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City of Oslo orders 3000 Windows Phones

800px-Oslo_rådhus_(by_alexao)ZDNet reports that the City of Oslo has put out a tender for 3000 Windows Phones to be used by their Care of the Elderly Agency.

The handsets are to be used with their Gerica case work system, developed by Finnish company Tieto.

The handsets need to be at least WVGA with 4 inch screens and NFC, and 1 Ghz processors, though the larger the screen the better, which suggests a handset like the Nokia Lumia 625 may find favour.

If the initial deployment goes well the City of Oslo may roll out the handsets to more of their 43,000 employees.

The tender is a good sign of the increasing acceptance of the Windows Phone operating system in enterprise settings, something we will hopefully see more of as Microsoft takes direct control of Nokia’s handset division.

Nokia Lumia 920 release details also announced for Sweden, Norway and Denmark

Nokia has announced availability details for the Nokia Lumia 920 in more European countries.

They revealed, unlike last time, Sweden and Norway would not have to wait for Nokia’s latest.

In Norway Nokia announced the handset will be released in Q4, and cost 4700 krone. The device will be available on Telenor and TeliaSonera Norway, NetCom and Chess.

Northern Manager at Nokia, Johan Eidhagen, said:

We are very pleased that Telenor and TeliaSonera Norway, NetCom and Chess will sell Nokia Lumia 920 in Norway. It underscores the momentum we are experiencing with our Lumia smartphones and the ecosystem around Windows.

In Sweden the handset will also be available in Q4, and will cost around 5700 SEK before subsidies and will be sold by Vodafone, 3 and Tele2.

It will be available in yellow, red, gray, white and black and will support penta band LTE and HSPA +.

Lastly, in Denmark the handset is also set for Q4, and will be available in Telia, 3, Telenor and TDC for 4,900 Krone before subsidies.

“We are very pleased that all the major operators have chosen to take Lumia 920 into their range from the sales start. It emphasizes the momentum we are experiencing with Nokia’s Lumia smartphones and the entire Windows ecosystem – not only in Denmark, but throughout the world,” says Nokia Danish Product Manager Markku Suomi.

Via Windowshub.no, Thanks Jonas, Mads and Kristoffer for the tips.

Telenor data shows the Nokia Lumia 800 is their 4th best selling handset so far this year


Top 10 best selling phones on Telenor so far this year 
  1. Samsung Galaxy S II
  2. Apple iPhone 4S, 16 GB
  3. Apple iPhone 4 8 GB
  4. Nokia Lumia 800
  5. Galaxy S III
  6. Nokia N9, 16 GB
  7. Samsung Galaxy Gio
  8. Huawei U8800
  9. iPhone 4S, 32 GB
  10. Sony Ericsson Xperia Active

Telenor, Norway’s biggest carrier, has released their sales ranking for the year so far, and it shows the Nokia Lumia 800 has been a pretty good seller in the region.

The Nokia Lumia 800 was released on Telenor in January this year with the Nokia Lumia 710, and has been followed by the Nokia Lumia 900 recently.

According to the data the handset is behind the Samsung Galaxy S II and iPhone 4S 16 GB and 4 8GB, but ahead of the iPhone 4s 32 GB.

According to Statcounter Windows Phone currently has a 1.3% market share in Norway, better than Sweden at 0.93%, but obviously much lower than the other Scandinavian country Finland, where it stands at more than 10% market share at present.

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Nokia Lumia 800 takes 5th position in Netcom Norway’s April sale charts

Top ten most sold smartphones through NetCom for April 2012

Phone Apr 12 Mar 12 Feb 12 Platform
Apple iPhone 4s 1 2 1 iOS
Samsung Galaxy S II 2 1 2 Android
Apple iPhone 4 3 3 3 iOS
HTC One X 4 - - Android
Nokia Lumia 800 5 4 4 WP7
Sony Xperia S 6 - - Android
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7 6 8 Android
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 8 - Android
Huawei Honor 9 - - Android
Sony Ericsson Xperia Active 10 - 10 Android
Samsung Galaxy 5 - 5 6 Android
Sony Ericsson ARC S - 7 5 Android
Samsung Galaxy Y - 9 - Android
HTC Sensation - 10 - Android
SE Experia Mini Pro - - 7 Android
ZTE Blade - - 9 Android


Netcom has finally released their smartphone sales charts for April 2012. Netcom is Norway’s second biggest carrier, and last month revealed Windows Phone has 7% market share in March 2012.

This month the Nokia Lumia 800 slipped to the 5th spot, after the arrival of the HTC One X in the 4th position.  Windows Phone dropped from 7 to 6%, but we suspect the arrival of two new handsets, mostly unfortunately in June, should reverse this trend.

Read more at Digo.no

Via AgileMobile.net

Nokia Lumia 900 now coming to Norway the 14th May


We posted yesterday about the Nokia Lumia 900 coming to Norway on the 2nd May, but that was before the announcement of the delays due to “overwhelming demand” which seems to have set European shipments back 2 weeks.

Now www.komplett.no has listed the device as also coming (provisionally) on the 14th of May, retailing unlocked for 4390 Krone (about 580 Euro).

The page can be seen here.

It remains to be seen if the Lumia 900 will receive as enthusiastic reception it has in USA, but here’s hoping.

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Nokia Lumia 900 coming to Norway, Finland the 2nd May


Nokia has announced that the Nokia Lumia 900  and Nokia Lumia 610 will be arriving in Finland in May, with pre-orders for the handset opening at midnight tonight.

The Nokia Lumia 900  will be available in Black, Cyan and White while the Nokia Lumia 610 will be available in White, Black, Cyan, and later also Magenta.

