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Nokia Lumia 900 gets some product placement on Carly Rae Jepsen’s latest music video


It may no longer be Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone, but it does not mean the Nokia Lumia 900 does not get to mix with the starts.

We have already seen Jessica Alba wielding it (and then dropping it for the Nokia Lumia 920), and now we have Carly Rae Jepsen’s taking some pictures with it in her latest video The Kiss.

I don’t think we can say how effective this kind of advertising is in getting new Windows Phone users, but it certainly make us current owners pretty happy.

Via WPSuperfanboy.com

AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 now only $0.99


As we prepare to greet the Nokia Lumia 920, we are also saying goodbye to the Nokia Lumia 900.

We have seen the Nokia Lumia 900 being sold for $0.99 before, but except for the LTE data problem, never from AT&T directly. The carrier now however has the job of clearing out their inventory of the Nokia Lumia 900 before the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 arrives.

The handset is now available from the carrier for only $0.99, but still on a two year contract. If your priority is saving $200 the handset is probably a reasonably buy, but given the cost of a contract over two years, which could easily be above $2000, it seems more sensible to wait and invest in the latest technology in less than 3 weeks.

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Nokia Lumia 900 prototype had a curved screen


Engadget recently had a tour of Nokia’s facilities in Finland, and there captured a picture of Nokia’s past and present models, which included a Nokia Lumia 900, but one that was subtly different from the one we are familiar with.

The device appears to have had a curved screen, just like the Nokia Lumia 800, indicating that Nokia changed their mind somewhere along the way.

Of course the Nokia Lumia 920 brings the curved screen back, likely a sign that this is closer to Nokia’s design ethos than the usual flat screen found on most phones.

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CNET tortures a Nokia Lumia 900 to death

Possibly because the Nokia Lumia 900 is nearing the end of its life cycle, CNET has decided to give theirs a glorious send-off, seeing if the handset lives up to the legendary ruggedness which has been a hallmark of the brand and is currently a meme going round the internet.

They started by freezing it for 2 hours, boiling it at 2000 degrees, knocking in a nail with the smartphone, and then repeatedly dropping it, all of which the phone survived with hardly a scratch.

The phone finally met its nemesis after being immersed in a swimming pool.  I’m sure next year’ s fully sealed waterproof version will laugh off even that challenge.


Nokia Lumia 900 gets minor ROM update


It seems Nokia is pushing out a firmware update to Nokia Lumia 900 handsets.

The “Nokia Update for Windows phone” takes the software to firmware 8779.12301, up from 8779.12201.

It is likely the update is only a minor bug fix rather than any major new features.

Have any of our readers received the prompt? Let us know below.


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Lumia 900 help net Nokia the Most Improved award in JD Power customer satisfaction survey


JD Power’s quarterly customer satisfaction survey results are out, and at first glance it may not read like the best news for Nokia.  Dig a bit deeper under the surface however and it is clear that Windows Phone’s excellent customer satisfaction numbers is pushing the Nordic company higher and higher in the ranks.

Mar-12 Sep-12 Growth
Apple 839 849 1%
HTC 798 790 -1%
Samsung 769 782 2%
Motorola 758 777 3%
Nokia 702 763 9%
LG 733 742 1%
Blackberry 733 740 1%
Palm 697 707 1%

Nokia’s customer satisfaction numbers for their smartphones improved from 702 to 763, a massive 41 points, much more than anyone else on the table, and overall a 9% increase on their previous performance.

It pays to bear in mind Nokia’s numbers are a combination of their Symbian and Windows Phone numbers. Unfortunately JD Power will not release the detailed breakdown of the numbers (we did ask), but a bit of sleight of hand does let us extract a rough estimate.

In March 2012 there were 1.56 million Nokia Symbian Windows Phones in USA (according to Comscore), and only a few Nokia Lumia 710 phones sold on T-Mobile, which we are choosing to ignore for the moment. This resulted in a score of 702.

In July 2012 there were 1.48 million Symbian phones, and probably around 600,000 Nokia Windows Phones (based on Nokia’s smartphone shipments to US in Q2 2012). Assuming Nokia’s Symbian customer satisfaction numbers remained static (a relatively safe assumption) we can see that to reach a Nokia customer satisfaction score of 763 their Lumia 900 handsets must have scored around 914, well above the 849 of the iPhone.

Now if Nokia sold less Lumias the customer satisfaction score for those handsets would have to be even higher to bring the overall score up that much, leading to the truism that Lumia owners just love their Windows Phones.

Anyone want to check our maths? Leave your result in the comments below.

See JD Power’s press release here.

Nokia Lumia 900 drops out of AT&T top 3 in August


Canaccord Genuity posted the result of their monthly retail checks in USA, and for the first time since the April the Nokia Lumia 900 is no longer in the top 3 on AT&T.

Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley notes: “Our checks indicated weaker sales for the Nokia Lumia 900 at AT&T and ongoing minimal BlackBerry sales at all four U.S carriers,”  noting that the Galaxy S III also gained share from RIM and Nokia in Europe.

The yearly release cycle has also affected iPhone sales, which dropped from the top position in USA overall, which makes one wonder if this is really the best strategy for maintaining even sales around the year.

Via BGR.com

Nokia Lumia 900 only $0.97 at Walmart

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Continuing to make shelf-space for the upcoming new Windows Phone 8 range, the Nokia Lumia 900’s price is reaching new lows in US, with Walmart selling the handset for only $0.97 in stores with a two year contract.

The 16 GB handset with 8 megapixel Carl Zeiss camera is a pretty good deal at the price, with the big bugbear of course being that the handset will not be getting the Windows Phone 8 upgrade. On the other hand, it is likely that any Android handset being sold at that price will probably also not be getting any upgrade either.

Hopefully these low prices will help Windows Phone continue to grow during this difficult third quarter, before a new wave of handsets hit the market.

Thanks Figure 8 Dash for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 900 comes to Vodacom SA after all


It appears that Nokia flagship Nokia Lumia 900 is coming to Vadocom, Vodafone’s South African subsidiary, after all.

The company had earlier indicated it would not be carrying the Windows Phone handset, which is already being sold by MTN.

The handset will be retailing for between R359 and R 1029 on contract, depending on the package, with the Smart Advanced plan providing the most data at 400 MB per month for R899.

See the full range of contract pricing at MyBoradband.co.za here.

Free Nokia wireless speakers for UK Lumia 800/900 buyers, but rules complicated

CashbackInstead of offering cash back in the UK, Nokia is offering Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 900 buyers free Nokia Play 360 Wireless Speakers.

The offer is open only to new purchasers, but the rules on claiming the speakers are somewhat complicated.

First, on purchasing a new Lumia 800/900, you have to save your receipt and sign in to your Nokia Account to register your purchase. This registration opportunity closes on the 11th September.

Then you have to return AFTER 28 days to complete your claim, and before the 31st October 2012, to make sure you are not scamming the system by simply getting speakers by buying and returning Lumias.  Nokia however still urges claimants to “act fast” as stocks are limited.

You will need your purchase details to fill in the claim form, and your Play 360 wireless speakers should be sent to you within 4 weeks.

Somehow I suspect Nokia will not be needing to send out too many speakers.

See the full rules and terms and conditions at Nokia here.

Thanks ChavasRegal for the tip.

Tango update for the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 now live, also in Canada


Nokia has announced on their blog that the Windows Phone 7 Tango update for the Nokia Lumia 900 is now live on AT&T and in Canada.

The update will entail 3 separate installations and take around 30 min and bring the following new features:

For the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900:

  • Flip-to-silence feature
  • Camera performance enhancements
  • Battery performance enhancements
  • Startup sequence performance enhancements

For Canadian Lumia 900 customers:

  • Flip-to-silence feature
  • Support for Contacts Share app, to send and receive business cards as text messages
  • Proximity sensor performance enhancements
  • Removes purple hue which affected some phones in low-light conditions
  • Startup sequence performance enhancements
  • Camera performance enhancements

The update will also allow the installation of some of Nokia’s latest Windows Phone 7 software, which up till now did not work on non-Tango handsets.

Read more about the process at Nokia Conversations here.

Have any of our readers received the update yet? Let us know below.

Nokia Lumia 900 now effectively only €334 on Amazon.de

imageWPApp.de reports that a combination of vouchers can see you net a Nokia Lumia 900 for only €334 ($410, £262).

The two vouchers which achieve this magic are:

  1. Buy the Nokia Lumia 900 from Amazon.de with discount voucher 9MT9ET5K (-€50) bringing the price down to €383,99.
  2. Register for Nokia’s  Cashback Program (€50 voucher which can be used on Amazon or Saturn) bringing the cost down to €333.99

Of course now may not be the best time to spend €334 when Nokia’s new Windows Phone 8 handsets are expected to hit the market in 2 months, but if you always wanted the Nokia Lumia 900 the deal is pretty irresistible.

Read more about the deal at WP7App.de.

Tango update for the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 said to improve camera quality


WPCentral reports in their tests of the unreleased Tango update for the Nokia Lumia 900, which includes updated firmware, that the update has dramatically improved camera quality.

Noise is apparently down overall, and low-light sensitivity is also dramatically improved.

Other elements such as focus, sharpness and colour balance has also apparently benefited.

The poor quality of Nokia’s cameras have been one of the biggest disappointments of their Windows Phone venture, and it would be extremely encouraging if they have finally figured out the issues which made one of their previously strongest selling points one of the weakest features of their phones.

Nokia’s Jo Harlow has said the company is investing heavily in image quality, and it would be great to see them finally live up to their promise.

Image credit: WPCentral.com