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Microsoft Still Working On “Low Storage” Install Error 80188308 That Occurs During WP8.1 Update

Earlier today, we reported that Microsoft has fixed the ‘Error 8018830f :The update was downloaded, but couldn’t be opened’. Joe Belfiore today confirmed that the fix is out and it was a “packaging problem” with the update. However, there are another set of people who are experiencing 80188308 error. Joe today confirmed that the error is due to low storage issue in the install partition and they are still working to fix it.

Source: Joe Belfiore

Lumia Cyan rolling out to Lumia 1520 in Germany

Screenshot (37)Even though the info page does not say so yet, the Lumia Cyan update is now available for the Nokia Lumia 1520 in Germany, according to Dr. Windows Martin Geuss on Twitter and his website.
I am yet to verify this - since I am on the developer preview I need to downgrade my phone first – and will update this article when I know more. (EDIT: Downloading Cyan on my Lumia 1520 right now)

The Lumia Cyan update brings all the Windows Phone 8.1 features to the Lumia 1520 together with a new firmware . This means features like a start screen background, a notification center, improved UI rendering and an improved photo algorithm are finally coming to the biggest Windows Phone device to date and the update also includes support for Dolby Digital audio recording or Motion Sense.

Have any of our readers gotten an update notification, maybe even on other phones than the Lumia 1520 or in other regions? Let us know below.

This waterproofed case will let you shoot underwater photos with your Lumia 1020


The Nokia Lumia 1020 remains the No 1 camera flagship on the market. Its huge 41MPX camera sensor allows you to take stunning pictures and zoom in afterwards without any quality loss. But with all the praise, the device is missing one feature other brand’s phones have which would make the device even better for pictures: A waterproofed body.

Now the company Watershot is trying to be trailblazer at making the Lumia 1020 waterproofed – with a waterproofed underwater housing you can put the phone into. With a price tag of almost $300 it is rather expensive, but is said to be designed together with Nokia and is made of Aluminum. Also it features a tripod mount and is supposed to keep to phone safe for up to 100 meters depth.

Whether all this is worth $299.99 you have to decide yourself but – without looking at the price tag – I certainly think it is something the Lumia 1020 needed for a long time already. With its already super great camera I am sure underwater photos will look simply stunning.

The housing can be ordered at Watershot online here.

What do our readers think? Would you be getting one of these (or will you be getting one for those who can afford it) or do you not think it is something you need? Let us know in the comments!

Nokia Camera Beta Updated With Full Resolution Zoom, Living Images Support And More


Microsoft today released an update to Nokia Camera beta app to v4.7.1.3 with many new features including  Full Resolution Zoom, Living Images support and more.

New in beta version (May 12, 2014):

  • New Camera Roll with Full Resolution Zoom and inline playback of video, cinemagraph, smart sequences and refocus images
  • Nokia Camera integrates with Creative Studio and Video
  • Trimmer for editing your photos and videosimage
  • Living Images support*
  • Continuous Autofocus for faster focusing*
  • Surround sound capture in Video*

*Living Images and Continuous Autofocus are supported on Lumia 930, Lumia 1520 and Lumia Icon running the Lumia Cyan software update

The updated app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

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Nokia app voucher promotion now also available in Germany

Nokia-Ent-Camp-Wide-Games2x1-jpgToday Nokia officially announced the app voucher promotion in other countries. While so far the app only worked in countries like the UK, for example Germany was not able to download the app.

With the app everyone who bought a Lumia 1520, 1320, 1020 or 625 after the 21st April (beginning with the 22nd) can verify themselves and get a 25€ app voucher for their apps.
However, there are two restrictions: You need to be at least 18 years old and the voucher expires after 120 days.

The promotion is going until the 30th July 2014 and the needed app can be found here.

Source: Nokia

Following Samsung, Nokia Updates Its App Folder For WP8 Devices

Few hours back, we reported that Samsung has updated their App Folder app for Windows Phone devices. Now, Nokia has updated their App Folder app to v1.2.2.10 for Lumia Windows Phone devimageices. This v1.2 only includes minor improvements. The change log mentions that it includes general performance improvements.

Tidy up your Start screen and make things easier to find with App Folder. You can gather similar apps together or keep your most used settings in one place — it’s up to you. Simply create and name a folder, add the apps and settings you want, and then pin it to your Start screen. You can create as many app folders as you need and edit them as you go.

Find the app in the Windows Phone Store here.

How do you carry your Lumia 1520?

Screenshot (12)

The Lumia 1520 is a huge-buttocks device and therefore does not fit in every pocket. For me personally the Lumia 1520 is a phone I can barely pocket into my trousers; I have a few jeans it fits in but there are some the half phone peeks out off, and there are many others with the same problem.

As a result of this some people are getting themselves holsters for phones (but seriously guys, do not do that! You look like an idiot with these!) or always wear jackets so they can put it there. I am that kind of person who always “hides” the phone in their trousers’ pockets. I got myself a screen protector as the pants’ stuff rubs directly on the screen and I really hate scratches which can be easily caused this way if there is only a little bit of sand or similar in your pocket, but with a protector I am good to go. If it is not too hot I put it into my jacket or coat.

