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Zinio offering $50 credit for their magazine catalogue on Windows Phone

Zinio recently brought  its catalogue of Digital Magazines to Nokia’s WP8 Lumia handsets exclusively.

The collection includes magazines like The Economist, New Scientist, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Maxim, Juxtapoz, ESPN the Magazine, GQ, Vogue, Elle and countless others.  zinioqr

The app allows one to download and read magazines and articles offline, and manage your archive of back issues, meaning it is the perfect accompaniment to a long plane flight

Now, to sweeten the deal,  Zinio is also offering a $50 magazine credit to jump start your library.

Click here to claim the credit. The deal ends June 30.

Zinio is Windows Phone 8 only and Nokia exclusive. Find  Zinio in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via the Windows blog

Popular iOS app 1TapPin coming to Windows Phone next week

1TapPin_WindowsPhone8_scr-01 1TapPin_WindowsPhone8_scr-02 1TapPin_WindowsPhone8_scr-04

iOS Developer house 1Tapps, who specialize in small, single-function apps, is bringing their first app to Windows Phone next week.

1TapPin is an app which allows users to easily record their location, useful for remembering where you parked, where that good restaurant is or how to get back to the entrance of the park when hiking.

Locations can be viewed as a list in the app, and can be annotated with notes and pictures, and locations can also be pinned to the start screen for quick access.

The app features:

  • Tap the app and it will geolocate
  • Autosave without interaction
  • Take a photo
  • Assign a name to the record
  • Automatic detection of the address via geolocation
  • List View
  • Map view

The app should hit the Windows Phone 8 store this Monday for 0.99 Euro with a free trial, and if successful should be followed by other apps from 1Tapp’s catalogue.

See a trailer for the app after the break.

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# 2InstaWithLove surprises with 5th filter–Smartshot

wp_ss_20130507_0001 wp_ss_20130507_0003


instaqrIt is still not clear what Nokia’s end game with #2InstawithLove is, but the Instagram tribute app is getting increasingly powerful, having just added a new photo filter, its 5th, Smartshot.

The new filter appears to apply a desaturation effect to pictures, and it is not exactly clear what is meant to be smart about it, but I think that can be said about most photo filters these days.

Find the app, which at its least is a decent free photo filter app,  in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via WindowsPhoneApps.es

Stephen Elop has eye on 10% market share, Blackberry’s 80 million users

In an interview with the Guardian Nokia CEO Stephen Elop revealed his short term ambition for Windows Phone, like ours, is to hit double digit market share, and that he would do this by going after Blackberry’s 80 million (in fact now 76 million) subscribers.

"When we think about the milestones along this journey we are very focused on first getting to a double-digit market share, talking about Windows Phone collectively," he said.

"This is an interesting time to reconsider what’s the next generation, and of course we’re looking at that as a real opportunity. It’s a moment, it’s a point of disruption."

Blackberry is at a particularly vulnerable point. With their next generation phone now in the market, but priced out of the reach of most of their customers, there is a very good chance Blackberry’s usage could see a further collapse.

"Virtually any [head of IT] out there today is probably thinking pretty hard about the investments they’ve made in a competing platform for business mobility," says Elop.

Stephen Elop did not expand on how long he thought it would take to reach more than 10% market share.

"It is about showing progress, strengthening the brand, improving the financials. It’s hard to predict what rate over what time."

Elop also insisted that with enough hard work even the Apple and Samsung duopoly could be broken. He questioned for example whether a handset like the Samsung Galaxy S 4, which is overloaded with features, was unassailable.

"It’s not a technology war, it’s about how we can make your life a little easier, a little faster, a little more creative. Engineering is more than just the number of megapixels."

Ecstatic fans mistake “massive line” for Ludacris for interest in Blackberry Z10


142962d1363952616t-massive-line-forms-blackberry-z10-new-york-img_00000132Today was launch day in USA for Windows Phone’s biggest competition for 3rd mobile ecosystem, but of course you could be forgiven for not knowing the Blackberry Z10 has just arrived, as the device landed in AT&T stores with hardly a ripple.

That did not stop a poster in the Crackberry forums from posting the above picture (presumably from the quality taken with a Blackberry) saying:

Massive line forms for the Blackberry Z10 in New York.

Looks like strong demand for the Z10 in yet another country!
BB10 Believe it!

After responses such as “Sweet” and “Unbelievable!!! With all the negative sentiment in the the US, I totally didn’t expect that!” it soon however turned out the queue, if there even was one, was in fact for an event put on by Blackberry in the Best Buy theatre featuring Ludacris and some other musicians (right, picture taken with a Z10).

Real interest in the Blackberry Z10 is probably best typified by this report from CNBC, which states:

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Analyst says only 1 million Windows Phones were sold in USA last year

imageAccording to mobile analysts Chetan Sarma only 1 million Windows Phones were sold in USA in the whole of 2012.

