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Nokia the most mentioned brand at MWC 2013, Lumia a bigger brand than Windows Phone


It seems Nokia is rapidly Samsunging Windows Phone, with the vendor dominating the mobile OS to such an extent that the OS will soon become relatively irrelevant.

Media company Lissted did some analytics on the chatter on twitter during the 5 days of Mobile World Congress, looking at 7,260 tweets by 619 journalists, bloggers and analysts and 419 media outlet accounts tracked by Lissted that mentioned “MWC”, “MWC13”, “MWC2013” or “Mobile World Congress” during the week prior to the show and during the show itself (00.00 GMT-18/2/13 to 11.36 GMT-28/2/13).

The analysis found Nokia with its Lumia handsets virtually dominated coverage of the show, being ahead even of Samsung (who was not present at the event edit: who had a significant presence but did not launch any products there) and showed Nokia it can generate journalist excitement even with its low-end offerings.

This is of course good news and bodes well for the potential success of these handsets.

Less good news for Microsoft is that while Lumia clocked in at position 9, Windows only managed position 13, and Microsoft itself 50, showing a separation has occurred between the two brands.


Less one think this was only a MWC phenomena, a look at Google Search Trends show the Lumia brand quickly overtook Windows Phone, and that the search volume between the two has just separated more and more in time.

In many ways this is hardly surprising, with Microsoft doing much less promoting for Windows Phone than Nokia has for its Lumia brand.  It should however be a warning for Microsoft – Buyers are not picking up Lumias because they run Windows Phone, and were it nor for Nokia’s rather precarious financial position Nokia could as easily release an Android Lumia and buyers may not even blink.

See the full list of after the break.

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Nokia Music’s Windows 8 app shown at MWC 2013


We have so far only seen glimpses of Nokia Music’s Windows 8 app, but now Nokia has taken the wraps of the app at Mobile World Congress 2013.

The app supports the same curated and custom mixes as the Windows Phone app, and also has off-line support.  It supports showing lyrics next to the playing track, and comes in both Windows 8 and Windows RT flavours.

Unfortunately to use the app one needs to be a Music + subscriber, for $3.99, but at least this means unlimited skipping, as the app does not support choosing tracks directly.

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Nokia Mobile World Congress 2013 presentation being webcast tomorrow


Those who can not make it Barcelona tomorrow to see Nokia’s Mobile World Congress will still be able to see Nokia’s Lumia 520 and 720 presentations first hand, as it appears Nokia will be streaming the event directly.

The webcast will start at 8:30 CET, which is 7:30 GMT, or 23:30 PM PST the previous day.

See the page, which needs registration, here.

Thanks Sarkis for the tip.

More renders of the Nokia Lumia 520, Nokia Lumia 720 leak


evLeaks have done it again, tweeting some more marketing renders for the Nokia Lumia 520 and 720, this time of the back of the devices.

Above is the Nokia Lumia 720, and it is of note that the three mysterious holes are still there, which I think now resemble speaker holes more than anything else

After the break find pictures of the back of the Nokia Lumia 520 also, which it has been noted does not appear to have a flash.

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Nokia Lumia 520, 720 and other mystery Lumias show up in the wild


Alan Mendelevich, who runs Adduplex, which is an ad network on a large number of Windows Phone apps, has just tweeted some interesting findings from a look at his logs.

Apparently he discovered a number of Nokia Windows Phones in the wild. 

The list includes the Nokia RM-914 (Lumia 520), so presumably a very cheap low end Lumia, the RM-885 (Lumia 720), a presumed mid-range Lumia, and two other unidentified handsets, the RM-887(?) and RM-860(?) on Verizon.

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Nokia teasing a super-resolution camera on Facebook?

285348_10151244746372397_1257813591_nMyNokiablog has noticed this picture which Nokia uploaded to their Facebook page with the accompanying question:

Can you spot the guys ice fishing in front of Nokia HQ? ;-)

The question suggests that if you were able to zoom in far enough you would be.  MNB notes Nokia used a similar snowy scene to tease the Nokia 808 Pureview, and together with all of the other rumours we have been hearing suggests this is a tease for the Nokia EOS 42 megapixel Windows Phone to be announced at Mobile World Congress.

Are our readers taking the bait? Let us know below.

