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Lumia Cyan Update For Lumia 620 Now rolling out worldwide

Finally the Lumia Cyan Update for the  Lumia 620 is now rolling out worldwide to  Windows Phone users in India,  Latin America and Europe.

The update is available to most SIM-free handsets and also to a wide variety of carriers.

Users can either wait for the update notification or check for updates manually by going to settings->Phone Updates ->Check for Updates.

Thanks Swami for the tip.

Lumia Black for the Nokia Lumia 620 now rolling out in India

Long-suffering Indian users of the Nokia Lumia 620 can now rejoice, as the feature-packed update has now finally started rolling out to their Windows Phone.

Seemingly the last model to get it, the update will bring a host of features to the device, including:

  • App Folder. This brand new feature makes your Lumia experience even more fluid by giving you an option to further personalize and organize your Start screen. With App folders you can group similar apps and settings into one folder, a tile, on your Start screen.
  • Nokia Glance screen 2.0. Helps you keep track of information in real time, making all your most important notifications including: phone, messages, email, outlook, calendar, or any apps that use notifications such as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, or games;  always visible at a glance on your screen. It saves time and energy.
  • Bluetooth LE. Will now be enabled across the full Windows Phone 8 Lumia range for compatible gadgets like the Adidas MiCoach smart run watch.
  • Nokia Refocus. The amazing Nokia Refocus comes to all Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones with 1GB of RAM and upwards.
  • Nokia Beamer. Sharing what’s on your phone is easier than ever with Nokia Beamer. You can now beam documents, presentations, anything you like, to any HTML5-enabled screen by simply scanning a QR code on the screen. It’s coming to all of the phones with 1GB RAM upwards.
  • Nokia Storyteller. The app arranges your photos for you, by date and by place, making it easier to tell the stories behind your pictures, and give extra context through the close integration of interactive maps.
  • Nokia Camera. Combines Nokia Pro Camera and Smart Camera to simplify the photo-taking experience, and ensure you get the perfect shot every time. The app has been available for Lumia PureView smartphones since last year, but it’s now coming to the rest of the WP8 Lumia range. The latest Nokia Camera update also brings raw DNG support for Lumia 1020 owners.
  • Latest generation of imaging algorithms. The Lumia Black update further improves the image quality, especially in Lumia 1020. Among others, the improvements include a new oversampling algorithm, making your images more natural looking with reduced noise, while ensuring your photos remain wonderfully sharp.

The Lumia Black update also brings a series of enhancements from Microsoft to Nokia Lumia smartphones. These include safe driving mode – which cuts out unnecessary distractions when you’re on the road; customized ringtones for each contact. You can now also close apps within the in multitasking view and lock the screen rotation if you wish.

To check if the update is available go to Settings > Phone Update and click on Check for Updates.

Thanks Aditya for the tip.

Nokia Lumia Black Update Now Rolling Out For Lumia 620 Devices

Lumia 620

Lumia 620

Nokia has finally started rolling out Lumia Black update for Lumia 620 devices. Lumia 620 is one of the oldest WP8 device that was released to market and strangely it was the last one to get the Black update. Yesterday, we reported that Lumia Black now available for the Lumia 620 in Finland and the Netherlands. And it is rolling out now to other countries as well.

Besides the Windows Phone GDR3 updates, Lumia Black brings:

  • App Folder
  • Nokia Glance screen 2.0.
  • Bluetooth LE support.
  • Nokia Refocus.
  • Nokia Beamer.
  • Nokia Storyteller.
  • Nokia Camera.

Some features are reserved for handsets with 1GB RAM unfortunately.

To download the update to your handset wait for the notification or simply go to Settings > Phone Updates > Check for Update.

Lumia Black now available for the Lumia 620 in Finland and the Netherlands


There have been some readers who have doubted whether the Nokia Lumia 620 will ever get the Lumia Black update, but it seems if you are in Finland or the Netherlands the long wait is over, as the OS update has become available for the handset there.

The update brings a variety of improvements to the handset, which next to the Nokia Lumia 520 is one of the most popular Windows phones.

To download the update to your handset wait for the notification or simply go to Settings > Phone Updates > Check for Update.

