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Accessories for the Nokia N800 start showing up on Amazon


Guess what just popped up on Amazon.  The Nokia 800 covers we spotted in this video here has now made it into the store, looking pretty much the same.  The silicon case will be £9.99 and will be shipping on November the 28th, hopefully not indicating that the handset will only be released so late into next month.

Via the MyNokiablog

Thanks Isaac for the tip.

First photos from the Nokia Lumia 800 shows up on Flickr

Exif-2TheNokiaBlog has found the first photos verified to be from Nokia’s as yet unannounced Windows Phone 7.5 handset, the Nokia Lumia 800, on Flickr.

The EXIF data shows the phone to have a F/2.2 aperture, similar to the HTC Titan and better than the F/2.4 of the iPhone 4S.

What do our readers think of the pictures? Let us know below.

Thanks Mark for the tip.

(photos removed at request of the rights holder)

Nokia N9 review gives a preview of the Nokia 800/ Searay goodness coming

We are about 100% certain that Nokia will announce the Nokia 800/ Nokia Searay at Nokia World on the 26th next week, but if you want a sneak peak at the hardware we will be getting, this Engadget video review of the Nokia N9 is pretty close to what we can expect.

Engadget notes:

Love at first sight — this is possibly the most beautiful phone ever made. It’s not our first hardware love affair (we’re looking at you, iPhone 4S), nor likely our last, but the N9 is in a class of its own in terms of design. You’ve never seen anything like it, and if you think it’s attractive in pictures, wait until you see it in person — it’s completely and utterly irresistible. It manages to be elegant by virtue of its minimalism yet remains unmistakably Nokia. The impeccable proportions belie the handset’s 12.1mm (0.48-inch) thickness thanks to tapered ends reminiscent of its more ornate predecessor, the N8.

While Engadget predictably prefers Meego running on the hardware, I think I know what our readers prefer, although I would love that clock being brought over to WP7 also.

Read Engadget’s full review here.

Thanks Milad for the tip.

Nokia 800 teased during X-Factor last night (video)

xfactornokiaNokia is gearing up to announcing the Nokia 800 Windows Phone at Nokia World on the 26th, and have started the marketing blitz by teasing the phone during commercial breaks in the X-factor USA show on ITV 2 in UK.

The device would probably only be immediately recognizable to Windows Phone 7 or Nokia fans, but the curved appearance, and the flash of colourful tiles leaves no doubt to the device’s identity.

I am sure we will see a lot more promotion very soon for the handset, which is after all meant to be the company’s savoir.

Thanks David for the video and tip.

Will Nokia replace Segoe WP with Nokia Pure?


Pocketnow have leaked some press shots of the upcoming Nokia 800, and Long Zheng over at Istartedsomething.com, who may know Metro better than Microsoft, noticed immediately that something was different.

It seems the mock-ups use Nokia’s Pure font rather than the Metro font Segoe WP. Nokia of course has wide freedom to make changes to Windows Phone 7, but if this only extends to fiddling with the font I don’t think there is too much to worry about.

Nokia’s Pure font is designed to be legible at small font sizes on high resolution screens and is based on the idea of seamless, fluid motion.  Does not sound like a bad match for Metro, is it?

Are our readers perturbed by this change? Let us know below.

Nokia 800 Press Shots leaked


Continuing what seems to be a tradition now, Pocketnow have leaked the press shots of the Nokia 800 aka Searay, fully expected to be announced on October 26th and to be available in the first week of November.

The phone price has been leaked earlier, and is expected to cost a reasonable 499 Euro.

The handset will be available in Blue, Black and Pink, the other colours can be seen after the break.

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Nokia 800 to only cost 499 Euro

Plaffo has heard from trusted sources that the upcoming Nokia 800/Searay will be retailing for only 499 Euro (around £436/$682).  This is of course much cheaper than HTC’s flagship, the HTC Titan, and as can be seen in the far right column of the price list above cheaper than many other handsets also.

In fact the earlier leaked price list above corroborates the rumour.  Plaffo notes the right column is arranged from high to low, and the Blackberry Bold above seems to be 499 Euro also, and the one below 429 Euro.

We are of course expecting the handset to be announced next week, and the phones to be available across the major countries in Europe in the first week of November.

Read more at Plaffo.com here.

Nokia Searay coming to T-Mobile Germany in early November also

We have had a tip from a reader who was shown a list of upcoming Nokia devices in T-Mobile Germany’s inventory system, and while it identified a number of known Symbian devices, e.g.  the Nokia 700, it also indicated the Nokia Surprise is coming in week 46 also.

The Nokia Surprise is likely Nokia’s coy name for the Nokia 800/Sun/Searay, suggesting we will see the handset between the 7th and 13th November 2011. We have earlier seen a similar leaked screen shot from Orange France’s playbook with the same date range.

Our informant notes that the HTC Radar also showed up on the list, and should show up in stores soon.

Nokia is likely going for a massive splash with their first Windows Phone 7.5 handset, and it seems will try and release the device simultaneously all over Europe.

Thanks J.T. for the tip.

Nokia Sun is a new Windows Phone 7 handset for Orange France, to be released 7th November


Some-one sent MonWindowsPhone a screen shot of upcoming phones on the French Orange network, and it includes the HTC Radar and also the new Nokia Sun.

The handset features:

  • Windows 7.5 Phone Mango
  • Availability for week 46: 7-13 November 2011
  • 1.4Ghz Processor
  • Unibody shell polycarbonate
  • 16GB Memory
  • Photo 8Mpx
  • 3.7-inch AMOLED screen
  • MicroSim card

It sounds pretty much like the Nokia Searay, and I guess we now know when we can expect the device to show up in stores – about 2 weeks after its announcement at Nokia World on the 26th October.

Via Monwindowsphone.com

Nokia putting in Windows phone orders from Foxconn also

Last we heard Nokia would be using Compal as an ODM for the Nokia Searay.

Now Digitimes reports that Nokia has begun releasing its orders for Windows Phone 7.5-based smartphones to both Foxconn International Holdings and Compal Communications.

This is pretty good news for prospective Nokia customers, as Foxconn, who famously also ODMs the iPhone, has a reputation for high quality, unlike Compal who frankly does not.

While there is no way of knowing, given that the Searay was connected with Compal, it may be that the Nokia Sabre or Nokia Ace will be made by Foxcon instead, and represent a somewhat better device, irrespective of specs.

See the report at Digitimes here.