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Nokia Lumia 620 does not score too well in PC Advisor group test

PC Advisor decided to see which is the best mobile platform by pitting the Nokia Lumia 620 against the iPhone 5, Blackberry 10 and Sony Xperia Z, in a test designed to see which phone was easiest to use by novices unfamiliar with the platform.

PC Advisor took four groups of users and deposited them in the centre of Edinburgh with a phone and a mobile platform that each had never used before and set them a series of navigational challenges, asking them to find and take pictures of famous landmarks identified only by cryptic clues.

Unfortunately we can not report that the team assigned the Nokia Lumia 620 did very well with the device, who in the end resorted to paper maps and emailing their pictures to Facebook instead of uploading them using an app, which they did not seem able to find.

The other groups overall did much better it seems, and I wonder if Windows Phone’s radically different user interface is responsible, or if the phone drew the short straw when it came to the capability of its team.

What do our readers think? Let us know below.

Read more about the test at PCAdvisor here.

Updated WP 7.8 firmware for the Nokia Lumia 505, 510, 610 and 800 WP7.8 new firmware 8862 now on Navifirm


Plaffo.com reports that that Nokia has released new firmware for the Nokia Lumia 610 and 800 on Navifirm.

The Windows Phone 7.8 software remains unchanged, and has the fix for the Live tile bug, but the Nokia Lumia 800 firmware has been incremented to  1750.823.8862.13110 and the firmware for the Nokia Lumia 610 firmware to 1066.0.8862.13101.

Winp.cn reports that updated firmware has also popped up for the Nokia Lumia 505 and 510, and also a specific version for the Nokia Lumia 610 on China Unicom.

As of yet we do not know what is new, but hopefully this will be one to make the phones work better rather than worse.

Via Plaffo.com and Winp.cn, thanks hengxiang32401 for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 610 the 3rd most fault-prone smartphone in UK says insurer

MobileInsurance.co.uk, a UK phone insurance company, has published some data regarding phone claims in UK, reports PCAdvisor.

“We’ve already looked at the phones that get accidentally damaged the most, but that tends to be down to the user,” said Jason Brockman, director at MobileInsurance.co.uk.

“Breakdowns and faults with the handset itself often can’t be avoided, so we wanted to let people know which phones most commonly experience faults so that they can avoid them.”

Their data revealed the Samsung Galaxy S3 is most prone to breaking with Apple’s iPhone 3GS the most reliable.  Not far from the top (or bottom) of the list however is the Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia’s cheapest Windows Phone from last year and a reasonably good seller in UK.

This list features:

1.      Samsung Galaxy S III

2.      HTC Desire S

3.      Nokia Lumia 610

4.      iPhone 4

5.      BlackBerry Bold 9900

6.      iPhone 4S

7.      Sony Xperia S

8.      BlackBerry Curve 9220

9.      Samsung Tocco Lite 2

10.   LG Nexus 4

The data also revealed that users with white-coloured handsets were more likely to experience handset breakdowns or faults than those with black or silver phones – but could not explain why.

Brockman warns:

“If you have a phone that’s prone to faults, like one of those 10 in the list, be sure to get your handset a decent insurance policy. We cover handsets up to 12 months old and, as part of that cover, we insure against phone fault  and handsets breaking down, effectively picking up where the manufacturer’s warranty ends!”

Of course the above sentence may reveal why MobileInsurance’s list is filled with the most popular handsets in UK.

On the other hand our recent poll did show more than a quarter of Nokia Lumia 920 owners had to send their phone back for repair, suggesting while Nokia’s build quality is good their quality control may be slipping.

Do our Nokia Lumia 610 using readers find the device fault-prone? Let us know below.

Nokia Lumias amongst the most popular handsets in UK in January 2013

Mobile Tracker - the UK's most popular mobile phones this week - uSwitch.com.htm_20130203171216

Phone tracking website uSwitch reports that Nokia’s cheaper phones are making a strong showing in January in the post-Christmas belt-tightening, to the detriment of expensive phones like the iPhone.

uSwitch telecoms spokesman Ernest Doku told Mobile News UK said: “The UK’s loyalty to brand Samsung is unwavering, but beyond that we’ve seen customers shaking-up the rankings, leaving Apple’s 4S for dust in favour of offerings from Lexus and Nokia.”

