announce that these reports show that we have achieved this five months before the end of the year.” She also commented that: “We will continue working alongside Nokia to offer more and more people in Latin America the holistic experience which Windows Phone has for them, in order to offer a more personalized smartphone which is the best for the Windows environment and the best hardware for people and companies.”

In Latin America, there are more than 20 countries where the Windows Phone range of devices is available, from low-end smartphones, such as the Nokia Lumia 520, to those with the most advanced features available on the market, such as the Nokia Lumia 920, but all of which offer the same experience, thanks to the Microsoft platform.

Via Microsoft.com

Official Starbucks app comes to Windows Phone…. in Mexico

It may be because Windows Phone has nearly twice the market share in Mexico as in USA, but I really did not expect to see the first official Starbucks app for Windows Phone pop in in that country.

The app lets you quickly find the store nearest to you using an Augmented Reality locator and lets you scope out the menu before entering the store.  It also lets you keep track of your My Starbucks Rewards balance.

The app features:starbucksqr

  • My Rewards: Counts your Stars in the My Starbucks Rewards program and check your balance.
  • Store Locator: Find your nearest stores and schedules.
  • Drink Builder: Create and share your perfect Starbucks beverages.
  • Food and beverage menu: Find Starbucks products and mark your favorites.
  • Café Menu: Explore the Starbucks Coffee Beans for your perfect cup. Find it depending on the degree of roasting of each coffee.

The free app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via Winphollowers.com, thanks Fher for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 coming to Telcel soon


Winphollowers.com reports that Telcel’s May catalogue has leaked, and that the publication featured the Nokia Lumia 520 and 720.

Nokia is rolling our the low-end and mid-range Windows Phone 8 handsets worldwide, but Winphollowers were surprised to see the devices reach Mexico so quickly, given that there is often a very large delay between the release of handsets by Nokia and their arrival in the local market.

The screen shots leaked did not reveal when the affordable handsets will hit the market, but it is expected to be at the latest in June.

Read more at Winphollowers.com here.

Nokia Lumia arrives at IUSACELL Mexico for free on contract


The Nokia Lumia 920 has now arrived on Mexican carrier IUSACELL.

The handset is available for 11,990 Mexican pesos ($971 US) commitment-free, but if you want to avoid that high price you can pick up the smartphone for free on their Elite Personal 700 24 month plan, which only costs 729 pesos per month, or around $59 US.

Recent Kantar results has shown Windows Phone holds 5.9% market share in Mexico.  Having the handset available at a relatively affordable price there should only help increase this.

See the deal here.

Thanks Javier for the tip.

Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 range on the way to Mexico


Meixcan site Winphollowers.com reports that Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 range has popped up on Nokia Mexico’s website as coming soon.

The page shows the Nokia Lumia 620, 820 and 920, with Winphollowers expecting the later to hit the market possibly in April for  10,499 Mexican pesos

The market so far has only seen the release of the rather low-end Nokia Lumia 505 recently, which was commissioned by Telcel and runs Windows Phone 7.8, and I am sure there are many Nokia fans with means who can not wait to lay their hands on Nokia’s latest greatest.

See the page at Nokia here.

Thanks Jesus for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 505 unboxed again

Winphollowers have unboxed the Telcel Nokia Lumia 505, this time with sound, but still in Spanish, appropriate for this Mexico-only device.

226697_446494885404128_1577113164_n 603046_446494928737457_292923372_n

The 3.7 inch WVGA smartphone has a clear-black Gorilla glass display, 4 GB storage, 256 MB RAM, an 8 megapixel camera, 800 Mhz processor and runs Windows Phone 7.8.

The handset costs $276 (3499 Mexican pesos) and according to reports have been selling quite well.

See a collection of high quality pictures at  Winphollowers’s Facebook page here.

Thanks Jesus for the tip.

A look at the Nokia Lumia 505 on WP 7.8 phone on Telcel

Telcel haver posted this (seemingly silent) unboxing video of the Nokia Lumia 505.

They reveal in the video comments that the device was specially designed for the Mexican carrier, as part of their initiative to bring exclusive equipment to their subscribers.  They note that Nokia was the first company to take them up on the offer to create a device specifically for them, an interesting change from the Nokia of old, who did not pay much attention to carrier requirements.

This may also explain the profusion of devices such as the Nokia Lumia 810 and 822, with Nokia prepared to do whatever is needed to get their devices distributed.

Interestingly the Telcel rep on YouTube also revealed  that at $276 (3499 Mexican pesos) the device has sold very well, indicating that the strategy does not only get phones on carriers, but also sell phones.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

Nokia Mexico makes Nokia Lumia 505 official


Nokia Mexico has made the Nokia Lumia 505 official.  The Windows Phone 7.8 handset features a 3.7 inch WVGA AMOLED screen, 8 megapixel camera, a 1,300 mAh battery, 256 MB RAM and 4 GB non-expandable storage.

The device will be available in Black, Pink and Red on the Telcel network.  Pricing has not been announced yet.

See more specs at Nokia here.