GDR2/Nokia Amber finally approved for Aio Wireless


imageWhile Windows Phone owners on AT&T had to wait pretty long for the GDR2/Nokia Amber update, they still did not have to wait as long as those on Aio Wireless, an MVNO on the AT&T network.

The carrier had been selling the Nokia Lumia 620 for pretty cheap, but those who purchased the handset has had to wait very long for GDR2 features such as the Nokia Glance screen, FM Radio support and improved camera apps.

Now Nokia has confirmed on its update page that the software update has finally been approved for that carrier.

Hopefully users will soon start receiving update notifications, and then start the long wait for GDR3/Update 3 to reach their phones also.

Via Reddit.com

Update 3 coming to the Telus Nokia Lumia 520, 620 and 1020 in January


More carriers have started the good practice of telling their subscribers ahead of time the progress of updates for their phones, including the estimated date of availability.

Telus is one of those carriers, and in its latest post it reveals that they are currently waiting for the Windows Phone 8 Update 3 software for the Nokia Lumia 520, 620 and 1020  to be delivered to them from Nokia, which will then be following by testing and a hopeful release in January next year.

Unlike HTC, which does very little customization and which is already distributing Update 3, Nokia’s windows phones will have Update 3 combined with Nokia Black, which will bring a number of improvements, including better camera algorithms, Bluetooth 4 LE and enhancements to the Glance screen.

Update 3 will otherwise bring:

  • Accessibility. We’ve made several improvements for customers who are visually impaired.
  • Storage. Now you can easily free up storage space on your phone and manage temporary files. New categories show what’s taking up space.
  • Driving Mode. Feeling distracted behind the wheel? Driving Mode allows you to minimize incoming calls and text messages to help you focus on the road.
  • Screen. Reading emails in bed? You can lock your screen orientation so it doesn’t shift when you move your phone around.
  • Wi-Fi. Start preserving cellular data on your phone right out of the box—you can now connect to Wi-Fi during set up.
  • Internet sharing. Now you can use your phone’s cellular data connection from your Microsoft Windows 8.1 devices by pairing them over Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth. Several fixes were made to address known issues, and improvements were made to connection quality for Bluetooth accessories.
  • Ringtones. Do more with ringtones now. Assign ringtones for text messages, so you’ll know who’s texting you without even looking. Use your custom ringtones for more things—text messages, instant messages, emails, voicemail, and reminders.
  • App switcher. Don’t look back. Now you can use the App switcher to quickly close apps when you’re finished with them.
  • Other improvements. Includes many other improvements to Windows Phone.

For those who are adventurous you can already download the raw Microsoft-only update 3 by registering as a developer and downloading the Windows Phone Preview for Developers app.  Find more details about that here.

via MobileSyrup.com

Deal Alert: Future Shop selling the Nokia Lumia 620 for only CAN $89.99


As Nokia prepared for a new generation of handsets Windows Phone deals abound, and the latest from Canada’s FutureShop is a corker.

They are offering the much loved Nokia Lumia 620 for only $89.99, $60 below its usual price.

The deal is available online, and expired on the 3rd November, so if you want to grab one of these limited quantity Telus handsets add it to you cart ASAP at FutureShop here.

Thanks Devin for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 620 wins Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2013 for Best Value


UK magazine Mobile Choice has announce their 2013 awards. Chosen from more than 21,000 entries and announced at a gala event last week, Nokia was represented by the Nokia Lumia 620, which won the “Best Value Phone” award.

Mobile Choice writes:image


Nokia Lumia 620

With its gutsy speaker, solid build and a range of bright, colourful covers, the Nokia Lumia 620 is clearly aimed at the youth market. Yet, in terms of all-round performance, it ranks with the best of the Lumia range. Its 3.8-inch screen is bright and crisp, offering remarkable depth despite its size. This is largely thanks to Nokia’s ClearBlack display, which produces deep blacks that make everything else pop. The 480 x 800 pixel resolution on such a small screen also results in impressive sharpness, while the screen itself is brilliantly responsive. To label the Lumia 620 as a ‘kids’ phone’ is to undermine a very slick product.

