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Nokia RM-860 passes through FCC heading for Verizon


Just in time for an announcement at Mobile World Congress, the Nokia RM-860 has just passed through the FCC with LTE bands 4 and 13 which marks it as a Verizon exclusive.

Thanks to AdDuplex we already know this handset will be a high-end Windows Phone, making it very likely we are looking at the Nokia Catwalk, a sleek and stylish Windows Phone flagship for Big Red.

See the paperwork at the FCC here.

Via Engadget.com

Thanks A2J for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 520, 720 and other mystery Lumias show up in the wild


Alan Mendelevich, who runs Adduplex, which is an ad network on a large number of Windows Phone apps, has just tweeted some interesting findings from a look at his logs.

Apparently he discovered a number of Nokia Windows Phones in the wild. 

The list includes the Nokia RM-914 (Lumia 520), so presumably a very cheap low end Lumia, the RM-885 (Lumia 720), a presumed mid-range Lumia, and two other unidentified handsets, the RM-887(?) and RM-860(?) on Verizon.

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