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ZTE Orbit previewed

orbitspecsPocketnow have posted this brief look at the ZTE Orbit, ZTE’s new low-end Windows Phone.

According to the information leaflet the phone is said to run Tango 2, which is said to be the version of Tango without the 256 MB limitations.  Again according to the information leaflet (but not the actual device) the handset has 512 MB RAM and a 1Ghz processor, which of course elevates it above the Nokia Lumia 610, with its 800 Mhz processor and 256 MB RAM. 

On the other hand the Lumia 610 has 8 GB of storage while the ZTE Orbit only has 4 GB, like the ZTE Tania.

The built quality is said to be somewhat less polished, with a plasticky feel, and the screen is said to have a poor viewing angle, much like the ZTE Tania.

Of course the handset is said to have a feature not present in even high end windows phones – NFC, though no-one has seen this implemented yet.

It seems in the search for a low-end Windows Phone the choice will remain pretty complicated.

Nokia Drive 3 will learn your commute, offer Live traffic updates and re-routing (video)

Nokia has just announced their Nokia Drive 2.0 update, but version 3 is already in the works and was shown off to the Verge at MWC 2012.

The new version of the software will be able to learn your daily commute automatically, and provide free traffic updates, which can be used to do automatic route calculations based on accidents, delays and other traffic information.

We do not know yet when the update will be coming, but it should not be too many months.

Via The Verge

Nokia Reading app demoed

The Verge have posted this video demo of Nokia’s Reading app. It appears to be pretty full featured and offers Live Tiles, Pinning books and feeds and off-line support.

Nokia Reading will be available for Nokia Lumia handsets from April. The service is initially launching in six markets (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia) with more to follow.

Most interesting is the ability to purchase books from inside the app, but it is still not clear where the content is coming from, what the size of the library is and how in-app purchasing will work.

It is however an interesting move into providing a full-fledged ecosystem as one finds on iOS at present, and hopefully we will have more detail to share about it shortly.

No LG Windows Phones being announced at MWC 2012

In an interview with AllthingsD LG’s smartphone unit leader Ramchan Woo has said the Korean company will only be concentrating on Android handsets at Mobile World Congress this year.

The company was expected to show its LG Fantasy Windows Phone which has been leaked on numerous occasions earlier.

He complained that LG’s Windows Phones had sold slower than expected, but additional models were in the works.

Saying demand for new Windows Phones varied by operator, he continued:“Some operators, they ask (for) Windows Phone to balance Android; however, the others, they are (still) figuring out how to sell Windows.”

LG only sells around 10% of Windows Phones, and one of the reasons has been their uninspiring designs.

“We admit last year we were kind of behind,” Woo told AllThingsD.

The company claims however to have solved the issue, and now claims better battery life, better displays and thinner designs than rivals.

Hopefully these advances will also translate to their Windows Phones when they do eventually hit the market.

Via AllthingsD.com

Nokia Live Streaming MWC 2012 announcement

imageNokia is expected to announce two new Windows Phones at Mobile World Congress tomorrow, the Nokia Lumia 900 for the rest of the world and the Nokia Lumia 610 for emerging markets.

The press conference will be hosted by Stephen Elop and Nokia is promising significant industry news.

Nokia will be streaming the hour-long announcement at www.nokia.com/mwc from 8:30 Central European Time (7:30 GMT  UK time, 2:30 am EST New York time).

Keep an eye on WMPoweruser.com for a recap and analysis of any news emerging from the event.

More Nokia Lumia 610 pictures leaked


Pocketnow have added to the Nokia Lumia 610 spillage by leaking 4 new renders of the handset, in white, black, magenta and cyan.  The handset will supposedly be available in these colours, and Pocketnow expects will have a 5 megapixel camera, contrary to the rumours of a 3 megapixel version.

Earlier rumours have pegged the screen at 3.2 inches, which is pretty small for a 800×480 screen, resulting in speculations that the device may have a HVGA resolution.

Nokia is having a presentation tomorrow at 8:30 CET which should lay all speculation to rest.

Via Pocketnow.com

Reuters sources confirm Nokia Lumia 610 and Global 900 for MWC

Reuters is claiming to have two sources who confirm Nokia is set to unveil a low-end Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 610, and also a global version of  the previously shown Nokia Lumia 900.

The handsets are expected to be shown off at Mobile World Congress 2012 starting on the 27th February.