The Nokia Lumia 520 was also nominated, but lost out due to the lack of a front-facing camera and the absence of NFC support.

See the rest of the winners at Mobile Choice here.

Via CoolSmartphone.com

Aio Wireless and super-cheap Nokia Lumia 620 to expand all over USA



coveragemapAT&T’s low cost brand,  Aio Wireless, known for its low-cost no-contract phones and unlimited data plans, has so far only been limited to markets in Florida, Texas and the Metro-Atlanta area through over 200 dealer-owned Aio stores.

Now the company is expanding service to all U.S. customers starting in mid-September via their online store.

"We invite customers across the country to switch to Aio and experience our first class service with no annual contracts," said Jennifer Van Buskirk, president of Aio Wireless. "We want to make it easy for consumers almost anywhere in the US to get great value in their wireless service, with the network coverage and experience they deserve, and devices they can be proud to own."

Aio WIreless is the only carrier in the US to offer the Nokia Lumia 620, and only for $99. With their markets expanding the high quality handset may see the same kind of success the Nokia Lumia 521 has.

See the little handset at Aio Wireless here. Additionally, new customers who activate service in stores or online by September 29, 2013 will be able to participate in Aio’s special Fall promotion and get their third month of service free.

Via Neowin.net

Nokia now selling the NL 620 with Rugged case as Nokia Lumia 620 Protected Edition


EsPhoneBlog.com reports that Nokia has started selling the Nokia Lumia 620 bundled with its IP54-rated rugged case as the Nokia Lumia 620 Protected Edition.

The case makes the combination rugged enough to withstand significant dust and water splashes, such as for example on a construction site, but does not make it waterproof enough to actually dunk in water.

Finnish online retailers Gigantti.fi andVerkkokauppa.com are selling the handset for 239 Euro, which seems somewhat pricy considering the case only costs 25 Euro on its own and the NL 620 retails for 198 Euro.

It is likely Nokia is aiming the bundle at enterprise buyers, a significant buyer of Nokia’s Lumia handsets in Finland.

See our hands-on with the case here.

BTW, does anyone else think the picture above is pretty amazing?

Nokia Lumia 620 now only $99.99 on Aio Mobile


AT&T’s low-cost MVNO AIO Mobile is now offering the Nokia Lumia 620 for only $99,99 commitment-free.

Except for a slightly smaller screen the handset is better specified than the very popular Nokia Lumia 520, offering NFC, a much better screen and a front-facing VGA camera.

The handset is likely locked to AT&T’s network, making it a great option to the Nokia Lumia 520 on GoPhone on AT&T.

See the handset at AIO Mobile here.

Via Reddit.com

Nokia Lumia 620 Amber updates now also on Nokia Care Suite

gdr2The Nokia Amber update is now popping up everywhere.  Tuan Anh has now also found the Amber update for the Nokia Lumia 620, and has posted the above video showing the handset retains all the features Nokia has advertised, up to and including the colour profiles.

For those eager to update MyNokiaBlog has also found a rather simple method, but one which will still wipe your device.

By simply using the Nokia Software Updater the update can be installed rather easily.  The software can be found here and the update is labelled 3047.0000.1326.2002, which can then simply be downloaded and installed.

Have any of our readers taken the plunge? Let us know below.

Nokia asks the FCC for permission to upgrade the Nokia Lumia 620 to Bluetooth 4.0+LE


Nokia has asked the FCC for permission to upgrade the Nokia Lumia 620 (RM-846) to Bluetooth Low Energy support via a software update.  The update will bring support to the Bluetooth 4.0 chip which is already shipping with the handset, with only Bluetooth 3.0 features enabled.

Going along with this news is an interesting rumour – that Nokia is releasing a Bluetooth Low Energy Accessory in the form of the Nokia Treasure Tag WS2, which can be attached to keys, luggage or other items and which can then be located from your Windows Phone.

We certainly have no evidence for the veracity of that report, but Nokia is well known to support capabilities of their handsets with accessories, so it seems likely all the work to enable Bluetooth Low Energy support will probably also being some new accessories.

See the filing at the FCC here.