The launch will also be accompanied by the release of the Nokia TV which lets Finnish users stream local TV stations  from Yle, Nelonen and MTV3.

Finland is not alone. We have received this screen shot from Norway’s largest retailer Elkjøp, with the handsets expected to arrive in stores on May 2nd. It is likely the Finnish handsets will also become available at the same time.

Via Esphoneblog.com

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Windows Phone has 7% market share in Norway, already 3rd ecosystem there


Netcom, Norway’s second largest carrier, has released some sales figures for the month of March.

Besides revealing that for the first time since the list has been published that the iPhone has been displaced from the first position by the Samsung Galaxy S II, they also revealed that Windows Phone holds 7% market share for sales in March, slight down 1% from February, when the Nokia Lumia 800 launched. The Lumia 800 was however able to retain its 4th position on the list.

It is believed the fall of the iPhone from the top spot was due to market share stolen by the Nokia Lumia 800, clearly a real competitor it seems

They also revealed that Symbian sales are now non-existent on the carrier, and in the absence of any other smartphone OS sales Windows Phone was now the de facto only challenger to the iPhone and Android duopoly.

Android iPhone Windows Phone Total
50% 43% 7% 100%

Norway is of course not Finland, which has a strong loyalty to Nokia, and where good Lumia performance was a near foregone conclusion. The stats therefore show great progress for the OS, which will hopefully be built on by the release at the high end of the Nokia Lumia 900 and the low end by the Nokia Lumia 610.

Via Digi.no

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Nokia Lumia 800 climbing charts in Norway, now 2nd best seller at Elkjøp

Fredrik Gørrissen, Director of Telecommunications and Mobile at Microsoft Norway has told Mobizmag.no that after the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800 in Norway in February their market share has been very good, and that the handset is currently the second best selling phone on Elkjøp’s sale charts. The handset took the 4th position in Netcom’s charts in Norway in February and 8% share of the market.

Elkjøp is the largest electrical retailer in the Nordic countries with over 264 locations, and their charts is an important indicator in an region where a significant percentage of phones are sold without a contract.

Gørrissen noted that there were now over 400 apps in Norwegian and that he expected a further boost with the release of the low-cost Nokia Lumia 610, which will cost only 189 Euro unlocked.

Read more at Mobizmag.no here.

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Netcom: Windows Phone takes 8% market share in Norway in February, taking share from iOS and Android

Netcom sales ranking in Norway February 2012
  1. (1) Apple iPhone 4S
  2. (2) Samsung Galaxy S II
  3. (3) Apple iPhone 4
  4. (-) Nokia Lumia 800
  5. (9) Sony Ericsson ARC S
  6. (8) Samsung Galaxy 5
  7. (-) Sony Ericsson Experia Mini Pro
  8. (-) Galaxy Xcover
  9. (6) ZTE Blade
  10. (7) Sony Ericsson Active

Netcom, Norway’s second biggest carrier, has released some sales figures for February 2012. The Nokia Lumia 800 launched in the country on the 1st February, and the sales ranking shows that the Norwegian market has responded pretty well to Nokia’s marketing.

According to Netcom, the Nokia Lumia 800 helped Windows Phone take 8% market share in their sales channel, taking share from the very dominant Android and iOS, which had 49% and 43% share respectively. Note that unlike neighbouring Finland Norway did not have much loyalty to Nokia, and Symbian has a very small presence in the region.

The Nokia Lumia 800 achieved the 4th spot on Netcom’s top 10, behind the iPhone 4S, Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4 and Digi.no notes that this was the first time Windows Phone has had a presence in the top 10.

Netcom sales director Kristian Rena, said in a statement:

The newly launched Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows phone is taking market share from both iOS and Android. We see a growing demand for handsets with Windows Phone, in both private and corporate market, and expects further growth for these phones throughout the year.

It appears that the threshold to try new smartphones with new operating systems are lower now than before. Android will have a lot of credit for this, along with an increased supply of apps on the operating systems that compete with iOS, and a wider smartphone offers in both lower and higher price ranges, says Rena.

Digi.no wonders if sales will flag once Nokia’s massive marketing campaign ends – we suggest instead Nokia keep it up instead.

Via Digi.no.

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HTC Titan impress in Norway



Windows Phone 7 only came to Norway with the advent of Mango, so is a pretty foreign OS to the Scandinavian country.

In a big test of 14 smartphones available in Norway however, run by Norwegian channel TV2 in conjunction with Mobilen.no, a phone magazine, the HTC Titan running WP7.5 of course, did pretty well, scoring a full 6 out of 6 marks , on par with the Samsung Galaxy S II, Apple iPhone 4S and HTC Sensation, and well ahead of the Nokia N9, which only scored 4 out of 6.

The only negative marks were for not having expandable storage and not supporting Adobe Flash.

As the only Windows Phone 7 handset in the test the result is pretty spectacular, and is hopefully a prompt for better adoption in the region.

Read more about the test at TV2.no.

Thanks HÃ¥vard for the tip.

Mango launching on the 28th September in Norway

imageAccording to the Norwegian MSDN Flash newsletter, Windows Phone 7 Mango will launch in Norway on the 28th September 2011.

The letter notes:

The day before Windows Phone 7.5 will be launched in Norway, we want to invite everyone who is working with mobile application development on any platform.

Come and listen to what’s new. Get the experience of the developers who have already developed and published apps for WP. This is a free seminar for anyone who wants to learn Windows phone development.

Of course it is not 100% clear what it means for Mango to launch in Norway, but we are all waiting for both a software update and new devices to arrive.

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