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Lumia-totting monkey now taking pictures

We posted on the weekend of the lost Nokia Lumia 800 which ended up being claimed by a monkey at a zoo in Helsinki.

Now Iltasanomat.fi reports that the animal and its phone has become some what of an attraction, and that the monkey has even learnt to imitate the crowds taking pictures of it with their phones.

Unfortunately the newspaper also reports the monkey has gotten bored of its new toy and has finally dropped it.

I guess its time for that Nokia Lumia 925 upgrade… :D

Thanks aaaneh for the tip.

Alpha Male gets a Pink Nokia Lumia 800


Finnish newspaper Iltasanomat reports that a Helsinki resident took possession of a pink Nokia Lumia 800 yesterday, but that he may have some difficulty charging it later.

Zookeepers at the Helsinki Zoo noticed one of their primates had taken possession of the pink smartphone, presumably dropped by a visitor earlier.

The head of the tribe it appears immediately took a liking to the device, and was refusing to drop it, frustrating zoo keepers who were trying to retrieve it. Normally the zookeepers do not enter the paddock at the same time as the monkeys, but clean up after they return to their cages.


Zoo visitors immediately noticed the new addition to the show, and at first thought it was a joke or Nokia promotion, but Zoo Marketing Officer Susanna Silvonen denied this.

She notes that the monkey may be smart enough to use the phone, but that the charge has probably run out now, and that it may end up being a chewing toy.

So far the real owner of the handset has not made an appearance yet.

Via Twitter.com

Updated WP 7.8 firmware for the Nokia Lumia 505, 510, 610 and 800 WP7.8 new firmware 8862 now on Navifirm


Plaffo.com reports that that Nokia has released new firmware for the Nokia Lumia 610 and 800 on Navifirm.

The Windows Phone 7.8 software remains unchanged, and has the fix for the Live tile bug, but the Nokia Lumia 800 firmware has been incremented to  1750.823.8862.13110 and the firmware for the Nokia Lumia 610 firmware to 1066.0.8862.13101.

Winp.cn reports that updated firmware has also popped up for the Nokia Lumia 505 and 510, and also a specific version for the Nokia Lumia 610 on China Unicom.

As of yet we do not know what is new, but hopefully this will be one to make the phones work better rather than worse.

Via Plaffo.com and Winp.cn, thanks hengxiang32401 for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 920 now the most used Windows Phone, bodes well for Nokia’s upcoming Q1 results


The Nokia Lumia 920 has finally overtaken the Nokia Lumia 800 as the most popular Windows Phone in use, at least according to AdDuplex’s numbers, which are taken from their ad service running inside several hundred Windows Phone apps.

The Nokia Lumia 920 now has 14% global share of the market, with the Lumia 800, which has been sustained by cheap sales prices, clocking in at a slightly lower 14% also.

The Lumia 920 has surged from 11% in March 2013, seemingly taking share mainly from the Lumia 800, which had 17% then.

The news bodes well from Nokia’s Q1 2013 financial results, which will be announced on the 18th April, as it suggests their higher margin handset is actually a hit, and that sales have not slackened unduly despite now being 6 months in the market.

Equally interesting, as noted by our commenters, is that the Nokia Lumia 620, introduced only recently, has already grabbed 7% of the market, and that the Nokia Lumia 822, sold only on Verizon, has grabbed 3% of the market all by itself.

Another chart released by AdDuplex shows however that the Windows Phone 8 revolution is still to reach many countries.

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Nokia Lumia 800 WP 7.8 update causing low music volume issues

It seems Windows Phone 7.8 has been somewhat of a mixed blessing for those who update to the latest software.

Multiple users are complaining on the Nokia Discussions Forum that after the firmware update the phone’s volume when playing back music appears to be about half of what it was before, with music which could be comfortable listened to at volume 15 now needing to be cranked up to volume 30, and quiet music not being properly audible at all.

Reflashing to the old firmware corrects the issue, ruling out hardware to be the cause.

Many of the users complaining also had their devices flashed to WP 7.8 by Nokia Care, which one would assume would result in the best combination of compatible hardware and software.

Nokia has had a chequered history with audio problems with their Lumia range, and even their flagship,  the Nokia Lumia 920, is having audio problems, with audio automatically being capped when when loud music is played, resulting in periods of low volume until reboot. This issue affects the Nokia Lumia 820 also.

Have our readers had audio issues after the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7.8 update? Let us know in the poll above and comments below.

Thanks Kashyap for the tip.

Nokia Lumias amongst the most popular handsets in UK in January 2013

Mobile Tracker - the UK's most popular mobile phones this week - uSwitch.com.htm_20130203171216

Phone tracking website uSwitch reports that Nokia’s cheaper phones are making a strong showing in January in the post-Christmas belt-tightening, to the detriment of expensive phones like the iPhone.

uSwitch telecoms spokesman Ernest Doku told Mobile News UK said: “The UK’s loyalty to brand Samsung is unwavering, but beyond that we’ve seen customers shaking-up the rankings, leaving Apple’s 4S for dust in favour of offerings from Lexus and Nokia.”

The list features 4 Nokia phones, two feature phones, and two Nokia Lumias, the Lumia 800 and 610.

In total the list consisted of 3 Samsung handsets, 4 Nokia handsets, one LG and two iPhones.

“A swathe of bargain smartphones like the C2-01 have leapt back into the chart as a residual effect of gifting and January sales, whilst canny consumers also wait to see high-end devices around the corner.”

“The mobile market is no stranger to a bit of January belt-tightening, with tech fans looking for sensible deals following a seasonal gadget binge.”

“With the launch of a revamped BlackBerry in the full-touch flagship Z10 and Nokia’s Lumia 620 looking to disrupt the affordable end of the spectrum, expect some significant movement in the coming weeks – not to mention major smartphone announcements amidst February’s Mobile World Congress.”