The list features 4 Nokia phones, two feature phones, and two Nokia Lumias, the Lumia 800 and 610.

In total the list consisted of 3 Samsung handsets, 4 Nokia handsets, one LG and two iPhones.

“A swathe of bargain smartphones like the C2-01 have leapt back into the chart as a residual effect of gifting and January sales, whilst canny consumers also wait to see high-end devices around the corner.”

“The mobile market is no stranger to a bit of January belt-tightening, with tech fans looking for sensible deals following a seasonal gadget binge.”

“With the launch of a revamped BlackBerry in the full-touch flagship Z10 and Nokia’s Lumia 620 looking to disrupt the affordable end of the spectrum, expect some significant movement in the coming weeks – not to mention major smartphone announcements amidst February’s Mobile World Congress.”

The Nokia Lumia 620 has just become available in UK, and appears to best address the penny-pinching mood in UK which should see the budget handset doing well over the next few months.

Via TechRadar.com

Promise kept: Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars comes to the Nokia Lumia 610

WPArea.de reports that Rovio has kept its promise to bring their popular Angry Birds franchise to the Nokia Lumia 610 and other 256 MB devices.

The game was released in December for Windows Phone 7.5, but low RAM devices were excluded. Rovio and Nokia did however promise to bring the software to these devices eventually.

WPArea notes the games appear to be well optimised with smooth performance and no noticeable stuttering. Loading times are however noticeably longer.

Angry Birds Space can be found in the Windows Phone store here  and Angry Birds Star Wars here.

Nokia Lumia 610 UK’s 4th most popular mobile phone this week according to USwitch Mobile Tracker


We posted earlier about the increasing market share of Windows Phone in UK. Adduplex data has previously revealed that the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 610 are UK’s most popular Windows Phones, and this week’s data by USwitch has underscored the increasing popularity of the handset, with the Nokia Lumia 610 rising 5 places from the 9th spot last week to the 4th place in USwitch’s list of UK’s most popular mobile phones this week, ranked by deal popularity and sales.

The statistics are derived from uSwitch.com and their network of mobile phone comparison partners.

Hopefully the Nokia Lumia 610’s more competent successor, the Nokia Lumia 620, running Windows Phone 8 and with microSD card expansion, will have a similarly welcome reception in February 2012.

See the page at USwitch here.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 610 now being sold with Windows Phone 7.8 pre-installed

Nokia is already selling the Nokia Lumia 510 with Windows Phone 7.8 pre-installed, and now the Nokia Lumia 610 is joining the brigade, as the video above demonstrates.

Of course everyone else is still waiting for the OS to actually roll out to existing users, but as Joe above in the video demonstrates, the OS could possibly do with a bit more polishing before it hits phones already in the market and does what Microsoft promised never to do – slow them down.


Windows Phone 7.8 for Nokia’s full Windows Phone 7.5 range now available


If you don’t care about the data on your device you can now find Windows Phone 7.8 ROMs on Navifirm for Nokia’s full range of Windows Phone 7.5 handsets, including the Nokia Lumia Lumia 510, 610, 710, 800 and 900.

The firmware is available for most European countries and APAC variants . It includes Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 updates, but none of Nokia’s exclusive features.

If you are brave and reckless, here is a guide for flashing the firmware. Everyone else should hang on, as the arrival of the software for all devices is a clear sign the software will be pushed out to devices pretty soon.

Via NokiaPoweruser.com

Nokia Lumia 800 continues comeback in UK


UK does not have the most vibrant economy in the world at the minute, and I think this is clearly reflected in the popularity of older smartphones in uSwitch’s top 10 list.

This also probably explains why the Nokia Lumia 800 is making a come back, rising to the 7th spot on their weekly list of “UK’s most popular mobile phones this week, ranked by deal popularity and sales”.

