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Nokia Novell: The Light, An Amazing Promotional Video For Lumia 800

We have seen many “The Amazing Everyday” promotional videos for Lumia devices from Nokia in the past and add the above one to our list. The above video is themed with the concept of light and the Nokia Lumia 800 in its various colors looks amazing in people’s hands. What do you think of this ad ?? btw, Audio didn’t work for me for the above video, It should be more awesome with music.

Thanks to Ellis for the heads up.

Optus Australia Taking Pre-Order For Nokia Lumia 800

Just few days back Nokia announced the pricing of unlocked Nokia Lumia devices in Australia & the carriers under which the devices will be available. Now Optus, a leading operator in Australia is now taking pre-order for Nokia Lumia 800 device. They even announced some pre-order  offer on their listing page as below,

Lumia 800: Online Exclusive Offer. Limited Time Only. Offer ends 29 February 2012.

Now $0 on a $49 Optus Cap Plan.~ Min costs is $1176 over 24 months.

Pre-order by 24 February 2012^^ and we will deliver your phone on 1 March 2012. While stocks last. Pre-order is exclusive to online customers only.

If you order your phone online after 24 February 2012, it will be delivered after 1 March 2012.

Check it out here.

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Nokia Lumia 800 Coming To Australia By March From All Major Carriers & Retailers

Nokia Australia today announced on their Facebook page that Nokia Lumia 800 is coming to Australia in March. The device will be available from Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and major retailers.

Nokia Australia’s managing director, Chris Carr said, “Interest locally for Nokia Lumia, our first range with Windows Phone devices, has been extremely positive,”. Hope the interest turns out into sales of these devices.

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Thanks to Sean for the heads up.

Take A Look At Nokia Lumia 800 Branded Jet Airways Flight

Nokia India is continuing its marketing efforts in India to promote its Lumia devices. We have seen many  efforts in the past such as flash mobs in malls across different cities, Lumia branded Taxi’s,  Helicopter rides, etc,. The latest thing in this series is the above one where Nokia painted the Indian Airline Jet Airways Flight with Nokia Lumia 800 branding.

How cool is that ??

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Nokia Lumia 800 Launching In Switzerland On 16th January

As we reported earlier, Nokia Lumia 800 is making its way through Switzerland this month. Swisscom, a leading network operator in Switzerland is launching the device on 16th January.  Signup for the launch details and win a chance to go for a trip to Finland or a Nokia Lumia 800 or a Nokia Lumia 710 device.

Check out their website here for more details.

Nokia Releases Official Statement On Power Consumption Issues In Lumia 800 Devices

We all know that few early Nokia Lumia 800 devices has some issues with battery firmware that led to less batterylife. Few weeks ago, Nokia promised software updates that will improve the battery performance on Lumia 800 devices and even Stephen Elop himself replied to an email stating the same. Today in Nokia Support Discussions page, Nokia released its detailed statement on this issue,

On Monday 12th December some of our customers started to comment in various social media that the preloaded diagnostics tool in some of the Nokia Lumia 800 phones was showing lower battery capacity than expected. We immediately started to investigate these reports and can now confirm that while the battery itself is fine, a software problem on certain variants is limiting the phone’s ability to access the full battery capacity. We want to stress that this issue has not been found to affect the recently introduced Nokia Lumia 710.

The good news is that as this is a software problem it can be easily resolved.  The planned software update in early 2012, as well as including many performance enhancements, will also include a fix that will enable the affected phones to access the total battery capacity.  For anyone who does not want to wait for the software update, Nokia can arrange for a replacement phone.  Anyone who requires any further clarification should contact Nokia Care (Care contact details and locations can be found at www.Nokia.com/support).