The low-cost handset is expected to be key in winning more volume in more cost-sensitive regions such as China and other emerging markets.

With a picture of the Nokia N8 successor leaking out confirming it is running Symbian, there is not expected to be any other major Windows Phone announcements from the company next week.

Read more at Reuters here.

Nokia 601 may be a super-cheap Pay as You Go Windows Phone

Nokia-Lumia-601Techradar reports that their sources have confirmed Nokia will be showing a “budget” Windows Phone at "Mobile World Congress 2012 which will be “be priced very aggressively in UK shops.”

The phone is expected to run the low-end Tango version of Windows Phone, which we write about here, and may cost as little as £100 unlocked.

The Nokia 601 has been rumoured for some time now and according to this Pocketnow render may have an 8 megapixel camera, which may be the “unusual software feature normally found only on high-end smartphones” which Forbes spoke about a few days ago.  That is of course if the unnamed supplied did not know their software from their hardware.

We have speculated before that price point is one of Nokia’s main differentiating features. Do our readers think this is the best approach to get Windows Phone volume? Let us know below.

Via LiveSide.net

More high quality LG Miracle pictures leaked

LGFantasy1 gsmarena_003 LGFantasy2

Some more pictures of the LG Miracle has shown up on a Romanian website for sale.  The pictures have since been removed, but was accompanied by specs which still claimed NFC support for the 1 Ghz handset.

The handset was labelled by its older name, the LG Fantasy E740, and appears reassuringly stylish and thin with a bright screen. In the pictures the front facing VGA camera is now also clearly visible.

The device is still expected to arrive in the first half of the year and may be announced at Mobile World Congress 2012.

See more pictures at GSMArena here.

Via Pocketnow.com

Samsung not having a press conference at MWC 2012: Its exciting products not to be very exciting?

Samsung has confirmed to PCMag that while they will have a presence at Mobile World Congress 2012 they will not be hosting a press conference there.

In a statement last week however they still said:

"Samsung is looking forward to introducing and demonstrating exciting new mobile products at Mobile World Congress 2012."

The company has confirmed it will not be announcing its new Galaxy S III handset there, and there has been a rumour that they may announce a high end Windows Phone for Europe there.

Without a press conference this seems somewhat unlikely, but still not impossible.

Are our readers still holding out for a high end Samsung Windows Phone for Europe? Let us know below.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

Forbes: Nokia to unveil a new handset at MWC 2012, identity unknown

Forbes is claiming that a Nokia partner has inadvertently revealed Nokia will be announcing a new handset at Mobile World Congress 2012, starting on the 27th February.

The OS running the handset has not been verified, with it either potentially being a European version of the Nokia Lumia 900 or the last hurrah of Symbian, with a successor of the Nokia N8 running the older OS.

The supplier was only able to provide one further detail: The handset offered ”an unusual software feature normally found only on high-end smartphones.”

What do our readers think? A new Windows Phone or an old Symbian phone? Let us know below.

Via Forbes.com

Samsung may concentrate on Windows Phone at MWC 2012

There is a rumour that Samsung will not unveil the successor to their flagship range, the Samsung Galaxy III, at Mobile World Congress 2012, out of deference for the US market, which tend to get handsets much later than Europe.

The Verge notes it is possible then will spend more time on tablets and also Windows Phones at the conference, possibly in conjunction with a Microsoft announcement.

There have been rumours of a high end Samsung Windows Phone coming to the European market, which so far has had to make do with the mid-range Samsung Omnia W. MWC 2012 would of course be the perfect place to announce this.

Either way it looks to be an interesting few days in Barcelona in a month or so.

Nokia sends out Mobile World Congress 2012 invites


It was last 3 years ago that Nokia showed up at the biggest phone conference in the world.

With a range of exciting Windows Phones to show off however the Finnish company has made a return to the Spanish show. Nokia has sent out invitations for a press conference in Barcelona on February 27, from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. local time.

While Nokia will certainly show of their Lumia 800 and 710, it is also likely Nokia will be showing the European version of the Nokia Lumia 900, and there is a small chance a rumoured Nokia N8-style camera phone running windows phone will also make an appearance.

There is also a chance, if Microsoft unveils Windows Phone Tango there, that Nokia will show a range of devices with lower specs for less developed markets.

Is there anything our readers are looking forward to particularly? Let us know below.

Via CNET.com.