The Nokia Lumia 620 has just become available in UK, and appears to best address the penny-pinching mood in UK which should see the budget handset doing well over the next few months.

Via TechRadar.com

Now Nokia Lumia also showing up in East Enders

British soap watchers would by now be pretty used to seeing Nokia’s Windows Phone range in Hollyoaks, but it seems Nokia is not satisfied with that, and will be invading another major UK soap, East Enders.

In the above video we have the Nokia Lumia 800 strutting its stuff – pity there was no picture on the caller ID screen however.

Most likely Nokia is paying for product placement, but with Windows Phone growing strongly in the country, maybe at some point it will be as common as seeing an iPhone on TV.

Thanks Joe for the tip.

Telstra Support confirms WP7.8 for end of January, but some handsets will have to wait till March


Telstra is relatively open about their update schedule, and have posted this table giving information about the impending Windows Phone 7.8 update.

As expected, the Nokia Lumia 800 update will go into testing soon, and should start rolling out on the 31st January.

The status for the other handsets are however a bit more iffy, with testing and update dates for the HTC Titan, HTC HD7 and Samsung Omnia W still to be confirmed. At least the handsets are on the list however, with expected availability being late February or Early March.

The dates confirm O2 UK’s statement, who said the Nokia Lumia 800 update will be released at the end of January, and O2 Germany, who has confirmed the same date for the Nokia Lumia 710.

O2-WP78 twitter-7.8-o2de

It seems Nokia handsets will likely be the first to benefit from the update before it is seen on other devices, possibly because they have given the customization of the software a higher priority.

Thanks Clyde for the tip.

Nokia admits that Lumia 920 was limited by “cautious ordering”, component shortages

In a conference call with leading investors and analysts, Stephen Elop said their Windows Phone sales could have grown even faster were it not for supply-side issues.

"For example, AT&T and the 920 had significant supply issues with us during the course of the quarter," Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said during a conference call.

Nothing that Lumia 920 shortages were in part due to being "very deliberate" and "thoughtful" about how it introduced the Windows Phone 8 device in November, as they feared a potentially costly stockpile of unsold Lumia handsets, he said they were “still dealing with (supply) constraints".”

It was however not just under-ordering by Nokia, but also shortages of key components which limited supply of the handsets.

"(We are) working with suppliers and operators to work through the situation today," Mr Elop said.

The shortages also prevented Nokia from being able to discount the handset as they traditionally would have, a situation which will presumably improve as supply increases.

"Other parties may be making decisions to drive traffic or to change behavior….But broadly speaking, this hasn’t been a price discounting environment."

He said Nokia did not expect to sell any significant number of Symbian handsets in Q1 2013, leaving their Lumia handsets as their only smartphone OS.

"We have to make steady progress quarter-on-quarter-on-quarter. Obviously, getting off to a good start with Windows Phone 8 was important in that journey and I think the results today reflect the fact that first step is something we are quite pleased with," Elop said.

Nokia will report its full fourth quarter results on Jan. 24.

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Discount retailer ALDI to start selling the Nokia Lumia 800


ALDI is a large chain of supermarkets all around Europe, and it appears the discount retailer will soon start selling the Nokia Lumia 800 in Belgium.

ALDI will be pricing it at only 189 Euro, much cheaper than the usual 250 Euro the handset has been retailing elsewhere.

I have no idea how many Nokia Lumia 800’s Nokia manufactured, but at these discount prices the handset has been selling very well, even hitting the top 10 lists in UK.

While these sales will likely not do much for Nokia’s bottom line, it does help to expand the addressable market for developers and increase the word of mouth around the new OS, which is always good news.

See the deal, which starts in 2 days, at ALDI here.

Via Reddit.com

Nokia: Devices getting WP7.8 update are pre-production–actual update coming next year


We reported yesterday that Nokia appears to be rolling out the Windows Phone 7.8 update to some Nokia Lumia 800s.

Nokia has now told tweakers.net that the update was in fact only rolling out to pre-production handsets, as may be found in the hands of journalists and developers. Those who purchased the handset via retailers will only get the update early next year.

"We react to this, because otherwise people will disappointed and sit waiting for the update," said spokeswoman Stella Jansen.

Mark from WP7.nl confirms the news, noting those lucky few who received the update appears to have been chosen due to their IMEI number.

It seems we will have to wait a few more weeks for the update to arrive on our phones.

Windows Phone 7.8 update now being pushed out to the Nokia Lumia 800


WP7.nl reports that their Nokia Lumia 800 has just received the official Windows Phone 7.8 update via the Zune desktop software.

The update was served via 4 individual updates,  first a Nokia Update for Windows Phone, the from 7.10.8773 to 7.10.8779.8, then 7.10.8783, and finally to  7.10.8858.136.

Thereafter users will notice the new boot screens and the option to resize their live tiles immediately.

WP7.nl suggests if you are salivating for the update to connect your phone to Zune and try your luck!

Have any of our other readers received the prompt? Let us know below.

Windows Phone 7.8 for Nokia’s full Windows Phone 7.5 range now available


If you don’t care about the data on your device you can now find Windows Phone 7.8 ROMs on Navifirm for Nokia’s full range of Windows Phone 7.5 handsets, including the Nokia Lumia Lumia 510, 610, 710, 800 and 900.

The firmware is available for most European countries and APAC variants . It includes Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 updates, but none of Nokia’s exclusive features.

If you are brave and reckless, here is a guide for flashing the firmware. Everyone else should hang on, as the arrival of the software for all devices is a clear sign the software will be pushed out to devices pretty soon.

Via NokiaPoweruser.com