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ooVoo Video Chat App Updated In Windows Phone Store With Support For Push Notifications For Missed Calls

Oovoo Windows Phone app

ooVoo messaging app which allows users to do video calls, voice calls, and send text messages to easily connect with friends and family just got updated to v1.0.2.22 in Windows Phone Store. This updated app includes support for push notification for missed calls and more.

Change log:Oovoo Windows Phone app QR

  • Push notifications for missed calls.
  • On a video call with a friend of a friend? We added a screen to easily add them when the call ends!
  • Added a friendly reminder to turn location services on for ooVoo to work correctly.
  • Bug fixes

Download  ooVoo for Windows Phone for today.

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Bing Translator App Updated With Voice Translation For Chinese

Bing Translator Windows Phone
Microsoft Bing team has today released a minor update to the Bing Translator app for Windows Phone 8 devices. This new update v3.0 brings voice translation support for Chinese language. Previous few updates of this app also includes additional languages support. Find info on them below.

New in 3.0:

- Voice translation for Chinese

New in 2.9.1:

- Automatic language detection in Keyboard mode
- Offline translation for Arabic and Persian

New in 2.9:bingtranslateqr

- Camera translation for Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Polish and Turkish
- Offline translation for Polish and Turkish
- Online translation for Maltese and Welsh
- Wide live tile

Find the updated app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Microsoft patents object-recognizing Augmented Reality smart glasses


We are pretty sure Microsoft is working on augmented reality smart glasses, with a number of patents already published for the device, and of Microsoft’s purchasing of Osterhout Design Group’s virtual reality patents for $150 million.image

Microsoft has continued to work on cool applications for the unannounced and unreleased device.

The latest to pop up is a patent application for a WEARABLE BEHAVIOR-BASED VISION SYSTEM which takes augmented reality a step further.

Not only will the system recognize real world objects, but it will also assess and predict their behaviour e.g. it would recognize cars and the direction in which they are moving, overlaying this on the display and alerting users of threats or obstacles.

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Anti-Google bundling case could help Microsoft


Reuters reports that a new anti-trust case against Google could help Microsoft.

Google is currently being sued in California federal court, being accused of forcing companies like  Samsung to only use Google’s apps as default and restrict competing apps like Microsoft’s Bing search on Android phones.

Microsoft is not a plaintiff in the case, but could benefit from the discovery phase, which could expose details of Google’s negotiations with OEMs.

During discovery the complainant’s solicitors will be able to delve into internal Google emails and contracts with smartphone companies, and could interview Google executives under oath, said Steve Berman, who represents the consumers.

"I’m confident we will get into juicy stuff, and I think that will up the pressure on Google as some of the material we discover becomes public," he said.

The main issue for U.S. courts will be whether Android and mobile services like search are "technically separate, or tied in ways that impedes competition for consumers," said Michael Cusumano, a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Cusumano said the U.S. class action could hurt Google if a judge finds that it improperly pushes its mapping and location services, which is embedded across the Android system.

It’s "kind of a Pandora’s Box to look inside what Google does, and the relationship it has with all these smartphone and handset manufacturers," he said.

The information discovered could help Microsoft in Europe, where they and a coalition of other companies have filed a complaint with European antitrust regulators over some of the same issues in the U.S. lawsuit.

Google apps "are widely used on Android by requiring default placement and other mechanisms for disadvantaging competing apps," the companies said in a summary of their complaint.

That case has not yet proceeded to a formal investigation.

Android currently has 81% smartphone market share according to IDC, a dominant position which could easily confer on Google additional anti-trust responsibilities.

Read more at Yahoo.com here.

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“Something Amazing coming” Microsofter laid off with his McLaren

We all suspected that the “something amazing” which Jerry Berg AKA  Barnacules Nerdgasm, Senior Software Development Engineer in Test at Microsoft claimed was coming was the 3D Touch feature in the Nokia McLaren.

Now with the device apparently cancelled it seems there is no need for Jerry either.


Jerry posted on Twitter that he was one of the 18,000  staff members which Microsoft will be laying off over the next year, with his termination in effect immediately.

Jerry was worked at Microsoft for some time, and puts a face on the large number of people affected.

We hope while Microsoft is trimming the fat they are also not cutting into the bone and muscle they need to keep moving fast in the very competitive mobile environment.

We of course wish Jerry and all Microsoft staff who facing termination the best of luck in their future endeavours and hope their next position is even more rewarding.

Microsoft To End Nokia X, Asha And Series 40 Phone Development, Might Spin Off MixRadio And Xpress Browser

Microsoft MixRadio Windows Phone

We have got some good and bad news for you from Jo Harlow’s internal memo to former Nokia employees, that is Microsoft Mobile division. First, Microsoft is completely stopping the development of Nokia X, Nokia Asha and Nokia S40 device development. All these projects will be in maintenance mode before reaching the end of life in 2016. The good news is that Microsoft will be laser focused on Windows Phone development from now on. Second, our beloved Nokia MixRadio and mildly popular Xpress browser teams might become a spin-off of Microsoft or they might be sold to other companies. Currently, even though there is no solid plans, Microsoft is evaluating them.

For now, just keep in mind that Microsoft’s flagship engineering efforts are now towards new flagship products timed with the next release of Windows and Windows Phone.
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Great Value: EE UK Selling Nokia Lumia 930 For £349.99 Without Contract

Nokia Lumia 930 EE UK

EE UK is now selling the Microsoft flagship device Lumia 930 for £349.99 without any contract. However, you need to top up for £10 to start using the device. Nokia Lumia 930 comes with a 5″ full HD curved screen, Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal memory, 20MP PureView camera with four high performance microphones and Dolby 5.1 surround support and more. I think £349.99 for a new flagship device will offer great value for customers. Hopefully, this aggressive pricing will result in more sales!