The other Nokia Windows Phone also doing well on the list is the Nokia Lumia 610, which rose 9 spots in total.  Likely both handsets are benefiting from advertising for the Nokia Lumia 920, the more full featured but more expensive Windows Phone.


Amazon UK also has the handset listed as a Best Seller in Mobile Phones indicating that delivering a high quality handset at a low price may be a very good strategy for Microsoft after all.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

At half the price of the Galaxy S III the Nokia Lumia 800 is now an Amazon UK best seller


The Nokia Lumia 800 was not the hit that Nokia hoped it would be, but it seems with the handset now priced to sell, all that promotion which went into trying to move handsets in the summer are now finally kicking in, and the device is now selling so well it is even charting on Amazon UK, outselling handsets like the Samsung  Galaxy S II and the £209 Apple iPhone 4.

In fact the low price of handsets like the Nokia Lumia 610 has also kept it in charts like uSwitch’s list in UK, where the handset maintained 10th position in October.

While both handsets are not the latest greatest, they do help increase the population of Windows Phone users, which should pay dividends in the future.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 610 update now being pushed out

610 Update1

MyNokiaBlog reports that a firmware update for the Nokia Lumia 610 is currently being rolled out which brings the following improvements:

  • Improved Camera performance
  • Usability and performance improvements

The exact details have not been specified, so if your device received the new firmware, accessed by connecting your device to Zune, let us know the improvements below.

Nokia Lumia 610 sustaining Windows Phone sales in the run up to Windows Phone 8

Elisa best-selling phones for personal use in September 2012:
1. Apple iPhone 5
2. Samsung Galaxy S (III)
3. Samsung Galaxy S II
4. Nokia Lumia 610
5. Nokia C2-01
6. Samsung Galaxy Xcover
7. Apple iPhone 4S
8. Nokia Lumia 800
9. Samsung Galaxy Gio
10. Nokia Lumia 900
11. Nokia 330
12. Nokia Lumia 710
13. Nokia 500
14. Nokia C5-00 5MP
15. Apple iPhone 4

Elisa best-selling phones to corporate clients in September, 2012:
1. Nokia C2-01
2. Nokia Lumia 800
3. Apple iPhone 4S
4. Nokia Lumia 710
5. Huawei F610
6. Nokia E7-00
7. Nokia C5-00 5 MP
8. Nokia Lumia 900
9. Samsung Xcover 271
10. Samsung Galaxy S (III)
11. Samsung Galaxy Xcover
12. Nokia X 610
13. Samsung Galaxy S II
14. Nokia 330
15. Nokia 701

DNA best-selling phones in September 2012

1. Samsung Galaxy S (III)
2. iPhone 5
3. Samsung Galaxy S II
4. Samsung Galaxy Xcover
5. Nokia 113 *
6. Nokia Lumia 610
7. Samsung Galaxy S Y
8. Nokia Lumia 800
9. Nokia C2-01 *
10. iPhone 4S

Finnish Elisa and DNA have released last month’s sales charts, and as expected the iPhone 5 has stormed up the charts and Nokia’s aging Windows Phone 7.5 range is fading.

Nokia’s one star in Finland has however been the Nokia Lumia 610, which is the 4th best selling consumer smartphone on Elisa and 6th best on DNA, providing competition for low-end Samsung android handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Xcover.  Until Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 handsets reach the market their phones will likely have to take back seat to newer handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5.

Another bright light for Nokia is in enterprise, where Nokia handsets are selling better than most competing handsets.

In UK USwitch has the Nokia Lumia 610 charting in 10th spot after entering the charts last month, powered by the strength of great deals which sees the handset for sale for as cheap as £13 per month.

October’s chart will likely not be great, but we are pretty sure when Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 handsets gets released it will be roaring up the charts again.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

Three UK now offering the Nokia Lumia 610


UK carrier Three is now offering the Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia’s low-end Windows Phone Tango handset.

The handset is available free on contract from just £15 per month and on Pay as you Go for £149.99.

Three is also offering the Nokia Lumia 710 for £199.99 commitment-free and the Nokia Lumia 800 which is not available off-contract.

See the handset at Three Uk here.

Via 3g.co.uk