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Windows Phone overtakes Meego in Finland


Amongst Meego fans and Stephen Elop haters in Finland there is still the delusional idea Nokia should have persisted with Meego rather than go with Windows Phone 7.

The rapid adoption by the Finnish public of the Windows Phone 7 Nokia Lumia 800 would therefore come as a shock to them.  Since the launch of the handset its percentage of the browser market share has rapidly sped past the Meego-powered Nokia N9, released in September 2011, a full 4 months before the Lumia 800.

At 2.45% of browser share, Finland likely has the highest concentration of Windows Phones.  With Nokia loyalty still very high there,  we may still see the OS reach 5-10% market share in the next few months.

Now if only the graph of the rest of the world looked like this…

What’s wrong with this picture?


It seems even Meego has some fans amongst retail staff, as some-one in this Swiss cellphone store decided it was a good idea to replace the WP7 Nokia Lumia 800 with the near identical, except for the interface of course, Nokia N9.

Hopefully such sabotage is not widespread, but this is certainly not the first example we have seen of Windows Phones being mislabelled.

Thanks Alex for the picture and tip.

Scroll speed of Nokia Lumia 800 compared to the Nokia N9

The Nokia Mobile Blog has devised a simple test to demonstrate how well a phone tracks touch input.

By simply rapidly scrolling up and down on a page it is easy to demonstrate that Windows Phone 7.5 scrolls much better than the Meego OS on the Nokia N9.

While the Nokia Lumia 800 has a 1.4 Ghz processor compared to the 1 Ghz on the N9, it is easy to prove the same holds true for any of our 1 Ghz devices.

Possibly one more reason Nokia chose Windows Phone 7 over Meego?

Via MyNokiablog.com

Nokia N9 review gives a preview of the Nokia 800/ Searay goodness coming

We are about 100% certain that Nokia will announce the Nokia 800/ Nokia Searay at Nokia World on the 26th next week, but if you want a sneak peak at the hardware we will be getting, this Engadget video review of the Nokia N9 is pretty close to what we can expect.

Engadget notes:

Love at first sight — this is possibly the most beautiful phone ever made. It’s not our first hardware love affair (we’re looking at you, iPhone 4S), nor likely our last, but the N9 is in a class of its own in terms of design. You’ve never seen anything like it, and if you think it’s attractive in pictures, wait until you see it in person — it’s completely and utterly irresistible. It manages to be elegant by virtue of its minimalism yet remains unmistakably Nokia. The impeccable proportions belie the handset’s 12.1mm (0.48-inch) thickness thanks to tapered ends reminiscent of its more ornate predecessor, the N8.

While Engadget predictably prefers Meego running on the hardware, I think I know what our readers prefer, although I would love that clock being brought over to WP7 also.

Read Engadget’s full review here.

Thanks Milad for the tip.

Windows Phone 7 vs Meego on the N9 (video)

Having seen Windows Phone 7 soundly defeat Symbian Belle, many old-time Nokia fans would say the real competitor to WP7 was never Symbian but Meego.

Now we have a 20 min review of the Nokia N9, likely the last Meego handset, against an HTC Radar again. Unfortunately it is all in Russian, and I have no idea what the reviewers opinion is, but what I feel is clear from the video is that Windows Phone 7 provides a clearer, more consistent experience, and once again shows Nokia made the right choice by choosing Windows Phone 7.

Via YouTube.

Nokia N9 video sample gives taste of what’s coming to Nokia Sea Ray

Besides better GPS navigation, one of the things we are definitely expecting from Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets are better cameras.

The above video shot by MobilePerry on the Nokia N9 shows exactly what we can look forward to with the near identical Nokia Sea Ray.

The video has great frame rate, colour reproduction and sharpness, with none of the fuzziness one normally associate with the phone camera.

The Nokia Sea Ray is rumoured to be announced pretty soon and should reach the market in the next 2-3 months.

