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Download free unlimited musics with SoundClouda after a big UI redesign!

SoundClouda which is a third-party app for social network of music, SoundCloud, has a new look after a complete redesign!

Now everything is well organized. By heading to the app, you will see a list of hot trending musics. It’s exactly the same as SoundCloud list of trending musics on their website. A full list of 50 different genre is on the next page. Every category has a list of hottest and latest musics and makes it easy to browse and find your favorite songs.

If you like a song, you can own it by downloading it directly to your phone. There are no restrictions, it’s completely free and unlimited. You also can make online playlists, so it’ll be easy to access them on your other devices.

SoundClouda after the latest update, has a transparent tile which looks very nice on Windows Phone 8.1!

You can download it from Windows Phone Store here

SoundClouda qr

Agile Metronome is Back – and Amazingly Accurate

Almost three years ago I published my first Windows Phone 7.0 app – Agile Metronome. It was one of the first metronomes on the platform and quickly became the most downloaded one. It had two nice – while not very metro – graphical themes, ability to set the tempo by tapping on the circle and was reasonably accurate.

Agile Metronome Classic Theme Agile Metronome Sky Theme

Then something had happened – Microsoft released Windows Phone 7.5 aka Mango. It was a legendary system update with great new features, but at the same time it broke both my popular apps – Accurate Tuner and Agile Metronome. I‘ve resolved the more pressing Accurate Tuner issue and described it on my blog (part 1, part 2), but the metronome was broken too. Distribution of system events in Mango was less regular and predictable than in WP 7.0 and the metronome started to tick irregularly.

I wasn’t able to dedicate time to fix it back then, so the metronome started to accumulate low-star reviews and after some time I pulled it from the Marketplace.

Now, it’s back! Last week, Microsoft chose Accurate Tuner Pro for Red Stripe Deals and it motivated me to revamp the internals of Agile Metronome. I haven’t make changes to its design yet and I agree that it is not modern at all. But it’s very accurate now – probably the most accurate metronome in the Store.

Agile Metronome DownloadDespite the heavy animations, it approaches 0.001 sec. accuracy on faster WP 8.0 multi-core devices. Its accuracy on single-core WP 7.8 devices is less stellar, but it is still usable. Just the first generation WP 7.0 devices with 1.0 GHz Snappdragon S1 with Scorpion core and Adreno 200 (Samsung Focus anyone?) and Lumia 610 may stumble.

In the coming weeks I plan to add simpler, more battery-friendly and more mature graphic themes, in addition to other improvements.

Agile Metronome Beta was among the first apps using AdDuplex network:

Agile Metronome Beta was among the first apps using AdDuplex network

Get Agile Metronome from the Store for free.

Nokia MixRadio Website And Mix Sharing Now Available For India

Nokia MixRadio India

Nokia MixRadio website and Mix sharing was previously not available for Indian users even though they can enjoy this service via Nokia devices. Today, Nokia finally fixed this issue and both Nokia MixRadio Website and Mix Sharing are now available to Indian users.

How to use this feature?

1) Go to Nokia MixRadio on your Nokia device.

2) Listen to some mixes.

3) There is share button on the top right, tap it.

4) Share that link to friends on Twitter, Facebook, etc,.

5) When your friend click it, the Mix will be opened in a beautiful web UI and he can even listen to a preview of the tracks.

via: Paul


Report: Nokia MixRadio Coming To China This Week

Nokia MixRadio Windows Phone

A new report today claims that Nokia MixRadio will become the first global music streaming service to launch in China. Let it launches in the world’s market this week.

More than 80% of internet users in China – 500 million people – access the net through a mobile device, making it the largest global market for music streaming. Nokia MixRadio is available in 31 countries.

By comparison, Pandora is available in three countries, with the an audience of 150 million and Apple’s iRadio is available in two countries with 20 million users.

By 2015, internet users in China are likely to account for almost a quarter of the total global user base. Nokia MixRadio has hired influential Chinese musicians including Khalil Fong, Tia Ray and DJ Wordy to curate playlists of the local music.

