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Chinese Nokia Lumia 800c "sales have been brisk in all possible channels"


The Nokia Lumia 800c launched in early April on China Telecom to long queues and reports of good sales.

A bit late, we have a comment from Nokia regarding the performance of the handset.

According to China Daily, Wang Jingqiu, the company’s Beijing-based spokesperson, said "sales have been brisk in all possible channels".

There is some other evidence that the Lumia range is selling well, with Statcounter showing the market share of the handset rapidly rising from a low of 0.16% at the beginning of the year to 0.4% now, ahead of Blackberry, which never really took of in China.

Nokia recently reinforced their range with the Chinese launch of the low-end Nokia Lumia 610, which should help the company reach for that low end high volume price point which has always been their forte.

Thanks Manuel for the tip.

WIFI tethering in Tango update for the Nokia Lumia 800 confirmed (screen shot)


The Nokia Lumia 800c Chinese Tango ROM has been confirmed to have WIFI tethering, raising hopes that this feature will come to all Lumia 800 handsets when Tango finally arrives.

XDA user surya467 has tried the new ROM, and found:

  • Wi-Fi Tethering
  • Export contacts to SIM
  • Advanced network settings for calls and messages
  • Additional option in video mode – the quality of
  • Xbox animated tiles
  • New sign on the top bar

Another XDA user has ‘Sirstoner ‘ tested the firmware and confirmed it lacked Facebook and Twitter integration, of course consistent with its Chinese source.


Hopefully a usable update for all Nokia Lumia 800 handsets will appear soon.

Via Symbian-Tweet, screen shots via windows-phone.pl

Nokia Lumia 800c in second spot on China Telecom’s sales chart


Nokia’s finances are not doing too well, with a massive drop in sales and market share in some of their strongest traditional markets like China.

The company is looking at ramping up their Windows Phone 7 range to compensate for rapidly flagging Symbian sales

The CDMA Nokia Lumia 800c launched on China Telecom about 2 weeks ago to large crowds and queues, but of course that does not really tell us how well the smartphone is selling there.

Queues for the Nokia Lumia 800c launch in China

Reader HH has however tipped us of to a sales chart on China Telecom’s website showing the handset is pretty well positioned, just behind the wildly popular Apple iPhone 4S.

Hopefully by adding the Nokia Lumia 610 at a much lower price to their Chinese range they will have more than an isolated handset doing well, but closer to a full range which can make up the volume missing from Symbian’s demise.

Thanks HH for the tip.

CDMA Nokia Lumia 800c pictured


The Nokia Lumia 800c, the CDMA version of the handset, has recently passed through China’s certification authority, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Certification Centre.

The handset is revealed to be both cdma2000/GSM and has the China Telecom swirl, confirming the destination of the handset.

Digitimes reports that Nokia will be releasing Lumia smartphones to all three major Chinese carriers, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile, on the 28th March, and will be supporting WCDMA, CDMA and TD-SCDMA technologies.

Nokia is the second biggest smartphone vendor in China, recently passed by Samsung, and hopes to win back share with a new generation of Windows Phone 7 devices.

Via WPDang.com

Nokia Lumia 800 gets a pre-launch price cut in China


Chinese publication CNMO reports  that the CDMA version of the Nokia Lumia 800c on China Telecom has had a price cut even before it hit the market.

The handset was supposed to launch for 4,899 Yuan ($774 ) but will now be sold for 3,899 Yuan (about $616) without a contract.

The carrier is also increasing its subsidies for the handset on contract, and will now be offered for as low as 19 Yuan ($3) on contract.

With the Nokia brand very strong in China and prices so low the handset should do pretty well, boosting Nokia and Windows Phones sales significantly in Q2 2012.

The smartphone is expected to hit shelves on the 28th March 2012.

Via Unwiredview.com

Nokia Lumia handsets launching March 28th in China


According to CNMO.com Stephen Elop has revealed the launch date of the Nokia Lumia handsets in China.

The handsets will be coming to China on March the 28th, and will be available in 2 versions – 2 CDMA and 2 GSM handsets (Nokia Lumia 800 and 800c, and the Nokia Lumia 710 and 719c). The CDMA handsets are heading for China Telecom, while the GSM handsets will likely show up on China Mobile, the largest carrier in the world.

The article states that the Nokia Lumia handsets did not come to China at the same time as the rest of the world as localization had not been completed, but in the future the handsets will arrive in China at the same time as everywhere else.

Via Unwiredview.com