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Nokia Lumia 830 With 4.5-inch 720p Display And 20.1 PureView Camera Coming To Verizon?

Looks like Microsoft is planning to release an affordable flagship device for Verizon later this year. We already know that Verizon will be announcing a successor to its Lumia 822 Windows Phone device, today TKNews revealed more info on this upcoming Lumia 830 device.

Reported specs,

  • 4.5 inch 720p display
  • 20.1 MP PureView Camera
  • microSD card support
  • Windows Phone 8.1

TKNews has said that this device is enroute to their office and they will reveal more info on the device and go hands on.

Source: TKNews

Microsoft Has Now Acquired Lumia, Asha, PureView And Other Brands As Announced During The Deal

Microsoft Nokia brands

During the announcement of the deal between Microsoft and Nokia, they announced that Microsoft will own key brands like Lumia after the acquisition. Just to make it official, Microsoft Mobile which is the former Nokia’s Devices and Services division has now the right to Asha, Lumia, PureView, ClearBlack, Surge and Mural brands.

Even though Microsoft has not yet confirmed about their future smartphone branding, it is highly likely that Microsoft will use Lumia for smartphones and Surface for tablets.

What do you think?

via: NPU

Rumour: Camera buttons to be reserved only for Pureview handsets


Gadgethelpline visited the Microsoft and Nokia booth at the Gadget Show Live in UK and managed to have a hands-on with the Nokia Lumia 630.

They did not have much new to report, except to say that the Nokia Lumia 630 looked like the love child of the Nokia Lumia 920 and the iPhone 5c.

They did however have one interesting titbit which they dropped rather casually.

They wrote:

The Power and Volume controls on the right side of the device are the only controls situated on the case, with Nokia telling us that the lack of a dedicated camera button is now a feature of low end handsets, with only the higher ranged Nokia Pureview cameras coming with a dedicated button.

While this differentiation makes sense, especially as a way of adding value to Nokia’s more expensive handsets, it does take an element which used to be a standard Windows Phone feature and now makes it a Pureview feature, which I think is a pity.

Some More Tech Details Behind Nokia Lumia 1020 Revealed

Lumia 1020 camera module

Lumia 1020 is a great engineering achievement from Nokia. While many predicted that Nokia will introduce a stripped down version of 41MP sensor/over sampling tech in Nokia 808 PureView to make a slim mass market device, Nokia did the opposite. Nokia revealed a device which combined the following,

  • Next gen 41MP sensor/Over sampling tech,
  • Next gen floating Optical Image Stabilization tech,
  • Next gen Rich Recording audio system
  • New kind of Xenon flash

Even though Nokia had most of the above components ready, they could not use them in a single device due to size constraints. They developed completely new components of all the above to pack them in a slim device which we now saw as Nokia Lumia 1020. The camera unit of Nokia Lumia 1020 contains 100 parts and it is 10mm tall which is larger than the phone casing itself.

Two less-highlighted technologies in the 1020 each illustrate the necessity for long-term R&D and the need for partnerships to produce bespoke hardware. Both are a case of Nokia requiring others to push the limits of what they can do. These are the flash unit and the audio recording technology.

Nokia’s Rich Recording audio system (PDF) has a wide dynamic range, capable of recording whispers alongside gunshots, and no distortion in a range of sound pressure ranging from 33 dB (Sound Pressure Level) to 140dB (SPL). The sound of a watch ticking is 30 dB SPL and the human pain threshold around 120 dB SPL.

To miniaturise this required the design and production of custom High Amplitude Audio Capture microphones. Xenon flash, which gives a burst around 100 times as bright as that of an LED, is very rarely seen on smartphones for cost and size reasons.

Nokia insisted on having it, and this in turn required miniaturising conventional tubular Xenon capacitors – inevitably replaced with flat capacitors.

You can download the whitepaper from Nokia here. Read more from the link below.

Source: The Register

Nokia teasing a super-resolution camera on Facebook?

285348_10151244746372397_1257813591_nMyNokiablog has noticed this picture which Nokia uploaded to their Facebook page with the accompanying question:

Can you spot the guys ice fishing in front of Nokia HQ? ;-)

The question suggests that if you were able to zoom in far enough you would be.  MNB notes Nokia used a similar snowy scene to tease the Nokia 808 Pureview, and together with all of the other rumours we have been hearing suggests this is a tease for the Nokia EOS 42 megapixel Windows Phone to be announced at Mobile World Congress.

Are our readers taking the bait? Let us know below.

Update: Nokia has now stepped in and denied the rumour to MyNokiaBlog.  Thanks Prodigy1 for the info.


Nokia gets design patent for phone with big camera hump–Pureview 3 coming?


Nokia has been granted a design patent for a smartphone with a somewhat prominent camera hump, which suggests a Lumia with a “proper” Pureview sensor with tens of megapixels may be on the way.

The design was granted on 11th December 2012, but was submitted all the way back in October 14th 2011. On the other hand Nokia worked for 5 years on the 8080 Pureview, demonstrating the long incubation period between the conception and release of a handset.

