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Nokia Lumia 800 WP 7.8 ROM from Navifirm demoed on video

FoneArena have posted the above demo of the Windows Phone 7.8 ROM which can now be downloaded from Navifirm for the Nokia Lumia 800 and 510.

The ROM does have the new start screen, accent colours, the ability to select Google as your search provider, and most interesting the new Bing wallpapers.

The demo unfortunately shows that the ROM only contains the Microsoft bits, without the Nokia bits like Bluetooth file transfer and the Ringtone maker. It is possible Nokia will distribute these via the Nokia Collection later.

The presence of the ROM on Navifirm suggests a more general roll-out can not be too far in the future.

Thanks Code for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 800 continues comeback in UK


UK does not have the most vibrant economy in the world at the minute, and I think this is clearly reflected in the popularity of older smartphones in uSwitch’s top 10 list.

This also probably explains why the Nokia Lumia 800 is making a come back, rising to the 7th spot on their weekly list of “UK’s most popular mobile phones this week, ranked by deal popularity and sales”.

The other Nokia Windows Phone also doing well on the list is the Nokia Lumia 610, which rose 9 spots in total.  Likely both handsets are benefiting from advertising for the Nokia Lumia 920, the more full featured but more expensive Windows Phone.


Amazon UK also has the handset listed as a Best Seller in Mobile Phones indicating that delivering a high quality handset at a low price may be a very good strategy for Microsoft after all.

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Windows Phone 7.8 shows up on Navifirm for NL 800 and NL 510


Windows Phone 7.8 can not be too far off, with a version of the OS showing up on Navifirm for the Nokia Lumia 510 and Nokia Lumia 800.

This means if you are so inclined and do not mind losing all your data you could flash the OS to your phone right now.

Windows Phone 7.8 will eventually bring an updated start screen, Bing wallpapers, a child-lock feature and for Nokia handsets Bluetooth file transfer and a ring tone maker, amongst other features to older Windows Phone handsets.

Via WinP.cn and Windowsmania.pl

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Google Trends shows interest in the Nokia Lumia 920 exceeds NL 800,900 peaks, still growing


Demonstrating something which Nokia themselves have alluded to, it seems the the Nokia Lumia 920 is benefiting from the groundwork laid by the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 before it, and has exceeded the peaks of interest in both handsets, if search volume as measured by Google Trends is any indication.

Of course the search volume is still only a small percentage of that for the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, but if Nokia ever manage to sort out their supply problems there is little doubt the handset will sell better than either of its predecessors.

See the embedded chart after the break.

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Priced to sell ZTE Tania and Nokia Lumia 800 tops Amazon UK’s Best Seller list


It seems all Windows Phone needed to give the OS a shot in the arm is pricing the handsets dirt cheap.

The second generation Windows Phones ZTE Tania and Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7.5 handsets are currently topping the charts at Amazon, outselling the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Note 2, which are of course a lot more expensive, but also the Samsung Galaxy Ace, Ace 2 and Blackberry Curve 9320, which are equivalently priced.

Maybe Microsoft’ strategy of selling cheap Windows Phone 7.5 handsets along side more expensive Windows Phone 8 handsets has some life to it after all.

See the page here.

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Pay as you Go Nokia Lumia 800 credited for boosting Carphone Warehouse bottom line


UK viewers would have noticed quite a few TV ads for the Nokia Lumia 800 recently by Carphone Warehouse.

It seems resurrecting this second generation Windows Phone 7.5 device is not an accident –the handset is apparently a pretty good seller on Pay as you Go, and with the Samsung Galaxy Y is being credited with 10% UK sales growth for the company.

Carphone reported a better-than-expected 57% leap in half-year profits to £8.3 million and said it was "quietly optimistic" for the festive season as smartphone deals breathe new life into the pay-as-you-go market.

While Windows Phone is not the ideal cheap smartphone, due to chassis requirements,  Nokia has always been at home in the value smartphone area, and it may be that it is only with these cheaper handsets that Nokia can once again reach their core audience of buyers.

Read more at MSN here.

