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Nielsen: Windows Phone finally grows in US, overtakes Blackberry


Windows Phone has been stuck on 2% of the smartphone installed base in US for ages, making it look like the one country where the OS just did not have any impact or even prospects at all.

It seems the latest quarter has finally seen some movement in this, according to Nielsen’s data, with Windows Phone now finally taking 3% of the market, seemingly at the expense of Blackberry, who dropped to 2% of the market.

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Latest US Nielsen smartphone data shows static market


There does not appear to be any movement in the US smartphone, as the latest Nielsen report continues to show in the 3 months ending October only 2% of US smartphone owners own Windows phones.

The numbers are virtually unchanged from last month, and even from 5 months ago, with the only change being that iOS gained 1% and Android lost 1%.

Nielsen also reports on a more interesting and dynamic trend – the rise of smartphone apps as a way to access services, such as YouTube and Facebook, and a corresponding reduction in web usage.

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Nielsen: Windows Phone ownership in US stuck at 2%


While Windows Phone continues to make great gains worldwide, the US continues not to be its most successful market.

Nielsen reports on Q3 2013 smartphone ownership in the US, and found Windows Phone had 2% share of the smartphone market, with 1.3% of that belonging to Nokia, and 0.3% Samsung and 0.5% HTC.

41% of US smartphone users had iPhones while Android had 52%. 64.7% of the US population now own smartphones.

While Windows Phone has managed to keep pace with the growth in the smartphone market in US, it has not significantly improved its position there, with the numbers virtually identical to last year.

Hopefully the recent reported spike in US Nokia shipments will eventually be associated also with a rise of Windows Phone ownership in the region, important for helping US-based developers appreciate the large number of Windows Phone users there are worldwide.

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Latest Nielsen data show little market share gain for Windows Phone in the US


Nielsen has posted some market share data for the smartphone market in the US.  Their numbers measure ownership ie. how many of each type of phone US residents own.

By their measure, during June to August period 2% of smartphone owners in USA had Windows Phones, vs 40% having iPhones and 53% having Android handsets.

Bizarrely the numbers are exactly the same as Nielsen’s March to May numbers earlier this year, which makes us wonder if there has not been a mistake made when publishing the numbers.

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Nielsen finds 2% of US smartphone owners use Windows Phones


Nielsen has released some data collected between March and May 2013. The numbers show 2% of US smartphone users have Windows Phones.

The number is up from 1.3% in Q2 2012.   Unlike Comscore  Nielsen counts only Windows Phones, not Windows Mobile handset.

  Q2 2012 Q2 2013
iPhone 34 40
Android 51 53
Blackberry 9 3
Windows Phone 1.3 2
Other 4.7 2

It seems Blackberry is the biggest loser over the period, having dropped from 9% to 3% of the market, with the iPhone gobbling up much of their fleeing users.

With around 138.5 million Smartphones in use in US in April 2013 according to Comscore, the numbers suggest 2.8 million Windows Phones are in use in USA, and at least 1.35 million have been sold in the last year, doubling the user base.

Of course these are just rough estimates, and Comscore and Nielsen prefers their numbers not be multiplied together.

With Nokia having sold more than 20 million Windows Phones so far, the numbers however continue to show USA is only a minor Windows Phone market.

Nielsen finds Windows Phone had 8% market share in India in Q3 2012


Via NDTV we have learned that for the months of September to October 8% of Indian smartphone buyers chose Windows Phone handsets, significantly more than the 3% Blackberry handsets and 1% iPhones purchased in this period.

The survey was conducted by Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights, an alliance between Nielsen and Informate Mobile Intelligence, across 46 Indian cities, and included a relatively small number of 10,000 users.

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The US Windows Phone market share grew 50% between Q2 and Q3 2012


We just came across Nielsens US Smartphone installed base numbers for Q3 2012.

At first glance it does not appear to be the greatest news, with Windows Phone only holding 2% share in this period.

However when compared to Q2 2012, when Windows Phone only held 1.3% share, meaning 0.7% of more than 120 million smartphone owners adopted Windows Phone between Q2 and Q3 2012. Comscore has confirmed to me the 2% represents only Windows Phone devices, with Windows Mobile lumped into the other category.

This is about 54% growth from one quarter to another, compared to 3% growth for iOS and 2% growth for Android.

In terms of absolute numbers the numbers are not that impressive, but still interesting – Windows Phone attracted 0.7% new Windows Phone users, while iOS and Android both added 1% – pretty good performance for a new OS, and before the Nokia Lumia 920 arrived.

We know Nielsen does not support this, but if we multiply Nielsen’s percentages by Comscore’s September numbers, which shows 119 million smartphone users in the 3 months ending September 2012, we have about 2.4 million Windows Phone users in the USA, 41.7 million iOS users and 61.9 million Android users.

In June 2012, using the same method, and with 110 million US smartphone users, we have 1.43 million Windows Phone users, 37.4 million iOS users and 56.1 million Android users.

This would mean Windows Phone added around 1 million users from Q2-Q3 2012, while iOS added 4.3 million users, and 5.8 million users.

Clearly still a long way to go, but with Windows Phone growing faster than the market and actually gaining share, who is to say we will not get there eventually?

