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First WP8 OTA update brings WIFI KeepAlive to the HTC 8X

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WPCentras.lt reports that the HTC 8X has received its first over the air update.  The update, which downloaded a number of packages upgraded the OS to 8.0.10211, with one of the most obvious features being the addition of the ability to keep WIFI alive when the phone is suspended.

Hopefully we will see the update roll out to other devices soon, which will hopefully also address the issue with spontaneous reboots and freezes.

Thanks Arvyda for the tip.

Skydrive, MyPhone, Geo-tagging are go for Windows Phone 7

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After Dan Ardelean posted an unlocked emulator the guys over at XDA took a deep look into what really makes Windows Phone 7 series tick at this point in its development. So RustyGrom took some pictures which revealed a whole slew of info that are so potent that if it were drugs you would wake up 10 years in the future wondering “what the F** happened”…it’s like a gold mine in the emulator. Now without further ado, feast your eyes on some WP7 Series porn…I hope no one needs a change of pants after viewing these images.

Pic of the camera app and Office Sync:

It seems Microsoft has finally decide to incorporate Skydrive in their mobile offering by default. Skydrive gives you way more space for saving files at least 25GB. It is also rumoured to increase to 50GB of free online storage.

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