Update: Nokia has now stepped in and denied the rumour to MyNokiaBlog.  Thanks Prodigy1 for the info.


LG expected to announce a Windows Phone 8 range at Mobile World Congress 2013

OptimusLG was one of the first OEMs to jump aboard the Windows Phone bandwagon, but their devices were lacklustre, went largely unsupported and the company never released a second generation running Mango.

Now after having some success with Android the company is set to be back with a second try, and this time with handsets running Windows Phone 8.

The rumours of the company’s re-entry dates back to 3 weeks ago, when a senior executive of one of their partners told KoreaTimes:

We will release quite a number of new Optimus devices this year and LG also has some new smartphones in the works, that will run Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.

Now rumours are circling that LG will announce this range at Mobile World Congress.  In their teaser video they teased their coming MWC announcement with superlatives such as "Premium, Ultimate, Innovative, Powerful and Professional." Lets hope the company this time lives up to their promise.

See their MWC video teaser after the break.

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GSMA Introduces The NFC Experience For Mobile World Congress, iPhones need not apply

The GSMA have announced the NFC Experience at Mobile World Congress, an interactive experience through which exhibitors, vendors, and attendees use mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to exchange information and conduct transactions.

“We’re excited to launch the NFC Experience for Mobile World Congress, as it provides attendees to the event the opportunity to experience first-hand the power of NFC technology both throughout the Mobile World Congress venue, as well as in the city of Barcelona,” said Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMA. “We hope that all attendees will take advantage of the many benefits of NFC, from venue access to retail transactions to transport, among others.”

As part of the new NFC Experience at Mobile World Congress, the GSMA will showcase an integrated range of mobile NFC services. Attendees with NFC-enabled handsets will be able to take advantage of NFC technology at locations throughout the Fira Gran Via and in the city. NFC touch points will be abundant throughout Congress, rewarding those who ‘tap’ with instant access to information such as downloads on the conference sessions and keynotes, as well as information on restaurants and tourist attractions around Barcelona itself.

The NFC Experience features:

  • NFC Centre – A dedicated zone in the heart of Congress Square will be one of the key locations to visit and see NFC-enabled handsets and their capabilities as well as gaining information on the NFC ecosystem, NFC smart posters, NFC partner pods and a dedicated NFC support function;
  •  NFC Interactive Zones – More than a dozen NFC Interactive Zones will be located along the walkways, entrances and exhibition halls of Fira Gran Via. Comprising a series of linked smart posters, attendees can use their NFC-enabled handsets to access exhibitor directories, venue information, nearby conveniences and many other useful services offered during Mobile World Congress;
  • Barcelona City NFC Locations – Strategic NFC touch points will be available at the airport, key hotels, selected restaurants and central tourist locations and attendees can take a taxi and pay for goods in select shops with NFC; and
  • Virtual NFC Badge – During registration, attendees with NFC-enabled handsets (Android 4 and above or Windows Phone 8 operating system) can opt into the NFC Experience and get full show entry with it and their physical badge, but without the need to repeatedly present a physical photo ID to gain access to the venue.

An NFC-heavy Mobile World Congress will likely miff new iPhone 5 owners, especially after Apple famously called the technology “a solution to a problem that does not exist.”

Mobile World Congress will take place 25-28 February at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona.

Rumour: 41 Megapixel Pureview Nokia Lumia coming to Mobile World Congress


Well-known Italian smartphpne personality FLavio Pic has leaked some information about Nokia’s roadmap.

Apparently the company is planning to reveal Project EOS – a Nokia Lumia 920 with a 41 megapixel camera.

Also rumoured is the metal-bodied Nokia Lumia 920 which has earlier been leaked as Project Catwalk.

Flavio reckons as many as 6 Nokia Lumia phones will be released in the first half of 2013, but that the rumoured Nokia Windows RT tablet may have been shelved, as Nokia was planning to charge 799 Euro, while Asus has been having difficulty selling their equivalent tablet for only 499 Euro.  If market acceptance increase however it may still make it to the second half of 2013.

What do current Lumia 920 owners think about having their handsets superseded so quickly? If you have not got a Lumia 920 yet, will you be opting for the big bottom model or the sleeker 8.7 megapixel one? Let us know below.

Via WindowsPhonino.com