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The secret of Accurate Tuner for Windows Phone– it works like a human ear

Accurate Tuner demoed on Nokia Lumia 800

“If a lute player has lived eighty years, he has surely spent sixty years tuning.”

Johann Mattheson, German composer, ca. 1720

The ability to tune a musical instrument – a musical ear – is still a fundamental skill for any musician. But tuning by ear is hard, takes time and the result is rarely perfect. Some instruments are a true challenge to get perfectly in tune. It may surprise you, but even a guitar belongs among these hard to tune instruments, as the major third between G and B (3rd and 2nd strings) has to be in fact slightly out of tune to be tuned properly.

The recent explosion of electronic pitch tuners has solved this issue for many musicians. But these tools cost money and people don’t have them always in their pockets. The smartphones come to help here. The computing power of these small beasts is good enough for quite advanced DSP processing and tuners can be realized in software.

Hardware Pitch Tuner

Hardware Pitch Needle Tuner

Today, there are hundreds of pitch tuning apps on all smartphone platforms and even the youngest platform – Windows Phone – already enjoys dozens of tuners in the Marketplace. But there is a small ugly secret I am going to share with you: 95 % of these apps are unusable. It is true for all platforms. For example, almost all iOS tuners are beautiful, with gorgeous and handy UI, but only about 1 out of 20 of them has the right mix of precision, speed and other features to be usable and reliable enough in practice.

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Accurate Tuner Free – a studio-grade pitch tuner in your pocket

Accurate Accurate

Innovative and top rated Accurate Tuner, which combines both needle and stroboscope tuning in an organic way, is available as a free app now. Accurate Tuner Free works just as the Pro version. The tuner has much better accuracy than common hardware tuners, including tuners built in guitars. The free version is fully working and has no time limit.

AccurateAccurate Tuner Free features

  • Fast and comfortable tuning
  • Familiar interface with the needle and two optional stroboscopic animations
  • Precision: better than 1 cent
  • Range: A0 – B6
  • Transposition: +/- 4 octaves, two transposition modes
  • 126 instruments + Any instrument mode
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • US (CDEFGAB), German (CDEFGAH), scientific (C2, C3, C4) and Helmholtz (C, c, c’) notations

DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE  There is also a Pro version with many more advanced features in the Marketplace.

See Accurate Tuner demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800 after the break.

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