Check out the listing here.

Microsoft Mobile says WP8.1 Developer Preview users may need to downgrade to WP8 before getting Cyan: Update -only when bricked


Up till this point we have expected the millions of WP8.1 Developer Preview users to simply update to WP8.1 Final + Nokia Cyan without needing to make any special effort.

Now, according to a post on Nokia Conversations, it seems things may get a bit complicated.

At the bottom of the page Microsoft says:

If you are registered to Windows Phone Developer Preview Program, you might need to use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to return your Lumia to a normal commercial software before downloading the Lumia Cyan update. More information about the tool can be found here.

The information is less than clear.  Will all WP8.1 DP users have to downgrade (and potentially lose some data) or is there some way to know if you are affected.

Some are speculating that only bitlocker users are affected, but there is no proof either way.

The news is somewhat of a disappointment, and we hope Microsoft clarifies more over the next week.



Andrew Wigley, Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, has tweeted that only those who’s handsets are affected ie stuck in the reset loop or with the bitlocker problem, need to flash back to the old WP8 firmware.  The update should still come to regular WP8.1 DP handsets when Microsoft resumes the roll-out without having to reflash. In short, unless you are having problems, continue waiting for the update notification.

Stephen Elop Details The Upcoming Changes In The Microsoft Devices Group After Layoffs


Microsoft today announced their plans to reduce their workforce by 18,000 employees as part of their on going integration from the acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services unit. Microsoft Devices group is the major division that will be affected by this announcement. Microsoft Devices head Stephen Elop today detailed the upcoming changes in his group. Stephen Elop said that the role of phones within Microsoft is different than it was within Nokia. While the hardware business of phones within Nokia was an end unto itself, within Microsoft, these devices are intended to embody the finest of Microsoft’s digital work and digital life experiences, while accruing value to Microsoft’s overall strategy.

Here is the summary of the changes,

  • Microsoft will focus on Windows Phone devices. In the near term, they are planning to drive Windows Phone volume by targeting the more affordable smartphone segments.
  • Planning to deliver additional lower-cost Lumia devices by shifting select future Nokia X designs and products to Windows Phone devices
  • In the high end, Microsoft will focus on delivering great breakthrough products in alignment with major milestones ahead from both the Windows team and the Applications and Services Group.

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Microsoft Is Planning To Shift Select Nokia X Devices To Become Lumia Windows Phone Devices

Nokia Lumia X

Microsoft today revealed their plans to reduce their workforce by over 18,000 by next year. Speaking about the Nokia Devices and Services integration synergies and strategic alignment, Satya Nadella spoke about Microsoft’s strategic direction in the mobile division.

Microsoft will continue to focus on the higher price tiers, with focus on breakthrough innovation that expresses and enlivens Microsoft’s digital work and digital life experiences. In addition to that, Satya revealed that Microsoft is planning to shift select Nokia X product designs to become Lumia products running Windows. Satya said, “This builds on our success in the affordable smartphone space and aligns with our focus on Windows Universal Apps.”

It is not clear how Microsoft is going to do execute this plan. May be a Lumia X device that can run both universal Windows apps and Android (AOSP) apps?

via: MS-news

Microsoft halts WP8.1 update roll-out to those using WP8.1 Developer Preview

bitlocker header

Its the scenario which those who updated their phones early to the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview most feared  – that it will be a one-way route which will leave them stranded with a version of Windows Phone 8.1 which was not quite the version of WP8.1 everyone else had.

Due to the issues some Windows Phone 8 users who use Bitlocker has had upgrading to WP8.1 Microsoft has halted the roll-out of the software update to WP8.1 Developer Preview users.

In a statement given to WPC they said:

“We are currently investigating the issue. We have paused delivery of the update to customers using the Preview for Developers, and will resume once a fix is in place. Customers whose phones have been affected should use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to return your Lumia to a normal commercial software state before downloading the Lumia Cyan update.”

It seems, for now at least, either WP8.1 DP users wait for Microsoft to issue a fix and resume the roll-out, or they could use Nokia’s Software Recovery Tool to get back to WP8 and then update the usual way to WP8.1. Depending on their apps and settings this may involve some data loss.

Of course I think for most users this is a moot issue – WP8.1 has only rolled out to the NL 625 and 925, so the majority of devices are, like DP users, still waiting also, and hopefully Microsoft will fix the issue sooner rather than later.

If however you have a 625 and 925 and should be getting the update, but did not due to being on WP8.1 DP, see a guide for using Nokia Software Recovery Tool after the break.

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Blackberry Announces Cortana Competitor, BlackBerry Assistant

Blackberry Assistant

As all the major smartphone OS vendors Microsoft, Google and Apple have come up with their own version of digital assistants, Blackberry too has now joined the party by announcing Blackberry Assistant. As you can see in the image above, the logo looks similar to how Cortana is depicted in Windows Phone 8.1. As far as the functionality is concerned, it does all the actions which you expect from a modern day digital assistant.

I spend a lot of time behind the wheel and am often switching between multiple vehicles. Having an app that’s designed to be compatible with any Bluetooth device is key for vehicle safety. Just this week, I used it to remind me about a car appointment, a vet appointment and my anniversary. Then, it helped me send an ever-so-romantic BBM note from the car on my way home (all hands-free, of course). It was also my go-to when I needed to find the lyrics to “Soft Kitty”.   Continue reading

Microsoft Talks About The Evolution Of Cortana And Building A Better Digital Assistant

At Microsoft Faculty Research Summit 2014, Microsoft discussed about developing the Cortana digital assitant for Windows Phone devices. Mike Calcagno, General Manager, Bing Experiences, Microsoft, and Larry Heck, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft Research discussed the evolution of Cortana and building a better digital assistant on stage. Watch the video above.