Anyone who wants to know if their phone is affected can run the battery status test from the diagnostics tool already installed on their phone. (The tool is designed for service use and only displays approximate values.) Dialling ##634# opens the diagnostics tool. By accepting the disclaimer and then selecting ‘Battery Status’ from the list of options, anyone will be able to see their available battery charge capacity.  If your full charge capacity reads less than 1000 mAh then your phone is affected with this specific issue and you may find it is necessary to charge your phone more frequently than normal.  Once the software update has been applied, you should experience much better battery life. In the meantime here are some tips on how to increase your battery performance and you should also make sure you are using the charger that came with the phone, as older chargers may not be as effective at charging the new Nokia Lumia 800. 

Nokia also confirmed that new production model of Lumia 800 devices such as the ones shipping in India, Singapore, etc, are free from this issue and if any customer faces this issue can contact Nokia Care for further support.

Source: Nokia

Nokia Lumia 800 Tops Sales Charts In Expansys Australia And Lumia 710 Coming This Week

Few days ago we saw that Nokia Lumia topping the sales charts in Expansys Sweden . Now in Expansys Australia website, Lumia 800 leads the sales list among the new Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S. The black Lumia is priced at A$577 while Cyan and magenta Lumia’s are priced a little above at A$626. Another interesting thing is that, Nokia Lumia  710 is coming in 2 days to Expansys for just A$384. You can pre-order the device here. You can find Lumia 800 at Expansys here.

Thanks to Giles for the tip.

Nokia Lumia Device Launch Flash Mobs In India (Video)

Nokia India arranged for simultaneous events in 5 Indian cities Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata to promote its Nokia Lumia device launch. All the events were held in a mall with Nokia Arc at the center with various promotions. Nokia even arranged for a Flash mob in all the malls which started simultaneously across all the cities. You can watch the event video above which was shot using Nokia Lumia 800.

Source: Nokia India


Nokia Lumia 800 Now Available In Online Store MobiCity In Australia

 Nokia Lumia 800 unlocked device is now available from online retailer MobiCity in Australia. The device costs $679 with a choice of free accessory you can choose. You can select from free gift wrapping, screen protector, car charger, leather case or discounted Jawbone Prime headset as seen in the image above.

If you are in Australia and looking for Lumia 800, its time to place the order.

Source: Mobicity via: wpcentral


Nokia Speaks On How It Designed Lumia Windows Phones With Microsoft

Today Nokia shared a video showing some of its designers  involved in the making of the Lumia 800 with Windows Phone explain their inspirations for the design of the software, the hardware, and why it’s a perfect combination.

Enjoy watching the video above to know what Nokia designers think of Windows Phone’s Metro UI from Microsoft and phone hardware in general.

Source: Nokia

A New Nokia “The Little Amazing Show” Video, Episode 3 From Madrid

Today Nokia has released the third video in the series  titled “The Little Amazing Show” and this episode 3 was shot at Madrid. You can find the previous videos in this series shot at London here and Berlin here.

The series will focus on exposing many little things that can make your day incredible, at least for the hipsters involved ;)

Do our readers think these make Nokia any cooler? Let us know below..

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Nokia Lumia 800 Pre-Orders Begins In India At Nokia Priority Dealers

nokia lumia india

As previously announced by Nokia, Nokia Lumia 800 is coming to India this December. Nokia Priority Dealers (Nokia Exclusive Stores) are now taking pre-orders for Nokia Lumia 800starting from Rs.3000. The pre-order price of the device is Rs.30,000 ($600) which is almost same as the unlocked device price in European Lumia launch countries. Pricing will be more critical to the success of Lumia 800 in India where Apple’s iPhone 4S now costs $1000, Droid Razr costs $700, etc,.  We also got information that Nokia Lumia 710 launch may be pushed to February 2012 in India.

Image Credit: I Love Windows Phone

Thanks Anuj for the tip.

Cyan Nokia Lumia 800 Now Available From Phone House France

Earlier The Phone House, France only sold Nokia Lumia 800 in black. There were reports that other colors would be made available in December. The reports are true and Cyan colored Nokia Lumia 800 is now available for order from Phone House, France. Color fanatics can order if there are waiting for their Cyan Lumia 800.






You can order the device here.

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