Nielsen survey shows that Nokia Lumia 900 owners are big spenders on apps

The top ten activities for new Nokia Lumia 900 owners.

  1. Use camera for still pictures (93%)
  2. Browsing websites (89%)
  3. Use social networks (85%)
  4. Download apps from the Marketplace (83%)
  5. Access email (83%)
  6. Connect to WiFi (83%)
  7. Customise the home screen (81%)
  8. GPS (81%)
  9. Set up an email account (80%)
  10. Download games from Marketplace (78%)

Nokia has posted some more data from their Nielsen survey of Nokia Lumia 900 owners around the time of the release of the handset (between April 27, 2012 and on May 18) and revealed some interesting titbits.

The survey showed that 83% of users downloaded apps from Marketplace, while 78% downloaded games from Marketplace.

75% of users paid for apps, on average paying $15 in total.  Nokia notes this is higher than the industry average of $7.50 and more than the 2/3 of users on other devices. This may of course be explained by users loading up a new phone with apps, and it would be interesting to see if this is continued.

The survey also shows more Lumia 900 owners had data plans (96%) vs SMS plans (84%) showing how over the top services are replacing this old technology.

Read more of this interesting data at Nokia here.

Nielsen: 6.1% of US market own Windows Mobile or WP7 handsets


Nielsen have released their Q3 2011 quarterly smartphone installed base numbers, and it shows as usual Android growing (39 to 42.8%), Blackberry shrinking (20 to17.8%) and Apple stable (28 to 28.3%) compared to Q2 2011. The  numbers, which are for Q3 2011, show 6.1% of US cellphone subscribers own Windows Mobile or Windows Phone 7 handsets (likely the vast majority still Windows Mobile).  The installed base is down from 9% 3 months ago as more Windows Mobile owners leave for other platforms.

Given the low market share of Windows Phone 7 in USA it may be that the number needs to go down quite a bit more before it goes back up again, but hopefully the current crop of handsets, which appear to be selling pretty well in USA, will help address the issue.

Microsoft Mobile OS now 9% of US installed base, but how much is Windows Phone 7?


Nielsen have released their quarterly survey results of US phone subscribers, and as usual it makes for interesting reading.

The stats show Android has solidified its position, with 39% of smartphone owners in USA now owning an Android handset, up from 36% in last quarter.  iPhone also increased somewhat, from 26% to 28% in this quarter.

For RIM is is increasingly bad news, with only 20% of users hanging on to Blackberries, down from 23% 3 months ago and 27% 6 months ago.  This is particularly relevant as RIM does not just collect money from phone buyers, but also receives a subscription fee from its installed base, which must be around 50% less than 6 months earlier.

Last quarter Nielsen broke Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile out, showing 1% of the installed base had Windows Phone 7 handsets and 9% Windows Mobile.  Unfortunately 3 months later they did not do us this favour, but I think it is also pretty safe to say the installed base of Windows Mobile must also have decreased rapidly over the last few months, while the combined installed base of Microsoft mobile operating systems only went down 1%.

The only conclusion one could draw is that Windows Phone 7 numbers must have seen a significant boost to off-set the market share loss due to Windows Mobile users, not to mention the expansion of the smartphone installed base due to people moving from dumb phones to smartphones.

In support of this is that Statcounter shows Windows Phone 7 has the strongest month to month growth (last month vs this month) of all the smartphone operating systems in USA. Statcounter gives an idea of the installed base of an OS by looking at browser hits.

Mobile OS W23 to W26 11  W27 to W30 11 Growth
iOS 36.25 38.91 7%
Android 34.61 35.81 3%
BlackBerry OS 16.39 15.89 -3%
SymbianOS 6.18 3.58 -42%
Windows Phone 0.53 0.61 15%
webOS 0.35 0.32 -9%
WinCE 0.12 0.11 -8%
Palm 0.02 0.02 0%

Maybe Microsoft has finally convinced Windows Mobile users to adopt Windows Phone 7?

Read the full report at Nielsen here.

Windows Phone 7 data usage surge 113% since launch


Nielsen has released same data from their regular survey of smartphone users and it shows data usage has surged year on year, growing from an average of 230 MB in Q1 201o to 435 MB in Q1 2011.

Q1 2010 Q1 2011 Growth
iPhone 313 582 86%
android 312 492 58%
Windows Phone 149 317 113%
Blackberry 81 127 57%

Of course Windows Phone 7 was not even around in Q1 2010, but over the  2 quarters it has been in the market the data usage of the average Windows Phone 7 user has more than doubled, rising from 149 MB to 317 MB.  It is speculated that this may be due the the increasing number of online services available via Marketplace.

Of note is that Windows Phone 7 is clearly in a different class of product as Windows Mobile or Blackberry OS, and usage patterns appear to be heading in the same direction as the iPhone and Android use at a pretty rapid pace, and in fact may be at a similar level already as we enter Q3 2011.

It also suggests to get the most out of your Windows Phone it would be unwise to buy the lower tier data packages, which often only provide around 200 MB of data allowance, significantly lower than average use.

How much data are our readers using per month and on what services? Let us know below.