Source: UT.com nf


Official Ampya music streaming app coming to Windows Phone this year

Screenshot (8)

Ampya, a German music streaming service owned by the TV channel group Sat1/Pro7 AG has once again  confirmed  an app for Windows Phone is on the way. The last time we asked we only got a confirmation that an app is being planned, but this time we even got a release date, kind of.

The official Twitter page of Ampya, @ampya, said the app will come this year, but unfortunately only in the 3rd quarter. This is quite a long time considering they needed about a year for the development. However, it is good to hear the plans have not been dropped and the app is still coming.

Also in Germany we have a saying: What takes longer will become even better. Let’s just hope this will apply to that app as well…

Are out German readers already excited about the Ampya app? Let us know below!

Spotify Acquires The Echo Nest, The Company Behind Nokia MixRadio And Xbox Music Radio

The Echo Nest Microsoft Nokia

Spotify today announced that it has acquired one of the largest music data company The Echo Nest. The Echo Nest provides music data solutions such as recommendation, playlisting, etc, to various companies including Nokia MixRadio and Microsoft’s Xbox Music.

Last year, Nokia and The Echo Nest announced a deal that enabled Echo Nest’s Music Discovery and Personalization solution in the Nokia MixRadio app, to be pre-installed on all Nokia Windows Phones. MixRadio’s primary feature Play Me, powered by The Echo Nest, and it provides one-tap access to a personalized streaming radio station based on each user’s artist radio stations, the songs they play, skip, or favorite, and everything else they do with music on their phones.

Not only that, but it can also scan the user’s desktop and mobile music collections for any music stored there too. All of this data funnels into their Echo Nest-powered Taste Profile, a unique understanding of each user’s taste(s) in music. We combine that detailed (anonymous) behavioral analysis with our understanding of the entire world of music, including the relationships between over 35 million songs by over 2.5 million artists in over 700 genres — all part of the largest database about music in the world.

Even though The Echo Nest will honor all its contractual agreements, the future of MixRadio and Xbox Music’s Radio feature remains a big question. Hopefully, Nokia and Microsoft can find a better partner soon.

DubStep Pad v1.5 For Windows Phone With New Features

DubStep Pad record DubStep Pad edit DubStep Pad Editing

After leaving DubStep Pad for Windows Phone, it fell into the top free apps in many countries. For 20 days the number of users are exceeding 250,000 people.
The first version had a little functionality. The new version 1.5 added new features.

qr code dubstep padDubStep Pad 1.5 features include

  • Live Tiles
  • Some new packs with samples
  • Ability to change the samples (volume, pitch)
  • Record track
  • Playlist
  • Fixed bugs

In the settings you can now also download the starter pack if you suddenly changed the samples and immediately want to return as it was.

Download from the Marketplace here or use the QR Code.

An update for SoundClone. Find and download your favorite sounds without any charge!

SoundClone ScreenshotSoundClone Screenshot 2

An update just released for SoundClone. If you are unaware of what it is for, It’s an app for the famous soundcloud service. Find and download your favorite musics and podcasts, follow some songwriters and news channels, all for free without any charge.

In this update, you can manage your downloads in a more advanced way.It will start downloading as soon as possible and you don’t need to stay on the app. sound cloud service recently introduced a new category page with more items, now you can have it in the app too! You can find the latest musics or hottest ones in 53 different categories. there are much more new features, give it a try.QR

Your idea about the app is appreciated. Please contact me for feature requests and bug reports. You can follow me on twitter @algihuni

Download SoundClone

DubStep Pad your musical instrument

DubStep Pad record DubStep Pad play DubStep Pad playlist

If you like to create your own music, the application DubStep Pad for you. This application is very simple to use. If you want to record your music, then press the Record button, and once finished, click Play.
During playback of your track, you can still play a little. And if you take two phones, you can play in the company of friends.

qr code dubstep padDubStep Pad features include

  • Live Tiles
  • 12 different sounds
  • Record track
  • Playlist

In the settings you can enable or disable looping sounds, as well as provide for the inclusion of the lock screen.

