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Microsoft giving away 18 sneakers per day in Polish SneakerMania contest

windows sneaker

We can always count on Microsoft Poland to come up with creative marketing campaigns.

The latest is their "Trampkomania” or Sneakermania contest, starting today, in which they are giving away 630 sneakers, or 18 per day, until the end of June 30th 2014.

To take part you need to buy a Lumia phone on the Plus  network and download the Trampkomania with Windows Phone app and submit an entry.

To win, players need to create a creative start screen and submit a screen shot using the app. Winners will ne judged on creativity, originality, aesthetic qualities and the ability to use Windows Phone in their daily lives.

Winners will receive specially printed sneakers. The rules of the contest can be seen here.

Are any of our readers lusting after some special Windows Phone sneakers? Let us know below.

Via WPWorld.pl

Pre-orders open in Poland for Dual-SIM Nokia Lumia 630

nl630 poland

WindowsMania.pl reports that Nokia’s official online store in Poland has started taking pre-orders for the Dual-SIM Nokia Lumia 630.

The handset is retailing for 749.00 Zloty ($249, 178 Euro) with delivery expected on the 15th May 2014.

The handset, which is the first Windows Phone with support for Dual-SIM, is expected to be followed in around a month by the more powerful and rather more expensive Nokia Lumia 930.

See the page at Nokiaskleponline.pl here.

Via  windowsmania.pl

Polish mBank delivers a Windows Phone app

Polish bank mBank has just published an app for their service in the Windows Phone Store.

The app offers:image

  • Information about the balance , available funds on the card without having to login
  • Transaction History
  • Transfers ( ELIXIR , express , own , to social security , tax )
  • Money transfer to any contact in your phone book or phone number.
  • Top Ups
  • List of credit cards held and virtual
  • Card Details
  • Review of current operations
  • Contact details of the Bank
  • ATM locator
  • Locator CDMs , Financial Centres and Kiosks
  • Exchange rates
  • and much more.

The free app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Get A Birds-Eye View Of Three Polish Cities Using Nokia Copter App

Few days back, we reported about the marketing activity from Nokia Poland to promote the Nokia Lumia 1020 device. Nokia Poland used a airborne Lumia 1020 to make use of the OIS, low-light capabilities to capture the city of Krakow and few others both in day and night. You can see few of those videos here. Nokia Poland has now released an app called Nokia Copter to explore the cities from a different perspective. The Nokia Copter application lets you experience Warsaw, Cracow and Wroclaw from a birds eye perspective.

Films shot from the air with the Nokia Lumia 1020, and amazing pictures reveals the cities in a way you never seen before. Nokia Copter was developed by Nokia Poland as a unique guide around 3 biggest polish cities and is free to download.

Download the app here from Windows Phone Store for free.

via: WPC

Windows Phone has 19% market share in Poland

World.pl reports Windows Phone is continuing to do well in Poland.

Back in May  we reported that Windows Phone has 20% market share in the region. Now the latest data from IDC for the quarter ending in September shows Windows Phone has been able to maintain their position as the second best selling operating system in Poland, with 19% market share.

This totes up to more than 1 million Windows Phones in the hands of Polish users, and also a happy developer community, who contribute more than 250 apps per month to the Windows Phone Store.

Currently the most popular Windows Phone  models is the HTC 8S, which has 36.6 percent share, followed by the Nokia Lumia 520 (22%) and Lumia 820 (17%).

The good news is a sign that Windows Phone most likely continued its momentum in the 3rd quarter, and we can likely expect similar good performance as in Q2 2013, when around 8.7 million Windows Phones were shipped.

WP8 GDR2 arrives on EE NL 920, O2 IRE NL 620 while NL 1020 goes on sale in Bulgaria and Poland

worldnewsWindows Phone 8 GDR2 has been making its slow way around the world. Ron wrote in to tell us the software has now finally hit his Nokia Lumia 920 on EE in UK.

Similarly Stefan’s Nokia Lumia 620 has also received the software on O2 Ireland, despite Nokia’s update tracker still listing the update as coming soon.

Lastly, if you have already started moving on to the next big thing, Nokia’s new Lumia 1020 is now available in Bulgaria on Vega2002 for 1349 BGN ($934) and also in Poland for 28299 PLN ($933).

Thanks Stefan, Ron and Ivan for the tips.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Available In Poland From Tomorrow

Nokia Lumia 1020 Official

Nokia is continuing its expansion of Nokia Lumia 1020 availability around the world. After US, UK and several other countries, Nokia Lumia 1020 will be now available in Poland from tomorrow through retail networks. The device will be offered through Orange and T-Mobile in the coming weeks. Nokia and Orange is also running a contest where people can answer some questions on Nokia and will be able to test out the real Nokia Lumia devices. More information on it is coming soon on the website . Nokia Lumia 1020 will cost 2899 PLN and will be available in yellow, white and black colors.

“Our customers demand high quality camera in our smartphone.  They need a device on which they can rely and which will allow them to capture and share with others the stories of their lives.  Nokia Lumia 1020 is the first smartphone that not only equals but beats, the quality of many of the standard digital cameras, providing its users with excellent image, regardless of whether the photograph in the day or at night. “- Says Alice Rdzanek, Product Marketing Manager, Nokia in Poland.