The item was part of their report on the US wireless ecosystem, in which they note smartphones were 84% of all phones sold in USA in Q4 2012, and that the iPhone accounted for 59% if all smartphone sales then.

If accurate it indicates what a small percentage of the total Windows Phone market USA is, with Gartner estimating  around 17 million Windows Phones sold in 2012, making USA only around 6% of the market.

Of course Nokia’s biggest ambition is to be successful in the US market, and with Windows Phones now available on 3 major carriers sales there may increase significantly, but one wonders if Microsoft should stop wasting their time introducing US-only features such as the Podcast support and spend more time serving their wider audience.

Via Telecompaper.com

Official DISQUS commenting app coming to Windows Phone

disqus-windows-phone-4-168x300 disqus-windows-phone-5-168x300 disqus-windows-phone-1-168x300

WindowsPhoneApps.es reports that DiSQUS, the website commenting people, are in the process of developing a Windows Phone app.

The app is currently in beta, and the site have posted some screen shots.

They report that it allows one to use almost all the functions of DISQUS, and was fast with a beautiful design and smoothly running.

For moderators the app will allow moderation, and those websites can be pinned to the start screen.

The app will feature a live tile and will be available for Windows Phone 7.x and 8.

No release date is available yet, but it sounds like it will be quite a handy app when it is released.

See more screen shots at WindowsPhoneApps.es here.

Bigfoot app easily converts your Windows Phone into a spycam



Bigfoot PictureShow is an app  that lets you build a photographic slideshow on the web by setting your phone to capture an image every x number of minutes.

The resulting pictures can be monitored remotely on the Bigfoot web page or you can share them with your friends. A link will be sent to your email address, which you can use to view the photographs in a slideshow.

The Bigfoot app can be used  to take interesting time-lapsed photographs, as a security camera, or even to capture bigfoot!

The app is free and can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Popular twitter client Mehdoh now free

Mehdoh-500x529The popular client, Mehdoh, normally $0.99, is now free on the Windows Pone Store.

The app for hardcore twitter users, supports multiple accounts, and also integrates with Soundcloud and Instagram, and has features like inline media support, and support for voice commands and the lock screen on Windows Phone 8.QRCode

The app is free only for a limited time, so if you have ever been interested before it may be a good idea to nab the app now.

Find it in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via Plaffo.com.

Official information on the sales date and cost of Huawei Ascend W1 in Russia

The Huawei Ascend W1 was expected to arrive in January in Russia, but it appears to have been delayed.  The official Huawei  Russia twitter account has now confirmed the handset is still on its way, and will hit the market in February.

They tweeted:

@HuaweiDeviceRus stirred up this morning, those looking for an inexpensive smartphone, the official announcement of the Huawei Ascend W1 in Russia – the first smartphone on Windows Phone 8. Home sales scheduled for February. The recommended price of Huawei Ascend W1 - 8990 rubles

8990 rubles is around $300, which is a pretty good price for a Windows Phone 8 handset. The smartphone will be available in blue, black and white casing.

Via WinPhoneLive.ru

Siri can’t do this! “Feed Reader” is Windows Phone 8′s killer speech app!

The latest “Feed Reader” update is now live with a few special new Windows Phone 8 Speech features.

Feed Reader is a Google Reader RSS news client app, with a built in Twitter Client and Podcast app.

You can now launch the hands free saying either “Feed Reader read news” or “Feed Reader read starred items”.  The app will automatically launch into your “all unread” news page and start reading your news.

Each title will be audibly read to you, it will then wait on you to give it a command such as saying “next” to go to the next item, “details” to read you the full article you are on, “star” to star an item, “mark unread”, “pocket” to send to Pocket, “Instapaper” to send the article to Instapaper or “help” to get a list of available commands.

This is great for hands free interaction especially in the car.  Check out this video of the app in action inside a car using Bluetooth above.

QRCodeA new update has already been submitted to the store with new speech recognition including the following commands:

  • next
  • previous
  • details
  • feed name
  • author
  • send to Pocket
  • send to Instapaper
  • star item
  • go back (to go back to previous page)
  • stop
  • exit app
  • help

Future updates planned with more speech support coming.

Feed Reader is $1.99 with a free version available and can be found here.

NatWest working on a Windows Phone banking app


While we often report on Windows Phone apps, UK readers would have felt acutely left out, as so far none of the big 4 banks offer Windows Phone apps.

The most amusing answer about the issue from RBC’s FAQ  is:

Is the Android phone the same as a Windows phone?

No, they are different types of phones. Currently, the RBC Mobile app does not run on Windows phones.

 We now however have some good news to report. According to Natwest’s twitter support they are currently working on a Windows Phone app to be released early next year.

Hopefully the move is in recognition of the strides Windows Phone has made in the UK market, and will be followed by support by the other UK banks also.

See the tweet here.

Thanks Northern Geek for the tip.