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Cheap and cheerful Nokia Lumia 510 coming to UK, NL 505 coming to Colombia, Chile and Peru

Nokia is spreading the low-end love around the world this quarter, with their Windows Phone 7.8 Nokia Lumia 510 set to come to UK soon.

Already available in France on PhoneHouse , NokiaPowerUser.com reports the handset has been announced as coming soon to Phones4u. The slow-end smartphone has already been released in India and China.

PhoneHouse is currently selling the handset for EUR 189,99 (£160, $253) but I am sure there is more space for discounting the phone event further.

Meanwhile the earlier Telcel exclusive, the Nokia Lumia 505, is spreading its wings and heading to Latin countries.

WindowsPhoneApp.es reports the handset is heading for Colombia, Chile and Peru where it will be made available by the carrier Claro.

The Lumia 505 has similar specs to the 510, but with a larger screen and higher resolution 8 megapixel camera, and also runs Windows Phone 7.8.

In the words of Manuel Gonzalez, Director of Communications at Nokia for Latin America:

At Nokia we have a strong commitment to bring Windows Phone to new handsets at affordable prices and in different devices for everyone. With the Nokia Lumia 505, we intend to continue to welcome more people to experience the incredible experience that Windows Phone offers its users.

Windows Phone has seen good uptake with low-end handsets such as the Nokia 610, and by hitting even lower price points all around the world may be able to take some market share away from low-end Android handsets which mostly drive the success of that ecosystem.

Nokia Lumia 505 unboxed again

Winphollowers have unboxed the Telcel Nokia Lumia 505, this time with sound, but still in Spanish, appropriate for this Mexico-only device.

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The 3.7 inch WVGA smartphone has a clear-black Gorilla glass display, 4 GB storage, 256 MB RAM, an 8 megapixel camera, 800 Mhz processor and runs Windows Phone 7.8.

The handset costs $276 (3499 Mexican pesos) and according to reports have been selling quite well.

See a collection of high quality pictures at  Winphollowers’s Facebook page here.

Thanks Jesus for the tip.

A look at the Nokia Lumia 505 on WP 7.8 phone on Telcel

Telcel haver posted this (seemingly silent) unboxing video of the Nokia Lumia 505.

They reveal in the video comments that the device was specially designed for the Mexican carrier, as part of their initiative to bring exclusive equipment to their subscribers.  They note that Nokia was the first company to take them up on the offer to create a device specifically for them, an interesting change from the Nokia of old, who did not pay much attention to carrier requirements.

This may also explain the profusion of devices such as the Nokia Lumia 810 and 822, with Nokia prepared to do whatever is needed to get their devices distributed.

Interestingly the Telcel rep on YouTube also revealed  that at $276 (3499 Mexican pesos) the device has sold very well, indicating that the strategy does not only get phones on carriers, but also sell phones.

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Stylish Nokia Lumia 505 torn down


Winp.cn managed to get their hands on some pictures from the certification process of the Nokia Lumia 505, showing the device in both assembled and disassembled state.

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The pictures conveniently provide measurements, showing the WP 7.8 device to be 62 mm wide, 11mm thick, and 120 m tall.  The screen is of course a 3.7 inch WVGA job and the disassembly pictures shows the battery is removable.

The device has apparently been designed by Nokia Beijing Yizhuang R & D centre, will come in Black, red, magenta and has just been released in Mexico.

See more internal pictures at Winp.cn here.

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Nokia Mexico makes Nokia Lumia 505 official


Nokia Mexico has made the Nokia Lumia 505 official.  The Windows Phone 7.8 handset features a 3.7 inch WVGA AMOLED screen, 8 megapixel camera, a 1,300 mAh battery, 256 MB RAM and 4 GB non-expandable storage.

The device will be available in Black, Pink and Red on the Telcel network.  Pricing has not been announced yet.

See more specs at Nokia here.