At half the price of the Galaxy S III the Nokia Lumia 800 is now an Amazon UK best seller


The Nokia Lumia 800 was not the hit that Nokia hoped it would be, but it seems with the handset now priced to sell, all that promotion which went into trying to move handsets in the summer are now finally kicking in, and the device is now selling so well it is even charting on Amazon UK, outselling handsets like the Samsung  Galaxy S II and the £209 Apple iPhone 4.

In fact the low price of handsets like the Nokia Lumia 610 has also kept it in charts like uSwitch’s list in UK, where the handset maintained 10th position in October.

While both handsets are not the latest greatest, they do help increase the population of Windows Phone users, which should pay dividends in the future.

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Nokia India Announces Free Play 360° Speakers With Lumia 800 Device

Nokia India today announced that the customers buying Nokia Lumia 800 between 27th September – 27th October, 2012  will get a Nokia Play 360? speaker worth Rs. 9,350 for free. You can get a new Nokia Lumia 800 starting from Rs.22,200 in India and getting Play 360? for free is a killer deal.

Follow these simple steps to claim the offer :

  1. Buy the Nokia Lumia 800 from the Nokia Online Shop or a Nokia Store and return to this page.
  2. Sign in to your Nokia account or set up a new account to register your claim your offer.
  3. Your speaker will be delivered in 7 days*.

Read more about it here.


Nokia Lumia 800 selling out in Finland

nl800soldoutNokia dropped the price of their Windows Phones in the run up to the release of their Windows Phone 8 handsets by around 100 Euro, leaving the Nokia Lumia 800 costing only 249 Euro.

Now Esphoneblog.com reports that the Windows Phone 7.5 handset is selling out in stores, with stock on pre-order, and with even online retailers running out of stock.

Windows Phones have this year invariable resulting in big sales spikes, suggesting that instead of spending $500 million in advertising Microsoft could move many more handsets by simply subsidizing prices by $100 each.

Read more at Esphoneblog.com here.

Nokia Lumia 800 has a cameo in new TV show Elementary

Nokia is still keeping up on the product placement, with the latest being an appearance of the Nokia Lumia 800 in CBS’s new TV show Elementary, a remake of Sherlock Holmes.

In the scene, captured in video above by WindowsPhoneDaily, Holmes riffles through the victim’s Nokia Lumia 800 looking at her picture gallery and showing off the Nokia branding prominently.

With Windows Phones featuring prominently in other CBS shows like Hawaii-Five-0 I guess we can expect to see the Lumia show up soon again.

Via Engadget

Method to flash any ROM to the Nokia Lumia 800 found


A hardware hacker called X-Shadow has found a way to flash any ROM, including an unlocked ROM, to the Nokia Lumia 800.

The method is however not for the faint of heart, requiring disassembly and access to the test point connectors on the circuit board, and the use of a Advance Box turbo flasher.

The method is not helpful for the everyday user, but one can imagine a hardware hacker in a major city easily setting up business unlocking Nokia Lumias.

Read more at  XDA-Developers here.

Via WPHacker.com

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Windows Phone 7.8 spotted on the Nokia Lumia 800?

The administrator of the windowsmania.pl forum has posted the above video said to be of Windows phone 7.8 running on the Nokia Lumia 800.

DjTonka insists it is the real deal, and from the animation of the People Hub tile we assume he is correct.

He does not reveal any new features besides the new start screen, and will not be releasing the ROM just yet.

Read more in this WindowsMania.pl thread.

See some pictures after the break.

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Nokia Lumia 800 spotted in Betting ad


Sharp-eyed reader G.D. has spotted this heavily disguised Nokia Lumia 800 in a recent UK ad for Betvictor.

The choice of the Nokia Lumia 800 is interesting, given that they removed both Nokia and Microsoft’s branding, suggesting neither party are paying for the placement.

The only reasonable explanation appears to be that they chose the Nokia Lumia 800 as representing a very attractive device while still not being immediately recognizable to the majority of the population.

Have any of our readers spotted the device or other Windows Phones pop up in unusual places? Let us know below.

Thanks G.D. for the tip.