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Clowntraptions! Out now and half price!

Roll up, roll up, the circus is in town! Those crazy clowns have enlisted you to help them put on the greatest show on Earth! Put up a platform, place a trampoline, spray a clown with bubbles and put on a show across dozens of physics- based puzzles!

Grogan Software presents:

Clowntraptions! The clown-filled physics puzzle game. Available NOW exclusively on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1!

Clowntraptions is a fun, fresh twist on the physics contraptions puzzle genre. Use a Big Top full of circus-themed objects to solve each zany puzzle. Fire a clown from a cannon to reach that hoop, knock over the huge clown shoes to collect those stars, bounce a clown off a trampoline and into the path of stream of bubbles to send him flying towards the goal!

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Zombie Circus REBOOTED!

Zombie Circus

Zombie Circus just got REBOOTED. Almost completely rewritten, Zombie Circus now takes advantage of your Windows Phone’s fast app switching and live tile support. The game now features three different survival modes, in addition to all-new gameplay in the form of a 3D physics driven dual stick shooter. A brand new interface, revamped graphics, multiple boss battles, a redesigned upgrade shop, and enhanced effects round out this mega-update.

Can you stop the zombie clown horde from taking over the circus? Non-stop ragdoll physics and 3D shooter action await you as you battle the zombie clown infestation. Protect the tent by tossing and throwing the zombies around with multi-touch finger action. Unlock powerful weapons as you progress and upgrade them in the Weapon Shop! Gain the favor of the Carnival Allies and unleash devastating super attacks against the zombie clowns! Create your own battles in the Sandbox Editor!


  • Now with over 100 levels of addictive ragdoll physics and 3D shooter action!
  • NEW! Brand new gameplay – a 3D physics driven dual stick shooter mode!
  • NEW! Now with THREE different Survival modes.
  • ENHANCED! Redesigned interface and upgrade shop.
  • ENHANCED! Cleaned up graphics and new particle effects.


Pay (.99 with Trial):

Pirate’s Plunder 2, for Windows Phone

Pirate's Plunder 2

Continue the epic adventure set forth in Pirate’s Plunder! Defeat the pirate zombie lord, the Howl of the Wolf, once and for all! Take command of your pirate fleet in classic path drawing, ship parking gameplay – now with 3D graphics! Battle Peg-Hook the Pirate Lord in fast paced ragdoll physics boss battles. Explore maze-like jungles in 3D top-down, dual-stick shooter action. Set sail for Tortuga and gamble in three different pirate themed games. Battle the Royal Navy, ravenous sharks, and the Kraken Monster itself in their own minigames. With over 70 unique missions, Pirate’s Plunder 2 has more epicness than a bottle of grog!

  • Over 70 missions, utilizing all new 3D graphics – unleash the power of your phone!
  • Classic path drawing, ship parking gameplay!
  • Ragdoll physics boss battles!
  • 3D top-down dual-stick shooter action!
  • Pirate Shop – upgrade your weapons and ship!
  • Pirate gambling – Buccaneer Slot Machine, Dead Man’s Dice, Blackbeard’s Blackjack!
  • Randomly generated mazes – explore for big booty!
  • MORE!


Pay (.99):


DR. Hoop Launches For Windows Phone

DR. Hoop is a physics based basketball game that utilizes fans, bombs, bricks, portals and other obstacles to present a compelling and fun challenge for the player. With tons of amazing shots and 40 levels in all DR. Hoop will be your go to game. Try it today and play 12 levels for free.

Link To Windows Store

DR. Hoop is a challenging physics based basketball platformer that combines elements of puzzle solving and item discovery with amazing basketball shots.

Easy to learn but hard to master the game progresses through 40 levels with increasing difficulty and shot results that will have you shouting Boo-Yah!

QRCodeThe Game Features:

  • 40 Levels of play (12 Levels in Trial Mode)
  • Exploding Bombs and structures
  • Portals
  • Other Items include  Rocks, Bricks, Boards,Electromagnets, Switches and Fans
  • 4 Stars to collect per Level
  • Thousands of possible shot results

DR. Hoop is available now exclusively on Windows Phone here. See a video demo after the break.