Download from the Marketplace here or use the QR Code.

Beats Music App Coming To Windows Phone Devices On Friday


Beats Music app was launched today on iOS, Android platforms as announced earlier and their official app for Windows Phone devices is coming on Friday(Jan 24th). Beasts Music executive confirmed this via a Twitter reply. Similar to Xbox Music, Spotify and others, Beats Music is streaming service but it with more human touch. It is trying to combine the best music experts and technology to always deliver you the right music at the right time. You will have access to over 20 million songs, from every genre and you can either listen instantly or save to your device to listen to offline.


When you’re not sure what to play, lean on us. Here are just a few features that’ll make it easy for you:

JUST FOR YOU Your first stop for music that’s right for you. A mix of albums and playlists that have been handpicked by our music experts are always ready and waiting for you.

THE SENTENCE Make your mix. Change the sentence up to match how you’re feeling or what you’re doing and who you’re with.

HIGHLIGHTS Discover what’s happening in the world of music. Quick access to what’s worth checking out, even if it’s not on your radar.

FIND IT When you’re not quite sure what to listen to, reach for the perfect playlist here. Choose a genre, activity, or curator and we’ll do the rest.

SHARE Get a following by sharing your favorite tracks, albums and playlists with your friends on Beats Music, Facebook and Twitter.

There’s tons more waiting for you. Just open the app and hit play.

Beats Music is a subscription service for $9.99 a month with a free trial for 7 days. There is also a free trial up to 3 months for AT&T users. Make sure to check out the app when it releases later this week. While discussing about Beats Music, we should not forgot Nokia MixRadio which is also focusing on bringing best music experience to users. It has mixes put together by their team of global music experts – as well as by some of the world’s most popular stars like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Above & Beyond. If Nokia Music goes into Microsoft as part of the acquisition, Xbox Music might have a huge advantage. What do you think?

via: WPCentral

NOW thats what I call Music App now in the Windows Phone Store

The official “NOW that’s what I call music” app by the company of the same name is now in the Windows Phone Store.

The long-running compilation service, which dates back to 1983, lets users stay up to date with the latest pop and chart music and also browse the archives all the way to the start.

The app includes the full track list of every album ever released, plus previews of the track, and lets you share and buy any track directly from Xbox Music.

You can also check out the latest NOW Charts, including the weekly NOW Top 20 and can also tune into NOW Music TV on the go straight from the app!

The app features:

  • Discover the Full NOW Archive
  • Tune into NOW Music TV
  • Stay up-to-date with pop and chart music
  • Download the latest NOW albums and tracks from Xbox Music
  • Search through the artist archive
  • Weekly NOW charts

Download the app for free from the Windows Phone Store here.

The Christmas App is here!

Screenshot2 Screenshot3

Looking to get into the Christmas spirit? Want to know how many days left until Santa arrives? Look no further! Entertain your children and yourselves with short Christmas stories and Christmas music, Christmas poems, and even Christmas recipes to create some delicious treats for your friends and family! There’s even a virtual mistletoe! On Christmas day, Santa arrives to deliver gifts so make sure you open it up on Christmas!

What’s included:QR Code

  • Christmas countdown
  • Christmas stories
  • Christmas poems
  • Christmas music videos
  • Christmas recipes
  • Virtual mistletoe

The app is free and with minimal ads; you can download it here directly from the Windows Phone Marketplace!

SoundClone, your SoundCloud client for Windows Phone!

IconSoundCloud is a well-known audio sharing platform which enables you to share your audios and follow your favorite artists.

QRSoundClone is a fresh new client for SoundCloud. You can search for musics, follow artists, like your favorite tracks, and of course, listen to musics. It has a simple, well-designed UX which makes hearing the world’s sounds a fun.

It’s still in beta stage, but more features are coming!

It’s absolutely free without any ads! Get it in the Windows Phone store here.