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Nokia celebrates 2 million Nokia Lumia sales in China


WinP.cn reports that they have heard from reliable sources that Nokia has just celebrated 2 million activations of the Nokia Lumia handsets in China.

The feat was achieved between December 5th and March 5th, and was hampered in part by the poor availability of the Nokia Lumia 920 handset, with the device frequently out of stock.

The small internal celebration was led by Gustavo Eichelmann, Nokia’s global vice president and  head of Nokia China, with pictures of the event above.

It was also revealed that the Chinese version of the Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 should hit shelves within the next few weeks.

If Nokia has indeed sold 2 million of their smartphone in China, the news bodes well for Nokia’s Q1 2013 results, which will need to reach at least 6 million Lumia sales to make up for the absence of Symbian handsets.

Read more at WinP.cn here.

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Nokia Lumia 920T, unlike the iPhone, to be deeply subsidized in China

imageThe Nokia Lumia 920T is currently on pre-order on China Mobile, the largest carrier in the world, for 4599 Yuan, or around $738.

For a country with an average yearly income of only a few hundred dollars this is of course pretty pricy, but a poster on Seeking Alpha believes the handset is set to soon have a huge boost.

Daily Finance reported the handset it set to be heavily subsidized in China, something which is pretty unusual on the carrier.

They write:

Which brings us to the latest news coming out of China. China Mobile is taking pre-orders of the Lumia 920T at the $740 price point until it receives stock from Nokia in January of 2013. However, China Mobile announced that it intends to subsidize the cost of the 920T for customers that sign up for a two-year data plan. What will the Lumia cost customers, after subsidies, in China? All of 1 Yuan.

Jacob Steinberg on Seeking Alpha reports that China Mobile has a limited budget of around $4.1 billion to subsidize phones, and that this means most handsets are not subsidized.  This apparently includes the iPhone, with China Mobile not being able to reach agreement with Apple over their demands for a deep subsidy.

Nokia did however make the list, and from next year the issue of a large upfront payment will be removed out of the equation, which should boost Lumia sales pretty aggressively, if Nokia can keep up with supply of course.

Read more at Seeking Alpha here.

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Nokia Lumia 920T better seller on Amazon China than iPhone 5


We don’t know exactly how well either the Nokia Lumia 920T or the iPhone 5 is doing in China, although early indications are that China is cooling on the iPhone 5.

What we do however know is that today Amazon China, who is selling both the iPhone 5 and the Nokia Lumia 920T, is reporting that the Nokia Lumia 920T is a better seller, ranking the Nokia device as 5th and the iPhone 5 as 6th.

It is of note that the devices which are ahead of the Nokia Lumia 920T costs between a half to a tenth of the price of the handset (4,599 Yuan vs 138, 770, 1,222 and 1,888).  The iPhone 5 16GB is comparatively closely priced to the Nokia Lumia 920T, costing 5,288 Yuan).

Unfortunately for Nokia the supply problem remains an issue, with the handset out of stock on Amazon at present, forcing buyers to chose pre-orders instead of being a shipping device.  This suggests that even if the Nokia device is in high demand, it will never exceed the iPhone’s sales if they can not sort out their availability issues.

Chinese Nokia Lumia 920T pictured once again


The Chinese version of the Nokia Lumia 920, the TD-LTE and TD-SCDMA 920T, has once again been leaked on camera.

The handset is essentially the same externally as the NL 920, but internally is said to feature the upgraded Adreno 320 GPU with up to 3 times the performance of the current chipset. some pictures have however leaked of a prototype device with the normal GPU, so this change is certainly not written in stone.

The handset is destined for China Mobile and may get there before the before Apple finally negotiates an agreement with the giant Chinese carrier.

See more pictures after the break.

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Nokia Lumia 920T passes through Chinese Certification in time for December release


WinP.cn reports that the Chinese version of the Nokia Lumia 920, the 920T, has gained Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Telecom Equipment Certification for release on the China Mobile network on the 12th November, in time for sales to start on December 5th.

The handset supports China’s home-grown TD-SCDMA standard and also standard GSM GPRS.

The smartphone will be launched next week on November 22nd , and will be available in Cyan, Yellow, Black and White. It is rumoured to cost around 4,200 Yuan ($673)

The handset should hit Hong Kong streets slightly earlier, on November 28th, with the Nokia Lumia 820, where red and grey will also be available.

The device will only be launched on December 6th in Taiwan, and become available on shelves December 14th. The price there is also not known.

Via WinP.cn

Amazon China cancels cheap Nokia Lumia 920T orders, apologizes for pricing error

yamaxundaoqian_fuben_115954 (1)

As usual, if the news is too good to be true it probably isn’t. We wrote yesterday about Amazon China selling the Nokia Lumia 920T for only 3,599 Yaun, which is $578. That price is of course pretty low, and stock was sold out in 30 min.

Now Amazon has written to those who ordered to notify them that their order has been cancelled, and also to offer them a 30 Yaun gift card in compensation.  The letter reads:

I regret to inform you, in your account to buy goods: ***, commodity price information is incorrect and the merchandise has not yet arrived, order merchandise has been cancelled. If your order payment has been made, the abolition of commodity payments will retreat into your gift card or electronic account, you can query in the "My Account" – "My gift card or electronic account.

It seems eager Chinese Nokia Lumia fans will have to wait a bit longer and probably pay considerably more to play with Nokia’s latest greatest Windows Phone 8 handset after all.

Via Winp.cn, thanks hengxiang32401 for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 920T goes on sale on Amazon China, sells out in 30 min


The Chinese version of the Nokia Lumia 920, the Nokia Lumia 920T, which we now know to be a bit more powerful that the international version, has gone on sale on Amazon China for the low price of only 3599 Yaun, which is only $578.

Given the low price it is no surprise really that from the listing being discovered only 30 minutes passed before the out of stock sign went up.

Those who did manage to get in an order can expect delivery between the 26th and 27th December, so not anytime soon unfortunately.

Read more about the saga at Winp.cn here, and see the entry at Amazon here.

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Some more pictures of the China Mobile Nokia Lumia 920T leaks


WPDang-920-21 WPDang-920-12 WPDang-920-4

WPDang have collected some more pictures of the Nokia Lumia 920T, the Chinese version of the Nokia Lumia 920 that will run on China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE  network.

China Mobile has already confirmed the handset will be available in November and cost 4888 yuan and 5888 yuan depending on the version.

China Mobile is the world’s biggest network, with more than 600 million subscribers, which will hopefully translate into good sales for Nokia there.

Via WPDang.com

China Mobile officially announce the Nokia Lumia 920T, coming November


On their Weibo channel China Mobile, the largest carrier in the world, has now officially announced they will be offering the Nokia Lumia 920T.

The handset supports both China Mobile’s version of 3G (TD-SCDMA) and LTE (TD-LTE).

The handset will cost 4888 yuan and 5888 yuan depending on the version and will be available in November.

Via Winp.cn

Nokia Lumia 920T with China Mobile Logo proves it is coming to the largest carrier in the world soon


Just the thing to goose Nokia on earnings day, another picture of the Nokia Lumia 920T for China Mobile has leaked, this time prominently sporting the logo of the company.

Apparently the handset is ready to hit the market in November, and will be sporting both TD-SCDMA support and TD-LTE.

The phone also comes with support for China Mobile and several Chinese services built-in. It is believed the handset may be officially announced today.

China Mobile has 655 million subscribers and is the biggest carrier in the world, and tellingly has still not agreed to carry the iPhone, certainly a helpful advantage for Nokia Lumia 920T sales.

Via Winp.cn

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