But how about our readers? Where do you keep you gigantic phone? Do you like having something huge in your pants, or do you prefer putting it into the jacket? Maybe you are one of these people with a holster? Let us know in the comments below!

Picture: BestBoyZ

More Details About Upcoming Nokia Lumia 630 Windows Phone Device Leaked

Nokia Lumia 630

We already know some information about the upcoming low-end Windows Phone device Lumia 630, Chinese blog Winp.cn today has reported some more info on it. The device is now expected to be launched in China in Mid-April with the price around 1000 Chinese Yuan(150 USD).

Key Specs:

  • FWVGA 854×480 4.5 inch screen
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processors
  • 1GB RAM
  • Dual Sim Standby support GSM + WCDMA network
  • Virtual navigation buttons
  • No physical camera key and no LED flash.
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Out of the box.

Nokia is expected to reveal this device officially at BUILD developer conference next week.

Source: Winp.cn,  thanks hengxiang32401 for the tip.

Nokia Releases Nokia Car App For Lumia WP8 Devices To Enable Car Mode

Nokia has a Car Mode in its Lumia WP8 devices which will be enabled via NFC when you mount your Nokia device to their wireless CR-200 car mount. The app provided some glance and go information like time, weather, battery life an also provided quick access to HERE Drive + , Nokia Music, Call, etc,.

This Car mode was included in Nokia Accessories app you find in settings menu, but you won’t be able to launch this mode manually. Now, Nokia has released an app called Nokia Car App which allows you to launch this car mode.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store.

via: Windowsphoneapps.es

1 in 5 Finns now own a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone


After only two years of sales Nokia Lumia handsets managed to take around 20% of the Finnish phone installed base, with Nokia announcing on their Finnish site that they have sold 1 million handsets since February 2012, when the Nokia Lumia 800 was released there.

Finland only has a population of 5.4 million people, making its Windows Phone penetration I am sure by far the highest in the world.

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Upcoming Nokia Lumia 630 WP8 Device Press Render Leaked


Nokia Lumia 930 Windows Phone

Nokia’s upcoming Lumia 630 Windows Phone 8 device press render got leaked today on the web. This device will be the successor to the mid-range Lumia 620 device. As you can see in the image above, the device will have on-screen buttons instead of hardware buttons.

On spec wise, the device is expected to have Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and 4-inch screen. If the device includes 1GB RAM and HD screen, I guess this device can compete with recently successful MotoG Android device in developing countries like India.

What do you think?

Source: @evleaks

‘Nokia Lumia- Your Wish is My App’ Is Back With Season 2, Submit Your App Ideas And Win Upto $16,000 Grand Prize

Nokia Season 2 Your Wish Is My App

Following the success of the first season of ‘Nokia Lumia- Your Wish is My App’, Nokia India has announced the season 2 of the contest. Last year, this app reality TV show was limited to app enthusiasts across India, but this year Nokia is going big by including consumers and developers from across the globe in this contest. As you all know, you have to submit mobile application ideas that have the potential to be developed into successful apps for the Windows Phone Store and you could stand a chance to become a millionaire(In India, grand prize money is 1 million INR). Last season, the contest received 38,000 app ideas and Nokia is looking forward to a pool of 50,000 app ideas for season II.

Nokia will be collecting ideas from people through social media, SMS, phone, and at various functions, events which will be held at colleges and universities across India. Finally, 30 shortlisted apps will be showcased in a nine-episode reality TV show which will be aired on NDTV Prime starting mid-March. There is a grand prize of Rs 10 lakhs (1 million), two runners up will be awarded Rs 5 lakhs and Rs 2 lakhs each and three lucky winners will stand a chance to win the new amazing Nokia Lumia 1520. The winners will be judged on the basis of parameters such as the originality of the idea, relevance, potential for revenue and the practicality of implementing it.

The best part of this contest is, Nokia will be publishing the 4000 top ideas on Nokia DVLUP, making them available to developers from India and across the world to convert into live apps. Also, curated expert developers will be invited to work on select top applications, with Nokia providing UX and design consultation in addition to technical support.

Find details about how to send your ideas after the break.

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photo-e-factz v1.0.2 – a free wp8 app for editing and beautifying photos with effects, frames and text

photo-e-factz is a free wp8 app comprised of photo, effects, and textual facts of photo, on photo. app for capturing user’s lifetime events using photograph picked via camera or gallery – adding multiple visual effects, adding beautiful frame along with configurable title, personalized short message with date embossed on photograph.

user can save these configured ‘photo events’ to phone gallery, share it with friends. application maintains actual resolution, meta information of original photo and then copies it to the new modified one.

app act as the “hub” and host all saved ‘photo events’. it will also give options to share the picture and locate photo’s geo location on “nokia map”

this app uses Nokia APIs and hence may not work on non Nokia windows phones

store url of the app photoefactz-store

please check app’s fb page to see set of other modified pics from the app photoefactz-fbpage

below are few modified images via this app