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North Pole Invasion 2, Free For Windows Phone

North Pole Invasion 2

The zombie clown elves are back in North Pole Invasion 2! Reprise your role as Elf McPointyEars and help defend Santa’s gift bag from the zombie clown elf invasion. Use a variety of physics based weapons to stop their attack. Or use your fingers to toss and fling the zombies around! The choice is yours as you progress through 95 levels of ragdoll physics action. New this year is a 3D, physics driven, top down dual stick shooter mode!

  • Stellar art and animation
  • 95 progressively difficult missions of addictive physics action. Starts off easy before leading you into over the top action
  • NEW top down 3D shooter mode driven by the power of a full 3D physics engine – defend Santa’s gift bag! Collect weapons on the battlefield and upgrade them in Santa’s Workshop!
  • Bonus rounds! Launch giant snowballs from Santa’s truck to smash ice skating zombie clown elves!
  • 16 unique zombie types, each with their own powers, plus 5 big bosses to battle!
  • 25 physics based weapons to deal out massive damage to the zombie clown elf horde
  • Interactive weapons – tilt your phone to control them!
  • Epic boss battles!


Pay (.99):


first look: Enlightened

I’am proud to show the first public preview of my upcoming game “Enlightened”. The game is currently still in developement, but there is an public beta available in selected countries. Please support the developement by voting for Enlightened for the App of the Year(participants get a chance to win a Lumia!). The final game will be available later this year and will offer never seen before gameplay an graphics.

Enlightened is one of the most advanced games for Windows Phone. It offers the perfect balance between action, mind breaking riddles and the most impressive graphics. The goal of the game is to solve the complex, physics based puzzles by using laser, gates, buttons switches and even explosives! Are you ready to take the challenge?

– unique and exciting gameplay – most impressive graphics on windows phone yet – 30 levels – interactive gadgets and upgrades - achievements and leaderboards – 3d sound (requires headphones) - unlockable bonus games - uses every quantum of hardware performance (from the first gen WP7 phone to the latest high-end phones!) – rich Metro UI – powered by Xpecular - exclusive to Windows Phone (7&8)

Zombie Carnival, Free For Windows Phone 7

Only you can stop the zombie clown horde! Zombie Carnival is a top-down, dual stick shooter with continuous mind-blowing action! Take control of Buck Ricardo as you blast your way around the carnival fairgrounds in full 3D. Watch zombie clowns detonate and fly everywhere, thanks to the power of a full 3D physics engine! Take the fight inside the tent for an incredible physics-based boss battle. Use your fingers to toss and fling the zombie clowns around, and smash them into the ground! Swap out different weapons and upload your score to the integrated leaderboards.

  • Non-stop 3D physics with dual stick shooting action. How many waves can you survive?
  • Blast the zombie clowns across the map using a variety of weapons and score multi-kill bonuses!
  • Power up the Carnage Meter for an outrageous killing spree!
  • Incredible art direction: amazing particle effects, soft shadows, ambient occlusion, and a day/night cycle take full advantage of the Windows Phone hardware.
  • Destroy the zombie clown car while it drives around the fairgrounds!
  • Epic, physics-based boss battles.

Trapped Birds – Physics based puzzle game will leave you wanting more

trapped Birds trapped Birds trapped Birds

Trapped Birds is a fun and addictive game that utilizes the FARSEER Physics engine to produce a realistic physics based environment. The premise of this game could not be simpler.

trapped Birds

A mother bird has been trapped inside a round hamster ball and is desperate to reclaim her eggs. In order to reach her eggs she must complete a series of ever more difficulty daredevil like jumps. Each level gets progressively more complicated to defeat.

Do you have what it takes to reunite this wayward family and save the day? Find out now.

App received over 10,000 downloads its first week and is working its way to the top of the charts as we speak.