Thanks Eugen for the tip.

Nokia N9 and Nokia Sea Ray not being launched in same markets, not coming to USA?


According to Asymco analyst Horace Dediu Nokia will not be overlapping the markets in which the Nokia N9 and Nokia Sea Ray, who share very similar designs, will be released.

This may help buyers from thinking the Nokia Sea Ray, which will follow the N9 to the market, will look like an old handset even before it is released.  Of course this argument ignores the internet, which makes all news local instantly, but I am sure the alternative of very similar handsets side by side in the phone store would be even worse.

Also of note from Horace is that the USA appear not to be included in list of Nokia Sea Ray release countries, I am sure to the disappointment of many readers.

Of course Nokia does not have much brand equity in USA, and may initially want to concentrate on on their stronger markets like Europe.

Read more at Guardian.co.uk here.

Thanks Matt for the tip.

Nokia N9 camera pictures look awesome


Click for full size.

Nokia Conversations have published an album of pictures taken with the Nokia N9’s 8 megapixel camera, and as expected the results look great, with great colour fidelity, high levels of detail and low noise, such that the pictures look more as if they are from a dedicated device than a phone camera.

It is expected that the same module will also show up in Nokia’s Sea Ray Windows Phone 7 handset.

See the full collection at Nokia’s Conversation blog here.

Nokia N9 camera specs details, will likely show up in the Sea Ray also


The effect of having a wide-screen 16:9 sensor vs traditional 4:3.

Nokia’s official blog has written about the features of the camera in the Nokia N9, presumably the same one as will be showing up in the Nokia Sea Ray.

The camera features:

  • Industry-first imaging sensor which is FULLY optimised for BOTH 16:9 AND 4:3 images
  • Industry-leading Carl Zeiss optics
  • Super wide-angle optics – the widest in the industry. Up to as much as 60% more viewing area than other broadly comparable devices
  • f/2.2 aperture – largest ever in a mobile device
  • Extremely responsive, especially switching from stills to video and vice-versa and shot to shot
  • Touch AF for both video and stills
  • Full time continuous AF in BOTH video and stills plus face detection
  • HD video with stereo audio (still one of very few devices that provide high quality audio recording in video)
  • Seamless workflows optimised for speed or editing & sharing
  • Zoom in to images directly in the post capture view, edit and share all without leaving the camera – the most seamless mobile imaging experience
  • Non-destructive editing of images – go back to the original image at any time. Undo or redo edits even months later
  • New high power dual LED flash – 20% more powerful than our previous most powerful LED flash despite its compact size
  • Geo tagging with place names rather than just co-ordinates
  • AMBR – Automatic Motion Blur Reduction
  • Not forgetting the touch to share of images between handsets using NFC technology

Of note is that, unlike other 8 megapixel sensors, which sacrifice low light performance for pixel density, in the Nokia N9, which has a custom sensor made just for Nokia, the sensor is large, the aperture for the camera is very large, to capture more light and of course the focus is in fact very much on camera quality.

Of course Nokia innovated a lot in the camera software also, and it would be interesting to see how much of that carries over to their Windows Phone.

We all know the iPhone 5 will make the jump to 8 megapixel, and it will be great for once to have a camera on a Windows Phone that will not just have great specs, but is actually better in all aspects.

Read a lot more detail at Nokia Conversations here.

Nokia N9 pictures gives a taste of upcoming Windows phone 7 goodness


Pocketnow have managed to lay their hands on some press shots for the upcoming Maemo-powered Nokia N9 and it looks every bit as good as we hope Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 handsets will look.

The handset is purportedly only slightly thicker than the iPhone 4 and spots an 8 megapixel camera and qHD (960×540) screen.

The device features a sleek, minimalist design while retaining oodles of personality, and I think I would be perfectly happy for Nokia to just slap Windows Phone 7 on this beast.

More shots after the break.

Do our readers like the design as much as I do? Let us know below.

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