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[Poll] What’s your battery life like on Windows Phone 8.1


After a few  days of using Windows Phone 8.1 now would be a good time to ask how battery life is under the new OS.

On my Nokia Lumia 920, with an 18 month old battery, for the first day battery life was less than spectacular, possibly due to Cortana, but likely because I kept fiddling with the device, testing out the new OS.

wp_ss_20140416_0003However now that things have settled down a bit, and also possibly because I have disabled Cortana (being in UK) things are significantly better, as can be seen in the graph above.

What has the experience been of our readers so far? Let us know in the poll below.

Vote for Windows Phone in the Smartphone Champions League Semifinals


Windows Phone has been doing pretty well in GSMArena’s Smartphone Championship League, starting with 5 handsets and ending with 3 in the semi-final.

Compare this with Samsung, who started with 16 and ended with none, and of course HTC, Motorola and Sony and LG all being eliminated along the way.

The last contender the the pure Google Nexus 5, up against the Nokia Lumia 1020, while the Nokia Lumia 520 is up against the Nokia Lumia 1520, set to be a rather uneven battle.

The semi-finals has already been raging for a few days, and will come to an end tomorrow at 5 PM GMT. Vote for your favourite handset at GSMArena here.

Thanks to all the readers who sent this in.

Vote for the Nokia Lumia 1020 in the#SmartFone13 finals!


Talking about FoneArena, they are also running an end of your poll for the best smartphone of 2013, and so far the only Windows phone entrant, the Nokia Lumia 1020, has been doing well, defeating the HTC One and LG G2, and has made it all the way to the finals, and is currently running against the Sony Xperia Z1.

As can be seen from the screen shot above, the contest is running on a knife’s edge.

Vote for your favourite handset at FoneArena here.

Thanks Gerhard for the tip.

Round 4: Vote for the Nokia Lumia 520 in GSMArena’s Smartphone Champion’s League


Nokia’s Lumia handsets have been progressing well through GSMArena;s Smartphone Championships League, and today we have the Windows Phone champion, the Nokia Lumia 520, up against the Sony Xperia M.

Sony is expected to be Nokia’s biggest rival in this contest, and have already deposed the Nokia Lumia 625 and Nokia Asha handsets, so every vote counts.

Vote for your favourite handset at GSMArena here.

Thanks John for the tip.

Smartphone Championship – Round 5: Vote for Windows Phone



Today is the start of the 5th round of GSMArena’s Smartphone Championship League, and and the Nokia Lumia 1020 is up against the Motorola G.

So far Windows Phone has been doing pretty well, only losing the Nokia Lumia 625, while of the 16 Samsung handsets which started the competition only 2 remain.

Given that by proxy this is a battle between Microsoft and Google it is encouraging to see the Lumia is off to a good start. Anything can happen however, so vote for your favourite handset here.

Thanks Rili for the tip.

Round 2: Vote for the Nokia Lumia 520 in GSMArena’s Smartphone Champion’s League



Today is the start of Round 2 of GSMArena’s Smartphone Championship, and we are lucky enough to have the Nokia Lumia 520 pitted against the LG Nexus 4.

As can be seen from the image above the most popular Windows Phone ever needs a little bit of help, but after the Nokia Lumia 1020 beat the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by more than 3000 votes I dont think the 520 will be lacking in support.

Vote for your favourite Windows Phone at GSMArena here.

Thanks Darth Vader for the tip.

Vote for the Nokia Lumia 1020 in GSMArena’s Smartphone Champion’s League


Regular readers will know we are not happy having any Windows phone in second place on a poll, except when its behind another Windows Phone.

GSMArena is running what they call a Smartphone Champion’s League and in the first round they are pitting the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 against the Nokia Lumia 1020.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is running a bit behind the Note 3, but I am sure our readers know which handset we prefer to be in the lead.

Vote for your preference at GSMArena here.

Thanks John for the tip.

Vote for the Nokia Lumia 1020 in Stuff’s Gadget of the Year poll


Its been a while since our readers have been involved in a good poll battle, but its getting to the end of the year, and I expect there are going to be quite a number of votes coming up.

The latest is Stuff’s Gadget of the Year 2013 Poll, where the 41 megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 is up against the HTC One, LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Nexus 3, PlayStation 4, iPhone 5S and Google Nexus 7.

Support Nokia’s greatest Windows Phone camera phone by voting for it at Stuff here.


Poll: Are you loyal to Windows Phone or Nokia?

The Nokia brand will be leaving Microsoft’s Lumia handsets in short order, with Microsoft’s 2014 handsets likely not carrying evidence of their heritage.

Windows Phone has been making very steady progress under Nokia’s stewardship, particularly in areas where Nokia’s brand is strong, such as Europe, India and Latin America.  Without the brand the progress of the OS could come to a screeching halt however.

Now we have been with Windows Phone since before PocketPC, when the OS still ran on PDAs, so we are pretty clear where our loyalty lie.  We are however aware that many of our readers were introduced to Windows Phone via Nokia, and would otherwise be using iOS or Android handsets.

Vote in the poll above and let us know if your loyalties lie with Microsoft’s Windows Phone or Nokia’s brand.

Windows Phone battery drain issue needs to be addressed

imageWindows Phone has a problem, and that is unexpected and severe battery drain that can empty a full battery in as little as 4 hours.

Its not that Windows Phone itself has poor battery life most of the time, but every so often (and recently increasingly often) the phones suddenly start sucking down so much power that sometimes even a average USB charger can not keep the device from expiring.

Nokia Lumia 925 users have also been complaining of the issue, indicating that Windows Phone 8 GDR2 has not fixed the problem. In most cases using battery saver does not fix the issue, or even switching on flight mode, making the issue a mystery the average user can not address themselves.

Vote in our poll above to show Microsoft how many users are affected by this issue.

Poll: Snapchat asking which platform they should develop for next


This official survey from Snapchat has been out for a few weeks now and well circulated, but we keep on receiving requests from readers to post on it, so here it is ;)

Snapchat, the popular video instant messaging service, is asking what they next platform after iOS and Android should be.  Windows Phone is of course a no-brainer, and I am sure we already lead the poll by far, but in case that is not the case, throw your vote in on the survey by using the Google doc here.

Thanks everyone who sent this in.

Symbolic Nokia Lumia 920 poll victory over Blackberry Z10 another sign of Blackberry’s demise

After an extremely hard-fought polling battle which has seen nearly 50,000 votes cast, and also rampant cheating by the Blackberry users, the Nokia Lumia 920 has won Laptop Magazine’s Smartphone Madness 2013 poll.

Now of course our readers are pretty used to winning these online polls and by all account online polls are rather stupid and indicative of little more than the amount of fanboys an OS or device has.

That however is exactly the significance of the win – Windows Phone and Nokia’s Lumia handsets have gained a very large following – much more so that Blackberry users are willing to believe, while their new OS has stumbled out of the gate, despite their much vaunted 80 million users.

The fact is the vast majority of those users are being forced to use those devices, are are just waiting to jump ship to an iPhone, Android handset and hopefully also a Windows Phone.

Blackberry no longer has a significant fan base, despite its large installed base, and as the poll clearly shows, exactly the opposite is true for Windows Phone, making this victory very sweet indeed.

Our advice to Blackberry fans – get used to 4th place.