Download The Next Big Thing Here

North Pole Invasion, Free For Windows Phone 7

North Pole Invasion is the highly anticipated expansion to Zombie Circus, the definitive ragdoll physics action game on Windows Phone. Continue the mayhem in the latest Zombie Circus adventure! The zombie clowns are back, and this time they’ve invaded the North Pole! The clowns are out to steal presents and ruin the holidays, so it’s your job to stop them. Use a variety of physics based weapons to stop their attack. Or use your fingers to toss and fling the zombies around! The choice is yours as you progress through 60 levels of ragdoll physics action.

  • Stellar art and animation
  • 60 progressively difficult missions of addictive physics action. Starts off easy before leading you into over the top action
  • The popular Survival Mode returns!
  • 9 unique zombie types, each with their own powers, plus 5 big bosses to battle!
  • 14 brand new physics based weapons to deal out massive damage to the zombie clown horde, including a couple returning favorites from the original Zombie Circus!
  • NEW Interactive weapons – tilt your phone to control them!
  • NEW Epic boss battles!
  • NEW Bonus rounds! Launch giant snowballs from Santa’s truck to smash ice skating zombie clowns!
  • Full musical soundtrack


GlowPuff on Twitter: @GlowPuff

GlowPuff on the Web: www.glowpuff.com

Smashin’ Pumpkins coming to windows phone 7 Halloween 2011

The Pumpkin King has released his army of nasty little pumpkins onto the world where they can get up to all kinds of mischief. It’s up to you to send the Pumpkin Horde packing by blasting then back to the land of Halloween. Be careful though, you dont want to harm any cute kitties that might stray into harms way.

Smashin’ Pumpkins is a physics based puzzler for Windows Phone 7. It has 30 unique levels of varying difficultly. Each level allows you to score between 0 and 3 stars, so beating the game is one thing, but truely mastering it is something quite different.

You must remove all the Pumpkins from the screen in order to complete the level. Some levels have the addition of a cute little kitty that must NOT be blasted off the screen! To obtain the best score and therefore gather the 3 golden stars you must cause as much carnage as possible, using your bombs to remove as many of the object from the screen as you can. Using the least possible number of bombs will certainly aid you in getting a big score, but this must be weighed
up with how many objects you can remove.

Once you have carefully selected and placed your explosives in the most suitable positions to blast the Pumpkins from the screen. Hit the detonate button and watch them fly!

Happy blasting!!Smashin’ Pumpkins will be available Halloween 2011 on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for FREE.

Newton’s cradle app updated for Mango


The classic CEO desk toy and physics playground has been updated for Mango. In addition to supporting fast app switching, the new version features improved physics, a variable number of balls, improved visuals, and easier editing of ball colors and masses. Hours of entertainment await!

A trial version is available with some limitations (plus ads). The full version is $0.99. Grab it the Marketplace here.

Magnets Game coming for Windows Phone 7

Hi Guys

I made a game for windows phone 7 called “Magnets”. The goal is to get the small magnet to the target of the same colour.
Levels get challenging as they increase.

Trial features: First 10 levels are available. Users can view all other levels except they will not be able to play them.

It’s still in the marketplace approval process, hoping to get approved sometime this week.

You can find screen shots and videos from at www.magnetsgame.com and follow the progress at our feeds below:

Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/pages/Magnets

Twitter: twitter.com/thivy


Slamming Paperballs Into The Bin – 3D Game Version

3D Paperball is a 3d “sequel” of the classic 2d paperball tossing games ubiquitous on all mobile platforms.

The goal is still flicking a paperball into the bin, but this time the evil fan is gone, and you can use bounces against objects to redirect the ball into the goal, or shake the phone to slam the ball into the basket, gaining bonus shots and producing amusing visual effects.

The game, released today by A Trillion Games, features credible 3d phisics, a very realistic 3d environment, multiple shooting styles, endless gameplay and the ability to compete instantly in a global leaderboard.

3D Paperball is free and available in the following languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español.