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Starbucks Finder: the highest rated Starbucks app in the marketplace just got better

Windows Phone Starbucks Finder Mobile Payment with Starbucks Card Windows Phone Starbucks Finder Manage Starbucks card Windows Phone Starbucks Finder Map Page

We have a confession to make. We will forever be hopeless Starbucks addicts… and we also love Windows Phone.

We saw the need for a metro-style Starbucks app in the marketplace with essentials that every Starbucks lover would want: mobile payment and finding the open stores nearest you.

So, we crafted (with all the care that a Starbucks barista puts into your favorite drink) Starbucks Finder for all the other WP7 users out there. And, best of all… it’s free.  We hope you check it out and spread the word.  Happy Starbucks finding!

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Mobile innovation in an unlikely place


When one thinks of third world countries, one pictures starving children, civil wars or dire economic conditions just to name a few. Interestingly, a different image sprung in my mind with the news a week or so ago about certain Google (third party contractors) poaching business from a Kenyan startup Mocality. I instead recalled a post I had read sometime back in regards to the rapid growth of mobile device usage in that country. From the article, Africa Might Just Skip the Entire PC Revolution

Earlier this year, the Chinese firm Huawei unveiled IDEOS through Kenya’s telecom titan, Safaricom. So far, this $80 smartphone has found its way into the hands of 350,000+ Kenyans, an impressive sales number in a country where 40% of the population lives on less than two dollars a day.

The country has an approximate population of 41 million with an outstanding 26.5 million mobile phone users in contrast to mere 355,493 fixed line customers!

With consumers here in the US bombarded with ads touting 4G LTE as the panacea for all our data hungry app cravings, nobody here in their right might would think that the good old SMS technology could be used for more than text messaging.

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, facing the prospects of serving a large subscriber base living on a limited disposable income, the country’s largest carriers have come up with solutions that give their customers the best value for their money.

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Luup develops mobile payment authorization solution based on Windows Phone 7

Press Release: Mobile payments solutions provider Luup has joined forces with Microsoft to showcase an industry first: the newly-launched Luup Mobile Remote Authorisations product, which is interactively demoed on the Windows Phone 7.

Workforce mobility means that employees increasingly rely on smartphones to keep on top of workflows. Be it purchase orders, travel or budget requests, payment runs, budget reconciliations or cash replacement solutions, the Luup product enables authorisations to take place remotely by multiple peer or hierarchical signatories at different locations, all within seconds via a mobile device.

Such innovation is set to bring even greater operational changes than the electronic channel brought. Financial institutions and their corporate customers will benefit from revenue generation and cost reduction opportunities across multiple business areas.

"Corporate payments innovations are gaining considerable momentum at Sibos and our collaboration with Luup is a natural step as Microsoft expands in the payments integration market," said Karen Cone, general manager of Worldwide Financial Services at Microsoft. "Luup’s solutions offer sophisticated workflow management tools and directly increase efficiencies in banking operations and treasury functions. Microsoft BizTalk Server is a core-part of Luup’s banking-grade platform, delivering complex business process mapping, enabling integration with mission-critical core banking and treasury systems."

Luup specialises in providing banking-grade mobile payments managed services for financial institutions and their corporate customers. In addition to Microsoft components, Luup is integrating TEMENOS T24 core-banking components for a banking-grade overall service and streamlined integration with core banking systems.

"The new product is part of the Luup Mobile Corporate Banking Solution," explained Georg Fasching, VP of Products & Solutions. "We innovate to address the many pain-points our customer segments currently face. With leading technology and customer-centric features, such as reliability, ease of use, scalability and banking-grade security we are able to bring new solutions to the financial community."

For further information visit www.luup.com.


While Microsoft has insisted a few months ago that Windows Mobile 6.5 would remain their enterprise solution in the medium term, it seems that has all been forgotten, with Microsoft continuing to push increasingly for role for Windows phone 7 in enterprise, which in fact is a much less confusing, and likely more successful strategy than their two OS strategy so far.

AT&T and Apriva turns your Windows Mobile cell phone into a sell phone

Apriva, a leading wireless transactions and secure information solutions provider, has announced the availability of two wireless Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions designed specifically to serve the needs of mobile merchants. AprivaPayâ„¢ is a browser-based application that allows businesses to directly process credit card transactions through web-enabled mobile phones. AprivaPayâ„¢ Professional is a smartphone application that enables merchants to seamlessly transform their devices into full-featured credit card processing terminals.

"Customers expect to pay for purchases in the method most convenient for them, regardless if they are in a store, at home, or at a remote site. More often than not, this translates into card-based payments," explains Bill Clark, executive vice president, North America, of Apriva’s Point of Sale division. "AprivaPay and AprivaPay Professional continue Apriva’s longstanding ability to give merchants a simple and reliable method to accept and process credit card transactions in the field. Our latest solutions are easy to access, easy to use, and adhere to the strictest security standards in the industry. Most importantly, they allow mobile merchants to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, and enhance customer service."

AprivaPay Professional is a robust solution that turns any compatible smartphone into a credit card terminal. By downloading Apriva’s secure transaction processing software onto their device, mobile merchants can leverage the same functionality as any traditional credit card processing terminal. Merchants also can combine the AprivaPay Professional software with an optional printer/magnetic strip reader, giving businesses a unique low-cost alternative to the standalone credit card terminals currently on the market. AprivaPay Professional customers can even process transactions when they do not have network connectivity by securely storing encrypted transactional data and generating authorizations once network coverage resumes.

"Our research indicates that a growing number of businesses are interested in a cost-effective tool to process credit card payments through their mobile phones," says Vikrant Gandhi, an analyst with Frost & Sullivan. "AprivaPay and AprivaPay Professional offer a reliable, secure, and comprehensive solution for businesses that can benefit from processing credit card payments in the field. These solutions offer a strategic fit to merchants who see remote credit card processing capabilities as an important element to grow their businesses."

Apriva has offered a wide array of mobile payment devices, including the VeriFone line of wireless transaction terminals, for many years.

Michael Antieri, president of advanced enterprise services for AT&T, said that the service will allow small businesses to create virtual storefronts while in the field rather than rely on later billing or processing checks. “Sales increase when small businesses accept payment cards,” Antieri said in a statement. “And given that an overwhelming majority of small businesses use smartphones, offering a mobile application that ties together payment cards and smartphones makes perfect sense.”

AprivaPay and AprivaPay Professional are available through Apriva’s nationwide network of partners, including most leading banks, merchant acquirers, credit card processors and independent sales organizations (ISOs.) AT&T is offering the browser-based service for $15 a month and the Windows Mobile native app service for $20 a month.  To learn more, visit www.aprivapay.com

Via Computerworld and Connectedplanetoline.com