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O2 Academy Music App Now Available In Windows Phone Store

O2 Academy Windows Phone

O2 Academy is one of the London’s leading music venues, nightclubs and theatres. With this official app, you can find gigs, get tickets, get behind the scenes information, watch clips of your favorite artists, even see what gigs your friends are going to and lots more.

  • Easier navigation and gig search
  • The all new Gig Hub. A digital gig pack so you can see specific details of the events and artists you’re interested in
  • You can let your friends know which gigs you’re going to on Twitter and Facebook
  • See how many of your friends are going to an event (they’ll need the O2 Academy app to do this)
  • Scroll through our timeline showing the number of days before each gig as well as a countdown to showtime
  • See directions to the venue, how to get there, distance and even what the weather will be
  • Check the latest from an Artist’s or Venue’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Fan Cam. So you can share your night by uploading a video from your phone. You could even be on O2 Academy TV
  • Light Show. Wave your phone in the air and watch the screen pulse with colour in time with the music

Download the app here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Nokia Lumia 930 may hit UK as early as 9th June

The Nokia Lumia 930 is the handset the mass of Nokia Lumia 920 owners are waiting for, and we mostly expect the handset to hit the market by the middle to end of June.

Now, according to O2 support, the handset may be even closer, with their upgrade team saying the handset is currently in testing, and if all goes well the handset should hit shelves by the 9th June.

Will our readers be standing in line? Let us know below.

Via Reddit.com

O2 announce carrier billing for Windows Phone in UK

imageToday Telefonica announced that carrier billing support is now available to their Windows Phone users under their Charge to Mobile scheme.

Not only can Windows Phone users now charge their app and music purchases to their phone bill, but the system also allows purchases at places like Facebook and Spotify.

Telefónica Digital UK director David Plumb said, "Charge to Mobile supports our digital strategy and we’re delighted to add Microsoft to our growing portfolio of technology companies who offer it. The service allows us to put digital at the heart of the customer experience, offering them a fast, easy and safe alternative to credit or debit cards."

He also noted that the system was good for developers, saying  "Windows Phone developers earn three times more revenue per active user on average in markets where carrier billing is offered (and six times more revenue on average in emerging markets where credit card usage is more limited)."

Via The Inquirer.com

O2 offering one year free Evernote Premium to their customers


If you are an Evernote user O2 is offering one year’s free Evernote Premium to all their subscribers.

Evernote premium allows users to keep notebooks offline, get priority image recognition to find text in images faster,1 GB of upload capacity each month and an increase in maximum note size to 100 MB. It also allows users to search inside PDFs and display related notes.

To automatically upgrade to one year’s free Evenote Premium:

  1. Visit the microsite at evernote.o2.co.uk
  2. If you’re connecting using 3G or 4G you’ll be routed seamlessly through to create an Evernote account or log in to and existing account
  3. If through Wi-Fi or through another device you’ll enter your mobile number then receive a code once you enter the code the same seamless process will happen.

Read more at the micro-site or in O2’s forums here.

Evernote for Windows Phone can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

64 GB Nokia Lumia 1020 to be exclusive to Telefonica, coming worldwide to O2, Movistar and Vivo

In a press release Telefonica announced that it has reached an agreement with Nokia to be the exclusive provider of the 64GB version of the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Telefonica has over 320 million customers and says the exclusive is part of their commitment to answer demand from customers and enrich the Windows Phone ecosystem.

The 64GB Nokia Lumia  1020 will be available through O2 ( in the UK , Czech Republic and Germany ) , Vivo ( Brazil ) and Movistar ( Spain, Chile, Mexico and other countries) .

The handset will support Telefonica’s LTE network rolling out in UK , Germany , the Czech Republic , Brazil, Mexico and Spain , and other markets will be incorporated before end of the year .

The new Nokia Lumia 64GB 1020 is available today in Germany , with an initial cost of 19 euros and a monthly fee of 27.50 euros (on the MyHandy plan) . In UK the handset will be available from free  on O2 for £37 per month and will be accompanied by an accessory kit worth £200.

In Spain and Brazil the handset will launch in October, with prices from 24 euros per month ( in Spain ) and competitive offers for pre-order  in Brazil.  The handset will be available in yellow, white and black.

"Telefonica is delighted to partner again with Microsoft and Nokia to offer its combining customers an extraordinary experience and super fast 4G connection , all as part of our continuing support for Windows Phone OS as a third ecosystem , said Marieta Rivero , Director of Global Marketing at Telefónica.

Via WindowsPhoneApps.es

Nokia Lumia 1020 to come to Three and O2 by September

We know both Three and O2/Telefonica have shown interest in the Nokia Lumia 1020, with Three showing a preview hands-on video and O2 having leaked a press release regarding the handset.

Now Engadget has been able to confirm the new smartphone will indeed show up on both carriers this quarter, ie before the end of September.

From an earlier leaked press release we expect O2 will have an exclusive on the 64 GB version of the handset, while Three has said their device will be Ultrafast Ready (DC-HSPA).

There is no word on the other carriers yet, but the handset will likely have a relatively wide release in Europe.

Via Engadget.com

Upcoming Nokia ‘Eros’, ‘Mars’ Devices Revealed From O2 Germany’s Leaked Document

Nokia Eros Mars

An internal document from O2 Germany has leaked online and it reveals two mystery Nokia Windows Phone devices.

