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Are you having trouble synchronizing your Outlook.com mail?


For most of today I have been running into issues sending and receiving mail from my Microsoft accounts, including our hosted domain at Outlook.com.

The issue appears on the desktop and on the phone, and I have seen reports from others with the same problem.

Are our readers affected by this issue? Let us know below.

Having a problem with your Outlook.com email? You are not alone


Readers have been pinging us for the last few hours complaining of issues with their Outlook.com email.  It appears they are far from alone, and Microsoft has acknowledged the issue on their  status page.

The good news that the problem has already been identified and fixed, and we should expect the issue to be resolved in short order.

Thanks Luis and Bogie for the tip.

Outlook.com not syncing contacts properly to Windows Phone 7.8?


We had a tip from a reader that the Windows Phone 7.8 update appears to have been causing issues with contact synching with Outlook.com, with the main issue appearing to be that contacts that are modified or added using the web interface of Outlook.com is not synching back down to the device. From searching around the net it seems to be a relatively prevalent issue.

To see if your device is affected:

  1. Open contacts on outlook.com
  2. Edit any contact detail of a randomly picked contact
  3. Go to People Hub settings
  4. Scroll down to accounts
  5. Press and Hold Live account
  6. Tap sync
  7. Wait until sync complete
  8. Check People Hub

If the contact does not appear you may also be afflicted.

If you have checked, vote in the poll below to help us see how widespread this issue is.

Thanks EvilEls for the tip.