Source: wpworld.pl

Red Nokia Lumia 1020 shows up for pre-order in Poland


Major Polish online store Komputronik.pl is the first in Poland to offer the Nokia Lumia 1020 for pre-order.

The handset is being offered for a pricy 2949 zl (around $940) but what is most interesting is that besides the back and white versions also a red version is on offer, something which has so far only been seen in leaked renders.

It is not known when the handset will become available, but other sites have suggested a September time frame for European availability.

See the page at Komputronik.pl here.

Via Windows-phone.pl

Slightly redesigned Samsung ATIV S coming to Poland in September


Samsung Poland has announced on twitter that a redesigned version of the Samsung ATIV S is coming to Poland on the 20th September.

The handset will likely be the Samsung ATIV S Neo, whose only new feature is a smooth rather than textured back.

Samsung is generally considered to be a lazy Windows Phone OEM, and it would not be too surprising if the company decided that all they needed to keep a toe in the Windows Phone game is to warm over their year old handset.

Do our readers agree that Samsung is being pretty ridiculous? Let us know below.

Via Windows-Phone.pl, thanks ?ukasz for the tip.

Microsoft claims a more than 20% smartphone market share in Poland and Mexico, says Nokia is getting all their energy right now

imageSpeaking to Reuters at the Microsoft campus last week, Terry Myerson revealed there are some markets where Windows Phone has a more than substantial market share.

He revealed Windows Phone had as much as 20 percent share in some markets such as Mexico and Poland, markets where Myerson said the real cost of phones minus operator subsidies were exposed.

"AT&T and Verizon have been great partners," said Myerson. "But where the market dynamics are different, and where the operators play a different role, we have done better."

Microsoft recently revealed there were 7 markets where Windows Phone was outselling the iPhone, including much of Eastern Europe. Sales success in Europe were largely based on the strength of Nokia’s brand name, according to a recent Kantar report.

Given this success Microsoft is more than happy with Nokia’s performance, and Terry once again squashed rumours of a Surface phone.

"Nokia’s doing a great job," he said. "They really are receiving all of our go-to-market energy right now."

The comment is somewhat of a snub to OEMs like HTC, who have committed to supporting Windows Phone “in the short term” and Samsung, but on the other hand there have been rumours that Samsung was wasting the Windows Phone development and support team’s time in developing devices which they never intended to sell very well.

Microsoft intends to continue push Windows Phone into the main stream with low cost, high quality offerings, and also promised to improve key aspects of the OS related to work and play to make it more competitive.

Nokia offering free taxi rides to Nokia Lumia owners in Poland


Nokia is running a promotion in Poland where they are offering free taxi rides to Nokia Lumia owners within the city limits of Warsaw.

Their website notes:

Do you have a Nokia Lumia?
Ride FREE!

Order by Nokia Lumia one of two specially marked taxis.

Show the driver your  Nokia Lumia smartphone .

Take advantage of free travel within the limits of the city of Warsaw

Trips have to be arranged via the app iTaxi.pl and the terms and conditions mean that one can only use the service every 96 hours, and other restrictions apply, but it is still a pretty cool promotion.

Read more at their website here.

Via Reddit.com

Windows Phone has a 16.3% market share in Poland, one of the highest in the world

polandRPKom.pl reports that Poland has one of the highest Windows Phone market shares in the world, clocking in at 16.3%.

This is double that of Central and Eastern Europe in general, which already has a pretty good Windows Phone market share of 7.8%.

The information was delivered by Marc Toumelin , head of the regional department of Windows Phone at Microsoft, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, who attributed this to the popularity of Nokia in the region.

The most popular Windows Phone there is the Nokia Lumia 610, mainly due to its low price point, something the region is very sensitive to. Nokia also promoted the devices aggressively, and convinced carriers to subsidize the handsets, which also contributed to good sales.

The information was confirmed by Marek Kujda , an analyst at IDC.

The high market share translated into plenty of developer action, with as much as 10% of applications in the Windows Phone Store created in the region by 15,000 registered developers.  Polish developers themselves submitted 250 applications each month, said Toumelin

While Windows Phone only had a 2.6 to 3% market share world wide in Q4 2012, there is momentum building around the OS which should see it establish a foothold of over 10% in Europe over the next year, which should firmly establish it as the 3rd ecosystem there.

Can our Polish readers confirm that Windows Phone is doing well there? Let us know below.

Via WP7.com.pl

Follow Euro 2012 with the most complete Euro 2012 App

In about 33 days the European Championship Football will start in Ukraine and Poland. Now there’s an app available in the Market Place which gives you the latest information and updates about the Championship: Euro 2012.

The app provides not only a lot of information. It has also applied the metro style very good. The screens look very professional and really user-friendly.

The app provides the following functions and information:

  • Rankings and results of all groups
  • Matches and results in the knockout phase
  • Video’s of the match will be added right after each game
  • Countdown to the start of Euro2012 and the Finals
  • A list of topscores (not available in trial mode)
  • Venues and stadiums (not available in trial mode)
  • Receive a reminder, half an hour before the match starts (not available in trial mode)

Euro 2012 costs $0.99 with a free trial and can be found in Marketplace here.