1) Nokia Eros

2) Nokia Mars

First, Nokia EROS could be a typo of the upcoming Nokia EOS Lumia device which will be next week by Nokia. The second one Nokia Mars could be the 5inch Lumia Windows Phone 8 device with GDR3 update that will allow Nokia to sport 1080p display.

What’s your guess?

Source: mobiFlip  via: Engadget

Huawei Ascend W1 in Blue and Pink only £99.99 on O2 PAYGo


O2 UK is offering the Huawei Ascend W1 in Blue and Pink for only £99.99 on Pay as You Go, £30 down from its previous £129.99 price.

The handset is available available for free from as little as £14 per month with unlimited text and 250 MB of data on a 24 month contract.

The handset competes with the Nokia Lumia 520, which is also carried by O2, but which is now £20 more expensive at £119.99 (and also out of stock), meaning we are now seeing some real price competition at the Windows Phone low end.

The handset has a 4 inch WVGA screen and 5 megapixel camera, with the only real deficit being no access to Nokia’s exclusive apps and only 4GB of internal storage, though microSD expansion is supported.

See the deal at O2 here.

Huawei Ascend W1 reviewed


An example of the camera quality of the Huawei Ascend W1 

Pocket-lint have published a very thorough 12 page review of the new Huawei Ascend W1 Windows Phone 8 handset.

The handset is available from £119.99 on PAYG on O2, or £13.50 per month on contract, and is competing against low-end Android handsets such as Ascend G330, Orange San Diego and ZTE Blade 3 and Windows Phones such as the Nokia Lumia 520.

At that price you can expect some compromises, and Pocket-lint notes for example that the picture quality left a lot to be desired, and found that the device slowed down at times,  especially when they tried to jump between content-heavy apps too quickly.

They also lamented that no GPS Navigation app was pre-installed, but was fortunately able to install Nokia Drive, which is now available for all Windows Phones in some areas.

They were however very happy with the battery life, which easily made it two days between charges, and found the removable battery, microSD card slot and sturdy build quality welcome.

They also found Windows Phone 8’s ease of use a plus.

They concluded:

When you consider the Huawei Ascend W1 will set you back just £120 it’s difficult to fault, as you’re getting a pretty good deal.

The Ascend W1 comes with a strong set of features allowing you to fully use the handset as a mobile phone, internet portal, handheld gaming device and multimedia station.

It may not excel at any of these things, but that’s OK. You’re not going to buy the Huawei Ascend W1 for power, you’re going to buy it for practicality and value for money – and those are the criteria it absolutely wins out on.

Read their full review here.

O2 Tracks come to Windows Phone!

O2 Tracks, O2’s Top 40 music app, which downloads 60 of biggest hits right now to your phone weekly, allowing for off-line listening, is now available for Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.

The ad-free service costs between £4 and $4.99 per month and is available on any UK network, including Vodafone, 3 or EE.

The app features:

  • Unlimited plays of the Official Top 40 – the UK’s biggest hits always up to date
  • Just In Playlist  – packed with new releases every day
  • Exclusive O2 Playlist – the nation’s favourite classics tracks as voted on tracks.o2.co.uk
  • Daily celebrity news and gossip
  • Free trial – All UK networks welcome

o2tracksFor O2 subscribers the app comes with a free 8 week trail, and will then be charged to your bill at £5 every 5 weeks.

Users from other networks get a 2 week free trial, and pay slightly more at £4.99 per month either via credit card, debit card or Paypal account.  Users are free to unsubscribe at any time.

The app downloads tracks automatically overnight, and WIFI is of course recommended for this.

The app itself is free and can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via Pocket-lint.com, thanks Fernando for the tip.

Amazon reveals Nokia Lumia 720 UK release date

nl720Amazon has revealed the release date of the Nokia Lumia 720, Nokia’s new mid-range Windows Phone 8 handset, in UK.

On their page where the unlocked handset is being sold for £382.97 they note the release date for the handset is the 8th April 2013.

Besides the unlocked handset O2 UK has also committed to selling the device, also some time next month, for a more palatable but likely locked price of £215.

The Nokia Lumia 720 has a 4.3 inch WVGA screen, 6.7 megapixel camera and at 9 mm is the thinnest Lumia yet.

Are any of our readers waiting for the device? Let us know below.

Thanks Willie for the tip.

Deal Alert: O2 PAYGO Nokia Lumia 620 now only £129.99 till Easter


As part of their Easter sale O2 UK is running a promotion where they are offering the Nokia Lumia 620 for only £129,99, a whole £20 off the usual £149.99. The deal also includes a free interchangeable shell.

The last time the phone hit this price point it was for an O2 promotion where users had to vote for which phone to discount, and the handset sold out completely then.

To take advantage of this deal visit O2 here.


O2 announces the Nokia Lumia 920 as “coming soon”


The Nokia Lumia 920 has now shown up as “Coming Soon” on O2’s website.  The carrier does not reveal exactly when the handset will arrive, but assures those interested that it will still be this month, of which only 10 days remain.

The handset is already currently available on EE, T-Mobile, Orange, Three UK and Vodafone, leaving O2 as the last hold-out before Nokia’s flagship is available to all UK subscribers.

See the page at O2 here.

Via WPC.