NokiaPoweruser, who noticed the device, notes that it may have expandable memory, based on what appears to be a removable panel on the back of the device.

Are our readers still looking forward to a 20 or 40 megapixel Nokia Pureview Windows Phone, or is the Nokia Lumia 920 enough? Let us know below.

Update: The handset appears to be a Symbian Anna model, the Nokia 801T. Thanks to our commenters for the info.

Via NokiaPoweruser.com

Nokia’s Damian Dinning release statement: To pursue Connected Car dream at Jaguar

imageNokia’s Damian Dinning, best known for the Pureview camera in the Nokia 808 and Nokia Lumia 920, has recently announced his departure from the company.

In the statement after the break, which he gave exclusively to Pureviewclub.com, he reveals that the relationship is personal, and emphasizes that there are many “unsung heroes” ready to take over his mantle and continue his work in the company.

See the full statement after the break.

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Full Resolution Gallery of Nokia Lumia 920 low-light pictures


Nokia has not released many pictures taken by the Nokia Lumia 920. They did however allow Engadget to upload around 30 pictures taken by the camera to Flickr,many in full resolution.

Most of them are low light pictures, and of course excellent for the circumstances, but does not give us a good idea of what to expect when the pictures are taken in optimal conditions. The picture above for example appears to have been taken in daylight, but as can be seen from the lights being on it is in fact an indoors capture.

The collection does however contain a few daylight pictures, previously released, but not full resolution, and they look about as good as one expect, and reveals the Nokia Lumia 920’s Pureview camera can in fact take action shots, at least in good light.

See the other picture (previously released) after the break.

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Nokia launching ethics investigation in simulated Nokia Lumia 920 Pureview videos

imageNokia has already apologized for the gaffe of not declaring that the video they used to demonstrate optical image stabilization was not recorded on a Pureview camera.

Nokia is now launching an investigation “to understand what happened,” a Nokia spokesperson Susan Sheehan said.

“What we understand to date is that it was nobody’s intention to mislead, but there was poor judgment in the decision not to use a disclaimer,” Sheehan continued.

She concluded that Nokia would deal with the situation “quickly, fairly and privately.”

Of course if there is one silver lining to the fiasco, it is that awareness, coverage and column inches written about the Nokia Pureview camera has just exploded since the launch of the handset, and its a well known truism that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Via Bloomberg Businessweek

Is a full 41 megapixel Pureview Lumia phone on the way?


All the way back in April 2012 this design leaked from China, depicting a Nokia Lumia with 41 megapixel Pureview camera.

Looking back now, it is of note that the design even then featured the new Windows Phone flag, I think validating the design as real rather than a fan mockup.

In the end Nokia delivered the Nokia Lumia 920, a 8.7 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization.  Damian Dinning explained that suspending the large 41 megapixel sensor on springs to allow Optical Image Stabilization is “1 hell of a challenge”.

Now in a recent interview Kevin Shields, a Nokia Senior Vice President, has suggested that this may be a challenge Nokia’s engineers are up to, saying when asked if a Pureview with 41 Megapixel and OIS is coming:

Stay tuned. Getting a sensor the size of the one in the 808 suspended using this approach is going to take some really clever engineering. But, it’s a good thing we have some really clever engineers.

Phones of course take a pretty long time to move from design to production, and it is quite possible that even now a phone that combines the best of the 808 and 920 is in development in Nokia’s labs.

Of course as the render suggests it would still be a very specialist handset. Would any of our readers wait for such a handset, or are you ready to jump in now with the 920? Let us know below.


Nokia Lumia 920 proves its low-light prowess to the Verge

Feeling the need to prove that the Nokia Lumia 920’s Pureview camera was indeed the real deal, Nokia took the Verge to Central Park to compare the Samsung Galaxy SIII, iPhone 4S, HTC One X and the Lumia 920 taking photos in low light.

I think the pictures below speak for themselves, with the Lumia 920 really turning night into day.


See more examples at the Verge here.

The Nokia low-light photo challenge on video

Are you curious whether the PureView camera on the newly announced Lumias actually works as they claim with low-light conditions? Nokia had a representative at the NYC evening event specifically proving that the phone is indeed capable of producing these pictures!

In our video, the Lumia 920 went up against the HTC Trophy (admittedly a terrible camera phone), and the results were clear as ever. The Lumia 920 managed to capture the picture with nearly no light (and no flash). The quality of the picture is yet unknown since we could only see the picture distantly from the phone’s screen, but the phone can definitely make even the darkest things shine brighter than ever.

Check out WPCentral’s video too after the break. Continue reading

Nokia apologizes for “simulated” video, provides an equally impressive real one

There is a minor furore brewing with accusations that Nokia faked their “girl on a bike” video to make their Optical Image Stabilization video look more impressive.

In response Nokia has apologized for not making it clear the video was simulated to show the effects of image stabilization, and have provided this video above, shown during the keynote, of some-one walking with a Nokia Lumia 920 prototype and another smartphone without OIS.

Have a look at the video and decide which is the Nokia Lumia 920.  Answer after the break.

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